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ERA Awards 2011 Brand: Hope Education Resource Name: Obzipod Activity Table Set Category: Best Primary Resource or Equipment - non ICT Price: ÂŁ299.90 Age Range: Foundation and KS1

The Obzipod Activity Table is a unique table providing a flexible classroom storage solution and demonstrates how learning and furniture resources can be combined and multipurpose in both early years and primary environments. The concept was to create an organic modular design for the purpose of tessellating into an activity outdoor classroom space. The aim was to provide a multipurpose Activity Table to support several activities such as Science, Art and for younger children Messy Play and Finding Out. The Obzipod Activity Table combines a play tray, table and lightweight storage tub that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The key objectives when developing this new resource was to include:

A sturdy yet lightweight activity table that could both operate as a learning tool and storage for any additional resources used

In-built compartments that can contain messy play, plants, art & craft materials and a range of items children can collect and observe. These activities are also supported by the magnifier containers included with the Obzipod Activity Table Pack

A clear lid when the in-built compartments are not required either to allow the Obzipod to be used as a conventional table for all kinds of general activity such as writing and arts & craft, or as a propagator option for germination of seeds and growing small shoots, ideal for science lessons

A mobile modular storage unit with activity tray to give the option for tessellation of several pods together, into an exciting outdoor classroom space which will utilize the lockable castors (this is to ensure the tables are firm and will stay stationary on their wheels)

Ample playing area for up to four children to use comfortably, great for encouraging group work and activities

A lightweight yet tough design that was durable enough to withstand repeated use, and fitted into any classroom environment whilst bringing with it opportunities to make activities more interactive and exciting for children

We believe this product deserves to win as it is the only multipurpose activity product of its kind available on the market. It can accommodate many types of resources for outdoor or indoor based lessons, at a time when teachers are required to maximise all spaces and improve learning experiences. This unique product allows the teacher to transport resources quickly to wherever the lesson is to be held and set up activities quickly and easily. Due to the modular design of the Obzipod Activity Table, several can be grouped together with different resources in each to create a separate learning space. Due to the Obzipod Activity Table’s unique design allowing it to be used as a conventional table for children to work at, plus a mobile storage unit, observation unit and creative/messy play work station for use indoors and outdoors, this new product is extremely good value for money and offers teachers and practitioners the flexibility they need when space is limited. We sent the Obzipod Activity Table to two local primary schools; Lyndhurst Primary School and Arundale Primary School, to get their reaction to this newly developed resource and see what their children made of it. Here are their comments:

Lyndhurst Primary School Ann Burke, Year 2 Teacher “The Obzipod Activity Table is ideal for the classroom due to the range of different activities you can do with it. The opportunities for exploration, messy play, indoor and outdoor use, plus its portable design and shape allows the children to fit into the table and easily reach all of the pods. For outdoor activities its great for finding out and investigating bugs and plants, whilst encouraging independent learning, all of which can be related to other topic work and develop talking and vocabulary. We liked the shape and size and the individual compartments which are suitably shaped for messy play and inspire staff to change their contents. So far we’ve used the pods for plants and bug hunting, messy play, colour mixing with paints, sorting and counting in maths and identifying shapes and colours. We haven’t seen anything like this available before; it is truly unique and that is what we like about it!” The children were very keen to use the Obzipod Activity Table, and were excited to learn new things and see how it worked. Here are some of the comments the children made: “We liked the magnifying glasses, taking them around and looking at stuff.” “I liked looking at new things.” Arundale Primary School Tony Hoskin, KS1 Teacher “We found the Obzipod Activity Table provided a good opportunity for questioning and discussion within small groups of children, and it encouraged children to use observational skills. The activities we did around the table helped to support personal, social and emotional development, knowledge and understanding of the world, and language development, and was a great additional learning tool to enhance topic based activities and develop new discussions and language. There are several opportunities for peer to peer questioning and also adult to peer questioning and discussion, whilst encouraging turn taking and social development. It is an excellent piece of equipment with endless opportunities. It’s a very new idea and we like the overall design and style/colour. Our pupils were very excited because the table was new to us all. The children were very interested in taking turns to view the objects inside the Obzipod as the

day continued, and were keen to talk about what other things we could put in the pods.” Here are some of the comments the children came back with: “We can look at everything in the world!” “Makes everything massive” “It can have all different stuff in it”

ERA Awards 2011 - Hope Education - Obzipod Activity Table  

Best Primary Resource or Equipment

ERA Awards 2011 - Hope Education - Obzipod Activity Table  

Best Primary Resource or Equipment