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The HOPE Instron dynamic loading test bed testing an Eternity seat post.

BEST FOOT FORWARD The fully CNC machined Hope Flat Pedals carry all the strength attributes you’d expect of heavy-duty flat pedals, with a low weight for trail use. We use 2014 T6 Aluminium alloy to keep strength where it’s needed. Weighing in at only 390g, the pedals are supported by one Norglide bush and three cartridge bearings in a fully sealed chamber to ensure the muddy riding conditions don’t penetrate the bearings. The generous 10 pins per side on each pedal are meticulously placed to help ensure fantastic grip and performance when the trail begins to buck you! With a choice of all six Hope colours, the Hope Flat Pedals are a perfect choice for those wanting quality and performance.


All our products must be laboratory tested to allow us to conform to EN standards and beyond. In the past we sent them to an outside company to perform these tests for us, but last year we decided it would be much better to bring this process in-house. We have now bought two Instron testing machines. One is setup to perform static loading which basically applies as much pressure as is required to break a component. The other is for dynamic loading which will repeatedly apply a small load to a component to simulate the fatigue generated from years of riding in a matter of hours. Although bringing this testing in-house allows us to discover more information about our products it will never replace the most important test we perform which is to actually ride on the components on a daily basis.


WIGGINS FOUNDATION RIDE The 5 Axis Mam CNC takes 28 minutes to machine each pedal body.

A right hand pedal body after first side machining.


Each body is machined using simultaneous 5 axis machining.

Pedals are then polished and anodised before going to final assembly.

HOPE PRO3 Road front hub with radial spoke pattern.

HOPE PRO3 CX Disc front & rear with 2 cross spoke pattern.

HOPE PRO3 Road rear with 2 cross drive side & single cross non drive side spoke patterns.



The Hope Hoops Pro 3 carbon wheels are a high-end wheelset offering great performance and slick aerodynamics in one package. The focus is on a hand-finished quality build with reliable, serviceable parts. Lacing a proven, tried and tested 30mm deep aero section rim to our Pro 3 hub, gives a viable option at the high end of the market for road race and cyclocross enthusiasts. The wheels take the reliability and lightweight of the Pro 3 to a pro level. Stunning design and high level component specification make

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them a perfect choice for performance events, racing and training. The unidirectional (UD) carbon fibre layup of the rim provides lateral stiffness and strength above its woven counterpart. The aero section is a structural part of the rim build and not a fairing as used on many other carbon rims. Angled drillings on the dedicated front and rear rims are used for better spoke alignment, truer building and a longer life. The UD layup with a 30mm depth offers versatility for riding in different conditions. The depth profile of these dual duty rims is ideal for cyclo-cross riders in keeping the nipple area and spokes clear of grass and mud build-up and offering sidewall support, whilst simultaneously offering an aerodynamic advantage for the road users.


Our whole carbon wheel concept stems from riders approaching us to fit Hope hubs to other deep section rims for cyclo-cross racing. Riders were

TEAM HOPE FACTORY RACING - Dave Collins battles up Michaelgate at the Lincoln GP. finding that while the rims of standard deep section road wheels could easily take the abuse, the hubs didn’t last when faced with all the mud and jet washing. With over 20 years experience in designing, testing and building bicycle components, our sealed bearing hubs are renowned to be serviceable and stand up to UK winter conditions. In selecting the perfect rim for our wheels (and as with all our products), the primary concern was exclusively quality. Full carbon clinchers in the past have faced reportings of crushing with braking force. During development the carbon clinchers we use have been extensively tested under extreme heat and pressure simulating the longest descents. In addition to this the finished clincher rims are 100% pressure tested to 160psi, taken way beyond standard operating pressures. With the valuable input and feedback of former National Cyclo-Cross Champion and Team Hope Factory Racing rider and employee, Paul

Oldham, the carbon rims have been tested in a series of racing and riding conditions over the last two years. Paul comments: “We have tried to achieve a balance between lightweight and durability, with the winter proof Pro 3 hubs and the 30mm profile carbon rim, to withstand constant mud and washing. The rim profile is slightly wider, which is better suited to a cross tubular giving a larger gluing area and overall a much stiffer wheel.”


The wheels are fully built by hand in house at our Barnoldswick factory using Sapim CX Ray SP spokes and internal aluminium nipples. Combining the 4-pawl Pro 3 hub with a lightweight 30mm section has produced a tough, reliable and serviceable high performance wheelset. In line with everything we do at Hope, the Hope Hoops Pro 3 carbon wheels are high quality and durable and most importantly… wheels that we want to use.

TEAM HOPE FACTORY RACING - Paul Oldham has been both National & National Trophy Series Cyclocross Champion.

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Rob back in the day riding for HOPE

Plummeting off a high-rise is just one of the many extraordinary things that Rob can point to on his CV. But then we are talking about a man who got his big break when he “jumped off a quarry into a lake while on fire”. In his five years as a professional stuntman, the 30-year-old has doubled for some of Hollywood’s hottest up-and-coming stars and worked with some of the world’s biggest directors – including Steven Spielberg on the Oscar-nominated War Horse.

In hospital in Italy after a little off whilst filming a segment for a TV commercial

Jumping off spaceships, brawling with Batman villains and leaping off a sixstorey building – it’s all in a day’s work for stuntman, former World Cup Downhill racer and now current Team Hope Factory Racing rider Rob Jarman.

off astonishing feats for some of this summer’s biggest blockbusters. But perhaps his most famous turn came in hit BBC drama Sherlock recently – where he quite literally took the plunge for the series’ much talked-about finale.

The daredevil action expert has pulled


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and it was a six-storey drop into an air-bag. I wasn’t frightened about getting hurt though – I was more frightened about messing it up. I’d been told to make sure I didn’t take Sherlock’s iPhone over with me, and that was all I was thinking about. They don’t mind finding a new stuntman, but iPhones cost a lot of money!”

“It was an epic experience, there was probably about thirty stunt guys and over a hundred extras in the trenches, and when we were running across No Man’s Land it felt one hundred per cent real. There were mortars going off everywhere and bullets popping all around, and it was actually pretty terrifying. I imagine it was quite easy to film, because we were all bricking ourselves!” Rob admits he enjoys the “thrill” that comes with doing stunts, and often dices with death away from professional engagements too. Back in 2007 he went down the Olympic bobsleigh circuit in Lillehammer on

Captain America the Blockbuster movie 2011

Back doing what comes naturally - going downhill fast

a PEDAL BIKE – reaching speeds of 56mph and having to duck at the right times to avoid getting his head “wiped clean off” by the fixed cameras. Rob is now a black belt in karate, an expert mountaineer, a coach for British Cycling, a scuba dive master, a stunt horse rider – and he also has a British motor racing licence to boot. In his “spare time” Rob not only races and competes for Hope but also works closely with us to provide invaluable input and feedback on the development and testing of our products. We’re glad to have you back on the team Rob. Rob doubling for Simon Pegg

Escaping to the hills around Rob’s home in North Yorkshire ADVERTISEMENT


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through his service to sport (that earned him an MBE along the way) and his increasing diverse performances he has also become a household name over the years. In more recent times the demand for Dougie’s unique services away from the competitive arena have increased dramatically and probably much due to his amazing performance on the roof of Goodwood house at the Festival of Speed back in 2008. The resulting viral video to date has been viewed by over half a million people and has helped open up a specialised sport to the masses around the World. His global recognition has been aided by his extended and loyal relationship with the Austrian energy drink giant Red Bull, who also continue to open up new opportunities for the grounded Yorkshireman. Incredibly despite their glittering array of supported sports people, Lampkin remains the longest serving Red Bull UK athlete, a fact Dougie is very proud of. The now thirty-six year old also includes one of Japan’s largest

DOUGIE LAMPKIN World Trials Championships 2006 Hawstone Park Although now in semi-retirement Dougie is never one to shy away from a challenge. With this in mind he recently took delivery of his new Hope road bike and plans to get in plenty of training miles over the winter months

DOUGIE LAMPKIN Hells Gate Enduro 2012 After almost two decades of competing at the highest level Britain’s legendary motorcycle trial World Champion Dougie Lampkin announced earlier this year that he would be stepping down from the World tour. Since joining the series as a fresh faced teenager back in 1993 Dougie has

DOUGIE LAMPKIN Scottish Six Day Trials 2012

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certainly made his mark on the championship when you digest these facts. Over a nineteen-year period Lampkin contested a record two hundred and fifty-seven Grand Prix events. Confirming his status as the most victorious and successful rider ever to be a part of the series, Dougie achieved an unbeaten ninety-nine GP wins, an unequalled one hundred and seventy rostrum finishes and amassed an unmatched three thousand nine hundred and forty-four World points in total. This resulted in a record seven outdoor World titles to add to his five indoor World crowns, which netted him a record twelve gold medals in total and makes him a real King of Hope & Glory. Not bad for a young lad from Silsden, West Yorkshire who kickstarted his own career by laying kerb stones around Knaresborough bypass to part fund his initial international campaign, which was to net him the European championship at his first attempt. From those humble beginnings it is fair to say that Dougie Lampkin has gone on not only to become one of the real Kings of motorcycling, but

DOUGIE LAMPKIN & TAKAHISA FUJINAMI Hanging out at Fort Bill 2012 vehicle manufacturers Nissan, and Barnoldswick’s finest aka Hope amongst his personal sponsors who enjoy a close and unique relationship with a man who expects not one ounce of special treatment despite his incredible sporting status. Although Lampkin may no longer be apart of the World series, his victory at this year’s Scottish Six Days Trial and his extraordinary runners-up spot at the 2012 Erzberg Extreme Enduro show that he has lost none of his winning appetite. Dougie’s win at the Scottish Highlands back in May marked his sixth in this gruelling week long competition and put him in the record books with no other rider having won the event more than five times. His achievement at Erzberg was equally outstanding as Dougie was just one of seven finishers from five hundred starters, most of which were many years his junior, in what can only be described as a real hell on earth experience.

with the rumour of a long ride to Southern Europe from the North of England in the offing next summer. Watch this space for more details...


As well as supporting sport at grassroots level, the Foundation will promote participation in sport and encourage people to exercise on a regular basis by running sportives, training camps and other sporting events. The Foundation will also look at opportunities to provide equipment or facilities to individuals, clubs, local communities or schools to further allow participation in sport and exercise.

Almost 2000 riders converged on our home town of Barnoldswick for the inaugural Ride With Brad this year. The ride launched the Bradley Wiggins Foundation, a charity setup by the star. The idea and inspiration for the Foundation came entirely from Bradley Wiggins CBE who is keen to put something back into sport at grassroots level, and not just in cycling. So much so that he has already started the process with his own money by supporting amateur cyclists who have the potential to take their talent to the next level, and an under-sevens rugby league team.

WIGGO - Completing the first ever Ride with Brad Sportive that started and finished in Barnoldswick

NEW - CNC Machined Jockey Wheels with Cartridge Bearings An extra bit of bling… our new jockey wheels combine style with practicality. The jockey wheels have stainless steel roller bearings with low contact seals for reduced drag, protected by labyrinth seals increasing product life and reducing

BRADLEY WIGGINS - The press conference for the event was held in the HOPE staff common room.

maintenance. Available in the standard Hope colours, the upper is compatible with any rear derailleur that uses an 11-tooth top pulley. Treat yourself to a little bit of bling!

At Hope we had around 15 members of staff and their families enter for the event in the hope that they could be involved and possibly “ride with Brad”. As it turned out, at some point all managed to ride alongside the man himself and have a little chat. After the event we were honoured to be able to host the official press conference which turned out to be slightly larger than we were expecting when all the national news channels turned up with their trucks. Just before the conference we had a chance to meet Brad in person and have a quick chat. It was great to meet him and be able to help his new foundation in a small way.

NEW - Integrated Bash Ring The new Hope IBR’s offer a very tidy solution for riders and racers seeking performance and weight saving. Weighing in at 62g, the combined chainring and bashguard works seamlessly with our 1X chainguide. Available in 32 to 36tooth versions it’s manufactured from

7075 T6 aluminium alloy and hard anodised in Gold, Black and Silver. The 1X set-up is extremely versatile and can be used for a range of disciplines appealing to all riders, from cross-country to downhill and enduro.

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NEW - STEALTH TECH EVO V4 DH Brake with Vented 203mm Rotor The special edition brakes with their distinctive green bore caps and adjusters caused considerable interest last year, but they did bring one consistent comment “love the green but doesn’t match my bikes colour scheme”. For 2013 there should be no comments as we’ve changed the accent colour to black. So the colour scheme is now black on black, but they still feature the ti hardware to keep the weight down. Of course there is still the option to fit coloured bore caps, levers and lids if you’re still looking to personalise your bike.


The V2 brake became one of the benchmark brakes for downhill over the past couple of seasons so we had to be sure it’s replacement was worthy

of our “most powerful brake” mantle. We’ve been thoroughly testing the new V4 and believe it is such a brake. The new caliper has superior stiffness in it’s body leading to improved efficiency. It keeps with our traditional one piece, machined from solid design, but also features improved cooling due to fins machined around the top of the caliper. The final feature is the longer pad giving a larger surface area which also allows us to use the same rotor design throughout our brake range. The only additional rotor which can be used with the V4 is the unique vented rotor. We are still the only company who manufacture a true vented rotor which allows airflow through the centre of the rotor. This design gives up to 15% more cooling than a conventional rotor.

M4 and X2 versions of the STEALTH Tech brake are also available

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It has always been part of the ethos here at Hope to give back to the biking community. From sponsoring World Cup Downhill riders such as Tom Braithwaite, Adam Brayton, Nico Vink and Cedric Gracia through to supporting local grass roots racing such as the Brownback’s Hope XC Series at Lee Quarry, we like to be involved with riders. We recently decided to take this philosophy one step further by funding and developing our very own descent line at the Gisburn Forest trail centre in Lancashire. Located just 14 miles from the Hope factory in Barnoldswick, selecting Gisburn Forest for the development of the Hope Line was a natural choice.

Berm building 2012 With the blessing of the Forestry Commission planning of the Hope Line got swiftly underway after numerous meetings and input from local riders and trail builders. It was important to us that the trail could be enjoyed by riders of all abilities whilst at the same time be testing and fun for the more advanced rider. International extreme enduro riding brothers, Dan and Ben Hemingway were recruited to “design, build and manufacture” the descent line, with the input of legendary trail builder Rowan Sorell. Their riding experience mixed with a little Hope creativity produced the Hope Line which was completed in March this year. The trail mixes long drifting berms and tight twisting tree sections with sequences of flowing table tops.

Ever improving trails at Gisburn

With trails such as the Hope Line, Gisburn Forest is now attracting riders from all over the UK. We understand the value of high quality trail centres and as such have plans for more developments at Gisburn over the next year. Watch this space!!

At Hope we’ve twisted the conventional concept of the ride-towork scheme. The question was how can you test products in the real world, with every type of rider and receive quality feedback? The answer was simple our workforce. We employ around 100 staff with riding ability ranging from National Champions right though to people who just use their bike to pop to the shops (We’ve also added a few special guests to the scheme such as Guy Martin and Dougie Lampkin). This huge cross section allows our prototypes to be tested in every situation.

We now have a fleet of around 200 bikes all fitted with the latest (and a few secret prototype) parts being used by our staff. The added bonus of this testing program (on top of the obvious perk for the staff getting to ride the best bikes) is that our staff appreciate the products they are making as an end user, it’s not just a faceless component they’re machining or assembling. So if you’re ever travelling through a town and you wonder why all the bikes are branded up with “hope” it could mean you found your way to Barnoldswick.

“COMPANY VEHICLES” - just some of the R&D test fleet ready for the ride home at the end of the day.

GIANT TCR Road frames running the latest HOPE wheels, BBs, Headsets and cassettes. GIANT XTC 29ers With 29ers taking off in the last couple of years it’s important to test the differing loads associated with a larger wheel diameter.

DOWNHILL parts are tested on Giant Glorys and Santa Cruz V10s, parts include wheels, BBs, headsets, cassettes, stems, seat posts and brakes.

HOPE CX As you would expect with a Cyclocross National Champ like Paul Oldham working in the machine shop as a product developer, cyclocross is an important market sector for Hope. Products being tested on our CX fleet include brakes, the V Twin convertor, BBs, headsets, stems, seat posts and wheelsets.

ORANGE 5s make up a large number of the test fleet, their do it all ability allows for a wide variety of trail and XC product testing.

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and member of the Tyco TAS Suzuki Team 2012 can often be seen riding his Orange Five, in his slightly over-worn Hope shorts, up and down the pit lane.

MOUNTAIN MAYHEM 2012 - Hope Technology ‘B’ Team - Dart, Sam, Guy, Mark, Robin and Matt. DAN BOOTH - Hope’s pro team making it look easy!

Mountain Mayhem is one of the biggest off-road events of the year, challenging riders both mentally and physically. Now in its 15th year Mayhem is the largest 24-hour mountain bike endurance event in the world.

ROBIN WARNE - “Enjoying” yet another lap of Mayhem mud!

HOPE Team Bikes ready for the ploughing match, Mayhem area. Riders usually ride only one lap at a time which means that each team member generally has to do at least one night shift. Monsoon like rain prior to the race saw the venue, which is held in a picturesque valley just north of Eastnor Castle near Ledbury in Herefordshire, become catastrophically waterlogged with the course resembling more of a swamp!

GUY MARTIN - Not too muddy on the start straight! The race can be completed solo or as a team. The aim for teams, which usually consist of four or five riders, is to have someone lapping the ten-mile course throughout the 24 hours of the race, which starts at 12 noon on the Saturday. Riders hand over to the next nominated rider in a transition

Mountain Mayhem 2012 saw two Hope teams take on the challenge - the professionals and the “staff team”. The pro team consisted of the usual suspects, Team Hope Factory Racing riders Paul Oldham and Dave Collins, alongside Dan Booth and welcome stand-in Mel Alexander. The “staffteam” consisted of Hope employees Dart, Sam and Matt accompanied by special “staff” guest TT star Guy Martin (“Ey up Chief!!”).

Guy is well known for having a passion for riding mountain bikes and has joined Team Hope in the past by competing in other mountain bike endurance events. We decided to recruit the assistance of the Lincolnshire based TT star for Mayhem 2012, and weren’t disappointed with his performance. A week of heavy rain preceding the event turned the track into a sea of mud, playing heavy mind-games with the riders. For many the question wasn’t “Should I put mud tyres on?”, for some it was more a case of “Should I do another lap? Can my bike make it through another lap? “With mud glooping and covering every part of the riders and the bikes in a thick consistency, many riders resigned themselves to walking their bikes round the track, others adopted cyclo-

cross tactics running with the bike to avoid clogging the wheels. Despite the “testing” conditions, this year the first lap was completed in a record 1hr 7min. Working through the mental fall-out, our teams pushed through the night. The pro team performing admirably, after a long night shift they had almost lapped their nearest rivals, the Scott team, and went on to complete a convincing victory. The staff team performed equally as well finishing an impressive 27th. Team work and mutual support are essential in a normal Mayhem but 2012 raised this concept to new levels. With his constant supply of stories and entertainment and also his sheer racing determination, we are glad to say the so-called modern day Fred Dibnah, Guy is welcome to come and join the team anytime. It wasn’t quite the Mountain Mayhem we had hoped for but we will certainly be back again next year!

The self-described road racer, engine builder, tea junkie, dambusters expert • Designed, Tested and CNC Machined in Barnoldswick, England • Light Source: 3 x Osram Oslon LEDs • Light Output: 105 measured lumens, 135 generated lumens • Power levels: 3 x static, 3 x flash • Burn time: 15 hrs – 200 hrs • Beam: 270 deg visibility • QR Bayonet seatpost mount. • Weight: 155g PAUL OLDHAM contemplating how to get the fastest lap again!

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