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Time for action

Time to dream

• Prepare to grow. We want to welcome thousands of people into our churches. Our invitation needs to be intentional. We need to give people opportunities to respond to Jesus and to grow as his disciples. Let’s prepare to grow.

HOPE’s dream is a growing church, showing Jesus’ love and telling the Jesus story, at the heart of every community.

“HOPE 2018 is here to help you and your church reach your friends, family and community with the great news of Jesus. Together, let’s pray, step out in new ways and talk about Jesus.” Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf, National Mission and Evangelism Adviser for the Church of England

HOPE started with three friends: Mike Pilavachi, Andy Hawthorne and me. We began with a question. ‘Is it possible to mobilise the whole church for a whole year of mission in words and action?’ Hope08 was the beginning and more than 1500 areas got involved. In the 10 years since then we’ve seen God do amazing things. It’s never been about HOPE doing everything. We are a catalyst and we’ve been blessed with God’s favour. But there’s more to be done. The dream lives on. The HOPE leadership team recognises the growing sense across the UK that it’s time for harvest.

Time to grow Imagine a church of 30 with three new Christians; a church of 1000 with 100 new followers of Jesus. Imagine your church growing 10% over the next two years. Of course this is about much more than numbers. It’s about transformed lives and communities. What will it take for this dream to become a reality? We will all have to do our part. Unless we all work together it won’t happen. The ‘Talking Jesus’ research ( indicates we may have a problem with the words we use. We need to speak in language that people understand; we need to know how to give reasons for the hope we have. Actions speak volumes. Working together in a rhythm of mission, with words and actions through the church calendar, will multiply our effectiveness.

• Pray. If our dream resonates with you, become part of making it happen. Pray and ask God what this vision for growth looks like in your church. •  Sign up. Be part of HOPE 2018. With God’s help, as we work together in mission with words and action, this vision can become a reality in every church, every community and across the country. Sign up at Roy Crowne, HOPE’s Executive Director on behalf of the HOPE leadership team

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Luke 10:2

“HOPE unites the church across denominations, race, culture and customs. Jesus prayed that we would be one (John 17: 22-23). When we come together in prayer and mission we show the world what God is like, so they can believe in him. Our unity has a powerful impact.” Revd Yemi Adedeji, HOPE’s Associate Director

Hope 2018  
Hope 2018