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Cover letter for A4 This ten pages paper is relative long so it’s very easy to miss the original structure. Considering about this issue, I first changed a little bit structure of this essay I firstly added a little bit more description of introduction so readers will have a relative clear over view once they read my outline of this essay. (In this paper, I will list all the reasons that make two characters happy and reasons make people around sad so we can have comparison of the goods and bads when they make the decision of living, therefore we can decide which way is a better way to go. After that, I will write my own experience and evaluate it. P1 last line) Then, I added a description on each big session so it will be clear where did I divided my essay. Such as the paragraph which tells a story of myself: A very simple experience happened on me reminds me what we need to do to balance our life Because we need an interesting title so I just considered the interesting part and ignored the accurate part. After Dr. Emre pointed it out, I changed my title as: The see-saw of life of Grizzly Man and Into the Wild. After that I changed some ways of saying which could be hard to understand due to different culture, such as: His Mind already masters his body. It used to be his soul has already overridden his flesh. One of my paragraphs need to quote a book and I quote it firstly and then state all the evaluation and support details of the essay. After the conference, I find out I need to put the discussion firstly and then quote so people would not think this paragraph is isolated and find the connection with other context. (Although most people do not have such a huge and board goal, it

is a very good way to evaluate one’s life. Just ask yourself, do you regret what you have done and do you have anything you want to do. Imaging if you will die tomorrow, what you want to do most. Make a bucket list and take action immediately. In the book: How the Steel Was Tempered, before Ostrovsky die and left one of the most famous motto to us: "Man's dearest possession is life. It is given to him but once, and he must live it so as to feel no torturing regrets for wasted years, never know the burning shame of a mean and petty past; so live that, dying, he might say: all my life, all my strength were given to the finest cause in all the world──the fight for the Liberation of Mankind" (How the Steel Was Tempered). Lastly, I corrected a lot grammar mistakes and citation errors, so the essay is more fluid and easier to read.

cover letter for A4  

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