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ISSUE 1 / MAY 2017




meet the team Editor, Designer, Writer

Deputy Editor, Designer, Writer Originally from a small town called Torpoint in Cornwall. I am a devoted and passionate binge watcher of TV series. I’m obsessed with 80s/90s pop culture and you will always find me singing or boogying to Beyoncé or Wham!

Brought up by fabulous grandparents in a small village in West Sussex by the sea. Have an obsession with fluffy, cute animals (especially my dog Rox as pictured), my small red car called Po and clothes. Traveling the world is my dream, and Mary Berry is my Hero (I make a mean banana loaf).




I’m originally from Oxfordshire but moved to Bristol when I turned 16 and have been in love with the city ever since. I spend most my time procrastinating; binge watching TV series and reading romance novels. Oh and I love a good night out.


uel la

ia Alic Travel Editor, Writer


n a m

Culture Editor, Writer Having a huge family, I really enjoy spending my time with them. Writing is my mental release. Learning to love the gym with my amazing buddy, who’ll literally haul me out of bed when I’m feeling lazy. Being a taurus, I can’t take being hungry and being rushed stresses me out.

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Donald Trump & Queen

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Political Conflict Our gal Alicia hunts down the action

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Best British Films - From classics to good ol’ romance

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Harry Potter - A new addition to the Warner Bros studio

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George Michael - Looking back in faith

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Understanding Geordie - Lingo you might not be familar with

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First Generation British - What is it like being the first British on your family tree?

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Festival essentials Don’t forget those wellies

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Tea Time - Can we say tea is british?

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meet the team


t is delightful to see how modern the Royal family have become over the years. Princess Diana changed the scene for the Royal family, with how open she was about relationships and with the amount of charitable work she did. People could relate to her because she was just like them and they could feel what she felt. Her son’s Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge, William, have followed in her footsteps and kept that positive movement of grace and understanding. Mental health gets a lot of controversial coverage in the media – social media especially. So it is a real eye opener to see such influential and powerful people come together to raise awareness. Heads Together is a charity lead by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. It is a charity that is focusing on changing the conversation on mental health. Heads Together wants to offer support and help to others with their mental wellbeing and encourage people to talk about their struggles. In a short video, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry support the campaign. It is a wonderful campaign because it is encouraging people to


talk about their feelings, which many people find hard to do so. It is hard for people to open up because of the stigma surrounding mental health, so this campaign is there to show them that it is #oktosay. During the short video the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, starts by talking about the areas of charity that they’ve worked in. Such as homelessness, military, bereavement and addiction. They all have an underlying link to mental health, which is why the three of them want work together and get others talking. She explains that talking is like a form of medicine for some and although it can be hard to start the conversation people must be able to share their problems. William and Harry talk about the issues surrounding children as they struggle with the pressure of exams and growing up in the generation of social media. Kate also explains the struggles of being a new parent and the fear of not knowing if you’re doing things right, because nothing can prepare you. On April 23rd 2017, over 40,000 people ran in the London Marathon for many different charities. Among them were runners who supported Heads Together.

It was a wonderful day that opened up people’s minds to mental health and made people feel that they playing their part in the changing society. If you want to know more about the charity for yourself or someone you care about, then head on over to where you can hear other people’s inspiring stories and listen to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry’s short video supporting the campaign.

follow Heads Together on their following social media sites b Twitter - https://twitter. com/heads_together w Facebook - https://www.

iInstagram -

sSnapchat – headstogether

T Magazine

By Hope Bullen

Words Alicia Paginton

Heads Together Campaign

By Hope Bullen

T Magazine



SNAP ELECTIO Just weeks after starting formal process of Brexit, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has called for an early election. Why the sudden change in heart? This snap general election has taken the country by surprise as current Prime Minister, Theresa May, had said on many occasions that she would not be holding an early election. This was due to the constant uncertainty that the country has been in since last summer. Last summer Britain voted whether or not they wanted to leave the EU. It was a close call, with 52% voting to leave and so that was the beginning of Brexit. However, Britain has been in an uncertain place since the EU Referendum because plans needed to be made and it takes years to actually leave the EU. Theresa May has called an early election to be held on June 8 2017 to allow voters to decide the future of Britain. WORDS: ALICIA PAGINTON


A controversial piece of street art of Theresa May in London



One question that has been bugging a lot of people is: why now? Why can’t we just wait until the next general election is due? Theresa May wants to offer Britain more certainty following last year’s EU Referendum. She has said that she hesitantly came to the decision for the good of Britain. Since there has been a lot of confliction from Westminster when going into negotiations following Brexit. Also, since she is pretty far in the lead with her polls, she is currently in a very good position for the election. Some of the poll stats show that conservatives have nearly double the share of Jeremy Corbyn’s party – Labour – who’s the second leading party. This is the biggest lead over the labour party in years. We decided to ask some of the general public about their views on the upcoming election and whether they think that Theresa May has made the right decision in calling a snap election and why. Marcus, 40, “I think it was a good idea to call a general election for Theresa May and her party because some of the conservative MP’s have a high chance of being taken to court next year because of the the scandal around how they funded the last election and won it. And so she needs those MP’s to support her in winning the election and so I question the timing of the election because of that. But I don’t think this is the best timing because of everything that’s happening with Brexit and we just need a stable government to take us through it.” Amy, 23, has said that “In some ways, I feel that Theresa May has made the right decision because we didn’t vote for her, we voted for David Cameron but he resigned after Brexit. I do think she’s being quite sneaky doing it now though. I’m just hoping for a miracle really.” She also went on to saying that she believes Brexit is a mistake and that we need a party that will “fix this mess.” John, 45, “It’s hard to say because I’ve got no faith in any of them really, it’s a vote with no confidence. They lie and then don’t give us the promises they make.”



T politics

In case you were unaware, Theresa May wasn’t initially voted prime minister by the UK citizens. They voted for the Conservative government back in 2015. So they we’re voting for David Cameron to be prime minister. However, after the EU Referendum, David Cameron resigned and so the Conservative party had to find a new PM, which is when Theresa May was chosen. She said that she sticks by the referendum results and that “Brexit means Brexit,” also that she will be giving Britain a strong leadership throughout the difficult times. The Conservative party wants to have a “clear economic plan” and be able to create more jobs and cut income tax.


Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the opposing party, Labour. He is devoted to being a different type of leader, he wants to see a Britain become a better country. He wants to end the housing crisis, stop the cuts and increase the minimum wage for all workers. Although, in recent news it is said that Jeremy Corbyn’s own MP’s have accused him of “burying his head in the sand.” Many of Labour’s voters have said that the Labour party may have the wrong leader.

Why is it so important for young people to vote?

It is very important for young people to vote, well, actually it’s important for anyone who is eligible to vote. As soon as you turn 18, you are eligible to vote and you should use that small bit of power to get your voice heard and be part of a change. Many people say that they don’t know enough about politics to have the responsibility of voting. Well if that is you, then you should research a little bit, or watch the news and learn about politics because it affects you. At the end of the day, it is how you decide who’ll be in charge of your taxes. Jeremy Corbyn himself said that: “Over 2.4 million young people are missing from the UK’s electoral register. Barely 40 percent of 18 to 24-year olds turn out to vote.” If these people were to vote, then they could make a change. There are so many positives for why you should vote, including that every vote counts. So why not let your voice be heard? T

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to register to vote at: uk/register-to-vote. The snap election will be held on June 8th, 2017. Let your generations voice be heard!


T film


T film

What’s on?p There’s plenty of films coming out over the next couple of months including the long awaited Pirates of the Caribbean and action-comedy Baywatch! Here’s a list of some of the films we think you’ll want to go and see and when it is being released... WORDS: ALICIA PAGINTON

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 12A 26TH MAY Jack comes to find that old nemesis Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) and his army of ghost pirates, have escaped from the Devil’s Triangle and are seeking revenge. They set out to kill every pirate at sea, with particular focus on Jack Sparrow. Jack’s only hope is to find the fabled Trident of Poseidon. To do so, he seeks help from a young, handsome Royal Army sailor Henry (Brenton Thwaites) and a beautiful astronomer Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario). So Jack embarks on his latest adventure not only to relieve himself from his recent cast of ill fortune but to save his life from the most dreaded rival he’s crossed.

COLOSSAL 15 19th May


Gloria (Anne Hathaway) gets kicked out of her apartment, by her boyfriend, due to her reckless party animal behaviour. She has no choice other than to move back to her hometown. As she’s home, news reports arise of a large creature that is destroying South Korea and overtime she comes to realise that somehow, in some way the monster she’s seeing in the news is closely connected to her.

Don’t miss Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch – yes there will be some slowmotion running in that iconic red swimwear. Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) is a buff lifeguard who puts a lot of effort into his work in order to save lives. So he isn’t best pleased with the new, reckless recruit Matt Brody (Zac Efron). However, they come across some ‘fishy’ business leading them to uncover a criminal scheme. It is down to them to work through their differences in order to protect the bay.

MISS SLOANE 15 12th May This intense political thriller stars Jessica Chasten as a fierce lobbyist. Miss Elizabeth Sloane is sought after for her talent and attitude to win. Taking on her most powerful opponents yet, Elizabeth Sloane comes to a realisation that winning this case will come with a cost. Will she risk it all?

SNATCHED 12A 19th May Spontaneous Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) gets dumped by her boyfriend right before they are due to go on an exotic holiday. Since the holiday is nonrefundable, Emily persuades her overly cautious mother (Goldie Hawn) to go with her instead. Shortly after their arrival, they become lost and fall into some trouble. It is ultimately down to them to work together and escape. A hilarious mother-daughter action comedy.

WONDER WOMAN 12A 2ND JUNE Before Wonder Woman discovered her true powers, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons. She had trained to be a warrior. However, when an American pilot crashed on her protected island, she rescues him and he explains the war that is happening in his outside world. Diana leaves with him to help him fight his war. This is where she discovers her full powers.


T entertainment

REVIEWS Some of our favourite things this month... After You, JoJo Moyes



(Warning, After You is a sequel to Jojo Moyes’ book Me Before You, therefore I highly recommend you read that one before this, as it may not make much sense to you. Also, there are spoilers ahead for Me Before You, if you don’t care read ahead!) Whenever I read Jojo Moyes’ books I cry, I’m just that kinda gal. Me Before You was brought to a cinema screen near you June 2016, and it’s safe to say that Will Traynor knows how to break a girl’s heart (Or rather the hearts of the whole population of women ever to live). For me, the film didn’t personally do it for me. Maybe it’s because the film adaptations of books are nearly never as good? But I’ll leave it up to you be the judge of that. The first book brought you Louisa Clark, hopeful and happy, perhaps a little naïve. She lived in a ‘typical’ quaint English countryside, and like most of us, didn’t know where the hell her life was heading. Until, she became a carer for Will Traynor (he even sounds cute in the book) an early 30 something year old man who’s inconsolably paralysed from the neck down. His mother, Camilla, wanted Louisa to try and convince Will not to go to Dignitas (a place where people go to die with assistance, because they have a terminal illness that isn’t going to get better.) Long story short, she fell in love with him, failed to convince him to want to live and ended up in Paris because Will wanted her to actually live her life.I was quite lucky really, because as soon as I had read the first book, the second strategically came out just after the film’s release. I know this is a while ago, but I’m writing about it as I feel like it simply wasn’t publicised enough! Not wanting to ruin the second book for you, I won’t disclose any parts of the book. Obviously, Louisa was feeling a little lost after Will died. Her flat in London doesn’t feel like home at all, and her family turned their backs after she had helped the love of her life to die. Despite it being an incredibly bumpy road to getting Lou back on her feet, it’s an endearing one that includes old and new faces, as well as a perplexing bundle on her door step. Jojo Moyes has done an equally amazing, if not better job at getting me invested into the life of Louisa Clark the second time around. Will (I love puns) Lou find love again, or is she too scared to lose herself in something that could potentially be lost again? HOPE BULLEN


Gerry Cottle’s WOW Circus Upon arrival, I was greeted by 4 mammoth multi-coloured circus tents and a burger van that was casually selling burgers, hotdogs and other refreshments to the excited members of public. The show consisted of 10 talented performers from all over the UK showcasing over 50 astounding acts in only 100 minutes. Acts such as the sky-high motorbike, a daring limbo under fire, a quick-change magic trick, a mad juggler, the whip crackling Cossacks and so much more. This fun family friendly circus show attracted everyone from students, children and elderly couples watching in amazement with dazzling and delightful energy. The Gerry Cottles WOW Circus will be in Southampton at until Sunday the 7th of May. For more information call the box office today on 08458355050. EMMANUELLA NGIMBI

Britains Got Talent, ITV Britain’s Got Talent is back again!. We have already had a roller coaster of feelings for many acts so far. Including comedy acts, child magicians and an incredible pianist. David Walliams, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and the one and only Simon Cowell are the judges for this year’s BGT and as always they’re making it a good laugh. The first highlight of this week has to go to Mr Daliso Chopanda from Manchester with his hilarious stand-up comedy act. The audience even cheered Amanda Holden to press the golden buzzer and send him to the finals, which she did of course. Well done Daliso. Secondly we’d like to mention another great act that really captures the pure talent of Britain. He goes by the name Tokio Myers. The 32 year old performed a jaw-dropping piano solo, which included a mash up of Clair De Lume’s Claude Debussy and Ed Sheeran’s Bloodstream. His mesmerising performance awarded him with a standing ovation from the crowd including the judges.Don’t forget to tune in to this weeks show on ITV to see some of the exciting and interesting acts that are lined up. ALICIA PAGINTON


T film








Directed by: Shane Meadows Starring: Thomas Turgoose, Stephen Graham, Jo Hartley, Andrew Shim This Is England is a fresh fly on the wall look into the stereotypical white working classes of Britain in the 1980s and the rise of the skinhead culture. The 2006 favourite is an autobiographical film about the directors own childhood, which gives the film a very authentic and honest feel throughout – A spectacular soundtrack takes the film the whole nine yards. BEST SCENE: When the gang gives Shaun his Ben Sherman


Directed by: Danny Boyle Starring: Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Kelly MacDonald, Kevin McKidd, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle Danny Boyle’s known as one of Britains best directors, and this film is a prime example of why. Based in in Edinburgh, this flick is about drugs, but portrays the extremely dark and wretched struggles of hardcore addiction and attempting to conquer it. The shockingly disturbing scenes, the poignant ironic humour and the sensational acting ensemble makes this an unforgettable masterpiece. Another British movie with a great soundtrack. Trainspotting put Scottish Ewan McGregor on the map! BEST SCENE: The iconic (and extremely nasty!) toilet scene. Also, of course, Spud and Renton’s big night out


28 days later ((2002)

Directed by: Danny Boyle Starring: Cillian Murphy, Christopher Eccleston, Brendan Gleeson, Megan Burns and Naomie Harris Danny Boyle strikes again! This time he takes on the zombie (or the infected, as this film calls them) genre and shows the rest of the world how you make an epic ‘zombie’ horror. Shot with digital cameras to highlight the grittiness (or the low budget), this terrifying film will sure as hell stay with you and beats the US hit show The Walking Dead at its own game. BEST SCENE: When Jim goes into a violent frenzy at the end - your adreneline levels will be high



Directed by: Edgar Wright Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Dylan Moran, Lucy Davis, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Kate Ashfield British people sure like their zombie movies! However, this one is pure satirical gold – a Rom-Zom-Com as Graham Norton once said. Starring the almighty genius duo that is Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this goofy film perfectly displays just how us typical Brits would probably handle a zombie apocalypse. Edgar Wright is the king of hilarious parodies (Hot Fuzz nearly made this list!). You will never grow tired of watching this one. Plus it’s always playing on ITV2. Thank us later. BEST SCENE: The zombie battle playing along to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. “David, kill the Queen.”




1 And...

AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN ((2004) Directed by: Alfonso Cuaron Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Gary Oldman, Emma Thompson, Michael Gambon, David Thewlis


ne Harry Potter film was bound to make an appearance in T’s Best British Movies, there were no ifs or buts about it. The third instalment undoubtedly earned its place at the top of the list, and as the best of the eight films from the epic and magical saga. Based on the best-selling novels by J.K. Rowling, this film follows Harry, Hermione and Ron into young adulthood at Hogwarts. When Harry discovers that a Voldemort groupie has escaped Azkaban prison and is hunting him down to possibly murder him, he has to learn (with the help of new mysterious Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Lupin) how to truly protect himself from the new evil forces that are lurking in this new vicious chapter of his life. This film is unmistakably darker and more threatening (Hello, Dementors!) than the previous two instalments which were more joyous and light hearted, giving the diehard fans a chance to grow

alongside the endearing characters we see on screen. Whilst alluding to a more thriller-drama vibe which set the tone for the rest of the series, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban found its ground with a perfect balance between pure emotion and tongue in cheek humour. With the introduction of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, characters became more complex. Alongside bewildering plot twists that accompanied them that had us on the edge of our seats – mutating rats, werewolves, time travel and Gary Oldman (swoon!) – what more could you want?! This classic will be certainly be remembered as a best-loved British gem for years and years to come.


It was impossible to round up a favourite scene, as this film is magnificent from start to finish. However, who can resist a round of applause and cheer for Hermione when she decks Draco Malfoy in the face?! You go girl. T See the others that made the top 10 at bestbritishmovies


T Film


did my ho letter ge the p If you haven’t gone to the Warner Bros Studio Tour, The Making of Harry Potter yet and LOVE Hazza P, catch Hogwarts Express down there right now. (WARNING: if you haven’t watched Harry Potter and might want to at some point (advice, you definitely should), don’t read on. There’s spoilers ahead!) Words : Hope Bullen


hether you love the books, films or both, have the hots for Hermione, Cedric or maybe your guilty pleasure is Severus Snape (that glossy hair just does it for me). All us Potterheads have different reasons to be besotted with the story about a boy with the zigzag scar, and of course, those round glasses. Some of us grew up with him, and others chipped in a little later in life, but we can all agree on one thing, bloody hell it’s amazing. We all remember that feeling. Sat in your cinema seat. Everyone had stopped angrily chomping away at their popcorn, you had already finished yours during the adverts, you wished you hadn’t. The one who should not be named, a stone’s throw away from the boy who lived. This is what he had been waiting for, and frankly, this is something we had not been looking forward to. The end of the Harry Potter film series as we know it. With our hearts in our mouths, we know


that Voldey is going to get exactly what he wants. AVADA KEDAVRA! And you feel like it’s all over. A hopeless Harry, limp in Hagrid’s grasp. The cinema starts to flood because everyone is so damn emotional. And don’t get me started on when I realised it was all a ruse and he was fine with two kids and all loved up with Ginny. Damn you Rowling for playing with my emotions. Despite the Harry Potter film series we know and love coming to an end, it was most definitely not the end of the wizarding world that Harry grew up in. Back in 2001, JK Rowling went and did it again. Although quite a few of us didn’t know it yet, as this little marvel was overshadowed by the series of books about Potter quite a bit. As of last year, we were all preparing ourselves for the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, that was due to be in cinemas across the UK as of the 18th of November. I don’t know about anybody else, but I found myself questioning

whether this film would make a spectacle of everything I have grown to cherish about the magic of Hogwarts, and all surrounding it. Surely Rowling couldn’t drag this out? Maybe it was indeed time to close the curtains on this part of my childhood, because there was simply nowhere to go with it? Wrong. I was so wrong. For all of those who have seen the film, might completely disagree with me, but the magic was unquestionably still there. Is it as good as HP? I don’t think you could match it. But saying that, the Harry Potter series was like a fine wine, it grew better with age. I’m sure that most people are aware of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, The Making of Harry Potter, whether they have been to see it or not. First of all, you’re seated in a cinema room and shown a clip of the making of Harry Potter in all its glory. The cast, behind-the-scenes,

you.) For one day I drank butter beer, sat in Ron’s dad’s rickety, old, flying car and looked upon the common room where Harry, Hermione and Ron sat. Observed every teensy prop, from the horcruxes to the kitten-filled, pink, china plates that hung in Umbridge’s office and then Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs that lets the wearer see wrackspurts. There is a reason as to why I’m bringing up a studio tour that has been open to the public since March 2012. As of

Umbridge can’t make us abide by the rules (sassy emoji) emosh goodbyes once the last bit of filming has finished, the LOT (the most petrifying part of this experience was getting separated from my boyfriend for a good 5 minutes, just because everyone basically rugby tackled to get seats with who they were with, animals.) Then, two very lucky people get to open the doors to the Grand Hall where all is revealed. At this point, I was really just trying my hardest not to cry. I’d spent my whole childhood watching these films, and then suddenly I’m standing where Dumbledore himself, made all his important back-to-school and ‘oh no Voldemort is back’ speeches. Then you find yourself whimsically rushing around the shops, picking up all the wands, chocolate frogs and Gryffindor clothing your arms can carry (only to be told that you don’t need it and as a student you can’t afford it anyway, damn

this year, it was announced that on the anniversary of the date it opened (31st March 2012), the Forbidden Forest was to be showcased to the public. We all remember the Forbidden Forest. Filled to the brim with magical secrets and creatures; good and bad. Where students are concerned, it is strictly off-limits, unless in detention or a Care of Magical Creatures lesson is taking place. In many, if not all of the films, this piece of set played a vital part in the story of Harry Potter. The Battle of Hogwarts took place here, as well as Harry’s ‘death’, thus making it an extremely important landmark in the world of Harry Potter. What a convenient excuse to go again, and for those who haven’t been, it’s definitely time.

More info @: https://www. wbstudiotour.


meet the team Glastonbury Date: 21st-25th June Prices: weekend tickets=£238 +£5 fee (can book 6 tickets per transaction)

Location: Worthy Farm, Somerset Headliners: Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran Highlights: Diversity of acts (not just limited to music

either, there’s dancing, comedy, circus acts and much more), festival raises money for good causes, bar and food stalls galore and chill vibes Downsides: So much walking as it’s so huge (I’m lazy okay), so many people you’d have to stay at the front for the whole day to see your fave act on main stage (I know someone who did this and she ended up passing out by the time they’d come on, shit I know)

V-fest Date: 19th-20th August Prices: yellow & red campsite=£199.95

Isle of wight festival

(fees included) weekend no camping=£175.15 day passes=£97.90 Location: Essex & Weston park, Staffordshire Headliners: Pink and Jay Z highlights: Familiar artists as fairly mainstream (what I’d do and my 12 year old self would do to see Pink this year, sigh…)relaxing atmosphere, suitable for families, beaut of a location, less drugs (supposedly), and fun activities Downsides: Pretty niche festival, lower standard loos, too much walking to do, food stalls only near music not near tent accommodation

Date: 8th-11th June Prices: Weekend=£208.20 (fees included) Friday=£64.40 Sat+Sun= £85.90

Location: Isle of Wight, Newport Headliners: David Guetta, Run DMC, Arcade Fire, & Rod Stewart

highlights: Lovely location, variation of music (more indie

genre though), promotes and encourages new talent, targets a wide range of people Downsides: Bit expensive for the Saturday and Sunday tickets, getting onto the island can bump your budget up (plus if you get sea sick I don’t recommend this festival land lubber!), traffic can be a problem when you want to leave (last thing you need is to be stuck in microwave on meals in that heat after you haven’t showered, yummyyyy) infamous for mud, expensive food


T Magazine

We know how hard it is to pick out one festival to go to - so we’ve picked out some uk favourites so you don’t have to. Words : Hope Bullen Illustration : Hope Bullen

Words : Alicia


Festival Essentials


Toothpaste and toothbrush This one sounds pretty obvious, so don’t forget them.


Dry shampoo Unless you are talented in braiding hair, then a bottle of dry shampoo is essential for festival goers. If you are there for more than a day, then you’ll be thankful.

3. Deodorant

With all the jumping around and dancing, you’ll be needing this. And if Britain decides to bless us with good weather, then you’ll be sweating even more.

4. Reading & Leeds Date: 25th-27th August Prices: weekend=£213 day passes=£72 Location: Richfield Avenue (Reading) Bramham Park (Leeds)

Headliners: Kasabian, Eminem, Muse Highlights: Alike Glasto variation of acts (there’s 8 stages to

choose from), genres of music, soooo much food choice, friendly security guards that shower you with cups of water (it gets fucking hot in a crowd of sweaty people!) and the toilets in the arena Downsides: Used to be a rock festival (some people hate Reading and Leeds because it’s now more mainstream), food and alcohol is expensive af (but smells so good so you spend all your money on food and hate yourself for it), the toilets in the campsite are throw up worthy (rumour is that once a women dropped her purse down there and just waded her way through everyone’s waste, nom)

Hand Sanitiser For anyone who has been to a festival before, you’ll know how fast the porta-loos run out of hand sanitiser. So it is definitely a good idea to bring your own.

5. Plasters

Great for blisters, cuts and even getting that winged eyeliner on point.


Wet wipes Don’t forget to bring wet wipes if you’re staying for more than a day. A wet wipe wash is going to be needed.


Water bottle You need to keep rehydrated so this is great for on the go. If you are nervous about the water system, then you can always get a filter water bottle.


Portable charger This is an essential for anyone who owns a smartphone – we all know the struggle of battery life.


Disposable cameras You won’t have to worry about draining the battery of your smart phones. Plus, you can have a lot of fun with disposable cameras and look forward to getting them developed.


Small bag You don’t want to leave anything important in your tent. So a small bag (across the body or bum bag) is a fab way to keep all your important items on you.

11. Wellies

As we all know, British weather is unpredictable. So having a good pair of wellies is useful for going to festivals – or you might risk losing a shoe in the mud!


Rain coat Again with the British weather…

13. Torch

A rechargeable torch is super affordable and perfect for getting you back to your tent late at night.


Selfie stick Finally, you’ll be wanting a selfie stick to get the best Instagram pictures.

T Magazine


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musicians to watch out for in WORDS: EMMANUELLA NGIMBI


Ray BLK is a 23-year-old singer/ songwriter from Catford, London. Her soulful yet raspy voice has been compared to the likes of Lauryn Hill and Mary J Blige. Her refreshing lyrics like “Full English from a caff not a café” contains witty humour resembling Amy Winehouse. As the winner of BBC Music Sound of 2017 Ray BLK is definitely one to watch.


2. DeCLaN mckenna At only 18 Declan McKenna from Hertfordshire, went from being a student to an artist performing at festivals. His indie sound is influenced by The Beatles, Jeff Buckley and David Bowie. As the winner of the 2015 Glastonbury Emerging Talent and a debut album on the way, expect to become familiar with his name.

SOUNDCLOUD /santandave TWITTER @Santandave1

4. STEFLON DON Born as Stephanie Allen, the 24-yearold British born, Holland raised rapper brings some much needed attitude to the UK rap scene. With the same bold stance as Lil Kim and femme fatale influenced by Foxy brown, the recently signed Stefflon Don is making huge movements in the UK.

INSTAGRAM stefflondon TWITTER @Stefflondon

5. LAUREN ARNEL CULLEN Laurel is a 22-year-old singer from Southampton who is often compared to the likes for Lorde, Lana Del Ray and Florence and the Machine for her alternative pop/folk sound. Having previously written, recorded and produced her all her music you look forward to more from Laurel in 2017.


SOUNDCLOUD /classiclaurel TWITTER @ClassicLaurel

3. Dave santan Formerly known as Dave, he is an


18-year-old rapper from South London, with music that is a combination of being relatable and political. His track “Wanna Know” received international acknowledgment after Drake remixed the song on his OVO sound radio. Having a song with Drake at the age 18 proves future potential.


Originally from Uckfield in East Sussex Rag’n’Bone Man had been making music for over 10 years and it wasn’t until his hit single “Human” broke the charts meaning he gained the recognition he longed for. His soulful blues and modern hip hop sound secured him the 2017 Brits critics’ choice award. With previous

winners such as Adele, Sam Smith and James Bay, Rag’n’Bone Man is in for a rollercoaster of a year.


7. JORJA SMITH Jorja Smith is a 19-year-old singer/ songwriter from Walsall. Her ability to write thought provoking lyrics has been compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse. With Jorja’s very own track on Drake’s anticipated album ‘More Life’, she is definitely one to watch in 2017.

SOUNDCLOUD /jorjasmith TWITTER @JorjaSmith




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DAVID BOWIE ASHES British music is notorious for TO ASHES

Ashes to Ashes is one of the most iconic David Bowie songs being most memorable due to it’s psychedelic music video. which was released in 1980. The video creatively opened the 1980s and helped Bowie achieve his second number one single. When it first came out 37 years ago, it was the most expensive video ever to be made, costing £250,000 - a large fraction of the price of modern day artist’s music videos that are released in 2017. The song and video helped construct the New Wave movement and would go on to influence many music videos for years to come. Though the special effects of the video have outlived their time, this video will forever be timeless just like Bowie himself.



WHAM! WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO-GO The energetic and upbeat video for Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go was one of the best-loved of the 1980s. It defined an era full of fun bubblegum pop. The infectious dance moves from a young George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley will make it impossible not to move your feet and sing along. Who can forget the duo in their fingerless gloves, tight shorts and ‘Choose Life’ t-shirts? Just watching George and Andrew prance around the stage (for what seems like an eternity) will exhaust you. The clothes became one of the most memorable parts of the video and a fashion staple of the decade. It will certainly Wake You Up back into 1984, that’s for sure.


The hypnotic 1983 Sweet Dreams music video was arguably one of the strangest of the 80s. Starring the Eurthymics duo and a random cow, it caused some controversy as to whether there was a third member of the band at first, but was further on in the video joined by a whole herd. The video helped the song go to number 2 in The UK Singles Chart and after the revolution of MTV began to rise, it became (their only) number one hit in America. Annie Lennox rocked a man’s suit better than her fellow band member along with any of te 80’s male super stars, with her bright orange closely shaven hair. This video was one of the first to display androgyny which is why it’s one of the coolest vids of the decade.


This legendary video and song from 1984 showed the members of Queen dressed up as women. The fun video, which is now age restricted on YouTube, and was banned from MTV (maybe they couldn’t handle Freddie’s perfect pins?) back in the day and caused quite the stir. It gave Queen fans an insight into their personalities, showcasing their sense of humour. And it sure won’t be forgotten.


its music scene, influencing and creating some of the biggest artists of all time. The 80s signalled a regeneration of British music, with electro-pop and punk paving the way. It was an electric era full of rebellion and self-expression where a MTV music video revolution was born. Here are some iconic music videos from our favourite British artists that will take you back in time to the unforgettable decade...


Every Breath You Take is potentially one of the favourites from the 1980s, having over 390 million hits for the music video on YouTube. The award winning black and white video by Daniel Pearl is simple compared to these other whacky ones, however looking back on the lyrics, they are kind of creepy. Whilst he may sound like a stalker, Sting made creepy cool with this gem. T


Illustration Hope Bullen

“For such a small country, Britain packs in an amazing diversity of landscapes: coastline, lakes, mountains, rolling countryside, villages and great cities.�

Illustration Hope Bullen

Rory Bremmer

The ICON of

POP culture 24

When the news of George Michael’s death stunned millions on Christmas day, there was an echo of Last Christmas that still was playing in homes, in a horribly ironic and twisted way. A cherished part of the music industry was lost forever – an underrated icon who helped tranform the landscape of music. He was dismissed by critics for decades and shamed by the media for the duration of his career - but the music and legacy he left continues to live on. Here’s an insight to a small portion of his life as an indispensable part of culture... WORDS: CHELSEA BATT ILLUSTRATIONS: JOE MOUZOUROS


A disregarded craftsman of pop ursting onto the music scene in 1982 as one half of duo Wham! with a big grin, it was difficult for the world to ignore the engaging sprit and energy of George Michael. After a last minute appearance and performance on Top of the Pops of a lip synched Young Guns (Go For It), him and his band mate/best friend Andrew Ridgely became an overnight sensation. They were one of the few acts who had actually prepared a routine for the popular show, which was unequivocally rehearsed. Girls were going crazy for them with their leather jackets and suave dance moves – they suddenly became teen heartthrobs, covering the bedroom walls of every young 80’s teenybopper. With their first album, under the leather jackets and tight shorts, the songs were truly a gift to music. Believe it or not, George somehow constructed an introduction of white rap into the UK pop scene with Wham’s re-released hit Wham Rap! Looking back, it’s humourous to think

George Michael starting out as a (kind of) rapper. But, he did. Even though their songs were upbeat, the lyrics were quietly political. When their hit single Club Tropicana (a song poking fun at the rise of young adults going on cheap inclusive holidays) was released in 1983, it signaled that Wham was here to stay, no matter how much the music critics would continue to not take them seriously. With their second album Make It Big in 1984, the hysteria hit a new high. George’s teeth became more blinding white, his eyes somehow sparkled even more, his hair had grown out and was dyed golden – any girl was envious of those luxurious locks. He was “every little hungry schoolgirls pride and joy” as he would go onto sing in his 1990 hit song Freedom ’90. Along with his looks, George reinvented his music, becoming a pop sensation. He certainly woke up the 80’s with the smash hit that was Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and his neon socks he whirled around in, in the music video. Although he always treated the pop genre like real artistry and music, he began to feel like he was outgrowing the not so serious image that Wham were depicting. He would go on to tell GQ in 2004, “I never minded

“There was an echo of Last Christmas that still was playing in homes, in a horribly ironic and twisted way”


being thought of as a pop star. People have always thought I wanted to be seen as a serious musician but I didn’t, I just wanted people to know that I was absolutely serious about pop music.” However, he was fed up with being rooted in a teen idol world and wanted to release songs that would be more appreciated. Along came his solo hit Careless Whisper and a saxophone solo that would become a phenomenon – the song was even featured in the Marvel blockbuster Deadpool’s soundtrack last year. It’s like his voice was heard for the very first time – it was old and soulful, and oozed emotion and vulnerability. It was apparent he and Wham were moving in completely different directions. He had already created some of the biggest and best songs of the era by the time he was 23, songs that had symbolised a decade. Most of them were written, produced and arranged by George himself. So, in an era that was all about self-expression, why couldn’t his pop masterpieces be appreciated as real art?

sang backing vocals and played instruments on all the tracks – an utter rarity. Faith was a huge international success, one George himself couldn’t even have imagined. Music critics that had vanished along with the ‘silly pop group’ he was once in suddenly magically appeared again, but this time, saluting his efforts of breaking genres and his vast range of musical ability. The album would go on to oil the works for future male artists who would break free from their boybands in an attempt to go solo (Justin Timberlake and NSync). He had become one of the biggest stars


on the planet in his own right, even winning a Grammy for Album of The Year. He had climbed up the pop culture ladder from teen idol to sex symbol, and wasn’t apologising for it. It was evident in songs such as ‘I Want Your Sex’ and ‘Father Figure’ Yet, little did the world know that under this new seemly sexually expressive and confident exterior, was a man who was struggling with his own identity and sexuality. Ironically, the image he had tried to shed before, had shapeshifted and he was cemented once again, leaving George to feel lost and imprisoned.

“I want my music to be something to carry on, comething that’s really memorable, so the music becomes something historical. I think my music deserves it.””

EXPOSED AND UNWANTED FAME The success of Faith overwhelmed and stunned George and just as he had ditched his boy band image, he dumped his Faith image with the Freedom ’90 video. It was time to reinvent his brand again, but this time he wasn’t going to be the center of attention. For the 1990 video for Freedom ’90 video, he hired a bunch of supermodels to take center stage. The video showed images of a burning leather jacket and other props that had appeared in the Faith video, along to the lyrics “there’s someone I’ve forgot to be”. He continued to refuse to appear in any other music videos or promote his second solo album Listen Without Prejudice. George had always

a revenge plan. It was an event that George Michael would later make into a hit song, where he parodied the whole scandal. However, his relationship with the press and media would never recover.

THE LEGACY WE NEED TO REMEMBER Although not being so high profile in the most recent years leading up to his death, and a stem of controversial news stories about his troubled personal life, it is hard to ignore the genius that is George Michael. He has left a major mark on the music industry, one that we somehow choose to ignore. There was always a sense of rejection that surrounded him and throughout his career, he was constantly reminded that he needed to prove something. Prove that he was more than a teen idol or that he could write serious music. He would constantly reinvent his image and prove us wrong every time. He blurred the line of genres, gifted us with his undeniable craft and welcomed us with his generous soul. The songs and his voice will be immortal, and like he said to GQ, it will be “Something to carry on, something that’s really memorable, so the music becomes something historical. I think my music deserves it.” And you deserve it, George. We will never dance the way we danced with you. T


Disbanded from Wham and ready to rule the music world completely solo, George released Faith in November 1987. The album unconditionally embodied the sexual expression that was dominating the late 80s at the time. It was the perfect way to wave goodbye to the teen jitterbug of Wham. This was a new George Michael. Unashamed. Unapologetic. His talent was crystal clear. He wrote, produced, arranged,

had a rocky relationship with the media and this time he seemed like he was over the idea of fame. The world didn’t know it yet but George was gay, but he didn’t owe us a definition of his sexuality. It wasn’t until 1998 when he was forced to come out of the closet due to a scandal that saw him arrested for being caught in a ‘lewd act’ in a public toilet of a Beverly Hills park. A scandal in which the press would torture him with for years to come. He had a became a punchline. It seemed as if the media had forced him in the closet in the first place, and had now forced him out with

Whilst most of you may know him for his big hits from Wham! such as Last Christmas, Wake Me up Before You GoGo and his solo single Faith, here are some GM songs that urgently need to be on your Spotify playlists....

“This will be a pull quote for this article, highlighting a key area to pay attention to - that will stand out! FANTASTIC 1983 This willMAKE be ITaBIGpull 1984quote for this article, highlighting a key area to pay attention to - that will stand out!

FAITH 1987









e i d r Geo

Words : Hope Bullen


Insults to take with you when visiting Newcastle Pan face - used on geordie shore, wild guess is that it’s a description for someone with a rather ugly mug? mackem - directed towards sunderland inhabitants ((Hint hint, Newcastle+Sunderland is a no go) doylem - idiot

wazzock - fool or bull penis (mmm, pleasant!) worky ticket - someone who is pushing their luck

Clamming Starving

(And alike the majority of the UK, just take an army of imaginitive swear words, and I’m sure you’ll get on fine!)

Up a height - Upset radgie -


Giz a bag o’ crisps - I’d rather not

without a doubt my favourite discoveries

Here are some day to day words that you might hear in Newcastle, along with some that I just liked the sound of (like learning a new language this).


ost of us probably know the Geordie (depending on what generation you are from) accent from Cheryl Cole, Ant and Dec or the Geordie Shore lot. And to be frank, sometimes understanding you Geordies can be tiresome, sorry guys! I thought it was about time I looked into what certian words or phrases meant, as half my family come from the ‘toon’. Especially as my aunty once thought my Newcastle born dad said to my brother ‘ehhh do you want a pork chop’, when infact he said ‘do you want to go to the park Jack’.

Hello - Aalreet Bye - Bye (Yes, it’s the same) Aa’l - I will Nar & Nee - no gan - go us - me canny - good/nice/pretty Bonnie - pretty mint - great/good purely belter - really good doon- down toon- town yem - home gadgie - man scratcha - bed hinny - wife/female companion Worldie - stunner/generally gorgeous netty - toilet alreet marra - alright mate? haddaway man - no way


T Culture

Must be one of the only sandy beaches in the UK!

Words : Emmanuella Ngimbi Illustration : Hope Bullen

How retro is that car?

First Genera

hat does it truly mean to be British? Is it taking pride in the culture? being born in Britain? or having British citizenship? This is a question I often find myself asking, maybe because I am British but I also identify myself as Congolese.

As for me my Mum arrived in the UK on the 22nd June 1995, She arrived as young explorer excited for the new adventure. The journey took her through South Africa where she went for holiday for 6 months in preparation of the move across the world. A move that was influenced by my father’s visit to the UK 2 year prior. After two weeks in a new country my mum took it upon herself to enrol into English language courses at a local community college while my father was working all day as a security guard. My parents eventually settled in Hackney, London and by the time I was born my father had become a bus driver and


my mother a school dinner lady. As a child of immigrants’, privilege is something that was knocked into me early, my parents would constantly remind me of how privileged I was to be born in the UK, to have free education, free healthcare and the right to freedom. The endless reminder of how different life was for my parents “back home” shaped my perspective of things differently and helped me to understand that the world is greater than my own understanding.

Growing up with parents who learnt English as adults means that my siblings and I are bilingual and as a child it meant that I was also a translator. This was something that I enjoyed and took pride in because not only did it mean that I was able to communicate with family members back in Congo, but it also meant that my parents were learning something new about the British culture every day. However, it also had its difficulties, for example in terms of English homework my parents would usually have to refer to a dictionary to

understand certain words before they could help me complete my homework, whereas Maths and Science would be a breeze.

Balancing two cultures was never really a challenge for me because to the outside world I was an ordinary English speaking student whereas at home I spoke Lingala, occasionally wore a Liputa and ate with my fingers.

Growing up I recall my parents being surprized at how easy it was to get a new job in the UK, compared to Congo where the job would often be given to whoever could bribe the employer with the most money. However, this isn’t the only form of corruption my parents had experienced, the education system in Congo only really benefitted those who were wealthy. My mother had to repeat 6th grade three times despite passing her exams first time. Finding Congolese food in the UK was pivotal moment for my parents, because

Think I’m looking at that hoover like what the hell

Me when I was small.

ration British at a time when they were most homesick and home was literally thousands of miles away. They felt at peace and embraced that a completely different country would acknowledge their existence and cater to them. As I grew older I realised just how important immigrant communities really are in the UK because even though my

parents had moved away and integrated it was still essential for them to meet and socialize with people from Congo. So that they wouldn’t forget where they came from. It was also vital for my parents to be there for other Congolese people going through tough situations or finding it hard to adjust to the British way of life. Due to areas populated with Congolese people my siblings and I were able to grow up around the Congolese culture whether it was with food, music or social events such as weddings and church. This provided my parents with the opportunity to build a genuine connection and friendships based on their shared identities, the same way

it’s exciting when you hear other British people while on holiday. This made it easy for me to connect

with other first generation kids at school because their parents were immigrants too, however growing up in London it wasn’t unusual considering that Hackney till this day is a very multi-cultural borough in London and there were at least 10 different languages in the same classroom. Being born and raised in the Britain didn’t make me any more British than my parents, they have always been more engaged in the British society than me whether it was EastEnders every night, their love for the royal family or their sarcastic humour. The fact that my parents left everything they knew to move to a new country, not fully knowing what to expect but were determined to make things work is a life lesson, an act of strength and determi-

nation. Following their dreams without looking back, making Britain their new home, adapting to British life and continuing with their home culture is something that I’m eternally grateful for and I have grown to appreciate the music, food and clothing from both Britain and Congo.

Ba yebaka soki oza na nzela ya malamu tango posa yak o tala na sima esili” – Lingala

You know you are on the right track when you become uniterested in looking back” – English Translation


Tea time

T Culture


Us Britains would never turn down a good ol’ cuppa, but our fave hot bev wasn’t invented on our soil, so can it even be classed as British? Words Alicia Paginton Illustration Hope Bullen

about know lmost cer’t n o d in the ut I a you b n’t function p of tea! cu ca tainly a large, hot p, moving u e le v a p h o I e nless that gets p ahead. u g in y morn Grail with he da e Holy ready for t ociate tea k of s It’s th s h a t and “ in em to says: ple se someone mind ino e p Many British. If ish,” your ets, being ething Brit res crump tu ic som p stantly



g fis ling sive incr te sm herm tea due easi a w ng as so ug e t w ld gl n a as o ta ly e .I e t x n x we me the d o he n atio pen an go th n ’ d Br ex it’ od er ew w . Sm it’s p s n s tra a u do ect ot und des y fo glov in t qui erg me rwa e a he te t ro n w rd cu mo he und ou , p o vie dru to ld f R s, b g c be os ut ar y L us tel ee .

(or s sCONs yo CO tea! u say it NEs ho ) H o gam wev and of wever e e Asia as tea r, we w course ere was arou lat fir n still wait d the 15 st disco e to the e vere t d h befo a c re w nother entury. d in e ju 2m We m il ban dwa ped on lennials gon the .



p a So o ho n to cupp gra of B w thi find o a and b s It w ritain beve ut mo read asn … rag r e s e abo rea ’ tol lly t unti e th ut l h wa it th mideh sa e m 17 ear 0 n a ts tha ewfou rket i 0s tha nB t qu nd t t e r b a i ick ly b evera tain. I t eca ge me


y e db n u- offe love p ga po gst c ell be ury s on s w op ux sh the l and am d wa . a r s a e n l a las s t had kes on. c 0 a es p us king 180 tion a, c e u o e lg h or he na t d du tea t e w e y h v in e th en b ng. T ser to und Th eni eing ches n fo op of b dwi ome n W sa

m me beg this and the t a of nt’s n to ime for detea ill c . A te in atte hang s a r a du Br m e es rin “I’d the itain pts afte ult t g t ki ms an o ‘c r th hin be ll fo elve d m ont e go gs a a ca r a me cu s of king in’ t vern alm ppa cou a p he s rs ph r a as ost righ e. ofit les for e, al tn as ite ow ral ”



y s he s- art op re t d go o st h s he an d t ir w e a he ce ialis es h e t lso a v l . a p a p soc oty here ’s lo we hard ld ere ew tain get e s u t b i co e s om t Br for ay les s a t h e –t th no it m er p w et’s , so re w to si o l n e e t e k n h all l bu ffei at t s du We coho ur ca e th sale al e o liev uor e lov to b liq


T travel



Whether you’re wanting to get a taste of the country life at the new forest or visit the exciting nightlife and entertainment of Southampton, there’s something for everyone in Hampshire. So read on to find out more about what you can get up to. WORDS: ALICIA PAGINTON PHOTOS: HOPE BULLEN



PORTSMOUTH GUILDHALL Portsmouth Guildhall is a magnificent building, full of character and life. It has a capacity of 2,500 and is wellknown to the city for showing top class entertainment such as comedy, music, exhibitions and even family events. Have a look at their website at: www. to find out more about what is on at Portsmouth Guildhall now.

PORTSMOUTH GUNWHARF QUAYS So if you’re into shopping then this next place is definitely for you. Gunwharf Quays is the land of designer outlet stores, with over 90 shops that offer up to 60% discount. Some stores even offer extra discount for

students. It is located in the perfect area, just along the harbour side, so you can explore the area and get some pretty Instagram snaps before your shopping spree. There are plenty of wellknown designer brands such as Nike, Adidas, Kurt Geiger, Michael Kors and many more. There are also bars, leisure facilities and restaurants which are open later so you can have even more fun after you’ve shopped. Head on over to https://gunwharf-quays. com/ to find out more information.

RE PORCHESTER CASTLE If you’re looking for an interesting family day, out in Hampshire, then visiting Portchester Castle would be ideal for you. It is a chance for you to have a fun day out, you can enjoy a lovely family picnic while getting in a little look at our country’s history. Inside the keep you can find an interesting exhibition that explains the history of the


For more of you shoppers and leisure lovers out there, Westquay shopping centre has over 90 stores, including top stores such as John Lewis, River Island and Jack Wills. There’s a dining level located at the top of the shopping centre, which is open an hour later, so after you’ve shopped till you drop you can grab

medieval castle, along with the history of the village. You can also get a free audio tour. To find out more about Portchester Castle and the fun family events that will be held there, head over to

WINCHESTER BISHOP’S RESIDENCE Another historical attraction to visit in Hampshire is the Old Bishops Palace. It is located next to the Cathedral, so you could even visit both on the same day. The Bishops of Winchester were powerful and wealthy men. Their palace ruins date back to the 12th century and

are located in a beautiful area, which makes it a lovely and peaceful attraction. Plus it is free to visit the ruins and the Bishop’s Residence so, with a picnic and good company, it would make a fascinating day out. Head over to: to find out more about Old Bishop’s Palace.

something delicious to eat. As well as Westquay, there’s also the multi million pound complex that recently opened up next door – Watermark. It is packed with even more restaurants, as well as a Cinema De Lux and a Hollywood Bowl. To find out more take a look at their website at: https://

Winchester City centre If you’d like to have a historical walk and learn a little more about some of the prettiest buildings and scenery then you should take a little trip to Winchester. Tourists can explore the interesting city’s history, as well as taking some time out to do some shopping and maybe a drink or two (or three or four or five) at one

of their homely, cute pubs. Wincester is the perfect place to wander round and get lost in all their narrow, winding streets. If you’re interested visiting Winchester then you should head on over tohttp://www. where you can find out more information about visiting the city centre, shopping, restaurants and attractions.



Whether you’re having a picnic in the park; a trip to the beach or just strolling around town, it is always a lot of fun to take pictures of the places you’ve visited. It’s even better when we finally get a little bit of sunshine in England because everything just feels more colourful and exciting. Britain is full of beautiful places to visit and what better way to see them than through Instagram? If you don’t have Instagram yet then you definitely need to up your game and jump on the bandwagon because everyone has it nowadays. It’s the perfect place for you to capture pictures of the things you love and you can have your account set up in minutes. Here we are showcasing some stunning photographs of Britain by some lovely Instagrammers. So be sure to take a look at their accounts and appreciate some of their work.

Britain Words : Alicia Paginton



@doors_of_england @shad_ig @ellabonbella_x @rachele_bearn @mylondonfairytales @neiljamesb @carolyn.eaton

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British? Unfriendly?! What on Earth! We’re meant to be the most polite people in the world aren’t we?



People who make tea the wrong way round. It’s: teabag, water, wait ... and then milk (if you’re going to add it)


AWARD FOR: COMPLAINING THE MOST ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE “When people push in front of you in queues, when people walk really slowly, when people are talking really loudly in quiet places, when people complain about almost nothing.”


(believe it or not, we had to cut this down!) “People who shop in Waitrose, British snobbery, reverse snobbery, the class system, the idea that colonial Britain was somehow great. Hunting with hounds, hunting for fun. UKIP. Grrrrr football hooligans, Actually, football. Stupid sexist thugs game. Potholes in the road after winter. Imperial measurements...

why are we still using old fashioned measurements at all? Plastic 5 pound notes - they’re rubbish and slippery and pop out of your pocket. Good job they’re plastic, they’re always on the floor in the wet. socks and sandals and sun burned pale people in the summer. (1 week in July) Fly tipping of mattresses and other s*** in the countryside. Dog poo hanging from plastic bags in the trees. Those poxy little Union flags on cars when the football or other sporting events. The Daily Mail. British people abroad - they’re just embarrassing. Monster tuition fees for students. When people comment on the weather on Facebook like we never had sun, rain wind or snow before - all in one day. Don’t be surprised that there’s weather going on. It’s always too hot or too cold. Too wet or too dry. The Brits are never bloody satisfied. (I am, but there’s a lot that aren’t)”


“When people don’t say thank you when you hold doors open for them. AND how rude and unsociable people are in public especially on the tube or on buses or when you let someone go when you’re driving and they don’t thank you. I just hate the general unfriendliness of the British public”

Britain is known for it’s potty mouth and consistent moaning - we asked you to send in what really grinds your British gears...

AWARD FOR: MOST SHOCKING “When people fail to accept that I don’t like tea and that I’m British” Wow.

Send in yours @


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