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IndiSoft’s Expertise Propels HLP’s Expansion June 2017

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HLP is in the midst of rolling out a variety of new services to an expanded customer base aimed at broadening its capabilities to the mortgage industry. The push has been fueled by HLP’s partnership with IndiSoft, its long-time technology partner. Since HLP’s inception in 2009, IndiSoft has provided the technology platform that has enabled a wide variety of organizations to collaborate by sharing sensitive documents and data securely and in real time. “IndiSoft’s technology has helped HLP implement our vision,” said Mark Cole, HLP’s executive vice president. “The leadership of CEO Sanjeev Dahiwadkar and his team’s development of innovative software have helped us, and the mortgage industry, solve many problems while helping many homeowners save their homes.” IndiSoft has a unique niche—it only serves companies and organizations in the US mortgage industry and offers software focused on risk management, compliance, oversight and auditing. HLP is leveraging IndiSoft’s expertise to expand its capabilities beyond its original role as the portal that helped many homeowners save their homes during the mortgage crisis. Its new services and customers include the following: • Foreclosure Mediation. US Bank is loading approximately 200 new cases monthly into HLP to communicate with its own attorneys handling foreclosure mediation cases in several states. The portal speeds up the communications process with its own attorneys in any states where foreclosure mediation occurs. • M  odernizing Government Housing Agencies. Agencies in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are adopting HLP’s communications platform to streamline and improve their foreclosure mediation and homeowner assistance programs. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority is launching HLP statewide for its Homeowner Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP), which helps thousands of homeowners suffering financial hardships that are temporarily unable to pay their mortgage. • Homeowner Connect. HLP is developing its next generation platform of Homeowner Connect, its consumer direct portal. The new platform which will incorporate a wide range of new technology, including automated tools that help consumers, will speed the application process. …continued on page 5

Sanjeev Dahiwadkar is chief executive officer of IndiSoft, one of the world’s leading software development companies. Based in Columbia, Maryland, IndiSoft develops, licenses and supports a wide range of SaaS solutions for the financial services industry, including RxOffice® for HLP.

How did you get started?

We started in 2005 as a consulting company, but that changed with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. After that, we were no longer consultants, but a full-service mortgage product company focused on risk management, compliance, oversight and auditing. The crisis helped us become a true product company with offerings that are richer and deeper. Our client base now includes law firms, insurance companies, title agencies and counseling agencies with a wide variety of assignments.

When did you begin working with HLP?

After a series of meetings with Cam Melchiorre and Faith Schwartz in late 2008, we began working as a consultant to fix the Hope Now Alliance website. I didn’t know it then, but this work would lead to the creation of a new portal that would eventually become known as Hope LoanPort. Our initial work occurred at a critical time for the mortgage industry. We had to create a new technology platform that would help the nation’s largest mortgage servicers resolve the mortgage crisis. While our portal initially attracted consumers, we decided that connecting mortgage servicers and counselors was the most important connection to be made. Eventually we installed the RxOffice® technology platform to achieve that goal.

How has your technology helped HLP implement its vision? HLP brings together a wide variety of stakeholders—counseling agencies, servicers, lenders, investors and government agencies. When these parties collaborate, there isn’t a single connection that cannot be made quickly.

Our RxOffice® software keeps everyone in sync, in real time, and allows them to make decisions quickly. We also have a true collaborative platform that is secure. Information is only exchanged between the parties involved in each transaction. This enables all stakeholders to feel safe, knowing that the information they share on a common platform will not fall into the wrong hands.

Are you helping HLP expand product offerings? Yes, a good example is our work with HLP and Freddie Mac’s Borrower Help Centers. Its making the centers more efficient and getting data on their activities to Freddie Mac much more quickly than in the past. Previously, to create a new case, counselors had to enter data into another case management system, manually fill out information about the case in an Excel spread sheet and then submit the report to Freddie Mac. Now they can have access to the data in real time once it is entered. In addition, dashboards on the center’s activities are generated automatically.

What other projects are in the works?

We are building new technology platforms to meet the needs of HLP’s expanding customer base. In addition to our case management system for Freddie Mac, we have developed the foreclosure mediation platforms for banks and state government agencies to help these organizations increase their efficiency, resolve more cases faster and save them money. We’ve also built a CMS to handle fair housing complaints. Our newest project is to rebuild Homeowner Connect, HLP’s portal that allows consumers to work directly with a mortgage servicer to modify their mortgage loan.

HLP Nears Approval to Offer Bankruptcy Mediation Portal in Florida HLP is hopeful it will receive approval in the next 30-45 days to begin offering its bankruptcy mediation portal throughout the bankruptcy court system in Florida. If approved, HLP will work with debtor attorneys in Florida’s Northern, Middle and Southern District bankruptcy courts to use HLP in bankruptcy mediation cases. Through the first five months of 2017, there were 18,480 bankruptcies filed across the state. The US Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District of Florida is the third busiest of the 90 district bankruptcy courts across the country. “We have very good relationships with many servicing companies, so once we are approved, we hope the servicers will encourage their attorneys to select HLP,”

said Jon Ballard, HLP’s manager of business development. HLP’s bankruptcy mediation portal offers several benefits compared to competitors in order to speed the mediation process and save money for all parties. It enables attorneys to easily communicate and exchange data and documents, while tracking the status of any case in real time. HLP also offers complete transparency and security while building a permanent audit trail. Each party is able to input and update information in the portal about each case. In addition to these benefits, there will be no charge for consumers using HLP’s portal.

2017 Florida Bankruptcy Cases by District (through May) 1,029

northern district

10,421 6,930

middle district

southern district Source: the American Bankruptcy Institute


Revamp of Homeowner Connect on Track HLP is making progress on its next generation technology platform of Homeowner Connect, its direct consumer portal. The platform is a top priority for HLP’s Servicer Advisory Council, which received a status update in mid-June from HLP Chief Executive Officer Cam Melchiorre. When it is completed, Homeowner Connect’s new version will include automated tools, including asset validation provided by FormFree, that speed the application process. The goal is to make the loan workout process easier and more effective for consumers and servicers. Phase one of this project includes implementing a toll-free nationwide telephone number enabling homeowners to call a nonprofit, HUD-approved counseling organization to assist them, via online chat or telephone. HLP is now working on a agreement with vendors to begin this process. Melchiorre says a new 800 number is the first step in making it easier for people to get help quickly to save their homes from foreclosure. “Our new generation of Homeowner Connect will be a comprehensive portal with increased functionality and options for consumers and servicers,” said Melchiorre. “We want to give people the right amount of help at right time to help them complete their loan package and, ultimately, have more successful workouts.”

Need Help with Fair Housing Issues? CityVision Can Help Are you working with individuals that may have been discriminated against in their efforts to find rental housing? HLP sees an opportunity for HUD-approved counseling organizations to play an important role in helping more consumers better understand fair housing laws. Counselors working with consumers seeking help may want to refer them to CityVision Services, Inc., a national nonprofit that helps people fight housing discrimination. While people may be denied access to rental housing due to race, color or religion, other, less obvious obstacles can occur, too. People with disabilities, military veterans that require service animals and families with children are often unfairly discriminated against. CityVision, based in Arlington, Texas, uses HLP’s technology platform to collect information for fair housing complaints and a case management system to manage all of its cases. CityVision handled approximately 600 fair housing complaints last year and projects new growth in 2017.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of dwellings, and other housingrelated transactions. Common Discriminatory Housing Violations Against Protected Persons Include: 1. D  enying a housing application, dwelling, or evicting a person because of their race or color. 2. Requiring persons to show extra forms of identification to apply for housing, such as green card, passport or social security card. 3.  Asking the nature or severity of a person’s disability, except in very limited circumstances as allowed by law. 4. Denying persons with disabilities reasonable accommodations. 5. Rules which Prohibit Service Animals because of their weight, size, or breed. 6. Refusing to rent to a person who resists the landlord’s sexual advances or to make life difficult for a tenant who has resisted such advances. 7. Administering rules and procedures that unfairly target families with children.

City of Philadelphia on Track to Use HLP Platform by Fall HLP continues to make progress toward its goal of installing its technology platform this fall as part of the city of Philadelphia’s foreclosure mediation program. HLP held meetings in early June with city officials and an advisory group for the Philadelphia Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program to answer questions about how its technology will speed the mediation process. The Philadelphia Division of Housing and Community Development has issued notices to its users that, beginning in 2017’s third quarter, all data and documents required by the foreclosure mediation program will be available and stored on HLP’s technology platform. All parties are on track to begin using HLP’s platform to meet this requirement. Thousands of homeowners in the city of Philadelphia participate annually in the foreclosure mediation process. All mortgage foreclosures are automatically scheduled for a conciliation conference where the lenders’ attorneys and the borrowers and their housing counselors meet face-to-face to discuss potential work-out options to resolve the mortgage delinquency.

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• Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac and most of its 13 Borrower Help Centers are beginning to reap major benefits from HLP’s new case management system, ranging from less time to produce reports to more accurate, real-time data. The RXOffice software also automatically generates

reports and provides the organizations with dashboards to measure various activities. • Fair Housing. CityVision Services, Inc., a national nonprofit in Arlington, Texas, is using HLP’s technology platform to collect information for fair housing complaints and a case management system to manage all of its cases.

HLP wants you to know about six facts, figures and upcoming events:


 ome prices are climbing more than twice as fast as H earnings, making the American Dream of homeownership out of reach for many first-time buyers. Buying a home is now unaffordable in more than half of the nation’s biggest markets.


Overall mortgage delinquency rates are at a position lower than what they have been in over 10 years and early-stage delinquencies are at a 17-year low thanks to stringent post-crisis underwriting standards as well as better fundamentals.





 endingTree has added property valuation data to its L My LendingTree site, showing consumers how much equity in their home they can tap.


 ortgage applications for new home purchases increased M by 4 percent from April and by 15 percent from a year ago, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported this morning.


 he Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate to the T 1% to 1.25% range and offered details on how it plans to start selling the $4 trillion worth of bonds it bought under its quantitative-easing policy.


 lmost half of homebuyers were unable to answer A questions about key mortgage qualification criteria and consumers are in agreement that homeownership education is helpful and should occur earlier in the process.

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HLP News — June 2017  

News and updates from HLP. This month’s issue features stories on how IndiSoft’s expertise is helping to propel expansion, CitiVision is add...

HLP News — June 2017  

News and updates from HLP. This month’s issue features stories on how IndiSoft’s expertise is helping to propel expansion, CitiVision is add...