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Newsletter Date: October 10th, 2016


Joke of the Day: Issue # 7 Volume 1 How do boys tease their hair ? They take People Coming Together in the Community By Mr. James Burney a lock of it and say: events. For example, we could plan "Na na and host a Valentine’s Day dance na na where we could all come together boo and get to know each other, and perboo !" haps even offer speed dating for people of all ages and backgrounds. And just by doing things like this, Inside this Issue we could all learn about each other, People Together……….pg 1. Joke of the Day………..pg 1 building a strong sense of commuTheatre Review………..pg 1 nity. I know the annual dinner gives Movie Review……….. pg 2 Resto Review………... pg 2 us the opportunity to do this once a State of Transpo……...pg 3 The Hope House Foundation year, and while this is nice, I would Family Tree………..….pg 3 Arc Conference …pgs 4 & 5 Annual dinner gives us all an like to see us all continue getting to Snapshots of Life……..pg 6 opportunity to come together Animal Rights…...…...pg 7 know each other throughout the Bulk Cooking……pgs 8 & 9 and get to know one another. year. If you want to get to know Get out the Vote……..pg 10 With this in mind, I feel that it Events…..………...…..pg 10 each other, or if you want to become would be nice for everyone to friends with one another, all you come together year-round, get- have to do is invite each other over ting to know each other in a or exchange telephone numbers. friendship-relationship and These simple things allow us to unhelping make our communities derstand each other and grow closer. a safe and friendly environment. If anyone has any questions or stoWe can do this just by spending ries they want to share, email me at time together, by going out to Jamesburney20@yahoo.com, or if lunch or the movies, or by goyou have questions ing to museums together. We about becoming an adcan also build a sense of comvocate, contact munity by planning our own 757-625-6161 ext 513.

Theatre Lives! A Review by John Waff

I recently took a trip to Richmond, Virginia to see The Lion King Broadway musical. I had fun while I was there and I liked that my seats were close to the stage. My favorite part was watching all of the animals sing and dance. I liked listening to the music and singing along with the songs. After the show ended, I purchased a Lion King t-shirt as a souvenir. I loved my trip to see The Lion King and I would like to go again .


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Nostalgia Move Review with Sagre Stutzman Welcome to the first Nostalgia Move Review! In this review we tackle a sci-fi/horror cinema classic Alien by Ridley Scott. I admit I’m a sucker for sci-fi but I had no idea this was the Star Wars of horror movies, (when you’re a kid you don’t learn to appreciate great cinema like I do now). But anyway on with the review, and if you haven’t seen it don’t worry I’ll keep it spoiler free. First thing I noticed was that this film was made in 1979 (People reading this are probably screaming DON’T REMIND ME!!!) But in a way it’s good because the special effects were revolutionary at the time so people like me can still enjoy timeless practical effects. Also the introduction screen was amazing simplicity was the way to go and how the logo appeared was very unique, you just know you’re going to be on a thrill ride when you see it and hear the music. The soundtrack was also great; it fit the mood practically every time. Eerie and spine tingling ready to give you jump. Speaking of jumps there wasn’t a lot of jumps like you see in modern films; they actually took their time and crafted a unique story with depth and character relationships (not so deep on the latter but still better then now a days), and it was refreshing because it kept me engaged in the story and wanting to know more. Also the way they start it in the opening scene is WAY different then what you’d expect in the ending, (if you haven’t seen it watch it and find out). Ah the acting chops… in horror movies you sometimes get bad actors but in this it was surprisingly better than I expected not perfect acting for certain scenes but WAY better than god awful actors in horror now. (Apologies to die hard horror fans but I am not one.) I have to admit the way they introduced the alien in almost each scene was really clever you’d need to have studied films or watch a lot of movies to pick it up. (Good thing I study film and screen writing) In closing: Cinema classic any sci-fi, horror or sci-fi/horror fan should watch this movie. Personal Rating - 95% out of 100.

DINING OUT with Kendra Sulfaro Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake is delicious. I went there on a Thursday for Hot Dogs with staff. My hot dog was piled with onions and cheese. My experience was overall good but there was one not so good thing. The place is very small for an electric wheelchair which caused me to sit outside at the tables. The doorway was also small. Also, the ramp is not near the restaurant which makes it hard. But, the food is delicious. The wait staff is nice and it was not a long wait. I would recommend if you want to get hot dogs to go to here—just be aware of some accessibility difficulties if you have a wheelchair.


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The State of Transportation by Kevin Latham Why is there lack of support/services regarding the state of transportation for people with disabilities? This is a question of concern that I constantly ask myself. I’m a client of Hope House Foundation in Chesapeake, VA. I’ve expressed concerns of the goals in place to assist individuals who truly can’t travel independently outside of what I refer to as “special transportation” like Logisticare or Handi-Rides. Being the voice for people within the disability community, we should have the opportunity to take advantage of public transportation like HRT. According to my research, HRT currently offers paratransit as part of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. With this particular service, individuals with disabilities are able to call and schedule times for transportation within ¾ of a mile of the regular service route. Outside of this service option, I’m advocating for equality within the transportation system so the disability community can feel more independent. For example, what if we wanted to catch the bus on our own one day? Unfortunately, we’re not able to just go to the bus stop and ride like everyone else, but it would be a great experience. Independence, more services and support regarding transportation needs is what I’m fighting for every day. The lack of regard for safety and training to support the disability community has not been up to standard. There’s been a number of incidents that I’ve shared from my experiences and my peers regarding transportation and lack of concern/ proper training from the drivers acknowledging our needs. I would also like to discuss the state of transportation for the Freedom Grant. This grant is another form of transportation through a contract in place with HHF and a taxi service provider. I think this is a great resource available. I know things take time to be developed, implemented and tested, but no one should be left behind because of their disability. The state of transportation has a number of issues when it comes to servicing individuals with disabilities, but it’s something that should be taken more seriously and not looked down upon.


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Arc Conference 2016 - Williamsburg VA <<< Kevin

Latham attended all 3 days of the conference. This was Kevin’s first time at the Arc conference. He also volunteered to work at the HHF booth during the conference. When asked what he enjoyed best at the conference, Kevin said “I enjoyed telling people about Hope House and the good breakfast that they had, getting to stay overnight, and going to the sessions. I’m looking forward to next year’s conference!” Kevin especially enjoyed goofing off at the pool. Not having a bathing suit didn’t stop Kevin from jumping into the pool with his friends and staff! This was Kevin’s first time in a pool and he was especially proud of the fact that he “went all the way underwater and came back up.” <<<Stephen Curtis volunteered to work at the HHF booth. When asked what he did at the booth, Stephen stated: “I told people about job openings and talked about people with disabilities. I told them to come apply for a job at Hope House. People asked a lot of questions about what people with disabilities are like.”

Sam Williams >>>>> attended the Arc conference for the first time. When asked what he liked about the conference, Sam’s face lit up and he said “I liked everything! Going back next year!” Sam enjoyed the hotel and sites of Williamsburg, especially seeing horses, and got to hang out with his friends he hasn’t seen in a while. Elvi G. >>>> attended all 3 days of the conference and expressed how much fun she had! “The pool was fun and I liked going through the vendor room.” Elvi also attended several sessions on important topics regarding the disability community. She stated “I went to several groups. My favorite was the one about ID waiver and what’s going on about it. I also liked Lynne’s speech.”



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Snapshots of Life in Community What Makes a Relationship Grow by Elvi Goldschmidt Well, I’ve been in a very happy relationship. My relationship is with a nice man named Raymond. He treats me like a queen and with respect. He has taken me on very fun dates, and to meet his family and his brother. His family loves me. I love them too. They are very nice. He has also met my mom and dad. My mom and dad love my fiancé. Raymond and I are engaged. He proposed to me, and I was so happy I cried, I was that happy. Raymond and I have a lot of similarities. We like the same food and animals. We like to cook. We like the same music and love to dance. He has a dog named Snowflake and I have two pets, a cat Morocco and a guinea pig Mojo. We have been dating over a year. We make each other very happy. We spoil each other and our pets too. My relationship is the best thing in my life right now. My name is Lonnie Smith and I live in an apartment in Norfolk. A few weeks ago, I went to the SPCA and adopted an orange male tabby cat named Cogan. Cogan is a nice name, but I decided to change his name to Dusty. Dusty is a good and playful cat. He loves to climb way up high on top of my icebox and cabinets. He loves to cuddle up on the sofa and in my bed to sleep. I like having a cat for a roommate. He keeps me company and makes me happy!

I’m Grace Faezelle. My birthday was on a Tuesday but I had my birthday party on a Saturday this year. For my party, I was able to decorate my apartment with banners. My one banner looked like flags and the other said ‘Happy Birthday’ with colors. I also had festive balloons. My theme was flowers at the beach. At the party, we had pizza, ice cream cake, and chips with dip. I had goodie bags to pass out. The bags were pink with butterflies. I had tablecloths with two centerpieces—one was pink; one was a palm tree. My friends came and then we ate cake and I opened presents. I had fun getting to host a party in my own apartment. The Buzz is looking for contributors. If you are interested in writing a one time feature article or in being a part of our regularly contributing staff writers please contact Angela Stevens at 757625-6161 ext. 513 or astevens@hope-house.org. We look forward to reading new and exciting articles!


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Animal Rights

by Chris Lynch

I don’t know why people are so mean to animals. They leave animals alone in the house and fend for themselves. They might throw them out the window or in the gutter. They starve them and mistreat them. They don’t want them anymore so they leave them at the shelter or on the street. They say they will take them to the vet but they don’t. They let them die or get sick. Some people like to chain animals. Why would you have an animal if you don’t want it? People who abandon animals should be in jail. People who mistreat animals should be in jail. People who want animals should treat them like family. People who do not want animals should let others adopt the animals. I believe if someone has an animal they should keep him active, by letting him exercise, play outside, and keep safe. It is also good if people are able to adopt more than one animal, then they can have someone to play and grow old with together. I am always happy to speak for animals, because they cannot speak for themselves. Midnight with a Volunteer >>> at the Norfolk Animal Care Center <<My Cat Max

Donna’s arts & Crafts Center Presents

Your Family Tree Draw a tree and put leaves on it. Then put pictures of your friends and family on the leaves. Include whoever you want so your tree looks exactly the way you want it. Get a staff to help with it if you need help.

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HEALTH TIP by Dorothy Clark >>> BULK COOKING—Everyone Can Do It. Bulk cooking meals for lunch and dinner is a healthy way of eating and it is cost effective. Cooking one afternoon or evening a week provides you with home-cooked, delicious and nutritious meals every day. It’s a good way to try new kinds of foods by first buying the ingredients at the grocery store, then learning and practicing your cooking skills at home. It’s also a good way to make sure you keep track of the amount of sugar, salt and fat you eat. And because you cook it yourself from fresh ingredients, there are less additives and preservatives.

Get together with a friend and have a cooking party! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you get into the swing and start to enjoy new flavors instead of the same old same old. And you know everything tastes better when you cook it yourself. Some people may need lots of help from staff, others may need very little help and others may not need any help by staff at all. SO….GET COOKING!

1. Make a Menu

2. Make a Grocery List from that Menu

3. Go Shopping

4. Pick a day to Bulk Cook 5. Prepare & Cook according to Recipe 6. Let food Cool Down


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7. Label all freezer containers with Date Cooked >>>>>>

8. Portion food with >>> serving of Vegetable, Carbs & Protein.

9. Put Labelled lids on Containers

10. Place in the Freezer.



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!!!!!!!!!!!GET OUT THE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

The Club of Norfolk is hosting itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd annual Fall Fest at the Norfolk International Terminal Crumbley House on Oct 22nd 12PM to 6PM. Proceeds from this event will go to Hope House Foundation. Tickets are limited and includes a taste of the town with local restaurants, local craft beers, wine, top shelf beverages. Entertainment provided by Hampton Roads own Tiki Bar Band! There will be free valet parking. Come join us under the tent for this rain or shine event. Donations are $50 per person. There will only be a limited supply of 500 tickets to this event. Tickets may be purchased @ http://norfolksertomaclub.org/tickets/

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The Buzz - Volume 7 Issue 1  

The Buzz - Volume 7 Issue 1