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Have you seen online guru's sales page or landing page of certain ebook which claims that you need to work only 15 minutes a day online and you could make thousands of dollars a month? They make it so interesting to read, and many wannabe online entrepreneurs or newbies have fallen to the trap and wasted money buying ebooks which does not carry much values. That is the reason why people should learn and educate themselves to avoid this trap. Sometimes many newbies just could not avoid the temptation of easy money promised by a particular guru using online business, and they fall to the trap. Sometimes, its just life and you learn from your mistakes. Another claim that they often make is the business will be fully on autopilots where all you need to do is set it up in 15 or 30 minutes and you could forget about it. The business will continuously run24 hours a day and generate tons of money. This is a misleading statement. How could you just set up a business which will run by it self and generate income without human intervention at all to maintain it. If this is true, why the guru isn't setting up 100 of this kind of business and just sit relax while waiting for the money. These are the questions one need to ask himself before taking a bite of the claims made by these gurus. No knowledge is required to start the online business. This is another claim which makes people think online business is easy and anyone could just set up a website to make money online. In reality, any brick and mortar

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