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Newsletter Date: August 1, 2017. Joke of the Day: What do you call a pig who knows Karate? * PORK

Issue # 7 Volume 2

TIME FOR CHANGE By Mr. James Burney

CHOP * Inside this Issue Time for Change….….pg 1. Joke of the Day………..pg 1 Craft Corner…………..pg2 Health Tip ………….,,..pg 1 At home in Community pg 2 Civic Meeting…………..pg 3 Music & Protest.……...pg 3 Special Needs Trust.….pg 4 Food Critic’s Choice ...pg 5 Norfolk Exploration....pg 6 Medicaid & Tech..…...pg 6 Pride Fest……………..pg 7 Advocacy Day………..pg 8 Goin’to the Chapel…..pg 9 Get out the Vote……..pg 10

Donna’s Craft Corner: Draw a flower with 5 petals and put a happy face on it. On each petal draw a summer fun activity you like to do.

HEALTH TIP>>>> A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Try to go to bed at the same time every night even on Saturday and Sunday, and also wake up at the same time. For example, if you go to bed at 10:00 pm during week days, you should also >>

There is a time for a change to be made and the only way it can be done is if we all come together. We need to come together to make big changes for the better and not the worst. Right now there is a lot of violence and negativity in the world, especially in our country. Something needs to change. The best way to do this is by speaking to our senators, legislators, delegates and other public leaders. Call them, email them, write them a letter or even go visit them. It is important to speak on matters that directly affect us but also important to advocate for those who are on the Medicaid waiver waiting list who want to move into their own apartments in the community like us. You have got to

make sure your voice is being heard so you can get what you deserve in life and so that they do not cut Medicaid and Medicare. By contacting political leaders, we can help to secure our rights and continue to live in a clean and safe environment. For those who would like to contact their leaders but are not sure how to, ask for help! You can ask your Hope House staff, a family member, a friend or send me an email and I can provide contact information for the public leaders that I have contacted. We need to get our message across to our leaders. People are concerned for the welfare of our country, they are worried about their taxes, social security, and if they are going to cut Medicaid and Medicare. If anyone has any questions or stories they want to share, email me at Jamesburney20@yahoo.com, or if you have questions about becoming an advocate, contact 757-6256161 ext 513.

>>>go to bed the same time on Saturday and Sunday. If you wake up at 7:00 am during week days you should also wake up the same time on Saturday and Sunday. The challenge is to try this for 2 weeks and see if you feel more energized.


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AT HOME IN COMMUNITY Out and About – Accessibility in Community by Grace Faezelle In my travels, I experience elevators of different sizes. Some accommodate my wheelchair easily; others, like at my doctor’s office, barely meet the measurements required by the ADA, that is, the Americans with Disabilities Act. The small elevator is a major factor in my ability to ride comfortably. In a smaller elevator, I have difficulty getting in and out. The walls may get scrapped up and I have to maneuver carefully in order to get through safely. Some building owners and managers are not taking all styles and types of wheelchairs into consideration and this is a major inconvenience to me, getting in the way of my ability to move about freely in community.

MY OWN PLACE by Chris Lynch My name is Chris Lynch and I am 56 years old. I moved out of my parents’ house in my 20’s. I lived in sponsored housing with a roommate for a couple of years. Then I lived in a group home for about 8 years and I did not like it. I didn’t like having a roommate. I felt restricted and felt like I couldn’t make my own decisions. Finally, when I was 53, I got my own place. It is my first place and I have been here since. I enjoy living on my own because I have privacy. I can go to bed when I want and don’t have to worry about someone telling me what to do. I also like having my own apartment because its pet friendly and I enjoy spending time with my cat, Max. People with disabilities deserve a life like anyone else. We need funding to help with medical expenses and housing. We need funding to live fulfilling lives.

My First Art Show by Lori Shapiro This past May 20 & 21, I exhibited & sold my art work for the first time, with a fellow-artist Hollywood at Stockley Gardens. Now I am working on improving my painting, as well as utilizing new painting techniques, including Sponge and Q-tips. I did pretty well for a First Time Show. You can see my work again, on Oct 21 & 22, at The Fall Art Show at Stockley Gardens.

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Visiting Your Town’s Civic Meeting by Daniel Gunn Hi, my name is Daniel Gunn, and I am a self -advocate living in the Ghent community with Hope House. I advocate for many causes including, rights for people with disabilities, and the equality of people in the LGBT community. However, even though I have lived in Ghent for about 3 years, I realized I didn’t know much about the projects and happenings in my own community. So, on February 16, 2017, I went to my first community civic league meeting in Ghent. It was at the Williams School not far from my home, I could have walked if I wanted to. The meeting started with local police officers talking about crime in the area. The police answered questions from worried citizens and said they would fix the problems. Then, we heard about how some local buildings that could get tax credits for being historic buildings. Finally, the meeting ended after talking about local community projects, including improving etiquette at the dog parks, and new signs being put up. Overall, I feel like this was a good experience, and I learned a lot about my community. I would like to attend more meetings in the future. I would recommend that others attend their local civic league to stay informed. You can find out where your local civic league is with a quick google search, that’s how I found mine!

FOLK MUSIC & PROTEST by Lori Shapiro Folk musicians have been part of protests since the 1950's. Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger were the vanguard of this movement. Bob Dylan started out this way, too. Likewise, Judy Collins and Joan Baez who are still actively protesting. Peter, Paul & Mary were arrested for protesting Apartheid in 1986. Locally, Skye Zentz continues this tradition. The daughter of Bob Zentz & Kathleen Warnalis Fogarty, she is continuing the Music & Protest Movement. I started playing music myself 40 years ago – since April 1977 - and have taken it up again on an acoustic guitar as a way to give back to the community I live in and to distract me from the frustrations of what is going on politically. I was at a jam session not long ago at Ohef Sholom Temple hosted by Bob Zentz and his wife, Jeanne McDougal Zentz. So remember, if you are a musician, an artist of any kind, or simply, but most importantly, a committed audience member, it’s still happening out there— Art & Protest LIVES! Ed Note.


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SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST- One Woman’s Story by Ivy Kennedy It Only Works If The Support Team Works Together: I recently found out that I have no rights. No rights as a person being served by a Special Needs Trust that’s not in my name. I also live in a house, but I have no rights to hire a repairman or do anything to the house without approval from my Trustee. I found out my absence of rights in the matter of a way that was devastating. My house flooded during Hurricane Matthew on October 8th, 2016. I am writing this in January 2017. I had not been living in the house for a full year before the flood. I’m still living in a hotel and my house has not been worked on. This was one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in my entire life. When you’re a person with a disability in the United States, your rights are very, very limited. I thought I knew what my rights were being a disability advocate in my community for over a decade. I have taken Americans with Disabilities Act classes, I have served with parents and the other people with disabilities on advocacy boards. I thought I had a very good idea of “Disability World,” but I was surely wrong. Because of my limited rights, directly after the hurricane, each time I had tried to reach out to get progress started on my home, I would get scolded by lawyers and by the Trustee. At the same time, the Trustee and the Microboard couldn’t tell me what was being done with the house. Friends have come to my hotel distraught and angry at what they were seeing being done to me. They themselves were trying to get the ball rolling with the process of cleaning up after the flood, but they also got scolded. Years ago, I took a class called Partners and Policymaking. The most important thing I had learned from that class was that you cannot rely on the system or the government, so you have to build your social network of friends so you won’t be isolated and potentially abused. Well here I was, my friends were trying to help, but because of the way the Special Needs Trust was set up their hands were tied. I also feel really guilty because of Brian. Brian and I have been a couple for 19 years. A lot of his things were lost in the flood, and we was getting no answers about the home we lived in from my support team of the Trustee and the Microboard. I was told by the Trustee that she was trying to protect me, which is why she was not telling me anything. Just imagine… Insurance claims being filed incorrectly and getting lost, your items being moved, some being thrown away, you don’t know where to go to spend the night, and nobody is answering your questions about any of this. I didn’t know what to tell Brian. He was getting angrier and angrier, which I completely understand. Even I had no idea why the Trustee and the Microboard were not answering my questions. I felt like they were ignoring me, so still to this day I feel like I need to move because I am obviously not wanted here. But I am sure I can’t because my feet are nailed to the ground because of this Special Needs Trust. ……….continued on next page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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THE FOOD CRITICS’ CHOICE by Kevin Benton Hi Fellow foodies— I love to eat, I especially enjoy to eating at restaurants on Friday night. Most of us are on a Budget when it comes to eating out. That’s why I decided to let everyone know where to get the best deals, BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! So my staff and I ventured out to a restaurant close to where live at Southern Shopping Center off Little Creek RD. There is Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill & Buffet. I went for lunch and boy was I amazed at the variety of foods, Sushi, Hibachi grill, soups, wings, salad bar and wow even Americana food. When you come in and you pay they give you a punch card with 10 spots after it is filled you get $5 off so lunch with your filled punch card becomes $2.49 Wow that now that’s a deal! Hostess seats you and we ask could we sit at a booth or table central located at the Buffet. I couldn’t believe my eyes at ass the offerings as we walked to our booth. Our waitress immediately welcomed us to our table. Friendly smile goes a long way when it comes to tipping 15% to 18% is recommended. First off there are a lot of healthy choices to make we started with a salad and with a little imagination we made an amazing salad of romaine, sunflower seed, raw broccoli. It was crisp and fresh and delicious. After the salad, sushi, I love it. Even the seaweed salad, ginger was too spicy for my taste. I have the shrimp and maki rolls passed on the raw fish, that my staff gobbled up, I think she really enjoyed the raw fish. Nest we has the main course sesame chicken, beef broccoli fried rice and egg roll. For dessert I had fresh fruit and cookies, There are many choices for dessert. I left feeling very satisfied with my food and the services and I can say I will definitely come back I would give Teppanyaki Hibachi grill 5 forks out of 5 for BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK! ………continued from previous page>>>> I guess what I’m trying to say is to be extra careful of how you set up your Special Needs Trust for your child. Also if you do happen to put together a Microboard, have regular board meetings with the person being served, have the by-laws clearly state each members duties, etc. I would not want this to happen to anybody. I am not sure how I can get myself out of this mess, but I am trying. I don’t understand after years of being told that I am a strong advocate for myself and listening to people tell me that I am so independent, and I’ve told other people with disabilities how to advocate for themselves, how I can be so trapped by something that is supposed to benefit me?


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Norfolk Exploration by Bernard Terry I moved to Norfolk from Portsmouth over a year ago. I had been to Norfolk a lot before, but when I moved here I explored my new home and found what I think are the best places to go in Norfolk. First is Fort Norfolk, which I like because it’s got a nice view of the water and is close to the PETA headquarters. Next is the ODU campus. I like this area because of all the great restaurants close to the school. Then, there is the Chelsea (or West Ghent) area. This area is very pretty with a nice park and plenty of pine trees. Next, is the old houses of Freemason, they are very beautiful. Other Notable places include: the MLK Jr park, Stockley Gardens (which remind me of my home.), and the recently reopened Waterside District. I really like all these places near my new home, but my favorite place in Norfolk is Downtown. There are always great events in Downtown, like the First Friday Events! I like to just go downtown and people watch, I especially enjoy having meals at Sweet Teas. I have really enjoyed exploring my new home over the past year, and think more people should get outside and explore their cities too!

Medicaid and Technology by Grace Faezelle It takes 3 or 4 months to get approved for Medicaid. It also takes about the same amount of time to get much needed IPads, laptops, echos, etc. If someone finds they are being denied these things, a doctor’s recommendations could be required. A person could end up having to pay out of pocket or be asked to pay half the cost. This could be hard on the person who relies on this technology for communication or doing activities around their home. Also, a person may be underage and still in need of financial assistance. Their parents may be asked about their income and this may determine whether or not they receive a waiver or denied altogether of receiving insurance. The barriers to getting technology through the Waiver can be harder to deal with than the actual need itself.


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PRIDE FEST by Daniel Gunn Once a year in June, the LGBT community comes together to celebrate diversity. They call this event Pride Fest, because people that are LGBT use this festival to show how they are proud to be who they are. The First Gay Pride Parade was in New York City in June 1969. Since then, Cities all over America have had Pride parades and Festivals every June. Even other countries like South Africa, Japan, Canada, and Germany have joined in on this tradition, and now all over the world, June is known as Gay Pride Month. In Hampton Roads, The first Pride Festival took place in 1986, and it was not even a festival yet, it was a small potluck picnic and gathering of LGBT advocates. Over the years this organization of people grew and became known as “Hampton Roads Pride” or “HR Pride” for short. This year they hosted the Pride fest at Town Point Park here in Norfolk. This year, I volunteered at the ADA tent. My responsibility was to stand at the ADA tent which is tent the HR Pride organization had set up close to the stage so that people that have hearing impairments can be close to the stage to see the sign language interpreter. It was my responsibility to make sure the guests in the tent were comfortable, and that the tent stayed free of litter and trash. It was an easy job for me, with a nice view of the stage. After my volunteer shift, I was able to fully enjoy the Festival, which included performances from Martha Wash (Famous for the song “It’s Raining Men”) and the Village People (Famous for the Song “YMCA”). My favorite parts of the event were seeing the Village people preform “In the Navy”, seeing a Diana Ross Impersonator, and seeing everyone from the LGBT community come together to celebrate. There were also a lot of cool booths selling all sorts of things. Access AIDS was also there educating people about AIDs and STD prevention. There were also many inclusive churches that include all members of the community including the LGBT community. Some of these churches host “Drag Bingo” events to raise money, which I think is really cool! Overall, the event was a lot of fun, and very successful this year! I can’t wait to go back next year! The Buzz is looking for contributors. If you are interested in writing a one time feature article or in being a part of our regularly contributing staff writers please contact Angela Stevens at 757-625-6161 ext. 513 or astevens@hopehouse.org. We look forward to reading new and exciting articles!

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ADVOCACY DAY by Dorothy Clark On Tuesday January 31st Stephanie and I attended the DD Advocacy day in Richmond VA. Upon arrival to our state Capitol building. We met up with Katherine Olsten from the Arc of VA. We also ran into some others I know in the foyer. I signed in with Mr. Jason Miyares which I had an appointment for 10:30 am. And I met with Mr. Barry Knight. Each appointment was for 15 mins. I spoke on dental and vision care for adults with Medicaid wavier. Ask them to oppose bills that would give public funding to segregated programs. Like SB1404 which they informed me that the bill was already thrown out. I also Asked the gentlemen to oppose bills that would take freedom away from people with disabilities. Then I spoke up about just closing the workshops and placing the people with waivers in day programs which we know as waste time centers. I asked why they didn't slowly move people from workshops into supported employment jobs instead of placing everyone in day programs all at once. After each meeting the gentleman thank me for my time with them which I to thanked them. They were also open to letting me have a picture taken with them to commemorate the event. Along the walk between the general Assembly building and Capitol building. We looked at the history behind some statues and joined the rally for a few minutes. I met up with some ladies on the VA board for people with disabilities and listened to chanting like end the wait, more accessibility and community inclusion. Through the capital building we learned some history of pour state. We were able to join in the gallery during the house of delegates general Assembly. They spoke on several important bills and voted how they thought. On our way home we ate at Applebee's where we reflected upon our day. I think was a first time experience for my Staff Stephanie. I think was also a great day for the both of us with it being the first time either one of us set in the gallery. It was Stephanie’s first time to this type of event and even to the capital building. The Arc of Virginia State Convention August 7-9 Norfolk.


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GOIN’ TO THE CHAPEL…by Elvi Goldschmidt

Preparing to get married is a crazy mix of excitement and anxiety. The best way to deal with the excitement is to marry someone you’re crazy about. The best way to deal with the anxiety is to BE PREPARED. Some couples prefer a simple low-key wedding; others a grand slam blow-out. Whichever you choose, there’s a plan already mapped out that you can make your own—using more or less of the schedule lists below to fit your celebration. So, hold on to your hats, here’s Elvi’s Wedding Planner: 16 to 9 months prior: Start a wedding folder or binder; begin looking through bridal, lifestyle, fashion, gardening design and food magazine for inspiration; Work out your budget: determine how much you have to spend based on your families’ contributions and your own; Pick your wedding party as soon as you’re engaged; Start the guest list: make a head count database to use throughout the planning process with contact info; RSVP’s, gifts and other information; Hire a planner if desired; Reserve your date and venues; Book your officiant. Research photographers, bands, florists, and caterers; Throw an engagement party if you wish. 7 to 6 months prior: Select and purchase invitations; Start planning a honeymoon Shop for bridesmaids’ dresses; Meet with the officiant Send save-the-date cards; Reserve electric and structural necessities Book a florist; Arrange transportation Start composing a day-of time line

8 months Prior: Hire the photographer and the videographer Book the entertainment Meet caterers Purchase a dress Research a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests Register Launch a wedding website 4 to 5 months: Prior Book the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venues; Check on the wedding invitations Select and order the cake; Send your guest list to the host of your shower; Purchase wedding shoes and start dress fittings; Schedule hair and makeup artists; Choose your music.

3 months Prior: 2 months Prior: Finalize the menu and flowers; Order favors, if desired; Make a list of people Touch base again with all the vendors giving toasts; Finalize the readings; Purchase your undergarments Meet with the photographer Finalize the order of the ceremony and the reception; Print menu cards, if Review the playlist with the band or dejay desired, as well as programs; Purchase the rings; Send your event schedule Send out a newspaper wedding announcement to the vendors. Enjoy a bachelorette party 1 month Prior: Enter rsvp’s into your guest list database; Get your marriage license Mail the rehearsal-dinner invitations; Visit the dressmaker for your last dress fitting; Stock the bar; Send out as many final payments as you can Confirm times for hair and makeup and all vendors; E-mail and print directions to drivers of transport vehicles; Assign seating; Purchase bridesmaids’ gifts; Write vows, if necessary; Get your hair cut and colored if desired

Week of Wedding: Reconfirm arrival times with vendors; Delegate small wedding-day tasks; Send a timeline to the bridal party; Pick up your dress; Check in one last time with photographer; Set aside checks for the vendors; Book a spa treatment; Send the final guest lists to the caterer and all venues hosting your wedding related events; Break in your shoes; Assemble and distribute the welcome baskets; Pack for your honeymoon.

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!!!!!!!!!!!GET OUT THE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!


Virginia General Elections are coming up this Fall Here are the Deadlines>>> Register/Update Address by: Monday, October 16, 2017 Request Absentee Ballot by mail by: 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 31, 2017 Request Absentee Ballot by appearing in person by: 5:00 p.m. Saturday, November 4, 2017

VOTE on Tuesday, November 7, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for our: *** Governor *** Lieutenant Governor *** *** Attorney General *** House of Delegates *** SOME Cities & Counties are also electing: Commonwealth's Attorney; Sheriff; Commissioner of Revenue; Treasurer; Boards of Supervisors; School Boards; City Council; City School Board. VISIT http://www.elections.virginia.gov/ for complete information

!!!!!SO...GET OUT

& VOTE!!!!!

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The Buzz - Volume 7 Issue 2  

The Buzz - Volume 7 Issue 2