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Summer 2014



Girls of Summer

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer

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SPECIAL SUMMER EDITION Professional Spotlight

8 Wine: What everyone pretends to know


Exclusive Interview with Jordan Laine Waldron


Special Thanks: Triosh O’Neill & Mary O’Neill Cowgirlz Photographers: Dave Storton Ryan Lazalier Andrea Michelle Cassandra Goddard


Hair: Sugar Shayn Shayn Guenther

Karina in Vogue TV

Make-up: Tiffanny Mendoza

4 Ways to get a bikini body


Designer: Lena Trotsko

38 Ways to Start a Summer Romance

40 How to Survive as an Introvert on a FamilyVacation

46 The Secrets to Being Sexy


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Don’t Let The Girlie Name Fool You!

The Feminine Form Gregg Hartley

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Girls of Summer

Professional Spotlight






Andrea michelle



Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer

Girls of Summer Cover Model Winner

Jordan Laine Waldron

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer

Lynne Waldron

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer

Ways to start a

Summer Romance

There are countless ways to initiate a summer romance. Some relationships are unplanned and appear unexpectedly, while others begin after hopeful contemplation and preparation. When anticipating finding a new love, make sure you are in the right place at the right time. If you already have your eye on someone, it can be useful to make it known that you are available. In addition, making an effort to spend time in his or her company can give a relationship a chance to develop.

Where to meet

Summer romances can begin after a chance meeting in a park, while walking on the beach, or drinking coffee in a sidewalk cafĂŠ on a sunny afternoon. However, you can be sure they cannot emerge if potential lovers sit at home twiddling their thumbs and daydreaming. To be able to meet someone special, you need to make yourself available. Spend time in places where people gather during the summer for enjoyment. Places such as the beach, where they sunbathe and intend to spend hours, are a good choice.

Adopt the right attitude

Be friendly and smile at strangers. Show that you are open to meeting new people and be approachable. Do not be afraid to make light conversation, if the time seems right and it feels natural to do so. Even if you make small talk with people you do not immediately feel a connection with, it could lead to an introduction to someone you‘d like to meet.

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer

Be yourself Do not try too hard, as you will come across as being unnatural and odd. Instead, relax and be yourself. This way, you are more likely to attract someone with whom you share an affinity. Refrain from using cheesy chat-up lines, or making a big effort to create a good impression. The right person for you will like you as you are. When you have someone in mind

If you already feel attracted to someone in your social circle, and want to get to know them better, attend events where you suspect they will be. You can also invite them to parties, along with mutual friends, and orchestrate more opportunities to become better acquainted with them. Once you find yourself at the same event as them, be friendly and open. Ask them questions about themselves. At the same time, gain eye contact while smiling, so that they know you are interested. If they feel the same as you, they will indicate their interest by spending more time with you and being friendly. Most summer romances begin naturally and unexpectedly. However, you can increase the probability of engaging in one, by making sure you are in an excellent location to meet someone new, and by showing that you are approachable and affable.

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Girls of Summer

Karina In Vogue TV is an online show featuring fashion trends, makeup tips, hairstyling, and more. Model and journalist Karina La-Kramer is your host, bringing you the latest in the world of couture.

Karina in Vogue TV

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine

Karina in Vogue TV 21

Girls of Summer

Palacio Restaurant

Flavors of Latin The name "palacio," which means mansion or palace in Spanish, is an ode to the beautiful old building. The Victorian Queen Anne building was constructed in 1891 and has housed a restaurant for more than 30 years. Palacio offers an upscale taste of Mexico that meets the highest standards of quality and freshness. Our Executive Chef draws inspiration from both contemporary and traditional styles of Latin America cooking to create unique, distinctive dishes that stand apart from typical Mexican Fare. Enjoy a cocktail at the full bar, featuring extensive tequila and specialty cocktail selections, Our Sommeliar Greg Bardakos will help you select the perfect wine pairing to complemnt your dining experience. Located in the historic Coggeshall Victorian Mansion in Downtown Los Gatos, Palacio truly is an unrivaled sensory experience. Email : Website : www.palaciorestaurant. com 115 N Santa Cruz Ave Los Gatos, CA 95030 Phone :(408) 402-3811

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer

How to Survive as an Introvert on a FamilyVacation

Family vacations provide the opportunity to travel the world and have new experiences with others. Unfortunately, this can provide little time for an introvert to be alone and can be quite draining. This contrasts with the extrovert who energizes through social interactions and thrives on family vacations. Here are four tips to survive as an introvert on a family vacation.

3. Arrange for events that allow for quiet time.

1. Go to bed and wake up early.

Your family loves and cares about you. They may just require a friendly reminder that you will be taking some time to yourself. Let them know that you will be spending tons of time with them and taking necessary steps to ensure your happiness too.

Few people are likely to sleep or wake up early on their vacation. An introvert can take advantage of this and get precious time on their own. Go to bed early with a book and then go for a walk with the sunrise in the morning. Both activities are sure to energize an introvert and allow you to enjoy time with family.

2. Listen to music and podcasts in transit.

Family vacations usually entail traveling from one event to the next. You can avoid socializing en route by listening to your favourite music and podcasts. The focus on one item instead of the myriad of conversations around you ensures that you’ll be primed to take part in the next event upon arrival.

Plan ahead and book a visit to a museum or art gallery. Museums and art galleries tend to insist that patrons are quiet. As there’s several exhibits to see, you may find yourself interacting with only a few of your family members.

4. Be honest with your family.

Often people mistake introverts for being shy or overly quiet. This is often not the case. Introverts merely require some time to themselves to recharge before the next social event. Through these four tips, every introvert will successfully survive the next family vacation.

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Girls of Summer

The Secret to Being Sexy

The Inborn Quality that Leads to Desirability Sexual attraction is a key factor in uniting couples, but what is it that generates the desirable qualities that so many long to possess? Sex appeal can be described as a vibe – the look, sound and general aura of a person. It is a standard mix of visual and auditory signals that initially turns heads and causes hearts to pump erratically. So why is it when those standard signals are emulated by some, the outcome is not always favorable? The truth is, looking and acting “sexy” can only get you so far. The genuine art of exhibiting sex appeal and being incessantly desired by the person you long for all boils down to chemistry. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Have you ever dated someone that you considered to be so attractive, you couldn’t get them out of your mind? And then upon getting to know that person, the obsession quickly deteriorated because you had nothing in common? It’s called infatuation – that passionate feeling that is frequently exaggerated by fantasy, shrouding the not-so-desirable qualities by optimistically filling in the mysterious gaps. The problem with infatuation is, the manufactured set of images and scenarios mask a person’s compatibility factor with the desired individual. Eventually they realize this “perfect” person no longer turns them on – even though they continue to exhibit the same visual and auditory signals that they were initially attracted to. On the flip side, perhaps you’ve met someone whom you didn’t initially find attractive, but with repeated contact, you began to experience deep, emotional feelings towards that person. This is when something greater than the perception of external qualities is involved; it’s when a little thing called chemistry kicks in. The presence of emotional chemistry goes beyond craving a superficial, physical attachment. It is an innate longing to have a deeper connection with the desired individual, for reasons that cannot always be explained.

The thin line between love and hate… Contrary to popular belief, the opposite of love is not hate. As relationships bond and sever, intense emotional feelings can cause these words to be used interchangeably. When we are hurt by someone we love, we may temporarily feel hatred towards that person for causing us pain. In a tumultuous relationship, we may love someone one minute and hate them the next. It’s this lack of stability and irresolute feelings that cause our emotions to flip one way and then the other, fueling the flames of the “love/hate relationship.” Rather than hate, the true opposite of love is indifference. When you are indifferent to someone, you don’t care what they are doing, what they are thinking, or even what they think of you. That person means very little to you emotionally. But when you “hate” someone, it means you harbor strong feelings for that person. Even though the feelings are less than positive, they still weigh heavily on you emotionally. Strong, negative emotions can sometimes disguise a buried feeling of affection for someone who does not reciprocate. Unfortunately, these are the sort of relationships that are the most difficult to let go of. What makes matters worse is the intense focus on hatred can cause an individual to miss out on suitable romantic prospects that they regularly encounter. Sharing is caring… With experience, stereotypical sexual images go by the wayside in favor of something more mysterious and inherent. It’s that knowing look, a shared feeling of excitement and tension, and the abrupt change in the air when that special person is near that induces the feelings we all desire so much. So it’s important not to change who you are if what you are seeking is a long-lasting passionate relationship. Be confident within yourself and allow nature to send out those alluring signals that you already possess. If we look beyond stereotypical images, we have a better chance at finding long-lasting mutual desire and passion. And it is that shared passion for what is under the exterior that is really, truly sexy.

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer


Successful people have all of the same obligations you have. They have just learned to manage their time effectively. .


Three faces of FEAR

by Rob R. Morris

Part three of a three part series on fear. day. They spend all day organizing files, The human brain is the most complex piece of machinery known to man. It can be ingenious at times and self-destructive at others. Our mind is capable of a wide range of emotions to suit a variety of situations. The most prevalent and powerful of these emotions is fear. Fear is unique. Fear has a way of masking itself and hiding within our psyche disguised as something different. No other emotion we face is quite this clever. Love is love and easily recognized, as is hate or indifference. But fear has a unique ability to manifest itself in other ways. I call these the three faces of fear: the busy-bee, the distracted, and the procrastinator. These are not the only faces of fear but often when we are plagued by our fears, they manifest in these ways. They could take on these three faces of fear. So, if these traits seem familiar, ask yourself, are they being motivated by your fears? I have been haunted by all three faces of fear. At some points it was one of these faces, and at other times it was a combination of all three. Which face of fear are you experiencing?

The Busy-bee

The busy-bee is the person who barely has enough time in the day for all they need to accomplish. Yet often when evening comes, they find they have accomplished nothing. Ever felt like that? I know I have. These are the parents who run their kids to schools, then sports, then birthday parties, then home to cook dinner and do homework, and then get the kids ready for bed. By the end of the day, they are exhausted and have no time to work on that business they have always dreamed of launching. Sound familiar? The busy-bee is the person that has so much “office work” that it consumes their entire

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


checking emails, listening to phone messages, filing, and dusting their office space. They spend eight hours “working,” but at the end of the day have not made one phone call to a potential client to increase business. If you are a busy-bee, you are letting your fear control you. You convince yourself that all of these other tasks need to be accomplished, and they consume all of your time. Therefore, you have no additional time to actually be productive. The fear convinces you that you have to be more organized before you can launch your business. You end up making lists of all the things you need to do. You believe you have to get all the systems in place before you can actually start working. None of this is true. You are being controlled by fear. The busy-bee must learn to organize time differently. We all have kids, spouses, sports, and birthday parties. Instead of managing our time effectively, we use these life events as excuses to consume our day. Successful people have all of the same obligations you have. They have just learned to manage their time effectively. Successful people are not busy-bees. They are goal-oriented and driven. Their behaviors directly further their goals. Filing and dusting your office do not further your goals. Making lists and checking emails rarely sparks business growth. Picking up the phone and making a cold call to a potential client is what you need to grow your business. The key is to constantly assess what you are doing. At any given moment, are your behaviors directly furthering your goals or what you need to accomplish, or are they consuming your time and preventing your from doing what you need to do? Reorganize your life and manage your time so you only do things that directly further your goals or dreams. The rest of the tedious stuff can wait.

Girls of Summer

The Distracted

Distracted people consume their days with meaningless tasks that prevent them from accomplishing anything. The distracted person watches an excess amount of television, which is mindless entertainment for our brains. They record the entire season of Teen Mom 2 or Real Housewives and can’t miss an episode. The distracted person spends an inordinate amount of time on social media sites, keeping up with their 500 closest Facebook and Twitter friends. The distracted person has eight Internet browser windows open at one time. That way when they are “working,” they can toggle back and forth between work and social media or shopping sites. How many times a day do you check your email? Why? Is there something so important in there that not immediately receiving it is going to be detrimental to your well-being? Or are you just being distracted? How much time do you spend on your cell phone, texting, calling, and playing Angry Birds? With smart phones, we can now check our emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and browse the web all day long. We surely won’t miss a single thing that takes place anywhere. In truth, it’s all mindless bullshit designed to distract us from accomplishing anything. The distracted person is being controlled by fear. We are afraid to tackle our dreams. We are afraid to accomplish our goals. We sabotage ourselves with mindless entertainment and meaningless behaviors to distract our brains from concentrating on what is important. Are our Facebook “friends” (probably more like acquaintances, really) more important than attaining our goals or accomplishing our dreams? If they are not, why do we pay more attention to them than we do to our dreams or goals? Here’s a challenge for you. Every day for the next five days, document how much time you spend on social media, browsing the web, checking emails, and watching televisions. Add up your daily totals (no cheating, be honest with yourself) for five days. How much do you want to bet that the time spent in hours qualifies as a part-time job? The reality of this is startling. Now, what if you took that time spent and applied it to your goals, your dreams, or launching that business that you convinced yourself you didn’t have time for? How much further along do you think you would be? That’s a harsh dose of reality. Take the

challenge and re-evaluate how you spend your time.

The Procrastinator

Procrastinators never get around to their goals or dreams. They always put them off until another time. The procrastinator will make every excuse in the book why the dream can’t be accomplished. I have done it. With my book, I convinced myself it wasn’t good enough to be a book. I told myself I didn’t want to endure the backlash from family or friends for exposing the details of my life. These all became the excuse as to why I “couldn’t” do it. In the end, I was procrastinating because of my fears. Truth be told, there was no reason not to write the book. In fact I had to write the book. It had always been a dream of mine, and I had to accomplish my dream. I was also scared to death of writing the book, which means I was passionate about it. We fear the things we are passionate about. We have no fears about the things to which we are indifferent. Because I was passionate about it, I had to do it. The only reason we put things off until tomorrow is we are afraid to do them today. We find reasons to put things off. We make excuses. We convince ourselves. Ultimately, we are lying to ourselves. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start doing something. If you have a goal, a dream, or a business to launch—do it. Start it today. Don’t wait until tomorrow. You will quickly realize that tomorrow never comes. There is no perfect time. Nothing is ever perfect. We have a tendency to convince ourselves, “The timing just isn’t right.” That’s bullshit. That’s fear talking. The time to do what you need to do is now, not in the future. Stop procrastinating.

Be in Control

Controlling fear is a learned behavior. It’s not an easy task, but once you learn that your fears are wrong, it’s empowering. You can truly unlock your potential. You will view the world differently after crossing that abyss. You will see your goals and dreams differently. You will see them as attainable. Making the change in your mind is like flipping a light switch to the “on” position. But it doesn’t automatically stay in that position. You will battle and struggle with fears forever. You will have to keep your fears in check. They will creep into your life, and you will struggle to force them back out. That’s the way it works. That is normal.

I face fears all the time. The difference is today I recognize fear as nothing more than an emotion attempting to control my life. I’m better now at controlling that emotional response and suppressing the fear so it doesn’t affect my behavior. That’s the only difference. But make no mistake, it is a constant battle and will be for the rest of my life. The most important thing is to recognize your fears and subsequent behaviors immediately. That way you can change the behavior and get back on track. Once you have learned to control your fears, this constant battle will be much easier. It’s not that successful people don’t have these battles, because they certainly do. Successful people are better at quickly recognizing these fears and immediately making corrections and getting back on track. Plain and simple, successful people control their responses to fear better than people who are not successful. This is the true difference between people who are successful and those who are not. Fear is an emotion we can control. We have to see fear for what it is and see how it affects our daily lives. Once we begin to connect those dots, we are well on our way to controlling fear. The next step is to take action. As Nike says, “Just do it.” Set a goal, create a vision of what you need to accomplish, and do it. There are no good excuses. Excuses are our fears talking. When you accomplish whatever you set out to do, you will see this. You will realize that all your excuses were bullshit. All of my excuses were. I have yet to sit back and say to myself, “Damn, my fears were right, I shouldn’t have done that.” In fact, it’s always the opposite. I now laugh at myself for allowing my fears to have a voice at all. I’m a firm believer in the concept that sometimes you might be the teacher, but you are always a student. Last year I faced my fears and published my book. This year I am taking on the challenge of motivational speaking as well as working on my second book. I have anxieties (fears) about both for different reasons. However, I will not allow my fears to prevent me from accomplishing either. Now that I have put my goals out there in a public forum, I have you all to hold me accountable. Don’t let your fears control your life. Don’t miss out on goals and dreams because you were afraid to face your fears. Empower yourself and tackle your dreams. Do it just once and you will feel the difference within yourself. You will quickly become a new person. From then on, you will be unstoppable.

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Girls of Summer

The Feminine Form Gregg Hartley

The renowned English sculptor and artist Henry Moore said, “the human figure, its tremendous variety of balance, of size, of rhythm, all make the human form much more difficult to get right in a drawing than anything else.” Dedication to form and balance of the human body is nowhere more evident than with the female athletes who compete on the IFBB Pro Tour, the pinnacle of women’s bodybuilding competitions. On the following pages we feature five of the top female pro bodybuilding competitors, across the range of the competition categories through the images of professional photographer Gregg Hartley. While it may be difficult to think of athletes as artist, the common trait all female bodybuilders share is a commitment to bring the most impressive look to the stage they can develop. Competitors in bodybuilding tend not to worry about the condition of their competition, but focus solely on their personal development from show to show. The athletes in all four categories are not only judged on appropriate and outstanding muscu-

larity, but on overall appearance and style. Welldone makeup and hairstyles are as important in their competition as in tradition beauty pageants. The athlete’s desire to shape and create a body which is a personal work of art is forged in gyms and training facilities across the country. Most competitors train six days each week, with training sessions varying from 45 minutes to two hours daily to achieve the perfect look of aesthetic muscularity. The athlete manages strength and cardio training and diet as precisely, if not more so, than would an Olympic gymnast or NFL veteran. Diets are managed for maximum results with meals eaten on a precise schedule to insure the desired look is achieved. Approximately 250 women compete regularly in one of the four categories at the pro level of bodybuilding: traditional bodybuilding, physique, figure and bikini. The sport has grown significantly from its early roots in hardcore bodybuilding to encompass the looks and shapes of physique, figure and bikini in current competitions. For more information about women’s bodybuilding competitions or to simply start turning your physique into a work of art, visit www.IFBBpro. com or talk to a certified trainer in your local gym.

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine


Girls of Summer


Lombardo Pro Physique

Sandra grew up and resides in upstate New York. Described by her friends as an overachiever, disciplined and passionate about everything she does. Sandra has been training and competing for fourteen years, constantly pushing to improve, to keep up with the other athletes. She trains seven days per week, even in the offseason, doing one body part per day, abs before every workout, and no cardio whatsoever. Sandra’s workouts typically take one hour thirty minutes. In addition to competing at the IFBB Pro level, Sandra is a medical sales rep. Sandra breeds, sales and races horses, her eventual full time goal.

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Girls of Summer


Dearmin Pro Physique

Jill is the first and only female IFBB Pro from Scotland. She lives in south Florida where she raises her two sons, runs her personal training business and practices her personal philosophy of fitness. Positive, always optimistic and upbeat, Jill maintains a strict protein based diet, high in natural carbohydrates and works out a minimum of six days week. Trained as a psychiatric nurse, Jill nurtures her desire to continue to improve her fitness and her competitive performances. She competes as a way to fulfill her personal goals and meet others who enjoy the same fitness lifestyle. As she looks to the future, her goals are to get older and look younger, making her Scottish stamina last a lifetime and raise her boys in a fitness based lifestyle.

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Girls of Summer

Jennifer Abshire

Pro Bodybuilder

Jennifer competes in the classic form of bodybuilding, having emulated the work ethics of the male bodybuilders who dominated the fitness publications in the early 2000’s. Jennifer started serious training in 2007 and won the first pro show she competed in, qualifying for the Olympia competition in 2013. To achieve and maintain her look, Jennifer trains 6 or 7 days a week based on her contest schedule. She maintains a diet of protein and complex carbohydrates at all times. Originally from Chicago, Jennifer lives in Louisiana, where she enjoys boats, crawfishing or regular fishing. While she plans to maintain her fitness lifestyle, she and her partner have just renovated a 125 year - old house, looks forward to starting a family and is planning to become a registered nurse.

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Girls of Summer

Chaya Boone

Pro Figure

Chaya is a personal trainer and wellness coach in addition to competing as an IFBB pro. Chaya is based in Chicago where she coaches amateur competitors in bobybuilding competitions. Growing up she was drawn to fitness by watching Gilad on ESPN, running track in high school as a sprinter and becoming involved with dance. She spent several years as a member of the Chicago Bulls dance team, the “Luvabulls”. Chaya focuses on heavy weight training sessions and eating a consistently clean diet. A believer in the power of the mind, Chaya’s favorite quote is from sprinter Michael Johnson, “as strong as my legs are, it is my mind that made me a champion.”

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Girls of Summer

Cynthia Camacho Pro Figure

Cynthia represents a growing trend in women who find aggressive physical training and bodybuilding later in life. Having trained seriously for just five years, a decision made when she turned 50, Cynthia won the NPC Masters Nationals in 2013 to earn her IFBB Pro Card at the age of 55. Cynthia’s diet is very strict, a challenge her disciplined personality manages while she maintains a fulltime career in the broadcast industry. When not training for a show she works out five days a week, both cardio and weight training. When preparing for a show Cynthia’s training regiment goes to six days a week with 1.5 hours of cardio a day in addition to strength training. Cynthia is a University of Miami graduate residing in south Florida. When not competing or training her favorite activities are snow skiing and the arts.

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Girls of Summer Don’t let the girlie name fool you!

Girls of Summer