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Bringing the Hope of Jesus to El Salvador

March 2014

April is almost over, but it is always so fulfilling to look back on the great ministry opportunities God has given us. Our desire has always been to make an eternal impact on the next generation. The task of reaching children and youth for Christ is why this ministry was created. That desire has grown stronger with each passing day. Thankfully, the Lord has given us amazing opportunities to impact the next generation for Christ. Continue to pray that we have influence among the people of El Salvador and more doors will open for us to share salvation. Here are some highlights from this month:

It is false and misleading to proclaim that the world has been evangelized simply because a church exists in a country. Ralph Winters

San Miguel

It is always amazing to see God open the doors to preach the Gospel in the public schools of El Salvador. Schools desire to have our jumpies in the schools and we desire to preach the word of God in their schools. It is a win-win situation for everyone. A large public school in San Miguel invited us to bring the excitement of a block party to their students. We had the ability share Christ’s love with over 1,500 students that day. The youth group of Primera Iglesia de Chinameca came along to share in song, drama, and word. It was a day that we saw 108 children give their life to Christ!

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Chinameca VBS

Pastor Esau and his family were one of the first people we met when we moved to El Salvador almost 4 years ago. Chinameca church and Pastor Esau’s family have always been great to the ministry and us. This year they invited us to be a part of their VBS program. We spent our time working in rooms, preaching the message, and interacting with 350 kids everyday. It was their biggest VBS ever and the church did a great job promoting this celebration of Jesus. By weeks end, 72 children accepted Christ and hundreds were exposed to the Gospel. Thank you all who give to make ministry here possible. Through you, we were able to help this church with VBS.


The national police asked us to help this poor community in La Union, El Salvador. We were happy to come but only if we could preach the Gospel. The police commissioner’s response was surprising. He said he wasn’t a Christian but knew only Christ could change the hearts of the people in this area. We had a block party in the middle of the coastal highway. Only in El Salvador would the police close a lane of traffic on the main highway. God opened a door for us to minster to this community and the police commissioner. We saw 14 people come to Christ! We’re blessed by how the Lord continues to grow the ministry here! We’ll be work-


We will be coming back on furlough in the next few months. We are looking for those that would be willing to help offset some expenses. Please prayerfully consider some of these items:  Travel Cost - $2,600  School cost for Hannah and Sarah - $3,000  Ground transportation while on Furlough If you, friends, family, or churches want to be a part of a growing, evangelistic ministry please consider giving to Hope 4 El Salvador.

Interested in Giving Your tax exempt gift can be made out to: Hope for El Salvador 7413 Whispering Pines Shreveport, LA 71129 or at

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Hope 4 El Salvador Newsletter - April 2014  
Hope 4 El Salvador Newsletter - April 2014  

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