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One of ABC Family’s most popular television shows, Pretty Little Liars, is an excellent source of mystery, drama, and suspense. The show first aired on June 8, 2010 and is also part of a novel series that came out in 2006 by Sara Shepard. The show is about five friends - Alison, Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna who begin experiencing strange letters from “A” when Alison mysteriously goes missing and is pronounced dead. The show starts off with the five girls having a sleepover in Spencer’s barn. Alison suspects that the older boy neighbor, Toby, is spying on them so she puts a stink bomb in his tree house. Little did she know that the stink bomb turned out to be an explosive and instead of hurting Toby she hurts his sister Jenna. Jenna goes blind as a result of the accident and the girls lie to the police to stay out of trouble. The girls wake up in the early morning to thunder and Ali has gone missing. Spencer wanders off to try to find her but the police report that she is dead the next day. Spencer suspects that Toby could potentially be Alison’s killer because of the accident that happened the

night before. When the girls attend Alison’s funeral, they receive a text signed “A� regarding memories that all of the five girls have shared that only Ali knows. The four girls begin to question whether or not Alison is really dead and continue to find clues leading to the reason behind her disappearance. The show constantly feeds off of the girls continuous lying to the police and in return, digging themselves into a deeper grave of lies.

“A” is the biggest fear of each of the girls. They begin to receive spooky texts that exposed secrets, lies, and the pasts of each of the girls that only Alison knew about. The show’s plot revolves around the girls trying to figure out who “A” really is since Alison is dead. The show is based off of murder mystery, drama, and suspense. It keeps the audience on their toes, leaving them to figure out why someone is brought into the picture or how an event is relatable to another. For instance, the show constantly introduces new characters that are connected to the suspects of Alison’s murder or places that Alison has gone that serve as clues to her disappearance. The audience mostly appeals to girls in their late teens. Pretty Little Liars is unique from other television shows in that it does an extremely good job with keeping their audience engrossed in the show as well as connected. Pretty Little Liars has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account to keep their fans in touch with what is to come in the upcoming seasons. While watching the show, there are hash tags that pop up on the screen pertaining to important information that viewers need to know when something significant happens. When viewers use the hash tag on Twitter, it allows other fans to spread the television series worldwide which can potentially lead to an increased amount of viewer’s. Facebook is also a way for fans that are engrossed in the television show to stay connected. “Liking” Pretty Little Liars on Facebook allows one to view their page and gain information about characters and upcoming seasons. Pretty Little Liars also does special premiers around Halloween to keep their

viewer’s interested in-between seasons.

Pretty Little Liars is a fascinating show in that it does a very good job in puzzling together pieces of information that lead to the disappearance of Alison. The episodes always end with “A” leaving a clue to the next episode. It leaves the audience in suspense which leaves them always wanting more. There are unexpected twists throughout the show, whether it is newfound backstabbers or newly found discoveries that uncover Alison’s dark past. The show always finds a way to leave the audience guessing and increases viewers because of the way it ends shows. Viewer’s are left wondering and are forced almost to continue watching because of the suspenseful events throughout the show. However, there have been so many shows filmed that it is often hard to keep up with all of the clues. It is hard at times to keep track of all of the

characters lives because there are so many. Every girl has their own secrets so it is at times overwhelming to try to figure out what each clue means. Pretty Little Liars has many different types of social groups that resemble many high school problems. Emily for instance, finds that she is gay and isn’t sure how to deal with it. Hanna is battling anorexia but is getting better each day. Aria finds out that her father is cheating on her mom and her and her brother struggle with the problem of divorce. Spencer faces a constant battle with her parents over which child is perfect. Her parents favor her sister Melissa, over her. Each of these girls go through some type of common teenage problems that offer help in subtle ways. The show, in a way, lets teenagers know that they aren’t alone in these types of situations. Ali was the go to girl out of all of her friends. She was the one that they would confide in if any problem arises. Although, Alison was very blunt with her advice. She wasn’t exactly nice to any of her friends, but she made each of them respect her somehow. These types of social causes are something teenagers can relate to which could potentially play a part in how many people view the show. Overall, Pretty Little Liars is a great show that will keep you on your toes. It is very relatable to teenagers and offers mystery, drama, and suspense for entertainment. The show does a good job increasing viewers by keeping its fans connected and leaving them in suspense. It also reflects on

common high school problems which makes it easy to get teenage viewers. This show is great for mystery lovers or people who enjoy fitting pieces of a puzzle together.

Pretty little liars review  

By Hope Kazmierczak