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A Decade of Service As we enter 2019, HLP is proud to celebrate a decade of helping people achieve and sustain homeownership. When we were created in 2009, our task was clear: find a better way to serve homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Under the leadership of HLP co-founder Faith Schwartz, a collaboration of mortgage companies, counseling organizations and government agencies did just that. Using a new web portal, homeowners could apply online directly to their mortgage servicer for an alternative to foreclosure. It worked, and our platform has helped more than 625,000 families facing the loss of their home. What remains from those early experiences is the realization that better, sustainable solutions required transparency and collaboration that didn’t previously exist. Technology could enable these conversations and a neutral organization could bring all the stakeholders together in a way that produced better results for homeowners. We have taken these lessons and built them into all phases of our work and platforms. You’ll see these threads throughout the stories we share in this year’s Annual Report. Ten years later, we’ve built a lasting solution for a wide range of housing issues, offering a set of tools and services to meet the needs of the full mortgage cycle. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of so many people. We owe a debt of gratitude to Board members, HLP staff, government leaders, nonprofit housing counselors, bankers, servicers, advocates, foundations, technology partners, and many others who selflessly contributed their time, talent and resources to make this possible. We thank you and hope you take equal pride in the difference made in the lives of families and communities across the nation through our collective work. A decade ago we were founded to solve a crisis. Today, our expanded role has ensured our unique position in unifying the housing industry. We look forward to working with you as we continue to help homeowners succeed while providing technology solutions that produce measurably better results and regulatory compliance for our stakeholders. Sincerely, Mark Cole Chief Executive Officer

From a Start Up to a Go To Hope LoanPort began in 2009 as a solution to help homeowners and the mortgage industry facing the foreclosure crisis. In the past ten years, our organization has expanded its reach to serve an even wider range of stakeholders and has become the “go to” technology platform for all players involved in the mortgage industry. 2009



First Case Direct Access 501(c)(3) IRS recognizes HLP as a tax-exempt nonprofit entity

HLP allows homeowners to submit workout packages directly to servicer and connect with a counselor

New CEO HLP co-founder, Camillo Melchiorre, named President

EHLP HLP Selected by HUD and NeighborWorks as the required technology platform for the EHLP program

it Fa



The five largest mortgage servicers agree to provide $26 billion in relief to distressed homeowners in the National Mortgage Settlement—HLP named in Sec. IV.E.3 of agreement as a model to be emulated, if not used, for consumers and counselors

BOA Integration

From 2010-2011, HLP enlisted 19 of the top 20 servicers, servicing more than 80% of the residential mortgages in the US



National Recognition

After months of planning, working and programming, the first case is submitted in December

Sw a


From 2012-2013, Bank of America fully integrated HLP with their loan servicing system including a channel for all third parties to submit packages

Home Affordable HLP selected by US Treasury Department and NeighborWorks as required technology platform to use for housing counselors to be paid for loss mitigation counseling and document collection

“As one of the HLP founders, I’m proud of the organization’s accomplishments and its vision for the future. To date HLP has helped more than 700,000 people seeking to become or working to remain homeowners.”

Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.




Mediation Help

The Guru is Here

Launch of multi-stakeholder case to solve document and communications problems associated with forclosure mediation

HLP builds HLP.Guru, a tool to help declined applicants overcome qualification barriers and/or post-modification borrowers recover via online services and on-demand counselors

Fannie Mae Created an investor portal for Fannie Mae Advocacy Group, replacing Home Counselor Online to better manage Mortgage Help Network counseling agencies and case submissions

Wells Fargo Begins an enterprise integration to become the preferred channel for consumers’ authorized parties and housing counseling agencies fee-for-service work with borrowers

Freddie Mac HLP creates a dashboard to aggregate data from Borrower Help Centers, offering insights on activity and performance of nonprofit housing counselors


Fair Housing HLP begins an intake and case management system for the collection, processing and resolution of fair housing complaints

Pennsylvania HFA Platform Began implementation of a comprehensive platform to manage full-cycle lending and servicing that leverages 77 nonprofit housing counseling agencies—platform includes a CMS for counselors, servicing portal, affiliate management tools, mediation portal and HLPGuru to share information and interact with stakeholders

Soldier On HLP becomes part of comprehensive program to turn REO properties into affordable, sustainable homes for veterans

Loan Help Disaster Assistance HLP builds an easy way for borrowers to connect with servicers to create a permanent record, share updated contact information and explain how property and/or ability to make mortgage payments is impacted

Ditech Reaches Out HLP deliveres a customized outreach program to Ditech borrowers to help them meet the requirements of FHFA’s principal reduction program.


HOC 2.0 Debuted a new, homeowner-driven site with on-demand access to trusted experts and a mobile app

Using a grant from Finance of America Foundation, HLP built a next-generation platform to engage a broad range of stakeholders —helping to make eligibility of individual homeowners easier to determine

Nevada’s Choice Selected by the State of Nevada–Home Means Nevada program to develop a multi-stakeholder platform to support mediation for homeowners in process of judicial foreclosure

Florida’s Choice Selected by Florida Bankruptcy Courts and Foreclosure Diversion Court of Philadelphia to standardize processes and improve collaboration between parties seeking alternatives to foreclosure

Cole Takes Over Mark Cole named as HLP President and CEO

2018 HLP Annual Report


families and individuals working to achieve homeownership by accessing services provided by HLP partners

first-time homeowners received post-purchase support during the first year of homeownership

reduction in loan defaults and delinquencies for first-time homeowners

average increase in credit scores from individuals using to prepare for homeownership

of declined applicants became mortgage-ready after following advice from our mobile app—


Helping People Achieve Homeownership Rarely has it been more difficult for so many Americans to achieve homeownership. With a lack of affordable housing in many major cities and home prices continuing to rise nationwide, millions of potential first-time homeowners are struggling to find a way to qualify for a mortgage loan and afford their first home. This problem is facing a wide swath of Americans. Many millennials are forming households and want to purchase homes. And low- and moderate-income families want to buy homes where they can raise families in a stable neighborhood, send their children to good schools and be part of a community. So how can these potential homeowners accomplish their goals? HLP is working on a variety of solutions to help solve this issue. In the next few pages, we feature specific individuals and organizations and highlight how our work together is making a difference. These groups and their solutions include: • HUD-Approved Counseling Agencies, which are helping first-time homeowners learn how to prepare for, qualify, and buy their homes; • Lease-to-Purchase companies that help provide a creative path to homeownership; • Prepurchase counseling and post-purchase support programs that are increasing the number of successful low- and moderate-income homeowners; • Our new “Homes for Veterans” program and other initiatives that help military veterans secure homeownership; • And a new media outlet for reaching and educating potential and current homeowners.

achieving homeownership

Counselors Drive New Homeowner Success Integrating Trusted Advisors for Timely, Objective Advice Michelle Jones, MMI chief development officer, knows that new homeowners will succeed if they get help from a trusted advisor. That’s why HLP has teamed up with counselors from MMI, one of the nation’s largest HUD-approved counseling organizations, to provide financial education for many first-time homeowners. Counselors worked with thousands of new homeowners in 2018 to help them develop a monthly budget and track







spending on all expenses so the mortgage gets paid each month. “Our goal is to help them build a solid, actionable financial plan that improves long-term financial capability and reduces the likelihood of future default,” says MMI’s Jones. “By regularly engaging with our counselors, homeowners will be supported as they develop and implement their financial plan. It will produce more financially confident borrowers and have a lasting positive impact on the community.” MMI is also helping new first-time homeowners thrive during their first year of homeownership. As part of a program with CBC Mortgage’s Chenoa Fund, counselors communicate monthly with these new homeowners online and with telephone calls. CBC Mortgage regularly surveys its new homeowners and found that the sessions made a significant difference in helping its customers make mortgage payments on time and successfully navigate the realities of homeownership. HLP and MMI are also teaming up to assist new and prospective homeowners that are military veterans, as well as those seeking a path to homeownership through lease-to-own programs. This shared vision of creatively engaging and serving low- and moderate-income households will help create a new generation of families successfully realizing the American dream of homeownership.


Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.

HLPGuru Turns Dashed Dreams Into New Homes Building a Pipeline for New Mortgage Loans To help people qualify for mortgage loans and build a recovery pipeline, lenders are now using—HLP’s mobile app—by offering it free to people that have been declined for a mortgage loan. During 2018, Ditech and Finance of America reviewed their list of declined applicants and enrolled a select number into, paying the monthly subscription for each person. And their investment is paying off. Within six months of enrollment, the average credit score for each person rose by more than 30 points and 27 percent of declined applicants became mortgage-ready. “The app is an important part of our education and borrower outreach programs,” says Mark Cole, HLP’s chief executive officer. “More and more lenders are seeing its benefits and using it to help people qualify for a mortgage loan who otherwise may not be able to buy a home.” connects a tech-savvy generation of consumers with advanced analytics about their credit score, borrowing capacity, and other critical financial information. Using computer models, it simulates how much money a person can borrow for a loan and how higher credit scores can improve their ability to borrow. Each prospective homeowner has access to our “gurus”—HUD-approved housing counselors—who answer questions, offer advice and help them implement their action plan. Individuals can access from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. In addition to helping convert declined applicants into potential customers, lenders gain insight into borrower readiness and reduce their compliance risk from the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Learn more at

2018 HLP Annual Report


achieving homeownership

Lease-to-Own Offers Path to Homeownership Incorporating Prepurchase and Post-Purchase Support When affordable housing became, well, not affordable, Darryl Lewis got creative. His company, Trio Residential, is now one of the nation’s largest lease-to-own companies, enabling people to lease a home, qualify for a mortgage loan, and purchase it. “Our customers are primarily first-time homebuyers—those that are newly employed, recovering from the loss of a home or those experiencing a




Le w is

major life change, such as relocation, medical challenges or divorce,” Lewis says. To qualify for Trio’s program, people must have a credit score of at least 580, and a monthly household income of $3,600. Their monthly lease payment cannot exceed one-third of their income. To help them succeed, Lewis turned to HLP to oversee a financial coaching and education program during the lease period and first year of homeownership., a HUD-approved nonprofit agency, provides the coaching and support. Prospective homeowners also have access to, HLP’s app to improve their credit score, borrowing capacity, and address other qualification barriers. HLP works with participants for 36 months, helping them learn to meet their monthly lease payments on time, properly maintain their home, and then successfully transition into homeownership. When a person is ready to buy, a nonprofit housing coach meets with the family to determine if they are financially able to buy and sustain homeownership. A counselor determines if the prospective homeowner’s credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and finances meet the requirements needed to qualify for a mortgage loan. If they aren’t ready yet, an action plan is created to address any gaps or resolve problems. Learn more at

“Our customers are primarily first-time homebuyers— newly employed, recovering from the loss of a home or experiencing a major life change.” 8

Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.

Post-Purchase Support Cuts Delinquencies Ensuring New Homeowners Succeed CBC Mortgage Chief Executive Officer Richard Ferguson credits HLP for reducing loan defaults and delinquencies by 30 percent for its first-time homeowners. The reason: HLP’s prepurchase counseling and post-purchase support program. CBCMA’s mission is to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership, specifically for credit-worthy low- and moderate-income individuals. As a HUD-approved government lender and owned by the Cedar Bank of Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, it operates the Chenoa Fund, a down payment assistance secondary financing program. Intent on helping its new homeowners succeed, Ferguson engaged HLP to develop a strategy to make certain its program addressed a long-ignored industry problem—how to help homeowners successfully navigate their first year of homeownership. More than 8,000 homeowners have worked closely with a HUD-certified housing counselor to build a financial plan, and thousands more will participate in the program in 2019. Each borrower receives monthly contact through a combination of calls, emails, and texts from the counselor. Topics cover practical areas, such as paying the mortgage on time, managing debt, and maintaining their home. Regular contact from counselors builds rapport and allows problems to be identified and resolved early. The new homeowners are surveyed twice annually about the program and get access to a website with additional tips and information. “We learned that when a borrower gets in trouble, they hide,” said Ferguson. “HLP and its partners give them objective neutral advice that they can use to make their mortgage payments and become successful homeowners. Learn more at

Fe r



“HLP and its partners give our clients objective neutral advice they can use to become successful homeowners.” Ri c h



2018 HLP Annual Report


achieving homeownership

Helping Veterans Achieve Homeownership Working to End Homelessness for All Who Served Helping our nation’s heroes gain access to safe, secure, and sustainable housing— that’s the goal of a new partnership forged in 2018 between HLP and Solider On. Based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and founded in 1994, Soldier On is a nonprofit organization committed to ending homelessness for military veterans. “There is a compelling need to collaborate because a sizeable number of veterBr



ans face daunting challenges related to homeownership due to financial, physical Bu

ck l e y

and emotional issues,” said Bruce Buckley, Soldier On’s chief executive officer. Here are the program’s key initiatives: • Veterans Homeownership Center. A national hotline (888.288.3184) and program website ( connect veterans with counselors who can help. Veterans can work with counselors from HUD-approved counseling agencies to develop a financial plan to buy or keep their home. • Homes for Veterans. Mortgage servicers and investors are donating foreclosed homes while suppliers and contractors renovate them to match homes in the neighborhood and specific-veteran needs. Veterans receive 36 months of assistance to ensure they are financially prepared for homeownership. • Credit Education through and Credit Smart. Veterans can use, a new tool that connects veterans with information and analytics about their credit score, borrowing capacity and other critical information. They will also have access to CreditSmart,® Freddie Mac’s multilingual financial education curriculum. • Fair Housing Education. HLP and Soldier On are two of five nonprofit organizations working to help potential victims of fair housing discrimination. This collaborative will provide 3,167 hours of fair housing education to 14,000 potential discrimination victims and to the non-profit housing counseling and advocacy groups that serve them. Learn more at

10 Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.

A Channel for Educating Homeowners Providing Objective Information and Resources about Homeownership Looking to help people trying to buy their first home or keep their existing home, HLP teamed up with in 2018 to provide valuable information to help achieve those goals. Created by Sean Stockell, a former mortgage and community banking executive with more than 31 years of experience, provides blogs, videos, and other information for prospective and current homeowners. A dedicated team researches and publishes comprehensive information that helps people who are buying, building, or remodeling their homes. These informative publications also assist folks who simply desire become more knowledgeable as homeowners. HLP chief executive officer Mark Cole is among several professionals from across the US that provide people with information to help them buy their first home or keep their existing home. He writes a monthly guest column focusing on the needs of homeowners in financial distress or those with scant financial resources seeking to buy their first home. Topics for his guest columns have included: How to Save a Home from Foreclosure; How to Get Immediate Help Following a Natural Disaster and How First-Time Homeowners Can Lease a Home as a Way to Buy one. The website’s traffic is projected to reach 500,000 monthly visits in 2019’s first quarter. The most popular topics to date are home décor, home design, automation/technology, home products, home warranty, home security and home loans. Many visitors also use its mortgage calculator and budget worksheet. Learn more at


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“Homeowners need objective advice and access to information about products, trends and resources from industry leaders” n S ea

o St

2018 HLP Annual Report


aided by HLP seeking to avoid foreclosure since our founding

estimated value of residential real estate impacted through HLP’s work

of applications started in 2018 in were successfully submitted to a mortgage servicer

consumers using chat counselors are twice as likely to complete and submit a loan modification application

received a forbearance faster using HomeownerConnect to report disaster-related problems


Helping People Keep Their Homes HLP—known then as Hope LoanPort—was founded 10 years ago to help solve the nation’s foreclosure crisis. By developing a web portal where homeowners could apply for a loan modification or other solution, HLP quickly became a one-stop technology solution to ensure that critical documents from homeowners desperately trying to keep their homes reached mortgage companies. It also unified the housing industry by giving mortgage companies, attorneys, and nonprofit HUD-approved counseling agencies a way to work together for the common good. Despite today’s booming economy and record low unemployment, we are still here to help. Some homeowners will suffer a financial setback and have trouble paying their mortgage. People fall behind on their mortgage payment for a variety of reasons, but the primary ones are loss of a job, divorce, and unexpected major expenses, such as major medical bills. Almost any homeowner that falls behind on their monthly mortgage payments faces the possibility of foreclosure. HLP continues to collaborate with other organizations to make certain distressed homeowners get the help they need to sustain homeownership. In addition, we are bringing mobile apps and other new technology closer to consumers, enabling them to reach out to their servicer with the touch of a few buttons to communicate their needs. In the next few pages, we focus on several solutions, which include the following: • Free online or phone access to HUD-approved counselors for homeowners facing financial distress; • Providing a self-service option online through our website and mobile app; • Streamlining the foreclosure and bankruptcy mediation process, which gives homeowners a greater opportunity to keep their homes; • Making it simple and fast to request help following a natural disaster; • Giving financially-distressed homeowners a tool to find and connect with resources and aid programs.

sustaining homeownership

On-Demand Counselors Enrich Experience Chatting Reduces Stress, Dramatically Improves Outcomes When financial distress or a natural disaster strike a family, they are often fearful of losing their home. It can be frustrating to navigate the confusing process of finding the right assistance and successfully applying to receive it. Fortunately, new help is available for homeowners. On-demand, nonprofit housing counselors have been integrated into HLP’s core platforms via online chat and toll-free calling. Combining’s chat help with HLP’s technology is a unique service model for both homeowners and the mortgage industry. As one of the nation’s largest HUD-approved nonprofit counseling agencies,’s counselors are adept at helping distressed homeowners using one of HLP’s portals, such as, MyLoanHelp, or Luis Carrillo,’s Director of Program Services, notes, “This work fits perfectly in our mission to improve the lives and financial well-being of families by providing quality financial education and coaching. We are proud to partner with HLP to serve families across the nation.” And it’s clear this model is working. Whether talking to a family that was declined for a loan, searching for resources, or applying for aid, homeowners are engaging with chat counselors to find fast, meaningful help throughout the process. Engagement rates are high, with 53 percent of site visitors chatting prior to submitting a request for assistance. In turn, nearly 60 percent of people using our online portal submitted a request for assistance, which is triple the industry average. And 94 percent rate the chat experience favorably. The partnership with is part of HLP’s strategy to provide “best in class” services to homeowners, particularly as more people seek help online to avoid foreclosure or other financial hardships.


“By adding HUD-approved counselors to our technology, we have created a special value proposition for everyone.”




ll o

14 Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.

A Legacy of Saving Homes Evolving Options for Sustaining Homeownership Since launching its new Homeowner Connect platform and mobile app in 2018, HLP is helping more homeowners in financial distress get immediate help. Combining HLP’s technology with the ability for a homeowner to speak or chat online with a nonprofit counselor, HLP’s successful case submissions are nearly triple the industry average. Since introducing the Homeowner Connect mobile app, which allows consumers to upload documents and photos of property damage to their mortgage servicer, HLP has achieved the following: • 58 percent of consumers successfully submitted a case via Homeowner Connect (industry average is 20 percent); • 53 percent of borrowers called or engaged in an online chat with a counselor before submitting their case; • 45 percent submitting a successful case completed the registration and submitted all documents within three days of coming to Homeowner Connect; • 74 percent of all successful cases occurred within 15 days of the date the case was initiated. HLP makes it easy by providing a turnkey solution for servicers that include a dedicated URL for each servicer and configurable document sets for each investor. Some servicers place a link to the Homeowner Connect site and the app download on their home page, making it easier for customers to access it. Learn more at

2018 HLP Annual Report


sustaining homeownership

Improving Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Mediation Making Government Run More Efficiently HLP cemented its position in 2018 as a leader in state-of-the-art foreclosure and bankruptcy mediation portals by winning major approvals and contracts in Nevada, Florida and the City of Philadelphia. In Nevada, HLP’s mediation portal is making it easier for homeowners to engage in mediation once they receive a foreclosure notice. It enables homeowners to exchange data and documents with servicers and other parties before the conference to help find a quick solution. The portal is also saving money for the state and mortgage servicers. If a homeowner doesn’t opt for mediation within 30 days of a default notice, the servicer can file an electronic request for a certificate to foreclose on the home. The certificate is sent electronically, saving up to $750 for loan servicers for each mediation certificate. In the eastern US, Philadelphia’s Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program began using HLP’s portal in 2018 to resolve mortgage delinquencies more quickly and for less cost. By replacing a system that relied on several manual processes, communications between all parties have improved, accelerating the process to find a sustainable solution for each homeowner choosing mediation. In the Southeast, the US Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District of Florida began using HLP’s portal in 2018, giving mortgage servicers and debtor attorneys a new option to speed up the processing of thousands of bankruptcy cases. The district, which includes Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville, has the third highest caseload of the US Bankruptcy Court’s 90 districts, with approximately 24,000 new cases filed in 2018. The portal provides complete transparency and security while building a permanent audit trail since none of the documents, messages, and case notes entered into the system can be deleted.

16 Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.

Pennsylvania Housing Agency’s New Standard Increasing Counselor Effectiveness Since implementing HLP’s Case Management System (CMS) in early 2018, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) is operating more efficiently. One of the biggest improvements is how it manages all 77 HUD-approved housing counseling agencies under its jurisdiction. PHFA provides affordable homeownership and rental apartment options for senior adults, low- and moderate-income families, and people with special housing needs. It works with counseling agencies responsible for filing approximately 20,000 cases annually about a variety of housing issues, including foreclosure prevention, rental assistance, and reverse mortgages. In the past, counseling agencies were using five different systems to submit their data. Using HLP’s single, unified platform, counselors now spend less time entering data and more time helping clients. Counseling agency managers use pre-built reports to better track time, counseling outcomes, and other metrics to help improve productivity and efficiency. While the system streamlines PHFA’s workflow, an affiliate management portal allows it to better manage its counseling agencies. Data about each agency’s performance is monitored, as well as information about their compliance requirements and other needs. PHFA administrators can easily coordinate all activities with each agency in one portal. Because all documents about each counseling agency are uploaded into the portal, PHFA can also be more proactive in its relationships. For example, PFHA can use the portal to review records and notify a counseling agency if it’s certification for compliance is about to expire or if it’s run into other regulatory issues.

After Disaster Strikes, We’re Here to Help Fast, Simple Tool Aids Homeowner Recovery Ever since Hurricanes Harvey and Irma wrecked homes for tens of thousands in 2017, servicers have directed thousands of distressed homeowners to file disaster assistance requests through HLP’s website. In 2018, HLP was there to help people affected by the California wildfires, as well as Hurricanes Florence and Michael on the East Coast. Our objective is to help homeowners receive help as quickly as possible by making it easier to contact their mortgage servicer. Using our site, homeowners don’t need to worry about finding the right emergency telephone numbers or having calls go unanswered if a disaster strikes over a weekend. Once a homeowner submits a request for help, HLP safely and securely sends the information to their mortgage servicer. Because people can update their contact information and request assistance in less than five minutes, 85 percent of homeowners with property damage have received a forbearance much quicker than in the past. US Bank is directing its mortgage customers to for any inquiries regarding loan modifications and other requests for assistance. HLP helps US Bank improve the customer experience while also helping the bank significantly reduce its costs. In addition, once a Disaster Assistance case has been filed, information in HLP’s database can be used for any additional requests without starting a new case. “It’s helping servicers build loyalty with their customers by providing them with simpler processes and superior customer service,” says HLP chief executive officer Mark Cole. Learn more at

MyLoanHelp Tackles Financial Distress Find and Connect with Resources and Aid Programs Seeking to connect distressed homeowners facing foreclosure and other financial problems with the assistance they need to keep their homes, the Finance of America Foundation and HLP have launched a new national platform, Funded by a grant from the Finance of America Foundation, is free for consumers, government agencies, nonprofit counselors, and the mortgage industry. It is a central source of information about aid programs nationwide, including state and federal government programs and private charitable resources. Individuals can apply for many of these programs via HLP’s secure, online channel. The platform is available in both English and Spanish and It offers free, on-demand chat services with nonprofit HUD-approved housing counselors. “In working with HLP to build a comprehensive database and a secure way to apply for help, we hope to empower individuals facing hardship with the tools and resources they need to help them keep their homes,” said Sara Sefcovic, who served as president of the Finance of America Foundation in 2018. “After several months of development and beta testing among a group of key stakeholders from across several sectors and industries including government, Boomer advocacy, servicing and emergency management, we are thrilled to see MyLoanHelp come to life.” MyLoanHelp also features a program management tool that enables the largest commercial banks, mortgage servicing companies, government agencies, private, local resources and nonprofit counselors to exchange data and documents with homeowners seeking loan modifications and other assistance. Program managers are able to keep their program information updated, add or remove programs and customize program eligibility requirements all from a simple interface. Learn more at

co v ic

“We hope to empower individuals facing hardship with the tools and resources needed to help them keep their homes.” S ara


2018 HLP Annual Report



A Robust, Secure Environment The protection of our customers’ data continues to be HLP’s top priority—just as it has been since our founding 10 years ago. Our platform applications and data are hosted in an enterprise-class environment with the highest levels of availability, recovery, security, and responsiveness. This environment meets all key industry certifications and undergoes regular onsite and remote Lo

audits, plus performance monitoring and penetration testing.





“We maintain bank-level security in our systems, make certain all drives are encrypted with the most secure standards and regularly test our disaster recovery operation,” said Louann Bernstone, HLP’s Senior Vice President for Risk, Governance and Compliance. Compliance As an approved technology provider for the nation’s largest financial institutions, HLP undergoes regular reviews to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. We must also meet regulations established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Permanent Audit Trail HLP has not lost a single document, message or piece of data submitted through its system and stores more than two million documents, enabling any party to have a complete record of each case.

Reliability The technology platform is fully redundant, giving HLP the capability to provide uninterrupted service and making the portal available to our clients nearly 100 percent of the time.

20 Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.

HLP’s Advantage–Our Technology Partners Technology is a critical part of our ability to deliver on our mission. These three organizations bring unique capabilities that ensure HLP’s systems and tools meet the needs of all of our stakeholders. IndiSoft has been a key strategic partner since the inception of our organization. dka


Established in 2005 and led by Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, IndiSoft is a software develiw a

opment company that develops, licenses, and supports a Software-as-a-Service model for default servicing in the financial services industry. Its RxOffice system powers our Hope LoanPort, MyLoanHelp, Affiliate Management, Mediation, and




Homeowner Connect platforms. Without IndiSoft’s vision, technical expertise, and commitment, HLP would not have been able to achieve its mission. CE Analytics, a privately held firm headquartered in Dallas, built the platform technology for Led by Chief Executive Officer Ed DeShields, CE designs, builds, licenses, and hosts its credit simulation solutions for a variety of businesses. Its unique apps can help eliminate the ambiguity in raw credit among the first companies to offer a proprietary consumer credit score “free” to



data and speed credit qualification. Known for their innovation, CE Analytics was Ed D e S h

i el

consumers and to use computational modeling technology to show how behavior affects credit by giving access to the credit model itself. manages HLP’s technical infrastructure, making us available to our clients 24/7. Under the leadership of CEO Joel Daly, provides 2,000+ global customers with always-on compliant cloud solutions that empower them to grow, innovate, and reduce risk. owns and operates six strategically located data centers under an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC (formerly SAS 70)

J o e l Dal y

frameworks and their cloud-enabled solutions are consistently included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

2018 HLP Annual Report


Practicing Fiscal Stewardship Our leadership team and board of directors work together to ensure we provide the highest quality services to as many stakeholders as possible, while maintaining long-term fiscal stability. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we take very seriously our responsibility for using our contributed and earned revenues efficiently. In 2018, 85 percent of expenses were dedicated to program services.



22 Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.


Our Financial Supporters During our first ten years of service, we have been fortunate to have the support of a broad range of financial supporters and customers, which include: Bank of America


Bayview Loan Servicing

LoanCare Servicing

Caliber Home Loans

M&T Bank

Carrington Mortgage Services


CBC Mortgage, Chenoa Fund

NeighborWorks America

CE Analytics


Chase Home Finance

Ocwen Loan Servicing


Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority

Citi Mortgage


CityVision Services

City of Philadelphia DHCD

Ditech Financial

PNC Mortgage

Fannie Mae


Finance of America

Residential Credit Solutions

Finance of America Foundation

Select Portfolio Servicing

Financial Services Roundtable


First American

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

Freddie Mac

Soldier On

Home Means Nevada

SunTrust Mortgage


—State of Nevada

Hope Now


US Bank

HSBC Finance

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Wells Fargo Housing Foundation

2018 HLP Annual Report


Our Leadership 2018 Board of Directors

HLP Management

Larry Gilmore, CMB, AMP Principal, Managing Director ClearBlu Capital Group

President, Chief Executive Officer

Mark Cole

Louann Bernstone Ramesh Lokre President Saicon Consultants

Senior Vice President, Risk, Governance & Compliance

Alex Kolodner Mark Cole President, Chief Executive Officer HLP

Director, Operations

Jon Ballard Director, Business Development

Scott Scredon Director, Marketing & Public Relations

Randy Davis Director, Creative Services

24 Neutral. Collaborative. Transparent.

Profile for Hope LoanPort

HLP 2018 Annual Report  

A comprehensive review of HLP initatives, programs and accomplishments in 2018.

HLP 2018 Annual Report  

A comprehensive review of HLP initatives, programs and accomplishments in 2018.