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Mass Infill

The design behind the Ironbound Branch Library came from a site study that identified that the Ironbound area consists of many housing units that have a commercial functions on the ground floor. I took the idea of separating the function via height movement and developed a system that implements this into a library designing project. I decided to place the programmatic spaces that will have more circulation into the ground floor and basement floor and the areas that will capture people would be separated by the change of function due to height change. I wanted to make the experience of changing by giving the visitors the opportunity to view both spaces as they progress from one to another. The fourth floor is a green roof that gives an end to the height change by providing an open space for the visitor to stop and see the differences.

Ground Floor View

1st. Floor View

2nd. Floor View

3rd. Floor View

Heavy vs. Light

Light Mass wraps Heavy Mass

Heavy Mass is Placed Inside Light Mass

Setback Creates Plaza 18

4th. Floor View

Heavy Mass is Lifted

Light Mass is Buffer Zones [Circulation]

Hopkins Yarleque | Architecture Portoflio 2013  
Hopkins Yarleque | Architecture Portoflio 2013