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NINA PAk Fine Art Collection Special Thanks to:

Butterfly mask: Model: Demarie Brumfield Make Up by Kandy Face Russian Romantics: Clothing Designer Temna Fialka Make Up by Aphrodite Make Up Art Models: Anisa (dark hair big earrings) Kamilla (blond, red dress) Melice (dark hair blue make up) Jewelry By Beth Church: Model: Vivian Valentine Make Up by Sarah Garrett Hair by Girard DeMuro Clothing Designer: Art of Adornment (red coat shots) Model: La Avery Make up and hair by Kat of Nightshade Beauty Cover Images: Model: Nujen From a shoot for Jewelry designer Jocelyn Harris Make Up by Waheeda Malik Hair by Nina Pak Model: Lanna Barrones Clothing and hat designer: Cheri A. Ellis Make Up: Nikki Reign of Studio Facade Hair: Monique Wilson Working images: (W_Leala, W_Natasha, W_Victoria) Also from as shoot for the designer Temna Fialka Models and stylists: Leala Selina, Stylist: Lauren Marler Thomas Victoria Street, Stylist: Lydia Yapp Natasha, Stylist: Kristina Capati


I want to personally thank everyone who have supported my photo shoots! You have been professional and inspiring.

Nina Pak










NINA PAK Majored in Print making and painting at Evergreen State. Traveled and lived in Europe and Asia in her youth. Curator for the Glendale Arts Council for many years, design editor for AustralAsia magazine in Moscow Russia. Nina is a published creative photographer. Now working primarily with digital, she does experiment with Alt process printing and mixed media on occasion. Her focus in recent years has been portraiture and fashion as well as some editorial work. Occasionally taking projects for design & layout, and compact disc packaging, doing stills for Indie films, and working with models or actors to build their portfolios, and doing Look-Books for designers.


I am a contemporary fine artist first, my years of work as a painter and designer is reflected in my photography. The post production work on these images involves the layering of textures which give the photographs a feeling of depth, age and character. It is the unexpected discoveries that inspire me, I do not try to control the course of events, I do not plan the shoot, I look for what is there and hope or rather expect to find something special in my muse. I look for elements of the unusual, the mysterious, and the sensual. I like dramatic, but I tend to find the subtle beauty in my models. I want to be more edgy, surreal... but I find that most often my work is dreamy, with a pre-Raphaelite tone to it.

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Nina Pak Fine Art Collection IIII