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April 2017

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The New Gurus Two HUD-approved counseling agencies will become “gurus” thanks to a grant from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation Page 3

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Key Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Government Agencies Choose HLP to Streamline Foreclosure Mediation Process Two important government agencies in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are quickly moving to adopt HLP’s communications platform to streamline and improve their foreclosure mediation and homeowner assistance programs. These decisions mark a major expansion of HLP’s communications platform into the government arena as the platform of choice by various state and federal agencies. First, the Philadelphia Division of Housing and Community Development has issued notices to its users that, beginning in 2017’s third quarter, all data and documents required by the foreclosure mediation program will be available and stored on HLP’s technology platform. …continued on page 5

New Agreement Protects HLP Customer Data, Provides 24/7 Network Availability To meet customers’ needs and expectations, HLP invests heavily to build and maintain a technology platform its stakeholders can trust. To achieve those goals, HLP has recently renewed its contract with Hosting, Inc. (HOSTING), to manage its technology infrastructure. The Denver-based company offers a complete range of cloud security and compliance services for HLP. It owns and operates six strategically located data centers under an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC (formerly SAS 70) frameworks and their cloud-enabled solutions are consistently included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Working closely with Louann Bernstone, HLP’s senior vice president for risk, governance and compliance, HOSTING recently updated HLP’s platform to ensure it operates at peak performance. Here is a rundown of the key features it provides: …continued on page 3

Joel Daly is a co-founder of HOSTING, a Denver-based company that offers a complete range of security and compliance services for HLP. HOSTING stores, manages and monitors HLP’s data and applications in a secure, compliant private cloud environment. Daly holds a master’s in business administration from Loyola Marymount University and a bachelor’s in Management from the U.S. Air Force Academy.

How does HOSTING show that it helps organizations decrease business risk?

Is a data breach or other major event a bigger threat now than in the past?

The two best data points are those most important to the customer: zero down time and successful completion of all audits, whether from customers or regulators. HOSTING provides HLP with Critical Availability Service that guarantees its network is available at all times. This service includes an extensive testing process that examines every potential point that could fail. We also provide on-site support, including all documentation to help HLP pass its audits. Since becoming a customer in 2012, HLP has not experienced any outages due to infrastructure issues.

With hacker’s ever increasing knowledge of systems, the threat of a security breach is always there. It forces us to constantly update our systems. We will never be able to protect all customers from every single threat, so it’s critical to have multiple back-up systems, both remotely and locally. By making copies of data and having it available locally in the data center, we can prevent problems from occurring. We can also back up a system remotely if an entire data center goes out.

How does HOSTING’s new compliance monitoring technology ensure all of HLP’s applications are working properly? We do this in three ways, starting with our certification program. We are SOC2, PCI3.2 and HITRUST compliant, so HLP receives these benefits Next, we provide HLP with several security and recovery services. These cover network security, including firewall and anti-phishing protection. It also includes threat and log management services. We monitor the network for known threats and provide a record of logins by unknown sources. By monitoring those logging into HLP, we can determine if there any people that shouldn’t be accessing the network. In case of any threat, we provide patching services to solve the threat. Finally, we also provide anti-virus and malware services; web application firewall services and a recovery service that backs up local and remote data.

 What is the role of HOSTING’s security operations team? Our security operations center team is available 24/7. They are responsible for monitoring activity on our customers’ networks and responding to any incidents. The team interacts regularly with Louann Bernstone, HLP’s senior vice president for risk, governance and compliance, to monitor activity on HLP’s network. In addition, this team is responsible for our research and development efforts. They evaluate new technology to determine customer’s future needs.

 What are some recent enhancements to HLP’s platform? We recently added new encryption monitoring technology that enhances the security of HLP’s network, as well as DDos protection. The latter technology will protect HLP from any attempt to disrupt its portal and cause it to go out of service.


HLP Welcomes Clarifi, GreenPath as “Gurus” Two more HUD-approved nonprofit counseling agencies, Clarifi and GreenPath, will become “gurus” for many lucky prospective homeowners thanks a grant from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation. They join Navicore Solutions and Springboard as counseling agencies that have agreed to enroll a select number of their clients in as part of the grant. Both organizations were created in the 1960s and have more than five decades of experience counseling consumers in financial distress. Clarifi is based in Philadelphia and GreenPath has its headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. is HLP’s new app that teaches consumers how credit works and the specific steps needed to obtain homeownership. It connects a tech-savvy generation of consumers with advanced analytics about a person’s credit score, borrowing capacity and other critical information to help them become homeowners. Once a person is enrolled in, they have access to a nonprofit housing counselor—their guru—to help them design a plan to qualify for a mortgage loan. The Wells Fargo Housing Foundation grant will pay for the cost of enrolling consumers in and paying the cost of the guru’s services.

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24/7 Availability. HOSTING stores, manages and monitors HLP’s data and applications in a secure, compliant private cloud environment. Each virtual machine has its own operating system and set of applications. Its cloud recovery service replicates HLP’s applications, data and the entire operating environment. HLP’s system is fully redundant, meaning that all systems and data are identically mirrored between the primary and backup data sites. This capability enables HLP to provide uninterrupted service, which means the portal is available nearly 100 percent of the time. Ability to Recover Data. HOSTING ensures that HLP’s data is accessible in the event of any disaster. It recently upgraded this feature of the network and is replicating it to one of its data sites. “If a major event would cause a data center blackout, we have configured HLP’s network so it can recover and continue to operate,” said Reema Patel, HOSTING’s account manager for HLP. “Replicating the data ensures availability.” Security and Compliance. HLP’s data centers are audited to meet SOC 2 and 3 standards. “When HLP goes through an audit with mortgage companies, banks and other end users, it can show that HOSTING has installed and tested its network to meet these standards,” said Patel.

Because the amount of data in HLP’s network has grown over the years, HOSTING recently upgraded the data encryption feature of HLP’s files to prohibit unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data. To track all security and compliance issues, HLP works closely with HOSTING’s security operations team and its top security advisors. Responsiveness. HOSTING recently added new compliance monitoring technology to ensure all of HLP’s applications are working properly. “This tool provides timely information for Louann and her team, which can prevent problems and save money,” said Patel. “We know that HLP works closely with mortgage companies, counseling agencies and other partners, so they can also share this information with them.” For example, the new technology can track the available amount of disk space used to store data. If a disk’s utilization capacity is reaching a high level, the monitoring solution will alert HOSTING, which in turn will contact HLP. “We can clean out files and grow their space, enabling them to operate without any problems,” Patel says. As part of its HLP agreement, HOSTING also provides a quarterly review to monitor issues affecting the entire network and assists HLP during its regular audits by banks, mortgage companies and government agencies.

HLP to Automate Asset Verification, Speed Application Process for Consumers, Servicers HLP announced in early April it will integrate FormFree’s AccountChek™ automated asset verification service into its communication platform, making it easier for consumers and HUD-certified, nonprofit housing counselors to apply for loan modifications and other options to avoid foreclosure. The asset verification tool will enable consumers and counselors to verify assets and deposits faster and more accurately using AccountChek’s fully digital process. “This partnership will benefit homeowners in financial distress by streamlining loss mitigation processing and taking it to a new level of efficiency, reliability and security,” said Cam Melchiorre, HLP’s chief executive officer. “AccountChek provides all the documentation servicers need to determine a consumer’s ability to pay under a home retention workout—without the frustration of gathering statements or dealing with lost or incomplete paperwork.” Melchiorre says that the ability to provide automated asset verification will be incorporated into Homeowner Connect, HLP’s direct consumer portal that will be re-launched this summer. HLP will share more information about this and other new features closer to the re-launch. AccountChek is a cloud-based service that securely connects with financial institutions to analyze consumer assets and deposits, delivering a safe and hassle-free verification experience for borrowers and greater purchase certainty for lenders and investors. FormFree is Fannie Mae’s first designated vendor for asset verification through Desktop Underwriter® as part of its Day 1 Certainty™ program. “We are proud to help consumers avoid the burden of foreclosure by making asset verification a more painless part of the loss mitigation process,” said Brent Chandler, FormFree’s founder and chief executive officer. “Through this integration with HLP, consumers and their advocates can now enjoy the same benefits AccountChek already delivers to borrowers applying for a new mortgage.”

US Bank to Submit 400 Foreclosure Mediation Cases in HLP US Bank jump started its use of HLP for its foreclosure mediation cases in April and is expected to load at least 400 cases into the portal this month. After its existing inventory of cases has been created in HLP, US Bank is likely to submit an additional 200 new cases monthly. As part of a phased rollout, US Bank is currently using HLP to communicate with its own attorneys handling foreclosure mediation cases in several states. “US Bank sees value in sharing and delivering data and documents via HLP,” said Jon Ballard, HLP’s director of business development. “Right now, it speeds up the communications process with its own attorneys.” The second phase of the process will be to invite debtor’s attorneys to use HLP to share documents and create a record of all activity. Phase three will involve engaging mediators to participate in this process. “Our foreclosure mediation portal helps servicers resolve their mediation cases more quickly and efficiently, and at less cost,” said Mark Cole’s HLP’s executive vice president and chief strategy officer. Because servicers may handle hundreds or thousands of cases in a variety of states, the portal also provides confidentiality to key parties in each case. An attorney for a servicing company can only view documents on cases where they are assigned. HLP’s platform supports up to seven different stakeholders working together on one case. Once all parties are able to view documents in HLP, everyone can view the status of a case and any updates in real time. HLP also provides complete transparency and security of data and documents and provides a permanent audit trail of all cases. Finally, the portal provides custom reports and data export capabilities. It enables users to pull report to track performance or assess progress on multiple data points, such as case type, agency and document acceptance.

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“Our central database will help streamline the mediation process for thousands of homeowners annually in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.” Thousands of homeowners in the city of Philadelphia participate annually in the foreclosure mediation process, which is part of the Philadelphia Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program. All mortgage foreclosures are automatically scheduled for a conciliation conference where the lenders’ attorneys and the borrowers and their housing counselors meet face-to-face to discuss potential work-out options to resolve the mortgage delinquency. Second, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority is launching HLP statewide for its Homeowner Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP). This is a state program that assists thousands of homeowners throughout Pennsylvania suffering financial hardships that are temporarily unable to pay their mortgage. “Our central database will help streamline the mediation process for thousands of homeowners annually in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania,” said Cam Melchiorre, HLP’s chief executive officer. “Our technology helps improve communications between homeowners and lenders in a secure, transparent system enabling attorneys for both sides to simultaneously exchange and view all data, messages and documents online.” HLP’s technology helps minimize delays and disputes among all parties involved the mediation process by providing timely, accurate information for all parties to view on the database. All information for each case is secure and can only be viewed by the parties involved in each case.

By providing a unified, centralized platform, program changes for all cases can be made quickly and are accessible to all parties while meeting compliance regulations. Authorized parties will receive activity updates via standardized status codes and all communications with sensitive information will be done through HLP’s secure channel. To prepare for changes to the city of Philadelphia’s program, mortgage companies should take the following action: • Current participants in the HLP residential mortgage servicer consortium will receive updates per HLP’s system’s enhancement release protocol and user training. It is recommended that mortgage servicers notify their attorneys and ask them to register as users on HLP to receive training and access to HLP’s customer support team. Attorneys may register at the website under the Resources section— RxOfficeLegal/WebPages/PartnersRegistration.aspx?CompType=CCCS. • Mortgage servicers that are not current participants in HLP’s residential mortgage servicer consortium should contact HLP Chief Executive Officer Cam Melchiorre, who can provide information about access to HLP. He can be reached at or by calling 443-377-5312. Additional communications will be provided closer to the third quarter implementation date.

HLP wants you to know about six facts, figures and upcoming events:


2 Millennials don’t stay places very long. According to survey from

 enters will need to raise their incomes by an average of R $168 a year to keep up with expected rent increases over the next 12 months when the median monthly rent reaches $1,420, according to a new forecast from Zillow.

moving company Mayflower, two of five millennials between 18 and 35 move to new cities without the intention to stay.

3 CoreLogic reports that 5.3 percent of mortgages were delinquent by at least 30 days or more in January, down by 1.1 percentage point from a year ago.

4 A new report found that immigrant homebuyers played a big role in helping the housing industry bounce back from the Great Recession—particularly in larger markets.

5 According to the Mortgage Bankers Association the average purchase mortgage is now $318,200, the highest level on record since it began tracking such data in 1990.

6 Despite rising home prices, investment home sales grew 4.5 percent last year, while the average median investment home price jumped 8 percent.




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HLP News—April 2017  

News and Information from HLP. In the April issue, we look at how two government agencies in Pennsylvania are adopting HLP’s communications...

HLP News—April 2017  

News and Information from HLP. In the April issue, we look at how two government agencies in Pennsylvania are adopting HLP’s communications...