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My project is exploring how to take advantage of the natural elements as courtyard boundaries as well as integrating proportions for proper location for the programmatic spaces as well as fluent circulation throughout the different spaces. I analyzed axial patterns in order to find reasoning to the location of the programming as well as thermal conditions to accommodate not only the students but the visitors as well and make the rooms more comfortable by reducing the amount of heat that penetrates the rooms as well as allowing for better air circulation throughout the . As one progresses from the small dense indoor spaces, such as the classrooms and offices to the high dense areas, such as the canteen and resource room, the courtyards spaces increment in size as well. The dominant materials used in this design are vernacular such as clay, rammed earth, and bamboo to appeal to the surrounding villagers and to point out that they don’t need outside resources to grow forward.

Golden Ratio

Ground Floor Plan

N 1

Apply Golden Ratio to Site


1 7


2 5




Create straight path by pulling ends

2 2 2


6 6 4

1. Offices 2. Classrooms 3. Resource Room 4. Canteen 5. Adult’s Restrooms 6. Children’s Restrooms 7. Cricket Field

Use squares as courtyards

Hopkins Yarleque | Architecture Portoflio 2013  
Hopkins Yarleque | Architecture Portoflio 2013