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SEPT 2013

Hour of Power

POWERlines Positive Changes with the Move The move from the Crystal Cathedral created a few challenges including internet and programming transfer problems but overall it has gone extremely well. The move was costly and staff had to take a reduction in working hours but in the last few weeks things have turned around. Church attendance is up, the choir is back on track and there are great guests and singers lined up for the brand new season of Hour of Power now being televised from the new church home on Lewis Street, Garden Grove. We are extremely grateful for the patience our viewers and supporters have exercised as we have had to run extended repeats and struggled with our programming information. We anticipate this situation will improve within weeks.

If you have sent us a message via our web contact page, please resend it. We have not been ignoring anyone, the international web links went down because of the move.

New Church Logo

Pray for Dr Schuller

The new Hour of Power home church is now called Shepherd's Grove. This name is a combination of the area where the church is situated (still in Garden Grove) and a reference to the Good Shepherd statue which has been relocated on the new property.

All of us at Hour of Power and Shepherds Grove Ministries are saddened to hear of Dr. Schuller's recent diagnosis of esophageal cancer.

The corporate name of the church will remain Crystal Cathedral Ministries and here in New Zealand it remains Crystal Cathedral Ministries New Zealand.

HOME OF Hour of Power

Please join us in prayer for Dr. and Mrs. Schuller (who is still recovering from a light stroke). We will post updates on Dr Schuller’s condition on our website as more information becomes available.

Archive picture of Dr. Schuller with his grandson Bobby Schuller, our new Hour of Power pastor

Financial Summary Having worked in Christian organisations for many years I know that ministries are grown on regular faithful gifts. No gift is too small – remember Jesus commendation of the widow giving her last cent – and no gift is too large. Last year we were seriously considering closing this office and moving all operations to Sydney as our bank accounts were being depleted faster than we were receiving funds. Our regular partnership donations had dropped by nearly 30%. As with each decision we make; prayer plays a large part and we asked the Lord to guide us. If we were to stay open we needed a miracle. The pie chart of income shows we received the miracle. We have carefully stewarded this huge amount so that not only did we survive the year but the residue coupled with our increasing regular donations has seen us through this year so far.

2012 Large gifts such as the bequest we received are a rarity. God is in the multiplication business – He takes our gifts and multiplies them in the same way the small boy's lunch when put in Jesus hands was sufficient to feed five thousand.

$93,810 21%

Income Expenses

$335,873.00 $342,662.00




$ 44,258.00

Administration $39,018 12%

General Donations $49,776 11%

Ministry Materials $64,418 19%

Interest $6,042 1% Sales & Fundraisers $14.505 3% Bequest $230,881 52%

Special Offer We are honouring the founder of this wonderful ministry, Dr Robert Schuller. This quarter we have a special precatalogue offer of Dr. Schuller’s Best Messages. This powerful 4 CD set of 11 messages from the Tough Times Never Last series normally sells for $35 but is available on this special to the end of November 2013 for just $25.

l Sp ec ia r Offe


2010 $374,680.00

Future Ministry The team of regular supporters has helped keep this ministry afloat as we have sailed Growing some choppy seas and 5000 Possibility we are so grateful for $40,111 Partners Eagles each one. 9% $12,473 If you would like to know more about supporting this ministry on a regular basis please call me at the office – 0800144673 Monday to Thursday 8 am to 4 pm.


$447,598.00 $386,920.00

You can order now on enclosed slip

The Best Messages by Dr Robert Schuller

Airtime & Production $232,436 69%

Survey Update A big thank you to all those who responded to our survey!


Due to the big response and staff shortages, working through the responses and disseminating the information is taking longer than anticipated. As soon as we have respond to requests and make the information available via the web and email. It’s not too late to send your survey in and the paper slitter gift is still available.


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Hour of Power New Zealand Powerlines newsletter for September 2013