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SupportZing, Inc.   3900-­‐A  Carolina  Avenue   Richmond,  Virginia  23222   Website:  

Contact: Lawrence  Frank   Chief  Operating  Officer   804-­‐502-­‐4876  

Embargo  until  Monday,  October  31,  2011  6:00  AM  EST     SUPPORTZING  ADDS  ROBIOUS  ELEMENTARY  SCHOOL  AND  W.W.  GORDON  ELEMENTARY  SCHOOL   The  SupportZing  Fundraising  Exchange  will  now  be  available  to  benefit  both  Chesterfield  County  schools     Richmond,  Va.,  October  31,  2011    –  After  launching  just  two  weeks  ago  with  the  Midlothian  Middle  School  PTA,  the   SupportZing  Fundraising  Exchange  is  adding  two  additional  Chesterfield  County  PTAs  to  its  roster.    Robious   Elementary  School  and  W.W.  Gordon  Elementary  School  will  benefit  from  SupportZing’s  online  program  that   enables  schools  and  other  local  organizations  to  raise  the  funds  they  need  year-­‐round  in  a  stress-­‐free  manner  that   is  consistent  with  the  21st  century  lifestyle  of  their  supporters.     “We  are  delighted  about  the  initial  success  with  Midlothian  Middle  School”  said  Brian  Redden,  Founder  and  CEO  of   Richmond,  Virginia-­‐based  SupportZing,  who  added,  “adding  Robious  Elementary  and  W.W.  Gordon  Elementary  to   the  SupportZing  Fundraising  Exchange  is  an  exciting  step  towards  bringing  our  community  closer  together  and   enabling  year-­‐round  fundraising.”     With  SupportZing,  local  merchants  work  with  schools  and  other  local  organizations  like  these  by  offering  a  weekly   organization-­‐specific  offer,  providing  at  least  25  percent  of  the  proceeds  to  that  organization.    This  week,  Windy   Hill  Sports  Complex  will  be  offering  a  $25  activity  pass  for  $20  and  donating  $5  to  W.W.  Gordon  Elementary  School   for  each  activity  pass  purchased.     ”Supporting  the  local  schools  is  really  important  to  us,  remarked  Hilton  Phillips,  owner  of  Windy  Hill  Sports   Complex,  who  added,  “  and  SupportZing  has  made  it  easy  and  affordable  to  do  so.”     Interested  in  this  offer  from  Windy  Hill  Sports  Complex  that  benefits  W.W.  Gordon  Elementary  School?    Check  it   out  on  the  SupportZing  Fundraising  Exchange  at­‐elementary.         The  initial  offer  in  support  of  Robious  Elementary  PTA  (­‐elementary)  is  from   Famous  Dave’s  who  is  offering  $25  worth  of  food  for  $20  and  will  donate  $5  for  each  voucher  sold.     For  more  information  on  how  to  get  your  school  or  business  involved  with  this  unique  and  stress-­‐free  way  to   support  the  local  community,  contact  SupportZing  at  804-­‐433-­‐2600  or     ###  

SupportZing, Inc.  is  a  Richmond-­‐based  fundraising  company  that  connects  community  service  organizations,  their   affinity  groups,  and  the  local  business  community  to  generate  critically  needed  funds  and  increase  local  business   activity  through  its  unique  on-­‐line  SupportZing  Fundraising  Exchange.    For  more  information,  visit  

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