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==== ==== The “HoJo Motor” is the only device that produces “Free Energy” that has 3 U.S. Patents! ==== ====

We know the non-renewable resources are decreasing every year. Apart from that, generating energy with non-renewable resources pollute the environment. Today, the biggest threat to the environment is the gases that are released by burning these resources. The major problem is the threat to the ozone layer. In this situation, it is necessary to find an alternative source to generate energy. We know about various other methods such as solar energy and wind energy can be converted to electricity. Other than these methods, there are other sources as well to generate free energy. Necessity of free energy There are many reasons for which scientists around across the world are performing regular researches to invent new methods to generate energy. Most of the researches are based on the extraction of energy from the atmosphere especially without polluting and affecting the environment. Indeed, we cannot take any more risk in generating energy using non-renewable resources mainly due to the effects it has on the environment and ozone layer. There have been numerous debates going on related to whether energy exists in the environment or not. This is the main reason for the researches across the globe for the importance of free energy. Free energy devices These devices are that can generate and save energy. Other than that, it is also termed as devices that can transmit energy from one source to another. Another explanation for such devices is considered to collect energy without spending any money. We know about certain devices and machines that can produce continuous motion with the energy produced by it, without depending on any third party resources. However, it is true that no machine in the world is capable to start and work itself without needing a source or help from a third party source. It is impossible for a machine to work with exterior resources. But, the older technologies have been replaced by newer technologies and they are more capable to work efficiently than the older ones. Similarly, the new devices in the market today created with the latest technology use less energy for its working process. Free energy resources In the past, various scientists have developed various machines and generators to generate free energy without any difficulties. Few of them are thermodynamic energy, Helmholtz, Gibbs and Tesla energy. These are few of the inventions of various people to generate free sources of energy to reduce electricity bills and for a greener environment. This energy generated is known as free green energy. This type of energy is harmless to the environment. For instance, Nikola Tesla's energy is generated using solar power, and it is totally safe and green energy. It is a

simple generator, which can be created with parts available in the nearest stores. They are less expensive and easily affordable to everyone. Since we know the reality and importance of free energy, it is very necessary for people to utilize these machines and inventions to generate simple energy. These are priceless since they do not harm the environment at the same time reduce your expenses on electricity bills.

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==== ==== The “HoJo Motor” is the only device that produces “Free Energy” that has 3 U.S. Patents! ==== ====

Free Energy - Essential for the Future  

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