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DEVICE WILL NOT POWER ON -Connect the device to a power outlet. Wait 10 minutes and try powering it on by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button for 5 seconds. -If the device still does not power, keep it connected to the power outlet and then perform a reset on the device by pressing and holding the 'sleep/wake' button and the 'home' button simultaneously for 15 seconds or until an Apple appears on your display. -If that fails, try charging on a different power outlet. Try using a different USB cable and try using a different USB adapter. -If you still can't power the device it might have a hardware issue and you should contact Apple. SCREEN IS ZOOMED IN -You would see things up really close. You would see big letters (zoomed-in text) and big looking apps. The screen would appear to move or bounce around when you slide your finger on the display -Tap two times on your screen with three fingers. "Three finger double tap" -The screen will zoom out and will appear normal. If this happens frequently to you and you would like to turn the zoom feature off you can. -Settings>General>Accessibility slide zoom to off. CANNOT ACCESS THE INTERNET -We break this section into two parts. First we will talk about Issues with Wi-Fi (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad WI-FI) and then issues with Cellular data (iPhone and iPad WIFI + 3G, iPad 2 WIFI + 3G) -Wi-Fi: -On the iOS device, go into settings and turn Airplane mode on. Wait 10 seconds then turn Airplane mode off -Go to Settings>WIFI and make sure that you have a check mark next to the name of your WIFI

network. -If you don't simply tap on the name of the network to connect to it. If you see a lock next to the name you will need to enter the WIFI key for your router. If you don't know it contact your Internet Service provider or router manufacturer for help resetting the WIFI key. - A check next to the name means you are connected to the network. -If it shows a check mark next to the name of network but you have no internet access, tap on the blue arrow next the name and select Renew Lease. Try surfing in safari to test. -If the issue continues.... Check out the Full Troubleshooting Guide: "Simple iOS Troubleshooting: A Guide to the most Common issues with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch." On Amazon Kindle or On PDF

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==== ==== Ipad Video Lessons - Every thing you want to know about using your Ipad ==== ====

Troubleshooting iPhone and iPad - A User Guide to the Most Common Issues