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HOPE's Mission is to prevent and reduce homelessness in Central Florida by equipping individuals and families to become self-sufficient through Housing, Outreach, Prevention and Education. We envision a world where people know that there is HOPE.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Message from the CEO, 1 Programs, 3 Events, 4 Stories of HOPE, 5-6 Board of Directors, 7 Message from 2016-2017 Chairman, 7 Statistics & Financials, 8 Snapshots of HOPE, 9-10 Partnerships, 11 Interfaith Coalition, 12 HOPE’s Community Garden, 12 Volunteer Spotlight, 13 Community Supporters, 15 Action: Focus in 2017, 16

“The resources here are just incredible. This center, from what I have seen, is the best. And I have been in and out of centers, drop-in centers, in the system, out of the system and I can say that this is the best resource center I have been in.� ~ HOPE Client

Message from our President/CEO Every day I am reminded that HOPE Helps, Inc., is continuing to help individuals and families on the path to selfsufficiency. I continue to be inspired by our caring staff and all they do for those we serve. We’re also blessed to have supportive and involved Board Members, donors, and community partners. It’s my pleasure to share with you some of our highlights over the past fiscal year:

HOPE, now serving the community for 10 years [2007 to 2017], is now functioning out of a new space to better serve those in need.

Served hundreds of clients – preventing hunger and homelessness in a new, larger facility. The facility is not only able to accommodate a larger pantry, but also several partner agencies are offering their crucial Joan Faulkner, CEO services on-site for immediate access to clients. Staff are also working more effectively and efficiently with a better atmosphere and workspace.

HOPE Intern assisting clients at the Resource Center

HOPE Helps, Inc.’s new Resource Center and Food Pantry

Announced our Capital Campaign at our kick-off event (now at 75% completion). The campaign helped HOPE into a new location to better serve those in need and will also help HOPE become debt free, so resources can go toward client services and build capacity.

In November, we held our annual Vision of HOPE fundraiser, which raised $50,000 to go toward direct services. Leaders and supporters from the community join us each year to hear about HOPE’s accomplishments, and goals for the coming year. This year, we were honored to be joined by 4-time Olympian, Chaunte’ Lowe who shared her amazing story of not only experiencing poverty, but striving for and reaching success in her life.

September 9, 2016 was proclaimed a “Day of HOPE” by Mayor Dominic Persampierre

HOPE was named “One of the ‘Top 100 Companies to work’ in Central Florida in 2016” by the Orlando Sentinel.

I am grateful for what has been accomplished in 2016. Thank you for your continued support, which is instrumental in our success. Sincerely, Joan B. Faulkner President/CEO


Leadership Seminole Class 26 Pantry Takeover

Charles Schwab Volunteer Week

Publix Serves

Siemens Group Volunteering OnSite Safety Pantry Takeover HOPE’s “Food Pantry Takeover” days were created to allow for businesses/organizations, church and civic groups to have a team-building volunteer experience in serving the community. Some “takeovers” are weekly and some are one-time. Please contact to set up your Pantry Takeover Day! 2

Programs Food Pantry In 2016, the pantry continued operating a fourth day, that includes Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. HOPE continues to build strong relationships with weekly and monthly scheduled donations from local restaurants. Clients received fresh produce donated from individuals, small farms, The Oviedo Preservation Project’s grant, HOPE’s Community Gardens and more. This is especially important when providing food to HENS (HOPE’s Emergency Network Service) and Kids of HOPE clients. HENS provided food and other services to homebound (elderly/disabled) families who could not travel to the pantry. Since all HENS clients were identified as diabetic, the pantry continued to focus on providing healthy, sugar free, low salt items to accommodate these special needs. Kids of HOPE served free lunches to underprivileged children while they were on school breaks, and gave access to their families to HOPE’s resource services.

Fresh, organic produce from a donor

Resource Center

Winter Park Elks Lodge Food Drive

Kids of HOPE decorated lunch bags

In addition to the acquisition of the new resource center, HOPE continued to receive state-wide recognition for exemplary usage of HMIS (Homeless Management Information System). The system allowed staff to track and respond to current trends in needs, monitor client processes and report accurate outputs/measures.


The HOPE Resource Center saw many types of individuals and families who struggled to pay their rent and other bills. Many families fell into crisis due to job loss, cutback of work hours, medical expenses or limited government funds (social security, unemployment) to make ends meet. HOPE met with several partner agencies who offer additional services, with some able to operate directly from HOPE’s new, expended facility.

HOPE Events March 4th, 2017, —At HOPE’s annual Sham Rock N’ Run 5K, hundreds of Central Floridians run, walk, skip, or hop through a 5K course in their St. Patty’s Day best. This family-friendly 5K is full of Irish fun, with a themed costume contest, shamrock shirts, Irish dancers and a bag pipe performance. Aug. 5th, 2017—Right before school starts each year, HOPE hosts the Back to School Bash, supported by hundreds of volunteers, where nearly 500 preregistered children of families in crisis are able to pick out everything they need to start their school year off right. On the day of the event, each child chooses a backpack, all of the school supplies they need, a first day of school outfit, a set of toiletries and receives a vision screening and free glasses if required. Partner service agencies provide additional resources.

Nov. 2nd, 2017, —Each fall at Vision of HOPE, guests gather to hear an informative and inspirational program while enjoying a delicious breakfast. Attendees of the free event meet and mingle with HOPE’s board members, supporters and clients, and learn about HOPE’s triumphs from the past year as well as vision and goals our the future. The community is encouraged to get engaged to support HOPE’s mission of serving families in crisis in our community. In 2016, over 200 guests joined us at St. Albans for this annual event which helps sustain operations. Dec. 16th, 2017—Christmas in the City is a celebration where people of all faiths come together to eat, sing worship songs and to share and participate in the spirit of Christmas. The event is aimed at meeting the real needs of those in crisis in our community who may not be as fortunate as ourselves, by providing them with toys, gift cards, socks and underwear, blankets, books, school supplies, jeans, and access to resource services. HOPE unites with its Interfaith Coalition and local businesses to provide an average of 300 local families with everything they need to celebrate the holiday season in a way that every family deserves. 4

Stories of HOPE Daniel, a husband and father of 3, is a HOPE client who receives assistance from HOPE’s Resource Center/Food Pantry. HOPE sees clients from all walks of life and meets with them individually in order to assess need and create a plan to bring them back to self-sufficiency. Daniel had a normal childhood but then things fell apart.

“We became homeless, and I was homeless for two years with my mom and my brothers and my sister. We went from having a five bedroom house down to living from cot to cot.” As an adult, Daniel and his family moved to Florida to start his small business. After losing the investor in his business and becoming seriously ill, Daniel lost everything. Without a job and only $36 to his name, Daniel didn’t know where to turn. It was then, on the verge of panhandling, that a woman approached him and said to Daniel “If you need to find places that have food, here are some places” and handed Daniel a pantry card and highlighted HOPE Helps.

“We lost almost everything. We started all over again. I found myself in a place of needing help again. I didn’t have food, I didn’t know where to get food from.” Daniel came to HOPE in 2016 and after meeting with case managers, Daniel began receiving much needed food from HOPE’s food pantry for his family. HOPE’s case managers will continue to meet with Daniel to reevaluate needs in order to provide the best care for Daniel and his family.

“I can say honestly this is the best center I have ever been in. It is like HOPE Helps is here and all the other places I have been to are all the way over there.” At HOPE’s annual Vision of HOPE Breakfast, guests have the opportunity to hear from clients and those who support the organization to better understand what the impact HOPE has on the community. 5

“Somedays I have to tell my son, eat at school because we don’t have food tonight.” Arelis came to the United States in 1992 and worked as a broker. In 2008, when the housing market crashed, she lost everything. As she struggled to make ends meet and saw she was on the brink of homelessness, she came to HOPE.

“When I came to HOPE, they treated me like family … I was so sad and depressed. I would not be here without HOPE. Not only me, me and my son, my family.” 4-time Olympian, wife, and mother of three, Chaunté Lowe, has achieved success beyond many people’s wildest dreams, but didn’t have a picturesque upbringing. Chaunté grew up having to visit food pantries that gave out moldy donuts and cornmeal with worms in it. There were even times when her water would get cut off and they would have to huddle by the fireplace for heat.

You always think you will become homeless because of something you’ve done but in my case, it was because my mother struggled with addiction.” It was when her grandmother stepped in that things started to change, that there was hope. For Chaunté, her grandmother was HOPE. Chaunté came to HOPE to give back to families in crisis in her community that are going through some of the same things she went through as a child.


Board of Directors 2016

Front row, left to right: Greg Smith, KellySue Stonebreaker, Karen, Trachsel, Susan McMahon, Joan Faulkner, Kris Siegmundt, Jennifer Pence, Krissy Goss, Terri Walsh, Dave Kutlenios. Back row, left to right: Nikki Rach, Chris Coventry, Mike Coffey, Cameron Parker, Jim Gordon, Jim Riley, Amy Donley, Adam Zavardino. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Jim Gordon, Chairman Managing Partner Beers and Gordon Law Susan McMahon, Vice Chair Managing Director/Advisor Services Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Dave Kutlenios Solutions Engineer Sprint

Karen Trachsel Regional Business Coordinator Digi-Key Corporation

Jennifer Pence Community Volunteer

Nikki Rach Senior Consultant Winkler Group

Jim Riley Retired Educator and Community Volunteer

KellySue Stonebreaker, Secretary Realtor Re/Max Town and Country

Kris Siegmundt Director, Software Engineer Lockheed Martin

Greg Smith, Treasurer Executive VP/CFO/COO Citizens Bank of Florida

Adam Zavardino Senior Systems Engineer Northrup Grumman Veterans of Foreign Wars

Joan Faulkner President/Chief Executive Officer HOPE Helps, Inc.

OUTGOING: Mike Coffey Director of Outreach Ministries University Carillon United Methodist Church

DIRECTORS Chris Coventry Corporate Director of Safety, Security and Engineering Orlando Health

Amy Donley, PhD Associate Professor University of Central Florida

Krissy O’Neill Goss (Founder / Emeritus) Business Development/Partnerships

Cameron Parker Managing Director Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Move Money Hotlines

Terri Walsh Program Manager/ProfessorAccounting Seminole State College INCOMING: Karen Copeland Owner Copeland CPA Stephen Fussell Administrator—Office of Organizational Excellence Seminole County Government Teresa Nardontonia Chief Nursing Office Oviedo Medical Center Heather Smith Chief of Staff Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Stephanie Vollrath Owner Vollrath Law

Message from the Chairman of the Board 2016 The past year has been filled with exciting changes for HOPE, including the opening of the new Resource Center. Everyone at HOPE is proud of the new space and everything it will allow us to offer the community. We look forward to completing the renovations to the building in 2017 as the transition and changes at HOPE continue. The Board of Directors continued to demonstrate their dedication to HOPE in 2016 through numerous events, fundraising, committee meetings, and monthly board meetings. We are proud Jim Gordon Chairman of the to serve with a great group of individuals, but we are more proud Board of Directors to see how the management and staff at HOPE have handled the changes and transitions over the past two years. The board is also inspired by the countless volunteers who continue to give so much of themselves to make HOPE a wonderful part of the community. 7 ~ Jim Gordon, 2016 Chairman of the Board

Statistics and Financials 2016 AT A GLANCE

$623,000 worth of volunteer hours donated.

$785,625 worth of food distributed.

13,170 lunches distributed through the Kids of HOPE Enrichment Program.

2,899 individuals received services through HOPE’s Resource Center.

335 children-in-need registered for HOPE’s Back to School Bash.

313 registered families received services at Christmas in the City, supported by Interfaith Coalition and volunteers.


HOPE had record setting financial donations in 2016! The staff at HOPE continues to be in awe of those who wish to lend their neighbors a helping hand! The Home for HOPE Capital Campaign brought in over $700,000 in pledges and monetary donations. Grant revenue alone was over $500,000 which included two significant one-time grants Janis Williams, towards the purchase of the CFO previously leased HOPE Chest in June 2016. HOPE received $250,000 from a CDBG block grant from the Seminole County Board of Commissioners as well as $75,000 from the Edyth Bush Foundation for the project. Thrift store revenues were up another 20% over 2015 as the visibility of the store increases the customer base and sources of donations. Stewardship of donations is important at HOPE. We strive to use every penny wisely and turn them into services for families and individuals in need. Fundraising costs were again temporarily higher at 10% of expenses as HOPE continued to raise funds to complete the Resource Center renovations, purchase The HOPE Chest and begin to pay off debt. The continuing support of our community has made ownership of these facilities possible and will help to reach our goal of being debt free!

Grants, 22%

Fundraising Events, 2%

In-Kind Contributions, 44%

Highlight: iHeartRadio/ WJRR Pay-for-Play

Thrift Store, 11%

In-Kind Contributions Financial Contributions Thrift Store Grants Fundraising Events

Financial Contributions, 24%

on-air, all-day fundraiser brought in $10,000! Man agement & General, 3%

HOPE Clients by Age


Fundraising, 8%


Age N ot Available, 1.1%

Elderly 62+, 10.7%

Program Serv ices

Children < 12 Children <12, 22.8%

Y outh 12-17

Management & General

Adults 18-61 Youth 12-17, 16.2% Adults 18-61, 49.2%

E lderly 62+ Ag e N ot Ava il able

Program Services, 89%



Snapshots of HOPE


Snapshots of HOPE

Tabling at Hometown Harvest

Attendees at Vision of HOPE Fundraising Breakfast 2013

Attendees at Vision of HOPE Breakfast Fundraiser 2013

Audrey & Linda speaking at Vision of HOPE


Community Partnerships HOPE partners with other critical resource agencies to conveniently provide services inhouse, alleviating the hardship of traveling across town to receive services. HOPE also partners with organizations, like On-Site Safety and Ault Construction, who support HOPE in a number of ways. On-Site Safety Pantry Takeover

In 2016, HOPE partnered with organizations throughout the community including the Oviedo Businesswomen’s Network, Disney Grants, Charles Schwab, University of Central Florida School of Social Work, Lukas Nursery, 101.1 WJRR and more.

Kids of HOPE Back to School Bash 2013

Real Radio 104.1 Bike Drive

Health Care Center for the Homeless H.O.P.E. Mobile Medical Unit

Disney Lost & Found Donations

New refrigerators were funded in part by a grant from the Kimball Family Fund at the Central Florida Foundation

Local businesses, organizations, civic groups and churches host food drives, fundraisers, seminars and more, all benefitting HOPE.

HOPE volunteers Madison Faulkner and Jacob DeBerry at Lukas Nursery’s Charity Benefit Kick-off.


DeAnn Gurney, Marketing Coordinator, and Joan Faulkner, CEO, with Mel Taylor & Dickerman, WJRR On-Air Talent, at WJRR’s annual Pay for Play Fundraiser for HOPE.

Interfaith Coalition HOPE’s Interfaith Church Coalition has been working hand-in-hand addressing issues of poverty and homelessness since 2008. The Coalition refers potential clients to HOPE’s qualified Case Managers Interfaith Coalition Meeting who collaborate to assist individuals and families in need. “Members of my church volunteer at HOPE. They hold food

drives like Souper Bowl Sunday. They help with Christmas in the City, donate clothes, and collect back to school supplies. Our church gives time and money to HOPE. Thanks to HOPE, my people can prepare Christmas in the City Leaders for that day when the Lord says, “I was hungry and you gave me food to eat…” May our churches extend together the compassion of the Lord” - Reverend David Scotchie, D Min. Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of the Incarnation The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints FaithDome of Fellowship First Baptist Church of Chuluota Crosslife Church First United Methodist Church of Oviedo Grace Oviedo Most Precious Blood Catholic Church New Covenant Anglican Church Northland

HOPE is blessed to have two community gardens run by two churches in the Interfaith Church Coalition: St. Alban’s Anglican Cathedral and First United Methodist Church of Oviedo. These community gardens provide fresh produce for HOPE’s Food Pantry, giving HOPE clients healthy eating options. Master Gardeners Don Fielding and Wayne Walworth continued to oversee and provide HOPE with bountiful crops of tomatoes, squash, kale, collards, green beans and more. Community volunteers take part in the planting and harvesting of produce valued at over $15,000.

Oviedo Presbyterian Church Palmwood Church River Run Christian Church St. Alban's Anglican Church St. Luke's Lutheran Church St. Matthews Episcopal Church St. Stephen's Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church Unity Center for Positive Living University Carillon United Methodist University Unitarian Universalist Society

HOPE was blessed to receive a private donation of $15,000 in 2016 to provide clients with fresh, organic produce. Because of this donation, organic produce is delivered to HOPE’s Food Pantry weekly which is then distributed to clients on each of our four pantry days. The beautiful colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables are a welcoming sight and provide healthy options for our clients.

A pallet of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to HOPE

Yellow squash

Picking vegetables at St. Albans

Organic produce ready to be distributed to HOPE’s clients


Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic at Lake Mill’s Park to honor everyone who donated their time in 2016.

Recognizing Our Volunteers

From left to right: Jeff Bennett, Suzanne Carbone, Elaine Falls, Monique Lee, Karol Ludascher, Joan Roberts, Peter Sylvester, Manny Valdes, John Williams

HOPE’s volunteers are recognized throughout the year for birthdays, anniversaries and more, as well as a special week long celebration of volunteers kicked off by HOPE’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic. This year’s picnic took place on Sunday, April 10th at Lake Mills Park in Chuluota. Volunteers came out to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to HOPE with lunch, games, prizes and more! Jeff, Suzanne, Elaine, Monique, Karol, Joan, Peter, Manny, and John were some of HOPE’s volunteers who were recognized for their commitment to HOPE. With the use of Volgistics, a volunteer database, and, communicating with all HOPE volunteers was easier and more effective.


Thank You to our Volunteers! HOPE is run by a staff of 20 who are supported by hundreds of dedicated volunteers. Thank you to our volunteers who donated over 27,000 volunteer hours in 2016!

Judy Saunders

Nancy Williams Patti Worrell

Martha Winch

699—600 hours

99—50 hours

Alexander Altland Lauren Aming Alise Arcamone Dana Ashworth Ashley Baringer Christopher Barreto Matthew Bartimus Rose Becker Nakisa Behi Linda Birkbeck William Birnbaum Naomi Bomotano Phebe Brocke Laura Capp Gabriel Carrasquillo Darby Castro Maria Castro Scott Chiriboga Adele Clark Hannah Clark Clarissa Cole Douglas Cole Moinica Cullen Matt Curless Julia Dansereau Christopher Daugherty Paul Drollet Emma Espinet Brittany Evans John Fecko Benjamin Feigenbaum Patrick Flanagan Michele Furman Calvin Fyler Kryillos Gerges Erika Gobbi Paula Grisales Greg Gryzlak Kevin Grzegorczyk Zachary Hamman Hannah Hanson Eugene Haran Jennifer Hoffer Kelly Hudson Anna Kimball Jerry Klopfer Ethan Kogan Britton Kran Carl Kran Chris Kunkle Alec La Frossia Kevin Lach Tom Lane David Langdon

1299—1200 hours

Joann Root

499—400 hours

Carrie Christensen 399—300 hours

Suzanne Carbone Gloria Riley Jim Riley Manny Valdes 299—200 hours

Jim Allen Rita Bakke Alice Beall Jeffrey Bennett Ray Labant Shannon Leary Liz McDonald Joan Roberts Joe Rodriguez Carol Scribano Albert Valladares 199—100 hours

Sherry Abdallah Barre Baggett Michael Beall Maria Cantor Zoe Davide Ineita Dingus Ron Dotson Bennie (Elaine) Falls Bill Foster Greg Fraser Michele Furman Miriam Gerber Mary Goodman Charlene Green Cody Guirreri Theresa Holt Sherry Kragler Frederic Krueger Suzanne Labant Monique Lee MaryAnn Lehman Karol Ludascher Jacki Melley Alyce Quandt Kyle Roman Monique Roney Debbie Sackett Gordon Sayre Jr. John Schaffer Bonnie Thomas Linda Thornbrugh Sophie Von Kalm John Williams

Sixto Aponte Jr. Kayla Bealmear Emilee Belmontes Dave Bless Linda Cluxton Sherry Conley Maria Cortes Emily Couts Lauren Culbreth Reshard Denard Gloria Driggers Rosanne Feigenbaum Craig Fernandes Vanessa Fortier Laura Hall Mary Hargrave Peggy Harwood Connor Holth Anthony Howard Tim Hudson Rita Indresano Katherine Jefferson Michelle Jewett Joyce Johnson Heather Kemper John Kimball Michael King Julie Kolb James Kostopoulos Bryan La Frossia Jack Lehman Lauren Leverett James Maguire Nancy Marzolino Norma Mattsson Richard Mattsson Elsa Monteverde de Baasch Frank Mundo Ximena Petti Allison Ramsey Beth Redding Barbara Reichley Carlos Rosario-Pintor Michael Ryan Amy Shiver Alex Smith Peter Sylvester Jeninne VanSickle Carson Wagner Wayne Walworth Joyce Washburn Dora Weaver Denise Whitley Marjory Williams Annette Wilson

49—25 hours

Luz Larriva Billy Lee Christopher Martini Karen McClellan Patricia McConnell Michele Miersch Nick Mott Chris Myers Connor Nissen Tai’von Noel Bobby Odimegwu Pat Otte Saul Parra Emily Pereira Daniel PerezHernandez Caitlin Price Susan Rasins Lizveth Rodriguez Rod Rodriguez Kim Ross Donna Sanchez Scott Sanders Alberto Sanitago Jr. Karen Sellers Daniel Sheahan Daniel Siciliano Thomas Smith Henry Stansell Dave Staymates Dawn Staymates Shaleen Stocker Jose Suarez Cassie Thompson Taylor Tiedge Barbara Tierney Maxine Tomlinson My Truong Martin Tyrie Victoria Tyson Steve Vanderwolf Lauren Vickers Joshua Vickery Joseph Walker Eric Wise Harry Wise Nicolette Worrell Hector Wright Kathy Yergler Kelsey Zibell

We also want to recognize ALL of the Event Volunteers, Groups, Bright Futures Students and Community Service Volunteers.

We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this list, and apologize for any errors or omissions.


Thank You to our Supporters! On behalf of HOPE’s Board of Directors, Staff and those we serve, thank you to our generous donors, including foundations, churches, businesses, civic groups, and individual and private donors. Grants The Bank of America Charitable Foundation Central Florida Foundation Charles Schwab Foundation Disney Worldwide Services Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Harper Family Charitable Foundation Orlando Sentinel Family Fund Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. The Ryan Foundation Second Harvest Seminole County Board of Commissioners The Chelsey G. Magruder Foundation, Inc. The Father’s Table Foundation, Inc. The John & Katherine Duda Foundation, Inc. The Walt Disney Company Foundation

Churches Action Church Antioch Missionary Baptist Church First Baptist Church of Chuluota First United Methodist Church of Oviedo FUMCO United Methodist Women FUMCO—Tuesday Morning Bible Study Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal MI Most Precious Blood Catholic Church New Covenant Anglican Church Inc Northland, A Church Distributed - Oviedo River Run Christian Church St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church St. Matthews Episcopal Church The Chapel at The Tremont Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church University Carillon United Methodist Church University Unitarian Universalist Society

Organizations 1st Residential Funding A. Duda & Sons, Inc. AGS Exposition Services, Inc. Allen Brothers Services, Inc. Amazon Smile AON Aon Foundation AVNET Beers and Gordon PA BEHR Process Corporation Benevolent, Patriotic Order of DOES Boys Town of Central Florida Camp Gladiator David Bowen P.A. David Weekly Homes Centennial Bank Charles Schwab Charles Schwab—PAC Chipotle Citizens Bank of Florida City Chick, LLC DaVita Total Renal Care, Inc. Defense Litigation Group DJP Holdings, LLC Double D Drywall Texture Duke Energy Dynamic Touch, Inc. EMINEL Group DBA Red Sun Yoga First Service Title of Florida LLC Flippers Pizza, Inc. Florida Critical Power LLC Forness Properties GlaxoSmithKline Foundation GFWC Oviedo’s Woman’s Club Great Southern Contractors Inc. Grund Investment Group Jeremiah's Italian Ice of Oviedo Jet Home Repairs & Remodeling JMC Concrete Cutting & Demolition, Inc. Jobmaster Inc


Karen Copeland & Associates, PA Keller Williams Advantage Realty Kelly Sue Stonebreaker LLC Kim Coburn P.A. KKW Enterprises, Inc. Laura Leigh Wood, LLC Leadership Seminole - Class 26 Lee Constantine's Charity Challenge LMEPAC Charity Program Lowe's of Oviedo Lucky's Market Lukas Nursery & Garden Shop, Inc Macy's/Bloomingdale McMillen & Company Tax Services Mels BGC Corp Metro Realty Group Mid Florida Mustang Club Movement Foundation Inc. Movement Mortgage MRG Pizza N Central Florida, LLC National Christian Foundation Orlando Omaha Community Foundation OneOC Onsight Safety Optima Partners LLC DBA RE/Max Optima Orlando Health Oviedo Chiropractic Oviedo Injury & Wellness Center Oviedo Medical Center Oviedo Medical Clinic Oviedo Winter Springs Optimist Club, Inc. Palm Tree Tech Center Paramount Urgent Care Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program Premier Pools of Central Florida, Inc. Price Financial Services Primrose School of Waterford Lakes Professional Connections Group Pudles Pressure Washing Quakers of Orlando R & B Oviedo Restaurant, LLC RE/Max 200 Realty Renew Chiropractic & Wellness Rini Technologies Roar Internet Marketing Rotary Club of Oviedo Rotary Club of Winter Springs Inc. Shell Creek LLC Slow Pour LLC Stinson Enterprises, Inc. Sublime Events, LLC Sun & Fundraising Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic Tanya R. McDonnell LLC Timberlake Cabinetry Titan Electric Southeast LLC Title Boxing Club Tri With Us UCF Convocation Corporation United States Fire Insurance Company Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US, Oviedo Post WAWA William La Grange Willow Creek Church PCA Wines for Humanity Winter Park Elks Lodge 1830 Wolfshead Real Estate, LLC

Orlando Sentinel Family Fund Grant

Action: Focus in 2017 Join the Club! In 2016 HOPE launched our "Hearts for HOPE Club" - This club is for those who give the gift of a monthly pledge. By pledging monthly, you are allowing HOPE to better plan, sustain and consistently meet the needs of HOPE's programs that support our clients. In honor of your pledge / commitment, you will be: Formally recognized at HOPE's Vision of HOPE annual fundraiser in November Recognized in HOPE's Annual Report - 2017 - 10-year Anniversary Edition Invited to a private recognition event in January (for monthly pledges reaching $1,000+ during HOPE's fiscal year, January-December) To join the club contact

What will YOU do to make a difference in 2017?  Host a food drive  Hold a “Pantry Takeover” with your business or group  Help a family  Sponsor an event  Volunteer  Earn Bright Future Hours  Donate monthly to help us become debt free  Join a committee  Feed a child  Give a single mother hope  Share your time with an elderly person  Share your talents  Spread the word 16

Thank you to our friends at Citizens Bank of Florida for being our printing sponsor and proud supporter of HOPE since 2007.

HOPE Helps, Inc.

Thrift Store/Boutique

Resource Center â&#x20AC;¢ Food Pantry

1802 W. Broadway St.,

812 Eyrie Dr.,

Oviedo, FL 32765

Oviedo, FL 32765



HOPE Annual Report 2016  
HOPE Annual Report 2016