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The Primary Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

In addition, studies show that physically active people have a lower risk than sedentary, even taking into account the cigarette. Symptoms One in four people with lung cancer have no symptoms when the tumor is diagnosed. This cancer is usually found on a chest X-ray done for other reasons. The remaining three bedrooms have some symptoms caused by: direct effects of tumor metastasis effects in other parts of the body or malignant changes of hormones, blood, or other systems. The primary symptoms include cough, coughing up blood, lung pain and shortness of breath. Cough in new smoker or ex-smoker should be cause for concern. A cough that does not go or gets worse over time should be investigated by a doctor. Coughing blood is more common in people with lung cancer. Any amount of cancer in the cough is because of alert. Chest pain is a symptom in a room of people with lung cancer. The pain is persistent and may involve other areas beyond the lung. Shortness of breath usually results from a blockage in part of the lungs, fluid around the lungs, or the spread of tumor through the lungs. Wheezing and hoarseness may be signs of blockages or inflammation in the lungs that may be linked to cancer.

Repeated respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia can be a sign of lung cancer. Symptoms of tumor metastasis depend on the location and size. Between 30% and 40% of people with lung cancer have some symptoms or signs of metastatic disease.

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