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Marsden Cove Newsletter • August 2012 • Issue 003 2012

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August 2012

Marsden Cove News A quarterly local newsletter brought to you by Hopper Developments


The Tide Has Turned What a difference a year can make

It’s amazing how a series of positive events

New Homes


Marsden City, the Future?


has given rise to renewed confidence in our Marsden region and generated a good deal of interest and activity from business and private sectors. The good news kicked off with a recent announcement from the NZ Refining Company that its proposed $356M upgrade had been approved and the construction phase alone would bring hundreds of new jobs over a 4 year period plus a large but unspecified number of permanent jobs. Almost simultaneously, the announcement by Whangarei District Council of a District Plan change, which will allow for the creation of a significant township being promoted as “Marsden City” was further reason for optimism. The revised plan allows for a mix of commercial and residential development, which the Council has suggested may see to up to 40,000 people to eventually residing in the region.

into the Marsden Region.

We are working hard to attract more industry and employment Recently a local real estate publication, PROPERTY PLUS ran a series of articles titled “Marsden on the Move”. The articles did a first class job of encapsulating many of the region’s initiatives and are well worth reading or keeping as reference. Copies of the articles can be obtained by emailing info@

The promise of Americas Cup yachting on Bream Bay this summer really had us all beaming with broad smiles. Sadly, as we now know, that is no longer to be.

Economic Outlook


Event Program


The good news is, while ORACLE Team Racing’s boat building program has required it reverse its decision, the attention generated already brought a high level of interest and added to the regions reputation as a first class sailing destination. What it has done, is brought a higher level of focus and collaboration between all who have a vested interest in the region. A hard core of proponents including Northport, NZ Refining Company, Whangarei District Council, Regional Council, local economic development groups and business leaders are working even more closely together to attract more industry and employment opportunities

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Marsden Cove Newsletter • August 2012 • Issue 003 2012

Property on the Move


A large architecturally designed home, occupying a double site is under construction at Mariners Haven.

“We are very much into the early stages of a particularly strong cyclical upturn” – Tony Alexander – Chief Economist, BNZ – July 2012


Cranston Homes are currently completing their 8th new home at Marsden Cove

here is no secret that Auckland’s residential property values have surpassed the 2007 peak. Reassurance that it is more than a “blip” has come from respected experts including Olly Newland and BNZ’s Chief Economist, Tony Alexander.

Low interest rates, strong demand and undersupply are driving the market appear to be underpinning the Auckland market, and as we have seen in the past, the effect eventually flows out to the regions as Auckland residents realize on their equity or retire to less expensive locations. The Marsden region is suitably poised to benefit from this effect. It has all the ingredients including, climate, a great supply of affordable land, proximity to Auckland and a natural deep-water port with potential to take some of the pressure off Auckland.

The newly opened Marsden Cove Spec Home, constructed by Cranston Homes is receiving a steady stream of visitors. The architectual design and top quality workmanship are well favoured by visitors. To experience the Best Coastal Lifestyle, visit the Spec Home between 1 to 4pm every Friday to Sunday. For viewing outside open hour, please contact Lily at 09 432 7688 or 027 518 0188.

Home building has accelerated in the past year, especially in the One Tree Point and Kowai Lakes development. (To continue on Page 6) A1 Home’s new construction underway at Martingale Lane, Marsden Cove

Marsden Cove Newsletter • August 2012 • Issue 003 2012

Whangarei District Council’s new structure plan allows for a major development spread over 135ha.

Change is certainly in the wind and those with sufficient vision to move quickly will profit from the inevitable progress.

Marsden - City of the Future Now with consent for creation of “MarsdenCity” and Whangarei District Council’s projections of up to 40,000 inhabitants living in the district by 2020, the vision looks closer to becoming reality.

As Auckland’s population continues to

grow, it is natural that nearby provincial centres expand too. To Auckland’s South, Tauranga with its port and improved transport connections has become a significant player and attracted business that once would have been domiciled in Auckland. Tauranga’s port services the Bay of plenty, Waikato and regions further south, while also servicing Auckland. Auckland’s port is champing at the bit to expand, but many question the appropriateness of major expansion when in Northland there is cheaper land and dire need for employment.

Marsden region is poised to become a major centre and potentially a future city. With Whangarei District Council’s recent plan change, the Marsden region is already poised to become a major centre and potentially a future city. Momentum has begun with Marsden Point, New Zealand’s only oil refinery committment to a 365 million dollar upgrade. Simultaneously, the Port

and lumber industries are in growth mode. Residential development on surrounding land is gaining momentum with a number of very attractive neighborhoods including the highly acclaimed Marsden Cove Marina and coastal development being undertaken by Hopper Developments Ltd, New Zealand’s most reputable coastal developer. Oliver Scott, the principal behind one of Marsden City’s major land development companies believes the time has come for national and local politicians to get behind Marsden City and provide Northland with the same economic advantages as the regions to Auckland’s south.

Investment, jobs, tourism growth and retirement alternatives are all part of the vision Oliver espouses. Change is certainly in the wind and those with sufficient vision to move quickly will profit from the inevitable progress. While Auckland property values continues to soar, Marsden’s values have yet to take off, but inevitably they will as development gathers momentum. The time to move is now. visit for details.

Marsden Cove Newsletter • August 2012 • Issue 003 2012

Marketing “The World’s Best Coastal Lifestyle” Around New Zealand and the World



Northland’s Climate and picturesque coastline attracts Wellington market

Rather than wait for the domestic market’s recovery, Hopper Developments Ltd have been active exploring foreign markets and promoting its New Zealand developments under the banner “The World’s Best Coastal Lifestyle”

In June, representatives of the Hopper Sales Team displayed the company’s projects at Wellington’s Home Exhibition Show in an attempt to “test the water” on whether there may be a potential market there. The show was held in Wellington’s TSB Arena, attracted a healthy level of interest with many visitors recording their intention to visit Marsden Cove this coming summer. As one would expect, climate is a big draw card. Northland’s longer summer, and beautiful coastline are the main attractions. While many Wellington people declare they would not wish to live in Auckland, largely because of real estate values being high and traffic congestion, Northland is an attractive venue.

Already our team has promoted at property shows in Singapore, Malaysia and mainland China. Germany the USA and England are also on the agenda.

These initiatives may take some time to produce measurable results, as it takes a little time to fully understand foreign investor needs. Boutique tourist lodge accommodation, condominium investment and packaged tours are all in the process of being developed.

New Zealand is seen as a safe location to invest and live Trends are being noticed. For example, the Global Financial Crisis has prompted some wealthy Europeans to consider New Zealand as a safe alternative for investment and lifestyle. The opportunity to enjoy“The world’s best coastal lifestyle” has a lot of appeal for these people.

Hopper Sales team at Wellington Home Show Tracey Denize (Whitianga Waterways) and Lily Wong (Marsden Cove)

We believe it is essential to develop these markets to bring in foreign capital. Equally, it is encouraging that our District Council share this view and are prepared to collaborate to explore and promote opportunities.

View the world’s best coastal lifestyle –

Marsden Cove Newsletter • August 2012 • Issue 003 2012

Enquiries Jump - Section Sales Follow SECTION SALES As reported in our earlier article “The tide has turned”, there has been a noticeable upswing in enquiries and section sales. In the past two months, enquiries have jumped with 7 section sales resulting. This is a dramatic upswing from the same period last year. Approximately half the enquiries are from local people and the remainder from outside the district. While many are from Auckland, we have recently sold a section to a South Island farmer and are currently dealing with people from abroad, planning to make Marsden Cove their new home.

Marsden Cove Sales Office We are often amazed to hear of people from as close as Whangarei who have yet to visit Marsden Cove. If you are looking to live in the regions most prestigious neighborhoods or receive updated information please visit us. Sales Office Winter Hours

The Global Economy and New Zealand Mr. Ian Witters, Head of Macquarie Private Wealth and Marsden Cove property owner, recently gave an address to Bream Bay Business Association members at a breakfast meeting held at Waterline Café received in Greece, Spain and France to see how unwelcome these consequences are. Overall Governments will do what they have to by reducing deficits and cutting spending. Simply put, they have little choice but to take the hard medicine. However social unrest can result and Governments must walk a fine line between being fiscally responsible and being ousted out by angry voters.

Prior to 2007, much of the developed world

was enjoying a high level of consumption, much of it paid for with credit. Governments were able to borrow easily to fund expenditure. That came to an end with the biggest financial shake up since the great depression of the 1930’s. In the USA the second tier mortgage providers failed and subsequently the European economies ran into trouble. In New Zealand we are still living with the effects of the Global Financial Crisis, which has lowered global business and consumer confidence, and contributed to the challenges currently facing Europe.

New Zealand, however is in a Relatively Strong Position Against the backdrop of challenges facing European financial sector, our banks are strong and well capitalised. Worldwide demand for our primary produce is growing, supported by continuing economic growth in China, which is New Zealand’s second largest trading partner. With growth off to a strong start in the first quarter, GDP looks set to grow by around 2.5% this year.

1pm - 3pm Friday to Sunday Display Home Hours 1pm - 4pm Friday to Sunday If you would like to inspect property for sale please contact our friendly Sales Team -

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As a society, we have become very conscious of the need to reduce debt, and many New Zealand households have now adopted more conservative spending practices. To all intents and purposes, we have become debt shy. Worldwide, sovereign debt, corporate debt and personal debt are continuing on a reduction path. All governments are looking to cut deficits and corporates have reduced the amount of borrowing on their balance sheets. While the positive outcomes of thrift are welcome, in the near term it also contributes to lower consumption and economic growth and fewer available jobs. One only has to look at how the austerity programs have been

Tourism Also Offers Significant Opportunities Looking further into the future, our Government is working hard to reduce spending and borrowing to get the books balanced by 2015. Northland should be a beneficiary from this. In addition, the Christchurch rebuild is likely to add more than 1% to growth by 2013. Overall, the outlook for New Zealand remains positive.

Marsden Cove Newsletter • August 2012 • Issue 003 2012

Property on the Move

Oracle Sailing Team not Training in Northland Now

(continued from page 2) NORTHERN ADVOCATE |Thursday July 19 The more prestigious Marsden Cove neighborhood with its unique waterfront living opportunity was initially slower to emerge but is receiving strong enquiries and has now notched up a number of section sales.

At least 6 new homes will begin construction before Christmas A number of factors may be driving this; growing recognition from Whangarei residents seeking to live in a prestigious and well presented marine neighborhood and people from far and wide who enjoy boating, planning their retirement. Given the current Auckland market, there is opportunity to realize on their Auckland property values and invest in a higher quality waterfront home at Marsden Cove.


The presence of nationally recognized real estate brand Bayleys, is a welcome sign indicating a strengthening local residential homes market.While the Bayleys team represents properties all around the Ruakaka area, they have

Cup defenders Oracle are expected to launch their first boat in the next few weeks, but have scuppered plans to sail it in New Zealand this summer. Oracle had originally planned to train out of Mardsen Point in Northland, but have said their emphasis in their “boat testing and development cycle” has changed. “Extending our summer and fall training session in San Francisco effectively closed the New Zealand window,” says team general manager Grant Simmer.

New Zealand window”. The cancellation has disappointed those working with Oracle, but they hope the team may look at the port as a base again. The visit would have seen Oracle’s two America’s Cup AC72 wingsail catamarans going head-to-head in some spectacular matchracing, just off the Ruakaka coast. There was still plenty of activity going on in the Bream Bay area and the Oracle visit would have been “an extra” rather than something the community was pinning all its hopes on.

“The merits of Marsden Point as a sailing venue have not changed; it is only our priorities that have changed.” Mike Dinsdale | Friday, July 20 (extract) “Successful America’s Cup campaigns are made from constantly reassessing a team’s priorities and evolving your development plans within a finite timeframe,” Simmer said. “Extending our summer and fall training session in San Francisco effectively closed the


excellent knowledge of Marsden Cove properties. Agency manager Anthony West is supported by Melva Hartnell.

Bay Fishing Charters

Northland Port Corp 0800229347

The administration office is now located at Unit 8, Marsden Cove commercial centre, overlooking the marina.

Bream Bay Charter

Cove Marine Services

Marsden Cove Fishing Charters

The business services everything from 2 & 4 Stroke outboards up to all diesel in boards. Contact 09 432 7251

Wally 027 4922824

Cara *J Steve 027 4749751

Marsden Cove Newsletter • August 2012 • Issue 003 2012

EVENTS PROGRAM 14 -16 Sept 2012 Blokes at the Mokes Briefing Friday 14 September at Waterline Café. 9 -11 Nov 2012 Barrier Rendezvous “friends of Hoppers” which includes property owners, berth holders and associates, will gather at Smokehouse Bay for a weekend of fishing and socializing. If you or friends have a boat that could safely make the voyage and wish to join us please contact 8-9 December 2012 Harbour Rendezvous Property owners, berth holders and friends are invited to a raft up and BBQ on Saturday December 8. The plan is to fish within Whangarei Harbour and raft up later in the afternoon for an overnight stay. Location will be confirmed closer to the date and subject to weather. Please contact Feb 2013 Beach & Boat New Zealand’s biggest fishing competition will again take place at Marsden Cove. Register online at (web address) 8 Mar 2013 Clash at the Cove Sailing Regatta Interest has been growing in this passage style race, For 2013, the event will include yachts from RNZYS (Yacht Squadron Series), which should boost numbers of large and seriously competitive racing yachts. Richmond, Gulf Harbour, Opua and Onerahi clubs are all anticipated to bring good numbers of competing craft. www.

Waterline Café Becomes Community Hub The gathering point at Marsden Cove is undoubtedly Waterline Café. Proprietors, Dave and Hope report steady growth It has been exciting for Dave and Hope over the last 18months. As Waterline Café has grown with the neighborhood. The marina has become the community hub with the weekends being a buzz with cycling groups, joggers and families enjoying the picturesque scenery of the marina, not to forget the steady stream of boats heading out for a day on the water.

Everyday there is something new to see on the waters of Marsden Cove From the adventure sailing boat the R TuckerThompson to the “rich and famous flying in, in their helicopter’s for lunch ” The Waterline’s menu has something for everyone, from the best egg Benedict in the north, Caesar salad, burgers to surf and turf of prime sirloin with scampi and hollandaise sauce. For the kids we have good dedicated menu along with activities to keep them entertained while parents relax and enjoy the view.

Local business groups regularly hold breakfast meetings and host luncheon events at the Waterline Café. Waterline is a strong supporter of the local schools and non-profit organizations in the area and David and Hope are members of the Marsden cove Lions and Marsden cove fishing club Waterline is happy to cater for and host special events. Why not take advantage of the unique Marina setting. Phone: 09 432 7097 |

Marsden Cove August 2012 Newsletter  
Marsden Cove August 2012 Newsletter  

Marsden Cove August 2012 Newsletter