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Menopause Treating Hot Flashes the Natural Way Hot flashes are defined as a sudden feeling of warmth affecting face, neck and chest, which is typically associated with the changing hormone levels around menopause. Up to 85% of women have hot flashes with widely varying intensity and frequency. Read more on page 17.

By Don Rogers

Bee pollen is the food of the young bee, and is approximately 40% protein. It is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods and contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be used directly by the body. Such highly assimilated protein can contribute significantly to one's protein needs. There are numerous reports from medical experience that conclusively show the benefits of bee pollen exceed that of a simple food item. And the bees do most of the work. How Do They Do It? Gathering pollen is not as easy as it sounds. Once a honeybee arrives at a flower, it settles in and nimbly scrapes off the powdery loose pollen from the stamen with its jaws and front legs, moistening it with a dab of honey brought from the hive. The enlarged and broadened tarsal segments of her legs have a thick trimming of bristles, called pollen combs. The bee uses these combs to brush the gold powder from coat and legs in mid-flight. With a skillful pressing movement of its hind legs (auricles), the bee pushes the gathered gold into its pollen baskets. These baskets, surrounded by a fringe of long hair, are simply concave areas located on the outside of its tibias. When the bee's baskets are fully loaded, the microscopic golden dust has been tamped down into a single golden grain, or granule. One of the most interesting facts about bee pollen is that it cannot be synthesized in a laboratory. When researchers take away a bee's pollen-filled comb and feed it manmade pollen, the bee dies even though all the known nutrients are present in the lab-produced, synthesized food. Many thousands of chemical analyses of bee pollen have been made with the

very latest diagnostic equipment, but there are still some elements present in bee pollen that science cannot identify; the bees add some mysterious "extra" of their own. These unidentifiable elements may very well be the reason bee pollen works so spectacularly against so many diverse conditions of ill health.

Double-Duty These busy insects are programmed to gather pollen and carry it back to the hive as food for the colony. However, even more important as far as humans are concerned, they are also responsible for the pollination of more than 80 percent of green growing things! As bees buzz from blossom to blossom, microscopic pollen particles coat their stubby little bodies so densely that they sometimes look like yellow fuzz balls. When they arrive at the next flower, a portion of the live golden dust is transferred to that blossom and pollination is accomplished. It is important to recognize that one teaspoon of pollen takes a working bee eight hours a day for one month to gather. Each bee pollen pellet contains over two million flower pollen grains and one teaspoonful contains over 2.5 billion

Healthy Brains Suffering and Still No Results? The human brain is a complex machine that operates the functions of each and every single cell in our bodies. When our brain is functioning properly, our body is functioning properly. But what happens if your brain starts functioning improperly? To answer that question is to answer the question: Why Did My Body Go Wrong? Read more on page 5.

Beauty What is Smart Lipo? Smart Lipo is a laser system which can be used to assist cosmetic surgeons in body sculpting procedures. It has proven to be a safe and effective treatment and is becoming more and more popular. Read more on page 19.

Functional Neurology 5 Steps to Detoxifying for Weight Loss You diet, you exercise, but you are still struggling to lose those extra pounds. Sometimes your body need a little boost to release that unwanted weight. One way to do this is by the cleansing of toxins that are causing it to store fat and tax the metabolism. Just like the old tradition of “spring cleaning” to rid a home of junk, your body needs a time to cleanse and rid itself from years of unhealthy clutter. Read more on page 15.

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I fitness A Unique Fitness Center: Taking Temecula by Storm

Building Self-Confidence Through Fitness

By Charles Dao

iCON Sports Alliance & Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu • Family Oriented & Positive Atmosphere • Burn Fat, Gain Energy & Improve Performance • Challenge Yourself & Boost Self-Esteem • Take Pride In A Winning Team

With obesity on the rise and swiftly becoming a national epidemic, many families are searching for a way out of the blackhole and into the world of active living. They aren’t sure where to go, whom to trust or how to start. Sadly, many people are conned into false advertisements & empty promises, only to further their grasp of inner happiness & boosted self-esteem. At iCON Sports Alliance, we have realized that turning point and based the core values of our facility on serving our members with the passion that is exemplified through our training programs. Whether you’re a weekend warrior striving to contend, a stay-at-home parent looking for a positive outlet, or a teenager trying to improve your self-image, we are here to help you conquer your personal goals and achieve your optimal level of performance. Most people don’t realize the psychological benefits of physical exercise actually cause a chemical reaction promoting the release of endorphins. These receptors interact with your brain to not only reduce the perception of pain, but most importantly, trigger a euphoric surge of “feel good” energy throughout your body. This results in improved self-esteem accompanied by a more positive outlook on life. We, at iCON Sports Alliance, pride ourselves on creating a positive atmosphere conducive to empowering our members. Helping them gain self-value and see a world of possibilities they never realized existed. Our goal is to challenge you to reach beyond your comfort zone and into a realm of possibilities, living your life with the mentality of “Taking The Bull By The Horns”. Recent studies validate that partaking in fitness training not only boosts “self- esteem”, but consequently, wards off feelings of depression, making it easier to deal with stress, promoting socially engaging behaviors, and dramatically increasing overall health and happiness. Whether it be Hot Yoga or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, all our programs develop physical competence as well as a true appreciation of what your body is able to achieve. We’ve created the most positive and convenient one-stop shop to fulfill all your health and fitness needs. From Physical Therapy and Sports Massage to Fat Loss BootCamps and Sports Performance, we’ve got you covered! iCON Sports Alliance is truly privileged to help guide all our members through their personal road map of inner confidence and discover their innate goldmine of self-worth. We are always excited to share the acquired skills you’ll need to develop confidence to push harder and reach higher. This new found confidence then eminates into all areas of your life. Please feel free to join us for a complimentary BootCamp or Jiu-Jitsu class to experience our unique approach first hand. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you’re proud of all your accomplishments and that every positive change will build more inner

Define the Athlete Within

1x Complimentary BootCamp / Jiu-Jitsu Class Military, Law Enforcement & Fire Personnel Honored Follow us on Facebook for Special Offers: iCON Sports Alliance , Carlson Gracie Team iCON Sports Alliance 38397 Innovation Court #104, Murrieta CA 92563 : 951-216-3481 : 951-837-9685 happiness and create a more productive lifestyle! iCON Sports Alliance is owned and operated by Charles Dao, a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and graduate of Cal State Fullerton earning a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology and emphasis in Athletic Training. With national recognition of his elite athletes winning X Games medals, Off-Road Championships, and setting World Records, this training facility is notorious for building champions both on the amateur level as well as the industry leaders. Forging a partnership with Blackbelt Tom Cronin of Carlson Gracie Temecula, has allowed their members to not only engage in build self-confidence within themselves but encourages them to take pride as a positive citizen impacting our local community. Please contact iCON Sports Alliance at 951-216-3481 or Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu at 951837-9685. Try out a BootCamp or Jiu-Jitsu class for free. Stop by their center at 28297 Innovation Court Ste. #104 in Temecula off Winchester and Murrieta Hot Springs Road.

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Succinic Acid: A Natural Dietary supplement to Treat Hot Flashes.............................................................. 13 How Good Can You Feel? 10 Steps to Greater Levels of Happiness................................ 14 5 Steps to Detoxifying for Weight Loss ................................... 15 It’s Official... Spring is here!........................................................ 16 Treating Hot Flashes the Natural Way ............................................ 17 Healthy Life, Healthy Body ............................................................. 18 Smart Lipo. What is It? And is It Right for You?............................. 19


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I wellness

Healthy Awareness By Jennifer McCormick, CCHt, HHP, CPT Clients often tell me that they would like to be healthy. I then ask what they mean by “healthy.” Is it a certain size? Shape? Mentality? Fitness level? Spirituality? Emotional well-being? I believe that health is subjective; we are all truly unique. However, true vitality is achieved by integrating the body, mind, and spirit. Strengthening the whole person by increasing that which produces vitality and contentment is appropriate for each individual. It produces a true awareness of our needs. There are studies that demonstrate how thoughts, feelings, and emotions influence the physical body. A clear picture of thoughts and emotions can be revealed by placing electrodes on a participant’s body and then presenting pictures to record their brain wave patterns and temperature. A fairly standard pattern shows that negative thoughts and emotions adversely impact the body, while positive thoughts and emotions favorably impact the body. For instance, prolonged stress has a physiological response in the body which left unaddressed eventually manifests as physical dis-ease. Now more than ever, people are waking up to a new reality in which they have a choice to address physical disease through a myriad of holistic practices that address not only the physical ailment or symptoms, but the person as a “whole.” We can no longer only address our physical health while disregarding our emotional health. For instance, maintaining unhappy, emotionally unhealthy relationships will have a physical effect on the body no matter how many hours of exercise are logged. This prolonged discontent will eventually manifest as physical symptoms and illness. Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical dis-satisfaction will create dis-ease. In order to improve our health, it is wise to focus on increasing that which strengthens us, while decreasing that which weakens us. Our souls crave nourishment through nurturing relationships, wholesome foods that fuel our bodies, movement and sound that creates harmony within, and spiritual connections, as well as mentally and emotionally satisfying thoughts and behaviors. Our souls tell us what we need–we just have to get clear enough to listen. Meditation and hypnosis allow us to feel deeply relaxed, surrounded by elements of nature to help quiet the chatter so we can hear this guidance. It’s beneficial to set aside fifteen minutes a day to meditate, to connect with that inner part of ourselves that knows what path to take. It could be as simple as spending time in nature, incorporating a daily walk, sitting at the beach, listening to soft music while breathing deeply. Doing activities that we enjoy while being mindful of the blessings they offer can lead to improved health. Finding balance in our lives requires a conscious effort to recognize the unconscious yearnings. Humanity is waking up and will come to realize that all aspects of one’s life needs to be addressed and balanced in order to truly be healthy. If you are struggling to maintain your health, I offer customized fitness programs, hypnotherapy, reiki and nutritional consultations. If you lack self-esteem or confidence, motivation or energy, or if your emotions are limiting your growth, hypnotherapy is a very effective tool to move past these and many other issues. Repetitive behaviors or thoughts, as well as subconscious thoughts and behaviors may be blocking your optimum health. Looking at your health from a perspective of a “whole” person can shift your awareness. With a balanced holistic approach, you will then be able to answer and, more importantly, understand what makes you healthy. For those seeking transformation of your mind, body and soul, please contact Jennifer McCormick at 951-723-0925 or email



Suffering and Still No Results? What happens when the brain misfires Fibromyalgia, Unresolved Chronic Pain, IBS, Tremors, Migraines, Dizziness, and other neurological disorders. How does it all go wrong? The human brain is a complex machine that operates the functions of each and every single cell in our bodies. When our brain is functioning properly, our body is functioning properly. But what happens if your brain starts functioning improperly? To answer that question is to answer the question: Why Did My Body Go Wrong? You’ve been to the doctors, you’ve been to specialists and had tests conducted on you. Maybe you’ve been given drugs or surgery; and still, your symptoms persist. You haven’t been given much information about your condition and you haven’t been given any answers by anyone that you have seen. You have gone through the system still have not received clear answers or the results you expected. Yet, there are people who thought there was nothing they could do, no way out of the dark tunnel; they are now seeing the light at the end of the road. How is this possible? All of this is accomplished using a patient-centered diagnosis, state-of-the-art technological equipment and a modern health discipline called Functional Neurology. Patient-centered diagnoses are completely individualized and discover the roots of your symptoms. Rather than labeling the sources of your symptoms with unknown or unexplained phenomena, a patient-centered diagnosis involves thorough and meticulous techniques that identify each of your symptoms systematically. The patient also sees the results for themselves, not only because the doctor shows them what is happening; but also, because the treatments produce noticeable, positive results.

Where Do My Symptoms Come From? You have symptoms that disable you from living your life to the fullest; preventing you from living the way that you deserve. Your symptoms may be pain, migraines, fatigue, dizziness, inattention, depression, skin irritations, joint discomfort, irritability, memory loss, tremors, hearing loss, vision problems, intestinal disorders… the point is that no matter what your particular symptoms may be, they have worsened and you want to know why. Brain cells communicate with electrical impulses and anything electrical can misfire, especially when exposed to harmful substances. The human brain can even short circuit, as in the case of a seizure. What you may not realize is that so many of the chronic ailments that plague people today come from chronic misfiring of circuitry as the brain attempts to communicate with and regulate the other organs in the body. When the human wiring system is compromised, the human being is compromised. Proper communication cannot occur and this is what leads to organs and tissue going haywire. The result? You name it: autoimmune disorders, organ failure, chronic pain, fatigue, weakness, vertigo, metabolic issues, etc… the list is endless. The chronic health issues of our time begin in the brain. When the mechanism goes wrong it changes the whole world for the sufferer and it seems that it can’t be turned off. This is a radical departure from treating symptoms, treating the underlying causes rather than the symptoms forever. Until recent breakthroughs in modern medicine and our understanding of brain functioning, our healthcare system has been entirely focused on symptom management and disease management. Meanwhile, the physiology that led to the disease or chronic condition is largely ignored and the underlying process is rarely, if ever addressed.

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Cutting Edge Bodywork By Adele Isoda, Certified Shiatsu Practitioner, Massage Therapist at PRIME WELLNESS For decades, studies have praised the benefits of massage, which include detoxification, stress reduction, improved circulation, increased flexibility, reduced blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and enhanced mental acuity. Today, there is a new realm of techniques beyond massage. Blending ancient wisdom with the latest medical science, therapeutic bodywork has been revamped for modern living. One form of this new realm is Zen Shiatsu bodywork, connecting the mind and body, and providing regenerative effects. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese manual therapy, advantages include deep relaxation, joint mobilization, and emotional balance. Recipients of this treatment report increased focus (mindfulness) and energy, ability to lose weight, and enhanced resilience as they enjoy customized acupressure, passive stretching, and alignment disciplines. Whether seeking treatment for stiffness, headaches, back pain, mental release, or a complement to medical therapy, Zen Shiatsu offers a gentle way to achieve deep-rooted results. The recipient lies fully clothed on a mat or massage table, and is encouraged to relax and enjoy a meditative state during the treatment hour. Adele Isoda specializes in Shiatsu, a proactive way to maintain optimal health. Many people rely on Shiatsu as part of their regular fitness and wellness regimen being an effective and preventive tool for when they are feeling out of balance, stressed, or experiencing early symptoms of illness. Treatments can also ease the side effects of chemotherapy or traditional pharmaceutical therapy (including pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, fatigue, aches, neuropathy, digestive distress, etc.). Shiatsu can help rebuild the immune system, and improve strength and stamina, as well. Power breathing, postural education, and creative fitness prac-

Metagenics Wellness Center is now

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Walk-In (858) 792-7995B12 shots Available in our office without appointment Monday - Friday 9-5pm


Dr. Kelly Austin, ND Hormone & Weight Management

Acupuncture Natural Hormone Therapy Detoxification Vitamin B12 Injections Weight Loss Programs Nutrition Anti-Aging I.V. Therapy Breast Thermography Digestive Concerns Thyroid • Stress • Anxiety

100 S. Cedros Ave. | Solana Beach | tices are integrative enhancements to this therapy. The range of applications is determined by the practitioner’s experience, training, skill, and creativity. With Adele Isoda, this includes a background in acupuncture, communication arts, yoga, and Eastern philosophy and mindfulness education. Her clients enjoy a unique intellectual and emotional understanding that is enhanced by compassion, humor, and practicality. For the months of APRIL and MAY, Prime Wellness is offering $10 off for a first massage. Come in and experience the power of Zen! For more information, contact us at (Prime Wellness) in Solana Beach. To book an appointment call 858-792-7995.

Neurofeedback Exercises For Your Brain Neurofeedback exercises your brain to help you feel calmer and perform your best. This Non-Invasive treatment is perfect for Anxiety, Depression, Attention issues, Autism spectrum disorders, Chronic Pain & Peak Performance. • Computerized Feedback • Effective for Adults and Children • Improve Brain Regulation • Improved Focus and Concentration • Treat Issues Naturally rather than with medications that have side effects.

Terri Phillips Marriage & Family Therapist

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I nutrition

Primary Foods By Dr. Mary O’Dwyer One of the concepts we studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition was Primary Foods. Very often when we think about a healthy lifestyle, our mind goes to food and exercise and stops there. However, a fully balanced health plan includes taking care of the mind, body, heart and soul. That is where Primary Food comes in. Primary foods are what really feed us: our spirituality, our life's purpose, our physical activity and our relationships. I will focus on our relationships in this edition, especially our relationships with ourselves.

Negative self-talk gets stored and remembered. We feel bad about ourselves, our self-esteem plummets and our confidence gets shattered. We measure our worth by valuing the opinions of others, or by our productivity. We fill all our time with activities because the alternative¬–to be alone with our ugly selves–is too frightening to consider. We wind up trying to make ourselves feel better in other ways by exerting too much control over some aspect of our lives, over-eating, drinking more than is good for us and/or seeking short term pleasure to cope with long term unhappiness.

Love is what makes the world go round, but sometimes we don't feel loved, we don't make the people around us feel loved and we often forget to say those simple words, "I love you."

In the past, I’ve been 100 percent guilty of being extremely hard on myself, having unrealistic expectations and totally neglecting myself. I slowly changed and the results are in: I am happier, I sleep better, I am less attached to outcomes, I look and feel better, I am a better wife, mother, daughter, sister … I could go on, but you get the picture.

Why is that? I believe it could be because we don't love ourselves fully. How often do you say things to yourself that you wouldn't dream of saying to anyone else? How often do you criticize and berate yourself for your mistakes and shortcomings? Would you stay friends with someone who spoke to you this way?

I urge you to make time for yourself. When you put you first, you are sending the message that you are important. That you are worthy. That you are deserving. If you are not ready and able to do this for yourself, who will do it for you? If you aren’t at your best, how can you be fully invested in any other relationship?

In the beginning you may feel silly or indulgent taking 30 minutes to do something just for yourself, but trust me, after a few days of doing it you will get over that really fast. And your family will probably thank you.

Here are a few suggestions of small things you can do to nurture yourself: • Take an Epsom Salt bath. Add some baking soda and essential oil for added benefits • Get a massage. I have two service providers I work with who have discounts for all my clients and readers. Just email me and I’ll hook you up. • Take up to 30 minutes a day to just sit. No book, no phone, no TV, no computer. Just you. Enjoy it! • Be blind to your flaws. Look at yourself in the mirror and look for the good things for a change. • Be nice to yourself. Say something positive to yourself every single day. For more info on Primary Foods, please contact me at Also check out my new website at

New at Michelle’s Place!

An Ovarian Cancer Self-Help Support Group for women newly-diagnosed,currently in treatment or beyond treatment for ovarian cancer is being offered the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m at Michelle’s Place. The group is facilitated by Robin Maupin, 16-year ovarian cancer survivor, president and founder of OASIS of Southern California, an ovarian cancer advocacy organization ( Robin is also a cancer survivorship coach with Womens' Cancer Connection. Michelle’s Place is thrilled to welcome Robin and Oasis to our family of support services. Michelle’s Place is located at 27645 Jefferson Ave. #117, Temecula 92590. For more information on this self-help group and other resources available, visit or call 951-699-5455.



I balanced


Earth Ascension Symptoms by Iah Ka Onge-Ja Earth has recently ascended. In November 2013, our beautiful planet rose. Mother Earth has been able to awaken and set herself free from the binds of karma by surrendering to the highest will of her heart and soul. Earth’s ascension means she now holds a vibration of energy that contains far more light within than ever before. She is currently changing and fine tuning herself to flow in perfect harmonic resonance with the Universe, the One, the Creator. Due to this, everyone will be experiencing ascension symptoms on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Your system is rebooting, being tuned up or upgraded. Your body is detoxifying. Old patterns will start to fall away as you embody more light. As you move through earth’s ascension process, there are periods where your energy and symptoms may become much more intense for several days or weeks at a time, then cease altogether or completely change. The process is different for everyone and can vary according to one's individual degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice and purpose on the planet. You contain Mother Earth’s conscious thoughts of willpower and determination to make major changes. You will feel a strong urgency and need to make the deepest changes in your own life. You must listen to your heart and truly let go of all that is out of alignment with you. It will feel too uncomfortable to live upon earth otherwise. Your inner changes will then bring about a strong desire to figure out your life purpose so you can make a difference on earth.

BALANCED ENERGIES Holistic Healing Center Specializing in: - Feeling Stuck, Lost, Confused - Anxiety, Stress, Out of Balance - Nightmares, Grief, Soul Loss - Mental & Emotional Issues

- Fear, Panic, Exhaustion - Depression, Pain, Anger - Lack of Self-Confidence - Bipolar, Trauma, Abuse

1- or 2-Hour Healing Session may include: Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Past Lives, Brainwave Repatterning, Soul Retrieval, Soul Extraction, Spiritual Cleansing, Auric Hole Repair For Spiritual Awakening: Meet your Spirit Guides and Power Animals, Higher Self Alignment, Star Link Attunement Education: Reiki School, Hypnotherapy School, Guided Imagery, Past Life, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Reiki, Ascended Masters

Iah Ka Onge-Ja, Shaman


Dance Event In Menifee Sat, April 26 9am-12, Free

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ASCENSION SYMPTOMS: 1. Sudden changes in body temperature, diet, and chemical intolerances. Frequent headaches, sinus issues, unusual skin changes. Clumsiness, dropping objects, dizziness or feeling ungrounded. 2. A sense of urgency like you are running out of time or that “something is about to happen.” Inability to complete tasks. Frantic energy, panic attacks, racing or scattered thoughts, intense frustration, brain fog, confusion. 3. Sudden loss of identity and a calling to find your true self. Abrupt changes with job, friends, hobbies, interests, or strong urge to relocate. A deep longing to go “home” even though you may not know where home is. 4. Changes in sleep patterns, waves of extreme fatigue or insomnia that come and go unexpectedly, waking up around 3 am, unusual dreams. 5. Changes in vision, catching glimpses of shadows, flashes of light, swirling forms of energy. Hearing tones and frequencies in your ears. 6. Time distortions, losing track of time, a sense that time is speeding up or slowing down. Physicality may feel unreal at times and external reality appears dreamlike at times. 7. Increased psychic awareness, sudden inspirations. Seeing recurring numbers like 11:11. Feeling that you have a Divine purpose on the planet. Profound feeling of an interconnectedness with all things. You can speed up your own spiritual awakening process by being on the path of ascension. The ultimate goal of the soul is to ascend, to be in a continual state of enlightened consciousness with the Creator. Ascended masters are living master teachers who once lived on earth and ascended. You can connect with them and receive their teachings through your own meditations. The shamans who work with the ascended masters can connect you with them through shamanic journeys. To see a more expanded list of Earth Ascension Symptoms, to receive help, or to take the ASCENDED MASTERS PATH OF ASCENSION CLASSES: six monthly classes beginning April 4, 2014 through September 2014, held in Temecula, CA., go to or call Shaman Iah Ka at (951) 699-9010.



The Buzz on Bee Pollen

Health and Beauty

Continued from front page grains of flower pollen.

Complete Nutrition Bee pollen contains all the essential components to sustain life. The percentage of rejuvenating elements in bee pollen remarkably exceeds those present in brewer's yeast and wheat germ. Bee pollen corrects deficient or unbalanced nutrition, so common in the customs of our present-day civilization of consuming incomplete foods–often with added chemical ingredients–which expose us to physiological problems as various as they are numerous. Nutrient deficiencies and all the health problems they cause are recognized worldwide as a growing problem. Because of the valuable, life-sustaining nutrients found in bee pollen, it is being used on an ever-larger scale for human nourishment and health. Bee-gathered pollens are rich in proteins, free amino acids, and vitamins, including B-complex and folic acid. According to researchers at the Institute of Apiculture, Taranov, Russia, "Honeybee pollen is the richest source of vitamins found in Nature in a single food.” Bee pollen is a complete food and contains many elements that products of animal origin do not possess. Bee pollen is richer in protein than any other animal source. It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight.

Medical Miracles Researchers have demonstrated that there is a substance in bee pollen that inhibits the development of numerous harmful bacteria. Experiments have shown bee pollen contains an antibiotic factor effective against salmonella and some strains of bacteria. On the clinical level, studies have shown that a regulatory effect on intestinal function can be attributed to bee pollen. The presence of a high proportion of cellulose and fiber in pollen, as well as the existence of antibiotic factors, all contribute to an explanation for this efficacious effect.

Basic beauty begins with the glow of good health, which shines from within. A scrubbed and radiant complexion transforms any woman (or man) into a singularly attractive person. On the other hand, dull, muddy skin, often caused by poor nutrition or personal hygiene, can detract from even the most attractive. Studies have shown that unhealthy or aging skin can be dramatically improved by the consumption of honeybee pollen. When bee pollen is included daily in the diet, it not only gives you the glow of health and aids in safe, permanent weight loss, it can also be blended into seemingly "magic potions" to smooth, soothe, and rejuvenate every inch of the outside of your body. Several relatively inexpensive mixtures of hive products, used externally, can revitalize and rejuvenate the complexion, and may even eliminate acne.

Longevity and the Aging Process According to G. Liebold, a holistic physician and psychologist of Karlsruhe, Germany, "Bee pollen is an excellent prophylaxis and therapeutic treatment against all the precocious symptoms of old age. It should be considered a universal geriatric treatment in the form of a natural remedy. "Bee pollen causes an increase in physical and mental abilities, especially of concentration and memory ability, activates sluggish metabolic functions, and strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This natural nutrient from the bees removes the causes of cardiovascular symptoms, such as arteriosclerosis, cerebral insufficiency, and other pathological conditions resulting from a disease, injury, therapy, or other trauma. It prevents nutrient deficiency during old age, pregnancy, and the lactation period. Bee pollen accelerates convalescence after serious illness and/or an operation, increases the body's physical defensive powers of the immune system, stimulates mental and psychological resistance to stress, and creates a harmonizing of vegetative and hormonal disorders."

How to Use Bee Pollen Bee Products Also Treats Allergies! Pollen is also a remedy for hay fever and allergies. However, to be effective, it must be taken for at least six weeks before the season begins, and then continued throughout the season. Bee pollen has been effectively used through the ages to rid allergy sufferers of their afflictions. This technique, called “desensitization,” was developed at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School in London. The treatment consists of administering small amounts of the allergen to stimulate the patient's own immune system to produce antibodies that will eliminate the allergic reaction. Desensitization works like a vaccination does against childhood diseases.

Bee Products and Physical Activity The British Sports Council recorded increases in strength of as high as 40 to 50 percent in those taking bee pollen regularly. Even more astounding, the British Royal Society has reported height increases in adults who take pollen. Antii Lananaki, coach of the Finnish track team that swept the Olympics in 1972, revealed, "Most of our athletes take pollen food supplements. Our studies show it significantly improves their performance. There have been no negative results since we have been supplying pollen to our athletes."

Before taking a full dose of pollen it is very important to test for a possible extreme allergic reaction by ingesting just one pellet. Then gradually build up over a week or so to the correct dose. The optimal dose of pollen varies with individual needs. For allergy prevention all that is required is about one teaspoon per day. You should gradually increase your dose to one tablespoon. It will give about five grams of protein which is a good addition if you already have some proteins in your meal. Since your pollen is really a type of food and there are some fats in it, it is important to keep it refrigerated.

Concerns and Safety of Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen and Weight Control Bee pollen works wonders in a weight control or weight stabilization regimen by correcting a possible chemical imbalance in body metabolism that may be involved in either abnormal weight gain or loss. The normalizing and stabilizing effects of this perfect food from the bees are phenomenal. In weight loss programs, bee pollen stimulates the metabolic processes. It speeds caloric burn by lighting and stoking the metabolic fires. Honeybee pollen is coming to be recognized as Nature's true weight-loss food. Bee pollen is a low-calorie food containing only ninety calories per ounce (an ounce is about two heaping tablespoons). Bee pollen offers 15 percent lecithin by volume. Lecithin is a substance that helps dissolve and flush fat from the body. This is one reason why bee pollen lowers low-density lipoproteins (LDL) surer and faster than any other food, while helping increase the helpful high-density lipoproteins (HDL), which science says protect against cholesterol and heart disease. By boosting the value of each nutrient present in the food you eat, bee pollen also eliminates cravings. Its natural phenylalanine content acts as an appetite suppressant. Phenylalanine is a natural amino acid that the body requires. It acts on your appestat, the control center that signals fullness and hunger, so you won't want to eat as much when you take bee pollen regularly. When you are overweight, phenylalanine exerts a natural appetite suppressant effect. When you need to gain weight, the phenylalanine in bee pollen works in reverse.


Each golden granule is densely packed with active enzymes, just about every nutrient that has a name, and some elements that science has not yet identified or labeled. Your digestive system may not be accustomed to such intensely rich food. If you are a beginner, introduce bee pollen into your diet slowly, a granule or two at a time. Don't cook with the granules or add powdered granules to anything that requires heat. Heat destroys the active enzymes and reduces the nutrient value.

Bee pollen is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when used for up to 30 days. There is also some evidence that taking 2 tablets twice daily of a specific combination product that contains 6 mg of royal jelly, 36 mg of bee pollen extract, and bee pollen plus 120 mg of pistil extract per tablet for up to two months seems to be safe. The biggest safety concerns are allergic reactions. Bee pollen can cause serious allergic reactions in people who are allergic to pollen. Symptoms can include itching, swelling, shortness of breath, light-headedness, and severe whole-body reactions (anaphylaxis). There have also been isolated reports of other serious side effects such as liver and kidney damage. But it is not known if bee pollen or some other factor was truly responsible for these effects. Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Taking bee pollen is POSSIBLY UNSAFE during pregnancy. There is some concern that bee pollen might stimulate the uterus and threaten the pregnancy. Don’t use it. It’s also best to avoid using bee pollen during breast-feeding. Not enough is known about how bee pollen might affect the infant. For more information, contact Don Rogers at Juice It Up Murrieta 951-8139342. They are located in the Murrieta Village Walk shopping center. Please see their ad on the previous page.


I better


What is Prediabetes and How Does It Affect My Health? by Dr. Wes Youngberg Bill was a fit man for his age and appearing to be in good health. He said, “I’m just retiring, so I want to make sure I’m properly evaluating my health.” He came to see me to get comprehensive, blood-based laboratory testing. As I evaluated his medical records, I noticed that in past years his fasting blood sugars had been running a little high. They were not in the pre-diabetic range but were above the optimal range of 70–85; they were running just above 90. “I think one of the best tests you could do is a four-hour glucose tolerance test,” I suggested. The test came back a few days later, showing a two-hour blood sugar well above 140, indicating advanced prediabetes. Bill wasn’t overweight and had been exercising three to four times a week, so these results caused him to reevaluate his health. “Clearly,” he said, “what I have been doing is not enough to overcome the natural genetic tendency I have toward prediabetes or diabetes.” So at the next appointment, he came in with his list of many questions and said, “OK, what do I need to do that will be enough to reverse this prediabetes?”

So he went through our twelve-week program designed to optimize blood sugars and correct the underlying causes of his health risk. Through the process, he learned simple strategies that, when brought together, helped him totally reverse his prediabetes and several other health problems he didn’t think would ever improve. One of the things Bill learned in the program was that the timing of exercise is really important. Remember, Bill was lean and fit—he already exercised more than most men. His blood sugars, before meals, were essentially fine— but not his blood sugars after meals. So he began employing two primary strategies: to note what kinds of meals caused the biggest spike in his blood sugars, and to note the time of his exercise that had the greatest impact on lowering his blood sugar spike after meals. Bill learned that exercising immediately after a meal had the potential to lower his blood sugars anywhere from one to three points for every minute he exercised. For instance, if someone’s blood sugar is typically ninety points higher than it should be one or two hours after a meal, but now they go out right after eating and exercise moderately to briskly for thirty minutes, there is a good chance they could lower their blood sugar (at three points for every minute of exercise) by up to ninety points, bringing their high blood sugar down to a much healthier level. Another thing Bill recognized was that he needed to learn how to balance his meals. He needed to know how to use whole plant-based foods that incorporated nuts and seeds in moderate amounts, with their healthy fats and proteins. This would slow down the absorption of sugar from his meal, so his sugar would not spike nearly as much. He also needed to learn how to choose healthy starches. Not all starchy complex carbohydrates are healthy starches— they need to be unprocessed, high in fiber and full of nutrients before they can help control blood sugar levels and ultimately, the health of our heart and blood vessels. Bill’s story is one of many examples showing the importance of proper testing and how it guides us in making simple changes that can transform our health and greatly lower our risk for future disease. That is why I believe one of the best health assessment tests available today is the 4hour oral Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT for short). Typically, only the fasting and 2-hour glucose levels are now tested in the GTT. But the most likely time to see an elevated blood sugar (glucose) is at the 1-hour point after drinking 75 grams of Glucola (a standard carbonated glucose drink used to see how high blood sugar goes). So I always add the 1-hour glucose test to the GTT and also check the 3- and 4-hour blood sugar to evaluate tendency to low blood sugar, as well. In addition, I always add the fasting and 2-hour insulin test. Even in patients who have completely optimal blood sugar responses to the GTT, the insulin levels are among the first risk factors to indicate a risk to health.

Register now at It's free with no obligation. There will be a 60 minute lecture followed by a live 30 minute Q&A session taking live questions from both the local and webcast audience. Information about accessing live streaming webcast and handouts will be provided via This program will not be offered again for free, so take advantage and share this information with your friends and contacts!

While testing insulin levels is not currently part of standard recommendations, I learned the value of testing insulin several decades ago by paying attention to the advice of Dr. Nancy Bohannon, a preventive endocrinologist, director of the Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program at St. Luke's Hospital in San Francisco, and professor at UCSF. In 1991, Dr. Bohannan, who sub-specializes in diabetes prevention and management, gave a lecture sent out to family practice physicians in “Family Practice Audio Digest.” As part of the talk, she explained how the fasting insulin should always be Continued on next page



I addiction

Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction and Recovery

including dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine. Once again, conventional treatment of this disorder often involves the administration of a medication that alters transport of these neurotransmitters within the brain such as Adderall and Strattera.

By Ranch Creek Recovery

The use of pharmaceutical intervention can be successful in some patients, however, we are all individuals and may not all fit into the same box. Rather then changing the body’s use of amino acids through altered transport, one alternative is to supplement amino acid precursors to neurotransmitters. While amino acid supplementation for the purpose of replenishing neurotransmitters has been a controversial topic in the medical community for many years now, in clinical practice, I have seen dramatic responses to oral amino acid supplementation for some of the abovementioned diseases.

Neurotransmitter imbalances have been linked to several diseases including Parkinson’s, depression, insomnia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety, memory loss, weight gain, and addictive disorders. These neurotransmitters are formed in our bodies from amino acid precursors. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Without the proper levels of these amino acids, we cannot survive, as proteins are responsible for the structure of our cells in addition to their function. In the conventional management of diseases, such as depression and anxiety disorders, patients are often prescribed medications such as SSRIs (Celexa, Prozac and Zoloft) or SNRIs (Effexor, Pristiq and Cymbalta) to increase circulating levels of neurotransmitters. By increasing the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, they are able to bind to receptors leading to changes in mental function and stabilization of many mood disorders.

Typically, amino acids can be obtained through proper diet in a healthy individual. However, in the presence of disease, such as depression or addiction, it may be difficult to obtain proper amino acid levels through diet alone. Therefore, we may need to supplement amino acid precursors in a concentrated form to achieve proper circulating levels that can impact our health. By supplementing precursor amino acids such as tryptophan, tyrosine and glutamine, we are feeding our bodies with the building materials needed to make the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and GABA, among others. For this conversion to take place, however, we also need coenzymes and cofactors such as vitamin C, folate, and SAMe which may be safely administered through an IV by a qualified health care professional.

In the context of addiction, particularly to drugs and alcohol, an individual may have severe imbalances in their neurotransmitter levels resulting in symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and jitteriness among others. This is often compounded by overt vitamin and mineral imbalances and poor absorpA Residential and Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center tion of nutrients through the intestines, causing problems in the body’s innate ability to form neurotransmitters. By Clear the Past - Motivate the Present - Enhance the Future supplementing amino acids along with Ranch Creek Recovery was established near San Diego, California to provide an vitamins, minerals, and coenzymes, we intimate and serene, natural setting where our clients can find the security to can often reestablish proper levels of cirexplore the personal issues that have led to addiction and the strength to culating neurotransmitters, thus minimizing or potentially eliminating side recover the greater destiny that lies beyond their addiction. effects of withdrawal.

There have been deficiencies in several neurotransmitters associated with ADHD

Ranch Crk Recy

Through Evidence Based Practices and therapeutic and holistic methods we strive to help our clients regain self empowerment, improve their physical and emotional health, and implement positive changes in their lives. What we offer: • Group sessions • Individual sessions • Individual treatment planning – one does not work for all • Equine Therapy • Amino Acid Therapy • Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation • Very experienced well qualified licensed/certified counselors

We Can Help:

Call (951) 676-9111 Available 24/7

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We offer all levels of care: Detox, Residential Inpatient, Outpatient- PHP 5 days/week 5 hrs/ day, IOP 3 days/week 3 hrs/day Residential Facility: 27600 Sunday Drive Temecula CA 92590 Announcing Our New Outpatient Facility: 43264 Business Park Dr. Suite 101 Temecula CA 92590

What is Prediabetes, and How Does It Affect My Health? Continued from previous page

Often in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction medications for depression, anxiety, and insomnia are prescribed to quell these symptoms. Through altering brain chemistry these pharmaceuticals can be effective, however, the medicines themselves are affecting the body’s own ability to produce and properly utilize neurotransmitters. By supplementing amino acids and supporting the body’s ability to utilize them through IV nutrition, exercise and adrenal support, we help move the individual closer to a balanced state of health rather then simply suppressing symptoms. Ranch Creek Recovery in Temecula, CA, a holistic and confidential residential and outpatient drug rehab facility. The center can be reached 24/7 at (951) 676-9111. Visit

after-meal exercise, balancing his meals, choosing the best foods, and taking nutritional supplements that fit his risk factors, he was able to normalize his blood sugars, insulin levels, and blood pressure.

less than 10 microIU/mL. Because of my willingness to listen to one of the world’s leading experts and not simply wait the average of twenty-five to thirty years it usually takes for good evidence to be fully accepted by the average clinician, I’ve been able to effectively counsel thousands of patients as to their future health risk and how to transform that risk through comprehensive lifestyle medicine. Why is this important? Because having a high insulin level predicts a three-fold increase in risk toward developing heart disease. In addition, elevated blood insulin is a major contributor to the development of high blood pressure and is closely associated with increased prostate, breast, and colon cancer risk.

For the first time in many years Bill’s family doctor was able to discontinue his blood pressure medication. As long as Bill follows what he has learned, his quality of health will be greatly improved. With appropriate testing and tailored lifestyle-medicine strategies, he has normalized the insulin resistance responsible for his elevated blood sugar and blood pressure. Bill has actually reversed many of the risk factors associated with accelerated aging. We also tested and addressed the PLAC test as well as genetic tests that predicted specific heart risk and helped us develop a personalized plan for optimizing Bill’s health. His challenge will be to stay focused and not let a busy life distract him from taking care of his health.

Now, back to Bill’s story. Once we learned that Bill had advanced prediabetes, I discussed the relationship between blood sugars, insulin, and blood pressure with him. For many years he had struggled with hypertension, even while on medications for his blood pressure. Armed with this new information, Bill was eager to make the adjustments in his lifestyle to improve his liver and muscle sensitivity to insulin. By adding

Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, CNS, FACLM is a fellow and one of the founding directors of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. He is Assistant Clinical Professor for the Schools of Medicine and Public Health at Loma Linda University. The Youngberg Clinic is in Temecula, CA. For more information on his new book, “Goodbye Diabetes,” go to or call (951) 676-9922.



I wellness What’s Been Missing from your Workout? Have you ever wondered why you can work out, eat right and still not lose weight? Or you are constantly feeling rundown and tired but you don’t understand why? We do! At Alterna Health and Wellness Center we understand that to achieve true wellness you have to work on the whole person, not just diet and exercise. So instead of offering one or two aspects of health and fitness and expecting you to manage the rest on your own, we’ve developed a complete wellness program. We have routines for every ability, from the wheelchair bound to professional athletes and everyone in between. In as little as 30-60 min a day, three times per week, you can achieve your desired results. Here are a few of the things we offer and why we think they are so important.

Chronic Stress: The Fitness Killer We understand the importance of dealing with stress. Here is a brief summary of what happens in your body, and why managing your stress is so important. When you encounter any stressor, physical or emotional, your body goes into what is known as fight or flight. The result is an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, blood-glucose levels, and muscles tension. “Nonessential” systems like your digestion and immune system shut down to allow more energy for emergency functions. This is a wonderful defense response, but it is supposed to be temporary. Unfortunately, due to an on-the-go lifestyle and the constant build-up of negative stressors, which I will ex-

plain later, you spend more time in fight or flight than not. This means increased blood pressure and blood glucose levels, tense muscles poor digestion and a weakened immune system. Do you see the problem? If your immune system is compromised and you cannot digest your food correctly or assimilate your nutrients, what is going to happen?

The bottom line: If you don’t manage your stress levels, it does not matter how well you eat or how much you exercise you are leaving yourself open to disease. We have a system to manage your stress that does not require you to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Instead, it changes how your body reacts to the stress. SpectraVision technology is a non-cognitive biofeedback device that measures and maps the flow of energy in the body from a number of different perspectives. The human body is an energetic organism, and the balanced flow of electrons through the body informs optimal health. When vital life force energy is used for stress management, or dealing with negative stressors (such as food or substance sensitivities, on-going emotional trauma or ongoing physical symptoms), less energy is available to maintain deeper degrees of homeostasis. Stress creates interferences with metabolic processes, which in turn uses up vital force energy and lowers the overall electrical flow within the body. The loss of energy created by continually managing toxic burdens eventually weakens defenses, causing impaired healing and reduced immunity. In other words, you can unlearn the learned response and reduce the effects of negative stressors on your system. This is something that everyone can benefit from; I have personally seen some incredible

results with Auto-Immune Disorders as well as ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Consultations are free for AHWC members, or mention this ad to have the 65.00 consultation fee waived. Whole body vibration truly appears to be a miracle therapy that enhances quality of life and brings wellness to almost anyone of almost any age in almost any physical condition. When used correctly, WBVT will help you to gently and safely ease into a higher level of fitness, health, and well-being as well as increase weight loss in far less time than with conventional exercise. As a general rule, anyone over 12 years of age should be able to benefit from whole body vibration. Just 15 minutes of WBV offers the benefits of a vigorous, 60-minute gym workout. For those of us looking for a more vigorous workout you can incorporate the Disq for a more intense whole body workout in 15-30 minutes that will leave you feeling like you spent two hours in the gym. Whole body vibration is especially beneficial to people over 60 who can now ‘reverse’ common symptoms of aging such as stiffness, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, incontinence, decreased mobility, lack of flexibility and other symptoms that make life very difficult. End your routine with a massage and or a PSiO relaxation session to make sure you are getting the most from the workout! Come check out the first all-inclusive Mind and Body Wellness Program at Alterna Health and Wellness Center in the Temecula Promenade Mall. Achieve results in as little as 30 days - guaranteed - or join our 90 days to wellness program for as low as 69.00 per month and start feeling great now.

The First Complete Mind & Body Workout! Come in and Try Our Unique Workouts and See What You’ve Been Missing: 30-60 Minute No-Impact Balance Workout 30-60 Minute Low-Impact Wellness Workout 30-60 Minute Low-Impact Power Workout

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I natural beauty Do You Have Healthy Hair? By Lena Marie With so many hair care products on the market it’s pretty tough to know which products are actually healthy for your hair and which ones just claim to be. What exactly is healthy hair? As in most things, balance is key. Hair and skin each have what is called a “pH level.” The normal pH level for hair and skin is between 4.5 and 5.5. In order for hair to be healthy, the pH level needs to be kept at its normal level. The best way to do this is to be aware of the products you are using to care for your hair and skin. My favorite hair care line is “Enjoy” because it is designed and produced to balance the hair and skin’s natural pH level. This includes shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

Many people think that baby shampoo is best to use on their hair. They assume that because it’s gentle on babies’ eyes it must be best for their hair as well. So shouldn’t it be good for everyone? The answer is, “no,” it’s actually not the best for you OR the baby. Baby shampoo actually raises the pH level of your hair and skin causing it to be dry. Baby shampoo’s claim to fame is “no more tears.” But the reason for this is because our eyes have a pH level of 7.2 to 7.8 and the baby shampoo is made with the same pH level. A pool man’s goal is to keep the pool water at these levels as well for the same reason: so that when we open our eyes under water it won’t sting. Bottom line: A good pool man and baby shampoo will keep your eyes from stinging, but it won’t keep your hair and skin from drying out! You’ve probably heard about “keratin” being good for your hair. Keratin is actually what hair is made of and also what is used to reconstruct or repair hair. There are many products on the market with keratin on the label–this can be deceiving. The reason is that some manufacturers use keratin from animal hair instead of human hair. The Enjoy line of products use human keratin and they list it on their label. Human hair keratin has a molecular weight of 150 to 300. Animal keratin has a much higher molecular weight, and anything higher than 500 cannot penetrate the cuticle layer of human hair. Those products simply coat or weigh down the outer layer of your hair, or merely rinse right off and go down the drain. But Enjoy products are made to penetrate the cuticle layer which is where it does the most good. The only way to repair hair is with hair, but since we are humans it needs to be with human hair. If you were getting a skin graft you wouldn’t use pigskin would you? Talk to your stylist about a good hair care regimen for you. You invest time and money on your precious locks so it only makes sense to follow it up with good products you can use at home. Remember, your hair is your crown and when it shines so do you… “Enjoy” it!

FREE Conditioning

Contact Lena Marie at Above & Beyond Beauty - 951-375-0905. See her specials in her ad to the left.

Treatment with Hair Cut

Tired of searching for effective supplements?

New Clients Only Expires 5/31/14

FREE Hair Cut with any purchased color service New Clients Only Expires 5/31/14 41925 3rd St., Ste. 7, Temecula, CA

Succinic Acid: A natural dietary supplement to treat hot flashes By Gluten Free Remedies Because women live for much longer than they did 100 years ago, women now spend much more time in menopause and postmenopause. Menopausal symptoms can persist for weeks, months, or years, and severity varies greatly among women. As estrogen levels decline, vasomotor symptoms–including hot flashes and night sweats–may also occur. Up to 85% of women have hot flashes with widely varying intensity and frequency. This can set up a domino effect where the night sweats interfere with sleep, leading to exhaustion, then to irritability, and finally to adverse effects on mood. Hormone replacement, in the form of estrogen/progestin therapy, became the standard treatment for women to prevent postmenopausal disorders. More recent studies have


shown that long-term use is no longer recommended, and shortterm use is preferred for controlling menopausal symptoms. Most experts recommend discontinuing therapy after five years, and many women are now searching for alternatives.

A natural treatment for symptoms associated with menopause Succinic Acid works by enhancing communication between the hypothalamus and the mind. This, in turn, “normalizes” the performance of the ovaries and adrenal glands and promotes hormone and enzyme production, resulting in alleviating menopausal symptoms. Succinic Acid or amber acid is a dicarboxylic acid and is an essential component of the Krebs cycle, a key metabolic pathway regulating the respiratory chain and mitochondria. Succinic Acid expresses various biologic activities: • Normalizes bone mass • Stabilizes mood

• Reduces fatigue • Improves brain performance • Eases perimenopausal hot flashes • Accelerates iron absorption • Optimizes estrogen metabolism Potential side effects: • Nausea • Abdominal pain Potential drug interactions: • Coumadin • Fludrocortisone • Spironolactone • ACE inhibitors (Enalapril, Ramipril, Quinapril, Lisinopril, Benazepril, Fosinopril )

Relative contraindications: • Chronic anticoagulation therapy • Pregnancy • Lactation Dosage information: The recommended standard dose of Succinic Acid is 500 or 1000 mg taken twice a day. It has been described that patients with chronic inflammatory or autoimmune diseases may benefit from much higher doses of 10,000 mg or even 40,000 mg a day. Doses above 2000 mg a day should be administered under strict physician’s supervision. Visit


I personal


How Good Can You Feel? 10 Steps to Greater Levels of Happiness We each have the ability to reach higher levels of good feelings. Disappointments in the past might have anchored the idea that disappointments are normal, even to be expected. Instead, challenge yourself to see with renewed insight. Called reframing in psychology, here are examples of how to see from a different point of view. Change how you look at things and things will look different!

1. Accept painful emotions, it’s part of being human. Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar teaches Harvard’s most popular class on Positive Psychology. He suggests that by giving ourselves permission to feel the full gamut of emotions, we open ourselves to positive emotions as well. Be the witness to your feelings, and you will feel growth and expansion.

By Linda Marie Prejean, M.A.C. M.F.T.I.

7. Don’t look to your right or to your left. The intensity of competition can get in your way and cause detrimental stress and strain. Be better than your own expectations. “Don’t bother to be better than your contemporaries…be better than yourself.” William Faulkner. You will feel victorious.

8. Be calm and determined Move steadily toward your dreams without a restless impatience to leap from one ambition to another. Allow your nervous system to settle down and results will come as you gather momentum. You will feel centered and optimistic

2. Fear of failing

9. Develop the full force of your personality.

Many people have a fear of failing because of what others might think. Raise your self-esteem and become less concerned about what other people think about you. Take risks in small, incremental steps. You will feel empowered and triumphant.

Build your personality by banishing shyness at any age. Reach out, find others with a common interest, learn to express yourself in writing, or public speaking. You will feel increased confidence and self-esteem.

3. Change your routine and you allow a new person to emerge Do one thing at a time, be less busy, do what you do slowly and deliberately. Leave space in your schedule for the unexpected. Allow five minutes or more to do nothing. Just breathe and enjoy being alive. You will feel appreciation.

10. Discover the miracle of gratitude Replace negative thoughts and mental imaging with thankfulness. You will break the bonds that held you hostage to old wounds and emotions. Your heart will swell, and you will feel appreciation and compassion.

4. Forgive and let go Notice the gap between how you want to feel and what you are actually feeling in the moment. Decide if you are ready to let go of those feelings, and when. You may need to do this in stages, gaining greater release each time. You will feel freedom and clarity.

5. Move your body Research shows thirty to forty minutes of exercise three times a week is equivalent to some of the most powerful psychiatric drugs dealing with depression and anxiety. Walk, dance, ride a bike. You will invite natural endorphins and feel genuinely happy and restored.

Linda Prejean has a private practice as a Counselor and Life Coach. Visit her websites on life coaching, and her website dedicated to the healing of depression:


COunSeling liFe COaChing Discover the secret answers to what is holding you back

6. Be the rock star of your world

Your greatest dreams might be hidden – even from yourself

“Whatever your hands are given to do, do with all your might.” Eccliastes 9:10. Give the fullness of your attention to whatever it is you do, and keep aiming higher. Focus ten minutes daily on one thing you want to improve. Your life will be lived for a purpose - on purpose. You will feel passion.

• Step on the right path and see your dreams unfold with elegant simplicity • Align your mind, heart and actions • Unpack your emotional baggage • Discover the keys to success through forgiveness and release • Learn to find your voice and express your deepest needs and desires • Make yourself a priority and give others the gi of your own happiness

Linda Prejean, M.A.C. 800-491-0830

Call for your

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plus 1/2 Off your First Session Group discounts available.

I can teach you how to reach your highest potential in a quiet, serene, relaxed setting.

Your Greatest Treasures are Oen Hidden Just Beneath Your Fears

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760-415-6345 Meets every third Thursday at the Holistic Learning Network 27570 Commerce Center Dr., Ste 115 Temecula, 92590



Murrieta’s Newest

5 Steps to Detoxifying for Weight Loss

Holistic Fitness and Detox Studio

Ready to transform your body and mind? Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone muscles, reduce cellulite, improve skin tone, detoxify, relax, re-energize or sleep better... A session at reNew Wellness Studio will leave you feeling and looking your best.

• Whole Body Vibration erapy • Infrared Sauna erapy • Infrared ermal Massage Bed • Nutrition Counseling

By Laura Heikkila, CPT, CNC

One Complimentary

Detox Session

reNew Wellness Studio re•energize re•juvenate re•balance

Laura Heikkila, Owner


You diet, you exercise, but you are still struggling to lose those extra pounds. Sometimes your body need a little boost to release that unwanted weight. One way to do this is by the cleansing of toxins that are causing it to store fat and tax the metabolism. Just like the old tradition of “spring cleaning” to rid a home of junk, your body needs a time to cleanse and rid itself from years of unhealthy clutter. There are many ways to detoxify. Choosing steps that gradually detoxify is not only safer but helps develop some life-long habits that will keep your body looking and feeling its best.

Step One:

41705 Elm St. Suite 401, Murrieta Seen by appointment only

Suffering and Still No Results? What happens when the brain misfires

Eliminate the foods that are harming your body (sugar, processed food, gluten, soft drinks, unhealthy fats, etc.) and replace them with whole foods such as organic vegetables and fruits, legumes, whole grains, healthy oils that are high in essential fatty acids, and lean proteins (organic meats and fish). Whole foods support the body by providing the necessary nutrients and enzymes that are not found in processed food. These nutrients will begin the detoxification process. In addition, a diet rich in whole foods will naturally help maintain a healthy weight.

Step Two:

Continued from page 5

On the 17th of July in 1990 Proclamation 6158 was written by George Bush and the decade was appropriately named: “The Decade of the Brain” and allowed for furthering our understanding of the human brain: how it functions, why it dysfunctions and, most importantly, solutions to its dysfunctions. The Decade of the Brain allowed for over $1.5 billion to be invested in active brain research. As a result, researching the brain has been conducted pioneered by world class researchers and scientists that continue to delve into the mechanisms that operate health.

Brain-Based Neurological Treatments The new treatments provided by the advancements of Functional Neurology are changing the way that the medical community views chronic pain; most importantly: how it should be treated. The contemporary approach of Functional Neurology does not focus on symptom management. Instead, it concentrates on identifying problems with causal mechanisms through the neurological communication of the wiring system and between the brain and the systems, and then systematically treats to restore neuro-visceral homeostasis. Some of the symptoms and conditions that are treatable using these new methods of diagnosis and restoration are: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic back and neck pain, restless leg syndrome, migraines, difficulty breathing, hormone imbalance, memory problems, insomnia, peripheral neuropathy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, depression, anxiety, and various neurological disorders; including dizziness and vertigo.

What Does it feel like when Brain Misfires? The body shuts down with an on-going sickness that may be described as anxiety or nerve disorder; chronic widespread pain… even in the hands and feet. The sufferer can experience insomnia, or waking up a certain hour each night and not able to fall back asleep; shortness of breath, and sometimes even forgetting to breathe. It’s like everything goes haywire; continuous pain back and neck pain that’s truly never ending. Along with the body shutting down, there is difficulty in processing the oxygen that needs to get to the brain. Disruption of the brain’s electrical vitality also causes fatigue and many neurological disorders too lengthy to list.

Take herbal supplements that assist in the detoxification process. There are many available, and an herbalist can assist you in choosing what is right for you. Triphala is an Ayurvedic herbal blend that is safe for most to use and will help your body eliminate toxins. Also, apple or citrus pectin has a natural ability to remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

Step Three: Take an Epsom Salt Bath. Hot water draws toxins out of the body and to the skin’s surface, and while the water cools the toxins are pulled from the skin. Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) helps keep your bodily functions running smoothly. When Epsom Salt is absorbed through the skin, it assists in drawing toxins from the body, reduces swelling and relaxes muscles. Taking this time to de-stress can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) which can inhibit weight loss and actually increase belly fat.

Step Four: Sweat out the toxins. Infrared Sauna Therapy can remove toxins by sweating them out. Our skin is the largest organ of elimination. Research has shown that the body sweats out toxic substances, including heavy metals. It is important to maintain proper hydration during this process, because the more you safely sweat, the more toxins you will release from your body. A half-hour Infrared Therapy session can burn up to 600 calories, which can also aid in your weight loss.

Step Five: Exercise regularly. Most forms of exercise assist in the elimination processes of the body. An excellent way to detoxify while burning calories is to exercise on a Whole Body Vibration Plate. Not only does this type of workout build strength and increase metabolism, it also detoxifies your internal organs and cells. It is recommended that clients combine a Whole Body Vibration workout followed by 30 minutes in an Infrared Sauna. Using the Whole Body Vibration Therapy in conjunction with the Infrared Sauna will make the benefits of each machine show up faster. Both machines help with weight loss, removing toxins, reducing cellulite, helping muscles tighten, and so much more! The benefits of detoxifying go way beyond weight loss: your general health, energy, and overall body and mind will receive a much needed break from the harmful toxins plaguing you daily. Done safely, a detox will leave you feeling and looking your best! For a complimentary session to see how Whole Body Vibration and Infrared Sauna Therapy work together, call 951-290-9795 to set up an appointment.

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I nutrition

It’s official… Spring is here! By Andy Grisole We have our four seasons due to the 23½ degree tilt of Earth’s axis. As of 9:57 AM on March 20 the equator was directly facing the Sun, giving us equal amounts (12 hours each) of daylight and night. From this point on the days will get progressively longer until June 21st, the summer solstice, when we’ll have 14 hours and 18 minutes of sunlight. Not only will the days be getting longer, they’ll be getting warmer. Nothing loves long warm days more than the vegetables of summer. Tomatoes, basil, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant and zucchini are just a sample of what can be grown starting right now and they’ll produce all through the summer. And those wonderful vegetables never taste better than when they come from your own backyard garden. One of the many great things about having your own garden is the amazing variety of vegetables that are just not available in your local grocery store. For example, one seed catalog has well over two hundred tomato varieties (so many that they group them by color). Another has peppers of varying heat from all over the world. There eggplants of every shape and color and lettuces of various sizes, textures, colors and tastes that will make salads an adventure, maybe even a main course. In addition to taste and variety, the nutritional value of vegetables from your backyard garden is higher than the same vegetables from the grocery store. A study by The Institute of Food Research shows vegetables can lose up to 45 percent of their nutritional value between being picked and landing on a grocery shelf.

Easy Organic and GMO-Free Garden in Your Own Backyard! Enjoy a Hassle-Free vegetable garden because we set it up and maintain it for you...Then you Enjoy! • We install and set up your vegetable garden • We plant seasonal varieties of your choice • We water, weed and fertilize plants • We harvest at the peak of maturity

You Eat!

Your garden provides you with fresh herbs & vegetables year round without any of the work.

It’s as Organic, Earth-Friendly & “ Locally Grown” as you can get! Girasole Backyard Gardens

Contact us today for a free consultation 951-491-5529 •

Natural amendments, rather than chemical fertilizers, are used to So get your vegetable garden going now! And if you don’t have the build the soil, which in turn feeds the plants. Crops are rotated to time or know how, give us a call. different sections of the garden year to year to reduce the naturally occurring pests that would otherwise build up in the Girasole Backyard Gardens will design and soil. Companion planting is used to encourage beninstall a garden that is tailored to the needs eficial pollinator and predator insects to visit your of your family, and do it affordably. Your garden. And natural pest control methods garden may be in-ground, in raised beds or rather than chemicals are used should containers, or incorporated into existing the pests get out of hand. landscaping. Then, every week, we will maintain your garden for you, by succesGirasole Backyard Gardens is sion planting, weeding, feeding, adjustowned and operated by Andy Caning the irrigation for the weather and nella. He is a Certified Master Gardener harvesting. Plans are also available through UC Davis Cooperative Extension to give you participation in the garprogram and a Certified Master Composter den activities to any degree you dethrough the County of Riverside. To learn more sire, with only monthly or about how Andy can affordably install and quarterly consultations to keep maintain an organic garden in your backyard call your garden headed in the right direction. (951)491-5529 or visit his website: We use only sustainable garden practices to ensure the long-term health and productivity of your garden.

Hope Bundrant



I living


Treating Hot Flashes the Natural Way By Dr. Alexander Shikhman Hot flashes (also known as vasomotor symptoms) are defined as a sudden feeling of warmth affecting face, neck and chest, which is typically associated with the changing hormone levels around menopause. Hot flashes can also cause profuse sweating, rapid heartbeat and last from several minutes up to an hour. The hotflash event may be repeated a few times a week or every few minutes throughout the day. Hot flashes may begin to appear several years before menopause starts and last for years afterwards. Severe hot flashes can cause insomnia which in turn can affect mood, impair concentration, and cause other physical problems. Up to 85% of women have hot flashes with widely varying intensity and frequency. Although in most women hot flashes occur spontaneously, some women report triggers that affect the frequency and/or severity of hot flashes. These include alcohol, caffeinated beverages, hot drinks, hot and spicy food, hot weather, and emotional stress. The exact nature of hot flashes is still poorly understood. Presumably, the primary cause of hot flashes is a declining level of estrogen. However, the direct triggering mechanism of hot flashes is the impairment of estrogen-dependent temperature regulation in a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Every day someone’s wellness journey begins. No matter what the challenge, we help every person to identify a clear path for achieving optimal health and we guide them along the way. As the nation’s first clinic of integrative rheumatology, we combine the best from traditional and alternative therapies, using a scientific and holistic, common-sense approach to highly individualized care. We support our patients with unparalleled compassion every step of the way.

We Can Help with the Following Conditions: • Fibromyalgia • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Low Back & Knee Pain • Celiac Disease & Gluten Intolerance

• Osteoarthritis • Lupus • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Ankylosing Spondylitis • Sjogren’s Syndrome • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Lyme Disease • Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis

HELP…& HOPE: THAT’S IFSMED! Institute for Specialized Medicine

Typical therapies of hot flashes include:

Alexander R. Shikhman, MD, PhD, FACR


1. Lifestyle modification Lifestyle modification is the first step in managing menopausal symptoms. Women who are overweight with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 kg/m2 are more than twice as likely to experience moderate to severe hot flashes compared to women whose BMI is less than 25 kg/m2. Cigarette smoking also increases the frequency and severity of hot flashes. In addition, regular aerobic exercise and balanced diet also help in dealing with hot flashes. • Fax: 858-794-9164 4125 Sorrento Valley Blvd Ste A, San Diego, CA 92121 moxifen, a drug used in the treatment of some types of breast cancer.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) 2. Traditional western therapy Hormone replacement therapy Hormone therapy is very effective for treating hot flashes. The best time to use hormone therapy is when menopausal symptoms start. Using the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration is the best approach. The duration of treatment should be limited to about five years. Longer duration treatment is associated with increased risk of breast cancer, stroke, and dementia, as well as other potentially serious short-term and long-term risks. When discontinuing hormone therapy, taper off over several months to reduce discontinuation symptoms.

Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM) SERMs are a category of drugs that act selectively as agonists or antagonists on the estrogen receptors throughout the body. A typical example of SERM is ta-

Puzzled About Medicare? Discover the plan that fits your needs and your budget!

SSRIs are a class of antidepressants most commonly used in the treatment of depression, and some personality disorders. They have been found to be efficient in alleviating hot flashes. However, their administration is associated with quite a few side effects. In addition, they carry an addictive potential.

3. Complementary therapy In general, complementary therapy can be as effective as traditional western therapy for hot flash control but with fewer side effects. The typical complementary remedies useful for hot flash control include: Phytoestrogens or "Plant Estrogens” There are three main groups of phytoestrogens: isoflavones (soy, chickpeas or garbanzo, red clover, lentil, beans), lignans (for example, flaxseed), and coumestans (red clover, sunflower seeds, sprouts). Phytoestrogens are not structurally related to estrogen but bind to estrogen receptors. Phytoestrogens are 100 to 10,000 times weaker than endogenous (produced on your own) estrogen. Since phytoestrogens have estrogenic effects, they may increase the risk of breast cancer or have other adverse effects similar to prescription estrogen. People with breast cancer, a history of breast cancer, or a family history of breast cancer should avoid or use phytoestrogens cautiously.

I can help you:

Black Cohosh and Chasteberry

• Understand your many Medicare options • Evaluate your current medical and prescription needs • Let you choose the plan which provides the greatest benefits • Provide you all the information you need to make the right choice

These are popular herbs to treat hot flashes but they also have estrogen-like effects and should be avoided in women with a history of breast cancer.

At NO COST to You!

A universal precursor of the steroid hormones which is produced in the body from cholesterol. In addition to its hormonal function, it stimulates specific receptors in the brain. It not only controls hot flashes but also improves energy, vision, memory, clarity of thinking, well-being, and often sexual enjoyment or libido. Administration of Pregnenolone should be performed under periodic control of the blood levels of adrenal and sex steroid hormones.

Our Protocol In our practice at IFSMED, we developed a protocol utilizing Pregnenolone, Succinic Acid, and Vitamin C and Rosehip extract which efficiently reduces the burden of hot flashes.


As your local Healthcare Specialist I am licensed and certified. By representing many major Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plans in your area, I can help you make an informed & educated decision in regard to benefits & plans that are available and best suit your needs. You have the “Power to Compare and the Freedom to Choose”

Succinic Acid

Let me help you get the most out of your benefits

Call me, Julia Bell at 888-741-8809 • CA Lic#OD47703 By calling the number above you will be directed to a licensed insurance agent. TTY # 711 M-Su 8am-8pm. Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information.


A product of the citric cycle which is known to optimize estrogen metabolism, normalize bone mass and stabilize mood. To enhance the beneficial effect of Succinic Acid on hot flashes, it is frequently combined with Vitamin C and Rosehip extract. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, contact the Institute for Specialized Medicine at (858) 794-9192 or visit to purchase Pregnenolone or Succinic Acid.


I balanced


Healthy Life, Healthy Body A healthy body is the result of many factors. Each person is born with a different genetic and family background, which implies specific tendencies and risks. Yet, building and keeping a healthy human apparatus – body, mind and soul, is the consequence of the individual’s capacity to take responsibility and actions. Below are a few basic principles to remember.

Communicate with the Earth and the Cosmos: An increased number of people are now aware that a great amount of the food available is not only filled with poisons but also genetically modified. They have changed their eating habits by avoiding sugar, tobacco and even gluten in order to be healthier and more mentally alive. By paying attention to everything we ingest, apply to our skin, and what we breathe, we can also develop a conscious relationship with the Earth. Human beings were intended to be nourished from the gifts of Mother Nature, and nurtured through a loving relationship with the Planet. Instead, they have tried to control and modify the very nature of life. Let us re-establish inner communication with our environment and a new path of balance between modern knowledge, technologies and Nature. Listen to the rhythms, the cycles of the seasons, feel that you are a part of a wondrous Consciousness, alive and caring and your body-mind and your life will be happier and more rewarding.

Silence and Meditation: In order to feel, hear and communicate with your surroundings you have to learn to listen. Meditation is your tool and now considered the number one healing agent by the integrative medical community. Take 20 minutes every day to silence your machines and your mind. Turn inward and set your intent; for example, if you want to connect with the Cosmos, imagine yourself travelling through space and to the center of the Universe. Visualize the stars, imagine your body drifting or soaring and let go. If you start thinking, just imagine yourself flying again amongst the stars….

Your State of Mind: A healthy life also depends of our state of mind. What is going on in our head? Are you accepting to be overwhelmed by your job, your expenses or the depressing news? Are you only interested in people who will bring you more business, more money? Your body will feel lighter if you develop the habit of taking time for yourself, disconnecting from electronics and the internet, and monitor your thinking habits. Then, whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, damaging your immune system, erase the thought. If you are a beginner, imagine a white board on which your negative idea is printed. Then, erase it and replace it by the image of a beautiful landscape with a shining river running through it. Or, even more effective, find a positive meaning to the situation that you are experiencing or constructive traits of the person you are angry at and write it on the board…. In each challenge, there is a blessing. You just have to find or see it.

Expressing Gratitude: Gratitude is the art of gracefully appreciating what we receive, whether tangible or not. In the Coachella Valley, we are surrounded by beauty. Are we still giving thanks for such a blessing? Also, are we capable of focusing on happy moments, exciting projects, and the art of giving? Giving is not a matter of income; the best thing one can offer is a presence, a listening heart, a smile or a nice word to someone in the street.

We are the ONLY company in the US doing pre-orders for the Disq See it at Alterna Health & Wellness Center at the Temecula Promenade Mall, Suite #2320 (Next to T-Mobile) • 951-296-6680

Discriminate: The people who are around you have a deep impact on your life… but this is another story… that we will developed in the next issue. Michael El Nour, DHM & ND can be contacted at 760-342-8008.



Smart Lipo What is it? And is it right for you? By Kelly O’Neil M.D.

Minimal blood loss – studies on “old style” Liposurgery have shown that 50% of the fatty fluids removed was blood! No wonder some of these patients require transfusions following Liposurgery. Smart Lipo and Tumescent Liposculpture are practically bloodless. Most patients lose more blood during their pre-operative blood testing.

Faster post Operative recovery – Less bleeding means less tis-

sue trauma and bruising. Post operative soreness is also reduced. Most patients may return to work in 2 days and limited exercise is permitted after 3-4 days. About half the patients have no bruisSmart Lipo - Smart Lipo is a laser system which can be used to ing at all. assist cosmetic surgeons in body sculpting procedures. It has proven to be a safe and effective treatment and is becoming more Better cosmetic results – Smart Lipo and the “Tumescent techand more popular. nique” utilize infiltration of sterile fluid into fat before removal. This loosens and softens the fat for easier removal and shaping

Destroys fat – The laser melts fat and destroys fat cells. When /contouring of the body. The small cannulas used with these

the fat destruction is complete, the Lipo surgeon usually removes techniques are less likely to cause contour defects (lumpiness, the dead cells and melted fat with a suction devise. Smart Lipo bumpiness, or grooving) that are associated with older Lipocan be used in conjunction with Tumescent Liposculpture or, in surgery techniques. small cases, as a stand alone treatment. When used alone Smart Lipo is most effective in small areas such as the face or arms, although any body area may be treated.

Tightens skin – One of the advantages of Smart Lipo is that it stimulates collagen resulting in skin tightening as well as fat removal. This is most effective on the face and neck, arms, abdomen, and back. For patients who want to shed inches but also need skin tightening Smart Lipo is the choice unless the patient desires skin tightening surgery (i.e. abdominoplasty, armlift, necklift).

Disadvantages – The only disadvantage of Smart Lipo is that it No general anes- takes more time than Tumescent Liposculpture, especially if large thesia – The most volumes of fat need to be removed. For this reason, most lipoimportant advantages of smart Lipo and Tumescent Liposculpture are safety. Most of the serious complications associated with cosmetic surgery are related to general anesthesia. Smart Lipo and Tumescent Liposculpture can be easily performed utilizing local anesthesia only, with or without light sedation, making them safer techniques for body contouring than “old style” Liposurgery requiring general anesthesia.

surgeons charge more for Smart Lipo than Tumescent Liposculpture. And, of course, Smart Lipo is a “tool”. The skill and experience of the liposurgeon will determine how good the results will be. The O’Neil Skin and Lipo Medical Center specializes in Tumescent Liposculpture and Smart Lipo procedures and offers very competitive prices. Sample fees for Tumescent Liposculpture of the abdomen is $3000.00 and Smart Lipo of the abdomen is $3500.00. Fees include operating room and anesthesia costs. The cheeks, arms, back, hips, waist, inner and outer thighs, knees, and calves are also treated at the O’Neil Center. It is common to treat 3-4 areas at one session. Great financing options available! Example: Abdomen Liposculpture for as little as $67 a month! You can contact our office at (800) 541-3764 or visit our website

Suffering and Still No Results?

It is scary, yet when you go to the doctor it is not pin-pointable; usually blamed on some type of nervous reaction or hormone imbalance. Generally these patients are given anxiety or sleeping pills. Sometimes due to side effects they may experience even more scary symptoms. Clumsiness or memory problems such as forgetting why you even entered a room is common; dizziness, an ominous feeling of a stroke or thoughts of doom. They’re scared, sick of being medicated and just want their life back. This terrifying cascade of symptoms does NOT have to be mysterious.

What happens when the brain misfires Continued from page 15 For some, the electrical imbalance may get so bad that may go into seizures. These misfiring nerve signals cause some to experience tremors, tics, as well as obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit disorder, ADD. The symptoms of tics are involuntary movements throughout the body that are known as either simple tics (rapid eye blinking, jerking the neck, etc), or complex tics (a series of body movements). A condition called Dystonia is another movement disorder that can range from mild to constant muscle contraction in different parts of the body. Not least of all is that it makes you nervous and irritated! It doesn’t show on the outside but your body feel is shaking on the inside, like it is being choked slowly and invisibly; a clothes pin pinch sensation on your nerves. Many times, a patient’s behavior is mistakenly taken for “anger management issues” when the brain is misfiring!


Nerve Hypersensitivity Then there are those whose nervous system is so hypersensitive that it only takes driving over a bump in the road, or hearing a certain high pitched noise that sends them into a crisis of pain. This nerve hypersensitivity causes one to be sensitive to bumps, noise, and light. It produces distortions in the body (joints that misalign). Unresolved and re-occurring distortions, and pain, that send you to the doctor again and again… only to be ambigu-

ously understood. You feel like your situation is strange, that there is no one that feels the way you do. Stopping the madness begins with dealing with the origin of the cause. If the mechanism is never addressed, the condition may never resolve. Using an evidence-based approach and empirically-supported treatments has enabled more and more people to effectively recover their health; and in many cases, achieve a higher life quality than they ever thought was possible. This has an enormous impact on far more than the science world, but the people suffering with chronic conditions who have been told that they would have to “live with their pain” do not have to live with their pain any longer. For more information and a complimentary consultation please contact the office of Dr. Jaudy at 760-340-4777. Copyright 2014


Face a New You!

Learn more at our Non-Surgical Facelift Seminar

Hello. I’m Dr. Kelly O’Neil, Cosmetic Surgeon & head of a Cosmetic Medical Center that specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. I invite you to attend our complimentary seminar and allow me to show you what is possible with the latest non-surgical technologies. In many cases, improvement with our non-surgical facelift exceeds that of a surgical facelift, and at a much lower cost!


Non-Surgical Facelift & Body Contouring Seminar Topics to Be Covered: • Non-Surgical Arm Lift • Non-Surgical Facelift • Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation • SmartLipoTM • Tumescent Body Sculpting • Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck • Dermal Fillers / Botox



Removes wrinkles, age spots & acne scars, tightens eyelids & lifts cheeks all without surgery!

Join us at...

EMBASSY SUITES, TEMECULA 29345 Rancho California Rd, Temecula Seminar Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014 Registration at 2:15, Seminar begins at 2:30pm Refreshments will be served. Financing available! Details at seminar.

Space is Limited & Reservations are Required

Modern body contouring techniques like SmartlipoTM and Tumescent Liposculpture are minimally invasive and extremely effective in experienced hands. They are often equal or superior to more invasive surgical procedures like abdominoplasty without the need for large scars. They are also much less costly. Patients return to work and other activities in a few days.

RSVP to Louise at (800) 503-1060 or email For more information and patient examples visit After Before All attendees will receive a $100 gift certificate towards Restylane® , Juvaderm® or other cosmetic fillers.



O’Neil Skin & Lipo Medical Center 40971 Winchester Rd, Temecula, CA 92591 • (951) 296-1690

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Healthy Times is a holistic health journal focusing on local health-minded practitioners and businesses.

Healthy Times Newspaper Temecula Valley Pub 56  

Healthy Times is a holistic health journal focusing on local health-minded practitioners and businesses.