Hope House Annual Report 2020

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“ Some people arrive

and make such a

on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them.” -ANNA TAYLOR


captures what I believe Hope House Foundation does best and values most. The art of connection. The simple act of two souls, upon meeting, understanding each other. Connection that holds comfort, authenticity and longevity.

Within these pages you will meet people with disabilities and staff members who represent the diverse tapestry of this organization. This unique piece of art has been woven for decades, creating mutual respect and lasting relationships. It is a living, breathing testament to our belief in promoting common interests, shared support and equality. It is a story of trust and friendship built over years. It is the age-old notion of being in a place where your talents and gifts are appreciated, which in turn creates a feeling of self-worth, a sense that you truly belong, and that your humanity is recognized.

Feeling safe, understood, valued and listened to is something we all desire. It has nothing to do with whether or not you have a disability. Today, our world aches from many hurtful differences and conflicts. At Hope House, we cultivate a culture of unity. We are neither perfect nor infallible, but every day we do our best to be good, kind, humble and empathic toward each other, including our community members like you.

We remain grateful for the beautiful impact you have had on this agency and our mission. So much so, we too cannot remember a life without you.

Lynne Seagle Executive Director


Pam—19 years & Eunice—16 years It’s a friendship woven with paint splatters and glue, collages and too many paper towels to count. When Pam and Eunice met 16 years ago, they connected over a love of funky art and excellent milkshakes. Now they’re just like family— disagreeing with each other one minute, laughing together the next. Pam’s daughter thinks of Eunice as an honored friend, and the pictures they make together brighten their days. With bright lines and bold colors, their drawings are vibrant tokens of a wonderfully colorful friendship.




Pat—32 years & Kathie—15 years Follow the silver thread of laughter to the campfire at the edge of the lake, where Kathie and Pat are busy conspiring over s’mores. Giggling. When they go camping they prefer jokes to ghost stories, especially if the jokes involve the two of them—like Pat’s face when that John Deere tractor took off, or the time when Kathie added way too much glitter to that craft project for Pat’s apartment. After 15 years, this is how they are. Comfortable and happy, encouraging one another to stay fearless, find joy, and try absolutely anything once.


Lucinda—36 years & Terri Ann—33 years Pansies may look like delicate flowers, with their graceful petals and their lovely colors. But inside, there is tenacity. They thrive in cold, dark winters, and are generous with their bright blossoms even when blanketed by snow. For Terri Ann, they’re a reminder of Lucinda— not only because the two of them love planting flowers together, but also because they’re the perfect symbol of her friend’s kindness. For more than three decades, she’s seen Lucinda take care of others— baking bread for her friends, watering flowers that brighten the neighborhood, refilling the birdfeeders for hungry chickadees. And isn’t that what we all need? Friends with generous spirits, and a home where we can bloom.



More than 50% of our staff—and the people

we support—have chosen to stay with Hope House for more than 10 years.

participate in arts and crafts in the community

attend professional sporting events and cheer on their favorite teams

avidly collect coins, stamps and memorabilia

enjoy educational classes


enjoy camping trips

ing go fish

have fun attending live concerts

love to cuddle with a pet

The opportunity to live an ordinary life–



Blake & Tanecia—14 years When they first met, Tanecia was single and Blake was moving out of his childhood home. Now 14 years have passed, each one embroidered with milestones—from birthday parties and Tanecia’s wedding, to movie marathons and the baby shower he helped host for her. He’s taught her how to live boldly and with a purpose (and how to beat level 16 on Super Mario Brothers). She’s taught him how to hold her newborn daughter and how to get great deals when they go grocery shopping. Life will always hold challenges. But as Blake once belted out at a Demi Lovato concert, “there’s just one life to live, and there’s no time to wait.”


Jeannie—27 years & Nettie—24 years Fiesty. That’s how Jeannie describes herself. Nobody makes decisions for her— whether it’s where to put the sofa or what toppings to add to her Lindy’s hot dog. She’ll talk to anyone about anything and if you need an opinion, she’s your lady. Lately, she’s of the opinion that Nettie needs to get packing (specifically to Hawaii.) But not until Nettie retires, and even then, Jeannie expects to get lots of postcards. For now they’re both content in Norfolk, eating out at their favorite local diners or spending an afternoon at Jeannie’s house. They talk about family and the weather, Nettie’s church and Jeannie’s old boyfriend—a tapestry of conversation woven between two old friends.



Operating Support and Revenue



promotion from within





volunteers with a total of 1,641 hours and a total ROI of



give back to their community through volunteerism

People we support – longevity:

Total staff – longevity

5 years + = 24% 10 years + = 22% 15 years + = 13% 20 years + = 9% 25 years + = 4% 30 years + = 28%

5 years + = 42% 10 years + = 23% 15 years + = 17% 20 years + = 8% 25 years + = 5% 30 years + = 5%


of those supported actively participate in promoting change

95 20

is the oldest person supported is the youngest person supported






H O P E H O U S E F O U N DAT I O N AU D I T E D F I N A N C I A L S TAT E M E N T S JUNE 30, 2019

Current Assets

Cash and Cash Equivalents Other Current Assets Accounts Receivable Property and Equipment, net Investments Other Assets Total Assets

$1,229,954 $51,184 $1,140,696 $178,413 $3,513,009 $32,551 $6,145,807

Liabilities Support & Revenue

Contract Revenue (92%) $10,358,527 Contributions & Grants (4%) $450,300 Thift Store, net of expenses (1%) $71,168 United Way (0%) $31,499 Fundraising Events, net of expenses (1%) $102,433 Other Income (2%) $202,643 Total Support and Revenue $11,216,570

Liabilities, Current Liabilities, Long-Term Total Liabilities

$1,099,171 $0 $1,099,171

Net Assets

Unrestricted Donor Restricted Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$4,932,920 $113,716 $5,046,636 $6,145,807

Based on the audited Statement of Activities Report, 92.8% of our funding is derived from contract revenue, which are primarily Medicaid Waivers. Our administration costs are 10% and fundraising costs are 3% of our total operating expense. 87% of the agency’s total operating expense is used to provide support to program services.




2 0 1 9


Anita Tonelson

Bill Walters

Cathy Sawyer

Ann Abrams

Billie Luckie and Bill Wroton

Change's City Spa & Jake's Place

Ann and Russell Onhaizer

BizConnect - My Business People, LLC

Cheryl Dronzek

Ann P. Stokes Landscape Architects

Blake and Caron Crouse

Cheryl Nuccio

Anna Morcom

Brad Schloss

Cheryl Palmatier

Abe McCormack

Anna Swartley

Brad Tuggle

Cheryl Weimer

Acclaimed Event Rentals

Ann-Darby Rush

Brandi Siegel

Chris Becker

Al Harris

Annette Anderson-Vick

Brandon Campbell

Chris Hardy

Alan Owens

Annette Guirlinger

Brandon Umberger

Christie Burcher

Alex Russo

Annette Haenel-Clemmons

Brenda and Stephen Rossi

Christina Enesey

Alexander Salzberg - in memory of Jimmy Legum

Anonymous (4)

Brennen Kingsbury

Christine Anderson

Anthony Bozza

Brian and Beth Roberts

Christine Billingsley

Alfonso and Sabrina Merlo

Anthony Torrieri

Brian Blanchard

Christine Quigley

Alice Golladay

AOC Salon

Brian Boes

Christopher Keyes

Alice Ruebusch

April Elizee

Brian Coleman

Chrysler Museum of Art

Alisa Cosenza

Architectural Graphics, Inc.

Brian Friedman

Cindy Diggs

Alison Creamer

Arlene Parnell Bowling

Brittany Bailey

Cindy Luu

Alison McCanon

Arnette A. Gallop

Brooke Munford

Cinema Cafe - Chesapeake

Alison McCrowell-Lietzenmay

Ashleigh Nicole Tullar

Brooks Johnson and Germaine Clair

City of Norfolk

Ally Ainsworth-Jackson

Ashley Barnett

Brown & Brown Insurance Agency of Norfolk

Claire Campbell

Alton and Marsha Jenkins - in memory Thelma Gray Keel

Ashley Hillery

Bruce and Suzie Holbrook

Clarence Freeman

Altay Uzun

Ashley Smetana

Bruce Campell

Claudette Woodhouse

Atlee and Carolyn Smith

Bryan and Patricia Grinnan

Claudia Cotton

Audrey Arthur

Bryan Fowler

Claudia Mackintosh

Aziza Chattman

Bryn Poland

Barbara Fandrich

Buggy Bathe Auto Wash

Barbara Klear

Byron and Amie Harrell

Claus Ihlemann and Robert Roman in honor of granddaughters Melyana and Sophia

Barbara Wetherington

California Pizza Kitchen

Ana Redstone

Barrie and Harold Smullian - in memory of Jimmy Legum

Capital Group Companies

Andrea Caretta

Benchtop Brewing Company, LLC

Andrea Leclair

Carin Cronin

Benjamin Neal

Angela and Peder Jungck

Carl B. and Bettye Sterzing

Beth Desadier

Angela Eller

Carl Johansen

Beth Jarock

Angela Mason

Carla Grassia

Betsy Kincaid

Angela von Hayek

Carlisle Wroton

Betsy Schatz

Angelica Michelle

Carol Williams

Bettie Minette Cooper

Angie Long

Caroline El-Kadi

Betty Sacks - in memory of Peggy Jordan

Angus Walser

Carroll Schwab

Betty Sellers

Anita Montello - in memory of Patsy Montello, Sr.

Casey Wilkerson-Rieken

Bill Goodbar

Catherine Belote

Bill Noell

Cathy Banks

A grant from the Louis Snyder Foundation Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation A grant from the R. & C. Dickerson Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Amanda Feutz Amanda Keesee Amatullah Muhammed Amber Thompson Amy and Irvin Upson Amy Christenson

Carey Raleigh

Clay Barr - In honor of Dr. Bruce Barr Clyde and Pamela Allison Coastal Chiropractic Cogans Pizza Collins & Company Commodore Theatre Commonwealth Brewing CO. LLC Connie Lucas Connie Wilson Corey Portalatin-Berrien Cory Wiles Courtney Doyle Courtney Elizabeth Courtney Points











19 Covington Contracting

Edward Jones Investments

Greg Stutzman

Jennifer Serina

Cristian Guerrero - in honor of Jose Andres

Edward Plunkett

Gwendolyn Walton

Jennifer Settar

Curtis Staples

Edward Povilaitis

Hal Vickery

Jennifer Spencer

Cynthia Saegar

Eileen Deutsch

Hank's Filling Station

Jennifer Wilson

Cynthia Taylor

EJ Toudt

Harold Laibstain

Jenny Hill

Dan Ngatia

Elena Montello

Harold Williams

Jerry and Deborah Meltsner

Daniel Aguiar

Elisabeth Indigo

Harry Drew-Wingfield

Jerry Morewitz

Daniel Edwards

Elizabeth Blackwell

Heath Studer

Jesse and Jill Woodruff King

Daniel Hudy

Elizabeth Chupik

Heather Lynn

Jesse Varner

Danielle Stern

Elizabeth Emmett

Heather Nixon

Jessica Rowzee

Danny Howell

Elizabeth Green

Heather Whited-Foster

Jill Lounsbery

Darryl and Pam Katrancha

Elizabeth Herlong

Helen G. Gifford Foundation

Jim Bush

Dave Berry

Elizabeth Marino

Helen Hanson

Jim Garrett

Dave Filipowski

Elizabeth Mize

Hilary Begleiter

Jim Morton

Dave Nye

Elizabeth Monroe

Hildi Nunn

Jim Spillane

David Almeleh

Elizabeth Warner

Holly Goetz

Jo Anne Davis

David and Dorothy Jones

Ellen Kolodney

Hook Law Center, P.C.

Jo Anne Harrell

David and Virginia Pritchett

Emily Perez

Hot House Yoga

David Dickenson

Eric Hause

Howard Rodman

Joan Freytag - in honor of Reverend Paul Drobin's retirement

David Kaye

Eric Milby

Hunter Gallacher

Joanna Patterson

David Ryan

Eric Taylor

Hunter and Davina Spencer

Jocelyn Faraca

David Snead

Eric Wilkinson

Ian Johnston

Jodie Woodward

Dawn Osborne

Erica Archie

Joe Lowrey

Dawn Peters

Erica Byrd

Ilene Cohen - in memory of James "Jimmy" Legum

Erica Lissette

Inga Wade

Joel Wolf

Erik Leach

Ironclad Technology Services

Joey Thatcher

Eugene Anderson

Irvin Harrell

John and Anne Standing

Eunice Payne

Issella Garrett

John and Ann-Marie Cochran

Debra Keeling

Everett and Nancy Martin

Jack Epstein

Decorum, Palace Shops & Palace Station

F. Sullivan Callahan, PLC

Jacki Paolella

John and Elisabeth Luke - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez

Dena Hinton

Faith Conlon

Jacqueline Jones

John and Janet Read

Farin Alcasid

Jacquelyn and Thomas McAfee

John and Larisa Murphy

Fay L. Steele

Jacqui Maroughkas

John and Marcia Sulfaro

Felecia Henderson

Jada Schmidt

John and Martina Davis

DiAna White

Fern Rohrer

Jaime Benjamin

John and Ruth Martin

Diane Scarcelli

Food Lion

Jamal Williams

John Baiocco

Dick and Madelyn Reass

Founders Inn & Spa

James Ailstock

John Connors

Dione Barnes

Frank DeMascio

John DeSocio

Djanira Parker

Frank Sapienza

James and Angeles Shoultz - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez

Don Benjamin

Franklin Gary Day

James and Dianna O'Brien

John Freeman

Donna Agresto-Seavy

Gabrielle Alexander

James and Sarah Morrison

John O'Keefe

Donna Garrett

Gail Williams

James and Sarah Schloss

John Redding

Donta Jones

Garden Gazebo, Inc.

James DeFonzo

Johns Brothers Security

Dorothy Clark

Gary Anderson

James Michal

Joleen McInnis

Dorothy Hutchinson - in memory of Kaye Mitchell

Gary M. Hecht Trust

James Palacio

Jon Doe Daniels

James Walker

Jonathan and Meredith Gray

Jan Wilcox

Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Hibbard

Deb Wilson Deborah Lutz Deborah Smith Debra Choice

Derek Kompare Diana L. Harris Diana Shue-Willis

Dot Snipes

Gary M. Hecht Trust - in honor of Leslie Hecht-Leavitt

Joe Salvey

John Dougan

Doug Alexander

George Banks

Janice J. Knighton

Douglas and Kathy Knack

George Rose

Jared and Fathom O'Flaherty

Jonathan Motley

Dr. Bruce Barr - in honor of Lynne Seagle and Irene Baros

Gerhard Hartl

Jason Luce

Jose Cartagena

Ghent Business Association

Dr. Edward and Anna Goldenberg

Joseph and Ann Guth - in honor of Sabra Guth

Dr. T. Winston and Eleanor Gouldin

Ghent Business Association - in memory of Margaret Conrad

Jean Polarolo - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez Jean West Ward

Joseph Noble

Dr. Tom and Mollie McCune

Gina Dalmas

Jeanne Broom

Josh and Jen Harris

Gini Fabian

Jeannie Carr

Joshua and Erica Howell

Giovanni John Mortarino

Jeff Campbell

Eastern Virginia Pediatric Dentistry, P.L.C

Glenn and Sandra Tainter

Jeffrey and Juanita Kendall

Joyce Sawyer - in honor of Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Jones

Ed and Christel Lewis

Gloria Arthur

Jennifer Bonsiewich

Judy Bilicki

Ed Spivey

Gloria Wilson

Jennifer Emerson

Judy Pearce

Edmu Downey

Grace DiLisio

Jennifer Farr-Brewer

Julia Varnier

Edward and Anne Kramer

Gray and Sharon Puryear

Jennifer McDonald

Julianne Inglima

E.D. David Earl Dunn











Julie Gee

Kirsten Sadlier

Mark Dreyfus

Nancy and Anthony Bailey

Julie Jones

Kirsten Shaffer

Mark Fockler

Nancy Fahy

Julie Kelly

Kitchen Designworks, LLC

Mark Furlo

Nancy Greiner

Julie Mazel

Klaus Gaba

Mark Michel

Nancy Hill

Julie Morris


Mark Swingle

Nancy Johnson

Julius Miller

Kristina Hyatt

Nancy Parr

June Otis

Kristyn Allen

Marsha Lawrence - in memory of James William Legum

Jungle Golf of Virginia Beach

Krystle Wood

Martha Lake

Nancy Weiss

Justin Anderson

Kwanisha Gibson

Martha Spinks

Naro Cinema

Justin Barnes

Kyrie Shomaker

Marty Feldman

Natalie Schaubach

Justin Wyatt

Lakeshia Calhoun

Mary Alice Holmes

Nawahl Cruz

Justine Jackson

Lani Meinders-Horeczko

Mary DuBose

Nessa Johnston

Kailee and Trevor Wolterstorff

Laura DeVore

Mary E. Ryan

Nettie Wilkins

Kaitrin Mahar

Lauren Lavallee

Network for Good

Kamala Lannetti

Lauren Pace

Mary Jane Sufficool - in memory of Bart Sufficool

Karen Goldberg - in honor of the instructors at Corevelo Pilates and Cycling

Laurence and Shelley Stepp

Karen L. Farquer

Laurie Rhew

Karen Sullivan

Leigh Easdon

Karen Taylor

Leigh Gawrys

Karol Smith

Leigh Griggs

Kate Harnett

Leon Garber

Katherine Gordon Katherine Markle

Leslie Harris - in memory of Thelma Keel, in honor of Hazel Jenkins

Katherine Moore

Lewis Swartley

Matthew McKeon and Vince Zentner

Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Katherine Peterson Thomas

Linda and Joe Burket

Mattie Telfair Adams

Norfolk Plumbing

Kathleen Brown

Linda Decquir

Maxine Davie

Norfolk Tides

Kathleen Connors-Boyters

Linda Pirkle

Maxine Minar

Norma Dorey

Kathleen Daugherty

Linda Travers

Maxine Shaw

Norma Farr

Kathleen Sharp

Lions Club of Norfolk Foundation

Meg Jay

Norma Ryan

Kathy and Rob Powell

Lisa Bostick

Megan Frenzel

Norman Patton

Kathy McMurray

Lisa Clark

Melinda Fenton

Norva Plastics

Katia Nigro

Lisa Halleck

Melinda Williams

Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Katie and Tim Anderson

Lisa Hamaker

Melissa West

O'Connor Brewing Company

Katie Graham

Lisa Sawicki

Melvin Pecka - in honor of Chris Eachus

Old Point National Bank

Katie Nuccio

Lisa Thibodeau

Meredith Larson

Olivia Childress

Kaufman & Canoles

Liz Emmett

Meril Amdursky

Omar's Carriage House

Kay Adams

Liz Joseph

Michael Berry

Otto Design + Marketing

Kayla Shannon

Lonell Yoder

Pallett Oil

Keith and Alexa Ricketts

Long's Jewelers

Michael Boyd - in honor of Knights of Pythias

Keith Gibeling

LoRain Kloskin

Keith Gillespie

Loretta Jones

Kelley Dubois

Lori Practico

Kelli Boone

Lori Schools

Kelly Cappetta

Lorie Newton

Kelly Gwin

Lucy Zemienieuski

Kelly Martin

Lulu Bell

Ken Anderson

Lynette Mason

Ken Janosko

Lynne Seagle

Ken Shewbridge

MacArthur Center

Kenneth E. Finck Donor Advised Fund

Madge Barnes

Kevin Allen

Maggie at Charity Neck Stables

Kevin and Kimberly Votava-White

Maggie Varela

Kevin Curry

Mallory Carr

Kevin Green

Marcus Porter

Kim McKinnis

Margaret Costa

Kim Profitt

Marge O'Connor

Kimberly Black

Maria Halliday

Kimberly Cherry

Mariko Denton

Kimberly Rose

Mario Merlo and Janet Davis-Merlo

Kirsten Gunn

Mark Davis

Laurie Luster

Mary Kate Fowler Mary Kelly Mary Moore Mary Purdin Mary Walter MassDevelopment Matt Wagner Matthew and Karen Fine Matthew Hartl

Michael Corrie Michael McCabe Michael Mize Michael Shaw Michael Spiker Michael Traxler Michelle Montilla Michelle Murphy-Rose Michelle Wilson - in honor of Yvonne and Isaac Snowden Mickey Evans Mickey Trautz Mike James Miller Oil/Miller Marts Monica Hardin Morgan Glasco Morris and Ellen Bell Muriel Evans Myrna Brock Myron Hawkins Nam and Ji Son Phan - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez

Nancy Samler

Nicole Adams Nicole Dewey Nicole Naidyhorski Nicole Rojas Nita McInteer No Frill Grill Noelle Walsh Norfolk Admirals Norfolk Botanical Garden

Pamela Davis Pamela Reeves Pamela Rogers Pamela Walker Panda Restaurant Group Pat Barreto Patricia Andrade Patricia Innocenti Patricia Jordan and David Gunzerath Patricia Westcott Patrick McFadden Patrilla S. Arline Patti Scott Patti Shawn Paula Eisen Paula Traverse-Charlton Paycom Peggy Meder Pete Cummings Peter Fullinwider - in memory of Rowena Fullinwider Philip Drake










Suzette Corey

Travis and Corey Richie

Preston Christopher

Satish Adapa - in memory of Ramesh Adapa

Sylvia Bynum

Tri Cities Beverage Corporation

Rachael O'Donnell

Scott and Amy Guirlinger

Tamara Salmon

Tricia Coulson

Rachel Dyer

Scott and Christina Duncan

Tami Carder

Turk Turkoglu

Rachel Holmes

Scott and Cindy Mackey

Tanika Westry

Ty Elliott

Rachel Nicole

Scott and Suzanne Ripley - in memory of Alex Ripley

Tanya Hilton

Tyler Leinbach

Scott Waitzer - in memory of Jimmy Legum

Taryn Subeh

UBS Business Solutions US, LLC

Taylor Youmans

Union Bank and Trust

Tessa's Creations

United Way of South Hampton Roads

Teresa Hio

United Way of the National Capital Area

Terry Washington

Valerie Bradley

TFA Benefits

Verne't Hatcher

The Alan and Esther Fleder Foundation

Vicki Fitzgerald

The AmazonSmile Foundation

Vicki Larry

The Bank of America Foundation

Virginia Burtt

The Blocker Foundation

Virginia Living Museum

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Virginia Opera

The Dalis Foundation

Virginia Stage Company

The Joshua P. and Elizabeth D. Darden Foundation

Virginia Symphony Walter and Marie Goldschmidt

Precious Barton

Rafael Roman Randall Smith Randy Rose Randy Wright Printing Company Randy Wyatt Ravette Blackstock Raymond and Lisa Marie Thornton in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez Rebecca White Reggie Burrus Republic National Distributing Company, LLC

Sean Collins Sebren Reed III Serena Tillett Shannon and Anton Pociask Shannon Coulson Shannon Laymon-Pecoraro Shannon Talbert Sharlay Wofford Sharlotte Baughman

Virginia Reville

Rhonda Saunders

Sharon McGlone

Richard and Jane Popkin - in honor of Corevelo Pilates and Cycling

Sharon Ratcliff

Richard and Joan Griffey

Shawn Bolling

Richard C. Mapp III

Shawn Fagan

The Kickball League of Baltimore/ Hampton Roads

Ricky Price

Sheila Williams

The Kyle Todd Public Service Foundation

Rita Davidson and Michael Spiker in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez

Sheja Stancel-Leary

The Law Office of Emily Mapp Brannon

RJ Laff

Shelton Dominici - in honor of Ann George Dunbar

The Little Neck Circle of the Kings Daughters

Robert and Carol Laibstain

Sherina Hibbler

Robert and Diane Hayes

The Marianne & Douglas Dickerson Foundation


Sherrie McCabe

Robert and Erle Marie Latimer

Sherry Edwards

The Norfolk Southern Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Robert and Judith Bukala - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez

Sherry Moltamore-Mallory

The Portsmouth Museums

Wendy Anthony

Shirley Adams Steven Yarnell - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez

The Rising

Westin Virginia Beach Town Center

The Runnymede Corporation

Whitney and Richard Katz

Robert and Rose McCormick - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez

Sigmon Taylor Photography

Will Buker

Robert Barry

Smartmouth Brewing Co.

The Todd and Betty Sue LePage Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia

Robert Bilicki

Sonia Beverly

Robert Cornelius

Southeast Virginia Community Foundation

Robert Rose

Southern Auto Group

Robin Haverty

Southern Bank

Robin Hecker

Southern Fiat

Robyn Thomas

St. George Brewing Company

Rodney Farris

Stacey Kellar

Rolando and Grace Mendoza

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Rudee Inlet Jet Ski

Stephanie Crumb

Russell Bankston

Stephanie Harris

Russell Cerro - memory of Catherine Toscano Kastenbaum and Lee Gerry Wertheimer

Stephanie Jeter

Robert and Patricia Harris

Ruthe Russell Saffron Indian Bistro Sagar Modi Salon Dulay LLC - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez

Sharron Pacheco

Skin, A Medical Spa

Stephanie Nickerson Stephanie Ransom Stephanie Suter Stephanie Vaughan Stephen Prevatt Steve and Florence Cupschalk

Samantha Ashley

Steve and Jewel McKinney

Sandra Diggs

Steven Dillon

Sandy Erving

Steven Lawson

Sandy Pope

Susan and Scott Weaver

Sara Barreto

Susan and the late Tom Summerlin

Sarah Glaser

Susan Atkinson

Sarah McCoy

Susan Dillard

Sarah Zeiler

Susan Henderson

Satish Adapa

Susie Meekins

The Virginia Beer Company LLC The William E. and Anne D. Wood Fund Theresa Beeler Theresa Cake Thomas and Susan Zirpoli Thomas Gates - in honor of David Bishop Thomas Marsh Tierney Mitchell Tiffany Niles-Burt Tiffany Simpson Tiffy Howell Tim Marshfield Timothy and Lynne Moore Timothy O'Sullivan Tina Masters Tina Watson Toby Howell Todd Coleman Tom Barnes Tom Moss, III Tonya Whitman TowneBank Tracey Weijlard Tracey Willoughby Tracy and Mike Szewczyk Trameka Smalls

Vista Graphics Wanda Cornwell Wards Corner Lion's Club Warren Low Warren Russell Wayne and Diane Beaman

Will Sessoms William and Ann Gambrell William and Betty Waff William and Sandra Wright - in memory of Jose Andres Sanchez William Campell William Hudgins Yolanda Paul




JANET DAVIS Janet Davis Consulting Vice President

DIANA WHITE Assistant Vice President American Funds Secretary

WHITNEY KATZ Senior Lead Technologist Booz Allen Hamilton Treasurer

TOM MOSS Consultant, Group Benefit Agent Atlantic Benefit



Panache Interiors, Owner

Garden Gazebo, Owner



Chaplain, Architectural Graphics Inc.

Kaufman & Canoles, Partner and Chairman of the Employee Benefits Practice Group

DOROTHY CLARK Lakewood Tailoring

SARAH MCCOY General Counsel, Port of Virginia

IRVIN HARRELL Coordinator for Strategy & Marketing College of Health & Science




Controller - Decisions

Attorney, Hook Law Center



Manager, Technical Intergraph


JOSHUA HOWELL English Professor, College of The Albemarle


For more than 50 years, Hope House Foundation has supported adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to help them live successfully in their own homes—and we were the first Virginia organization to do so exclusively. Our support allows individuals to live a life of choice and control rather than circumstance, and to live within the larger community to the highest degree possible.


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