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Annual Report

Presenting Every Youth Complete in Christ

Why Hope For Youth? Hope For Youth exists to bring the light of Jesus Christ to youth trapped in a world of darkness.

Our Vision “So we tell others about Christ, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all the wisdom God has given us. We want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship to Christ.” Colossians 1:28 NLT We envision a world where every youth is presented perfect in Christ.

At Hope For Youth, we believe that:

• Urban youth, like any other youth, want to have a positive future. • The gospel message has the power to radically change lives. • We are positively impacting the future of our society one youth at a time.

Our Mission We build and maintain long-term Christian mentoring relationships with urban youth to challenge and enable them to reach their full potential spiritually, academically, and socially.

Our Youth Our target youth is a Junior or Senior High student (ages 11-19) who is living or has lived in a homeless shelter – especially the Star of Hope shelter – or in a government subsidized (Section 8) housing project. 2 Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report

Dear Friends, 2013 was a year of great achievement and expansion for Hope For Youth.

Our new

branding serves to highlight the new programs, new volunteers and new donors who helped us bring Hope to the disadvantaged youth in and around Houston. This annual report provides a brief summary of the work we’ve done and the outcomes we’ve achieved with the faithful support of ministry partners such as you. This year we were privileged to work with over 300 youth in their efforts to overcome their present circumstances and pursue a brighter future. Through small group mentoring and large group activities, volunteers shared the life-changing love of Christ with youth who had previously known only despair and disappointment. As we look to the future, we are excited to be increasing our emphasis on achieving long-term, measurable results in the youth we serve. Our entire board and staff is committed to ensuring that our focus is on quality over quantity and “going deeper” with our youth. For over 20 years, our objective to “present every youth complete in Christ” has not changed, and we are excited about our increasing ability to make that happen. I am excited about the future of Hope For Youth. I am excited about the youths whose lives will be forever changed through their involvement in this ministry. But mostly, I’m excited to see what God will do to grow and expand the ministry even further in 2014! Thank you so much for partnering with us! With sincere gratitude and best wishes.

Atwell Williams Chairman, Board of Directors

2013 Programming overview:


his past year was an exciting and strategic year for our programs as this was the first full year with our new Program Director - Emily Morris! Her love for Jesus, and urban

youth ministry, enabled us to add key new programs as well as improve and expand existing ones. For 2013, our programs fell into three broad categories:

Large Group Outreach


Small Group Discipleship


Camps and Retreats


Monthly, large group

Weekly, smaller

Periodic, high-energy

activities designed to

groups (i.e. 8-12 youth)

events and outings

draw new youth to the

designed to develop

that allow the youth to

ministry and build

deeper, ongoing

experience ministry in a

relationships among

relationships with

different, exciting way.

the existing youth.

the youth to facilitate increased spiritual and social development and encourage academic improvement.

4 Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report

Outputs and Outcomes:

A Year of Hope Key events and activities:





Journey to the Cross Easter Service


Carolina Creek Christian Camp Spring Retreat


Star of Hope Residents:

Service projects: Mission of Yahweh/canvasing neighborhood for JNTH & helped Faith Center


Jesus ‘N the ‘Hood

Current: 80 Former: 70


Stoney Creek Ranch Camp

Lives With:


Kids Across America Camp

One Parent: 73% Both Parents: 18% Other Guardian: 9%

November: Thanksgiving Celebration

Gender: Female: 40% Male: 60%

Middle School: 27% High School: 73%


Ethnicity: African-American: 78% Hispanic: 21% White: 1%

December: Christmas Party

Outcomes: ■




100% of active Hope for Youth seniors graduated high school. We assisted seniors with college and financial aid applications, schools visits and testing, resulting in 60% of graduating seniors attending college.

30 youth made first-time decisions for Christ 15 youth re-dedicated their life to Christ

60+ youth participated in our three service projects to "pass it forward" The vast majority of our youth exhibited noticeable improvements in attitudes regarding appropriate boundaries and acceptable behavior with members of the opposite sex

5 Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report

Programming overview: Programming overview Large Group Outreach Throughout the year, dedicated volunteers and staff conducted “Friday Night Live,” “The Gathering” and a variety of other activities to provide the youth with concerts, new worship experiences, service projects, Christian fellowship and just plain, old fun!

The service project at First Baptist’s Faith Center furnished our youth with the opportunity and privilege of helping others through stocking the food bank, helping clients shop in the clothes closet, and leading younger children in games through the Kid’s Club.

At Jesus ‘N the ‘Hood, we experienced our largest attendance ever with over 115 youth each night. The theme of the week was “Holding on to the promises” which encouraged youth to learn to trust and lean on God for hope and strength.

Small Group Discipleship/Mentorship

Committed Christian adult mentors met regularly with over 55 youth in multiple small groups throughout the city. While we continued to increase the number of youth and mentors in the program, we also added a genderspecific discipleship program, called G3 (Girls, Guys, and God). It was formally launched In July 2013, when over 50 youth (plus volunteers from HFY and First Baptist) met for four evenings to discuss gender-specific topics and enjoy fellowship.

Camps and Retreats Almost 90 youth and volunteers attended our Spring Retreat in Hunstville, TX, where we focused on leaving sin behind and living for Christ. Almost 70 youth attended Kids Across America (KAA) Camp and Stoney Creek Ranch Camp last summer. 15 youth made first-time decisions for Christ. One of your youth was awarded the “I Am Third” award for best exemplifying a lifestyle that puts God first, others second, and ourselves third. Six of our student leaders received training at KAA’s Higher Ground camp (a weeklong Servant Leadership training program). These youth came back inspired, ready to serve and to be Christian leaders in their communities. 6 Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report

We thank our Faithful Volunteers! Without our volunteers, Hope For Youth simply wouldn’t exist. You are the hands and feet of Christ in our ministry and we are eternally grateful for your commitment and dedication. The following volunteers served in the ministry between January 1st and December 31st, 2013:

Nicole Abner

William Dewlen

Mauricio Kaim

Crystal Ratliff

Tochawa Alexander

Marissa Dominguez

Kiersten Kindred

Lawrence Ross

Lorena Avila

Jerry Espinor

Kirk Laguarta

Patricia Ross

Tydon Bell

Brianne Farrell

Tony Leatherman

Ellis Scott

Jeff Beird

Natalie Farrell

Stacey Littleton

Nancy Scott

Sheila Bernard

Disa Foster

Daniela Lozano

Thad Scott

Alexandria Bland

Kaleb Fulgham

Hope Manley

Ashly Scott-Jones

Marquita Brooks

Rocio Feusier

Lupe Martinez

Darel Seymour

Heidi Brown

Imogen Gantos

Rheeny Martinez

Marlo Seymour

Ariel Camacho

Russell Gantos

Rebekah McGowan

Chad Smith

Stephanie Celaya

Sarah Gee

Todd Meddings

Hilary Stamp

Steven Chambers

Paul Gordon

Rakel Melvin

Ken Swartz

Hannah Cheung

Rey Gutierrez

Cynthia Merrifield

Ammi Tan

Lauren Cromwell

Ashleigh Harrison

Amanda Moreno

Tiffany Tarrant

E. Webb Crunk III

Rita Hord

Ryan Morris

Queenie Tobias

Janine Cruz

Nathanael Ince

Chris Nalepa

Susan Torney

Susan Cudnik

Victoria Jalo

Donald Nesting

Donna Treu

Elijah Culpepper

Sarah James

Chika Nwachukwu

Michael Treu

Stephanie Culpepper

Nekata Jones

Samuel Pak

Ana Velasquez

Wendy Dewlen

Sonceri Jones

Glenda Ramos

Alisa Williams


Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report


We thank our Generous Donors who faithfully supported Hope For Youth between January 1st and December 31st, 2013. Your gifts are “a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God” (Phil. 4:18)



Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church

Julie and Griff Aldrich

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Laura and Adam Allen Anonymous Donor

Second Baptist Church

Lorena Avila

Trinity Fellowship

Mary and Javier Ayala

Business Bank of America United Way Campaign Champions Machine Tool Sales Inc. Chevron Humankind Hematology-Oncology Associates of Houston, P.A. HP Employee Charitable Giving Program Kroger Leo & Dutton PLLC Murphy Oil Corporation Safeway Woodforest National Bank

Foundation BP Foundation, INC. The Children’s Fund, Inc. Walter Christian Development Foundation

Janet and Bert Bailey Ajifolake Balogun Ernest Bartimmo Barbara and Lawrence Bellatti

Stephanie and Elijah Culpepper Eleanor Darragh Rachel and Erik David Diane Davis Deana and Mark Day Brittainy and Mark Dennis Wendy and Willie Dewlen Cheryl Douglas Ronnie W. Dutton, Jr. Anonymous Donor

Jeff Bezner

Aimee Eckhardt

Sean Boutros

Lesha and Thomas Elsenbrook

Kim and Kendall Boyd Carlette and Kevin Boyd Lina and Travis Boyd, Jr. Lyn and Travis Boyd Dixie Brooks Shelly and Doug Brough Anonymous Donor Lori and Winter Bush Karen and Steven Capper Stephanie Celaya

Ernie English Amy Evans Susanna and Jon Fagala Timothy Farrar Natalie Farrell Angie and Matt Foster Sharon E. Foster Sarah and Ryan Fuselier Youngjoo and Wayne Gibbs

Angela Cox

Karen Gaye and Barney Giesen

Webb Crunk

Paul Gordon

8 Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report

donors Jared Hamilton

Ryan and Devin McCord

Douglas Roberts

Lisa and Jim Hamilton

Ann and Bill McCulloch

Patti and Sul Ross

Judy and Duane Hansen

Lana and Charles McDaniel

Reggie Rouzan

Sally and Bill Hermann

Taylor McDaniel

Elizabeth and Hank Rush

Nicki Herzog

Shirley and John Meredith

Kim and Thad Scott

Roger Herzog

Gwenzetta Mickens

Marlo and Darel Seymour

Tamara Hill

Jenny and Mike Moore

Gloria and David Seymour

Jennifer and David Hong

Chris Nalepa

Randall Stenoien

Katy and Joshua Huss

Jill and Don Nesting

Pamela and Ron Sterlekar

A. E. and J. G. Jackson

Marlow and Samuel Newton

Lisa and Bill Stryker

Saona and Drew Jackson

Dennis Niven

Ammi Tan

Victoria Jalo

Sue and Mike Noel

Gladys and Burkley Thomas

Mauricio Kaim

Matt Notley

Susan Torney

Cynthia and Kenneth Kapp

Sharon O’Shields

Carolyn Vance

Kirk Laguarta

Patti and Tom Owens

Ana Velasquez

Liz and Timothy Lee

Samuel Pak

Kathy and Doyle Venghaus

Marcos Leon


Jenny and Jeff Venghaus

Lindsey and Nicholas Little

Jared Perry

Whitney and Marc Walsh

Candace and Wayne Lueckemeyer

Steven Powell

Alisa and Atwell Williams

Preeya Raghu

Christina and Warren Young

Donna Rankin

Stacey and David Youngblood

Allan Mak Hope Manley

Crystal Ratliff

9 Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report

financial results Statement of Financial Position For the fiscal year ending August 31, 2013 (with comparative information for FY 2012) 2013













Temporarily Restricted



Total Liabilities and Net Assets



Assets Cash Property and Equipment Total Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities Net Assets

Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assests For the fiscal year ending August 31, 2013 (with comparative information for FY 2012) 2013
















Total Expenses





Revenue and Support Cash Contributions and Investment Income In-Kind Donations Total Revenue and Support Expenses Program Servcies

Change in Net Assets

10 Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report

2013 leadership Board of Directors

Javier Ayala E. Webb Crunk III – Secretary Rachel David Victoria Jalo Douglas Roberts Darel Seymour – Treasurer Atwell Williams – Chairman

Ministry Staff

Interim Executive Director – Atwell Williams Program Director – Emily Morris Program Coordinator – Sharene Chen

Make A Donation We envision a Houston where every youth is presented perfect in Christ. To join us in achieving that vision, please contact us at 713-670-9000 or contribute securely online at: 11 Hope For Youth | 2013 Annual Report

Hope For Youth PO Box 573024 Houston, TX 77257 713-670-9000

Hope For Youth 2013 Annual Report  

Annual report for calendar year 2013

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