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List of Needs Household Items Bath towels Wash cloths Bathroom rugs Twin sheet sets Twin blankets

Cleaning Products Pine-Sol Lysol spray Bleach Soft Scrub 3M green scrubber pads Toilet bowl cleaner

Pillow cases Pillows Twin bed spreads Shower curtains Twin waterproof mattress covers

(zippered preferred) Twin cotton mattress (goes over the vinyl covers or waterproof cotton covers)

Windex Air freshener New vacuum cleaners Spray bottles Brooms/dust pans Fabric softener

Scrubbing Bubbles spray Clorox/Lysol disinfecting wipes Cotton mop heads - Sam’s or Costco Trash bags, 30 gallon or larger (clear)

Nail Clippers Deodorant Dental floss Kleenex Nail polish remover Cotton balls Regular pads and tampons

Super absorbent pads and tampons Ethnic hair care products: - Hair relaxer kits - Oil Sheen - African Pride Hair Grease - Pink Oil Hair Moisturizer

Nose suckers Baby powder Diaper rash ointment Diapers, size 4, 5, 6 Pull Ups size 2-3T, 3-4T and 4-5T

Teething gel Baby oil Forehead thermometers

Hygiene Products Wide tooth combs Hair conditioner Hand sanitizer Bath caddies Emory boards Q-tips Soft bristle hair brushes

Baby Items Baby gates Bottles Pacifiers Baby wipes Baby nail clippers

Paper Products Toilet paper (approximate weekly usage at each location is 68 rolls, or 136 rolls total per week) Paper towels (approximate weekly usage per location is 48 rolls, or 96 total rolls per week) Napkins

Kids Miscellaneous Ear thermometers Non-surgical, non-latex exam gloves Craft supplies (tempera paint, glitter, paint brushes) Fruit juices, preferably 100% juice Snack foods (such as crackers, cheese, peanut butter, animal crackers, graham crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables, small cans of fruit, cereal bars, corn chips)

Food Service Peas Tuna Corn Flour

Carrots Sugar Coffee Tomatoes, canned

Spaghetti sauce Stuffing mix Sliced bread Canned mushrooms

Corn meal Green beans Tomato sauce Peas and carrots, mixed

2 ounce portion cups Instant mashed potatoes

Potatoes, canned or fresh Food service gloves (Sam’s or Costco) Cream soups (mushroom, celery, chicken) Canned vegetables (it takes 32 cans per day) Canned fruit (it takes 32 cans of fruit per day) Cereal, hot and cold sweetened or unsweetened Mayonnaise, gallon containers (Sam’s or Costco) Ranch dressing and Italian dressing, gallon containers (Sam’s or Costco) Pickle relish, gallon containers (Sam’s or Costco) BBQ sauce, gallon containers (Sam’s or Costco) Salsa, 1/2 gallon containers (Sam’s or Costco) Kool Aid, pre-sweetened, preferably large containers Large food service disposable aluminum pans (Sam’s or Costco) Canned beans: pork ‘n’ beans, kidney beans, chili beans, great northern, baked

Clothing Needs Pajamas House slippers Robes Sweat shirts New bras: all sizes

New underwear: womens, boys and girls, all sizes New socks: women, boys and girls Medicines and Health Products

Medicines & Health Products Tylenol Ibuprofen Burn cream Band Aids Ace wraps

Throat lozenges Children’s medications (Tylenol, cold Pregnancy tests medicines) Antibacterial ointment Mouth wash (alcohol free) Monistat or similar product Over the counter cold meds (alcohol free)

Miscellaneous Items Night lights Suitcases Bottled water

Alarm clocks Batteries: AAA, AA, C, D Case lots of copy paper (Sam’s or


Office Supplies Scotch tape Highlighters 3-hole punches

Black ink pens Sheet protectors Manila file folders

Dry erase board markers Cases of copy paper (Sam’s or Costco)