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New Mobile App To Increase Submissions, Aid Disaster Recovery June 2018

More Access Homeowners can now use the HomeownerConnect app to create a new case and submit it directly to their servicer Page 1

New Solutions IndiSoft CEO Hans Rusli is seeking ways to add more value to HLP services Page 2

On August 1, HLP is adding a new mobile app to support homeowners’ ability request assistance through Homeowner Connect. Homeowners can use the app to create a new case and submit documents directly to their servicer via their mobile phone. In addition, people can file a request for assistance after a natural disaster and upload photos using the app, making it easier for servicers to provide assistance during a crisis. “The submission rate through Homeowner Connect is already more than 50% and this app will increase successful workouts”, said Mark Cole, HLP’s chief executive officer. “Our turnkey …continued on page 3

Register Now—Nevada Mediation Portal Live on July 1 The registration process is now underway in Nevada for everyone who will need to use HLP’s technology as part of the state’s foreclosure mediation program.

Better Credit CBC Mortgage is helping new homeowners improve their credit with HLPGuru Page 3

Home Means Nevada (HMN) sent a letter on June 5 announcing the launch of HLP’s web-based portal and directing people to register on the site and sign up for training opportunities. The site will be implemented in several phases, going live on July 1 and with training sessions scheduled for late June and early July. Groups that need to register and sign up for training classes include court officials, mediators, mortgage servicers, debtor attorneys, …continued on page 4

Hans Rusli is the new chief executive officer of IndiSoft, HLP’s technology partner. Before taking this role in February, Rusli worked for more than 25 years as a senior mortgage banking executive in servicing technology and mortgage enterprise risk management. He worked at Bank of America as senior vice president in risk management and most recently was the chief credit officer at Caliber Home Loans in Irving, Texas.

What technology challenges are facing mortgage servicers right now? While the vast majority of lenders and servicers have made huge investments in their technology systems, most still operate legacy mainframe systems that are often 20 years old or older. A lot of companies deploy several different systems, yet still have to connect to a main system. As a result, it can be a challenge to consolidate data and develop quick, accurate analytics while at the same time maintain the cost of the legacy system.

How are you addressing these challenges?

required time period for a response expires or mediation doesn’t result in a workout. This will automate the process, save time and ensure servicer compliance.  What changes have you brought to IndiSoft

since becoming CEO in February? To accelerate growth and help service our clients more effectively, I’ve developed a more strategic, disciplined approach to the organization. Our company is growing nicely and by implementing a more formal structure and discipline, will take us to another level of growth. I’ve also used my industry knowledge and past work experiences with many colleagues to give IndiSoft new opportunities by reaching out to the organizations they represent. Knowing the challenges that they face, we’ve had

We’re working to automate those systems and use our analytics to help lenders and servicers become more proactive. In effect, we’re adding value by helping our customers transform from the old to the new. We want to help our customers anticipate the borrower’s needs so that their questions are answered and their issues are resolved efficiently and to their satisfaction

the opportunity to make several presentations about IndiSoft’s services that address their needs. Consequently, we’ve been able to generate new partnerships and gain new customers in the past few months.

How does the new platform benefit HLP's Home Means Nevada foreclosure mediation program?

How are you working with HLP to bring new solutions to the industry?

There are several benefits. All stakeholders will have access to real-time information for their own cases. The stakeholders include the 11 district courts, plus mediators, attorneys, creditors and homeowners. There will also be a calendar and mediation schedule for each district court in Nevada, making the process more efficient by giving the court administrator the proper control over scheduling. We’re also generating a certificate authorizing foreclosure once the

Because HLP’s technology connects all of our industry’s stakeholders in a very efficient manner, we’re continually seeking ways to add more value. This may be by automating some services or becoming more efficient with existing services. If we can do that, we’ll help each other add more organizations to our customer lists, with the end objective of helping borrowers get a new loan or stay in their homes..

N ew Homeowners Use to Improve Credit

Hundreds of new homeowners that received down payment assistance to buy their first home are getting more financial help from HLP: a free one-month subscription to About 4,500 new homeowners that received down payment help from CBC Mortgage Agency are part of HLP’s post-purchase outreach and financial education program. The goal of the program is to help them successfully navigate their first year of homeownership. Each month, a new group of homeowners—all that have been in their homes for nine months—will get access to for one month. They will be able to use to check their credit score, find out how to improve their score and receive a financial action plan. Free access to the tool is part of an agreement between HLP and the mortgage company, which is owned by a Native American Indian tribe focused on affordable housing. “The app is an important part of our education and borrower outreach programs to help people not only purchase a home, but stay in it,” said Mark Cole, HLP’s chief executive officer. “We are excited to be able to offer so many people an easy way to improve their financial situation and help them sustain homeownership. CBC’s decision to provide its customers access to shows its commitment to helping its borrowers become successful homeowners.” Each homeowner also has the option of speaking or chatting online with a HUD-approved nonprofit housing counselor. The counselor will teach them how to build a budget, save money for home repairs and other steps needed to be a responsible homeowner. CBC Mortgage Agency is a federally-chartered tribal government agency owned by the Cedar Band of Paiutes of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah. Through its Chenoa Fund and Simply Home Down Payment Programs, it provides down payment assistance to borrowers that qualify for FHA-guaranteed mortgage loans. People that meet CBC’s credit score and debt-to-income requirements can receive a first mortgage and a second mortgage or grant to cover their 3.5 percent minimum investment. CBC increases its pool of available buyers by offering down payment assistance in the form of a gift or second mortgage to meet the entire down payment requirements on an FHA loan.

...HomeownerConnect App—continued from page 1

solution for servicers includes: • a dedicated URL for each servicer, • configurable document sets for each investor, • the mobile app, and • live chat provided by housing advisors.”

will also help servicers build loyalty with their customers by providing them with simpler processes and superior customer service.”

This mobile app will be downloadable from the Apple, Android and Google Play stores. Cole recommends that servicers place a link to the Homeowner Connect site and the app download on their home page, making it easier for customers to access it.

Cole says the app will also enhance HLP’s disaster assistance program, which has been popular with many servicers. Last year, more than 20 servicers directed customers affected Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to file disaster assistance requests through the website. US Bank is directing all its mortgage customers to for any inquiries regarding loan modifications and other requests for assistance.

“The new app will make it easier for consumers to complete and submit a package of loan documents,” Cole said. “It

Servicers who have questions about the app can contact Cole at

...Nevada—continued from page 1

investors and Home Means Nevada officials. In its letter, HMN advised everyone to take the following actions: •  Visit the new website— Bookmark the page and check in periodically to find the latest information about the HLP portal launch. • Get Registered. Current users of the HLP system do not need to re-register. Participating mortgage servicers should notify their attorneys and ask them to register as users for this program. Trustees, beneficiaries, servicers, grantors and creditors legal counsel who are not current HLP users should click on the Registration link on the program web page. It will only take a few minutes to complete the registration process. • Look for Training Opportunities. Classes and webinars will be announced shortly to help both new and existing users to successfully implement the Nevada program. HLP and HMN will send notices and updates to registered users about these upcoming training opportunities. HLP’s portal will enable all parties to work together to make the process as efficient as possible. The technology will enable everyone to share all documents about each foreclosure mediation case in a secure, timely manner, minimizing delays, and reducing the need to reschedule




meetings. HLP’s portal also provides a permanent audit trail of all activity, information, and documents entered in the system. Nevada’s 11 district courts will each have local jurisdiction over foreclosure mediation cases. HLP’s technology will enable each district court to assign a mediator to a case and to deliver results of all cases, documentation and messages to the Home Means Nevada staff. Each district court will be able to control specific processes as part of the mediation process. These include: • Stakeholder access privileges, restrictions and action milestone requirements; • Messaging among all parties; • Documentation and form requirements; • Timeline service level agreements; • Task and meeting schedules and Critical Step Monitoring • Management reporting and auditing Once a mediator is assigned to a case, they can access contact information for the stakeholders, view the case status and communicate messages, notes, documents and meeting scheduling information. The mediator will also be able to upload documents and reports.

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HLP News — June 2018  

News and updates from HLP. In this issue we look at how the new Homeowner Connect app from HLP is helping to increase submissions and aid ho...

HLP News — June 2018  

News and updates from HLP. In this issue we look at how the new Homeowner Connect app from HLP is helping to increase submissions and aid ho...