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Get inspired: Inspiring tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs


Get educated: Improving knowledge and skills


Get started: Supporting the start of tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs


Get growing: Empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to grow their business


Get connected: Connecting tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs


Get started: Preview 2011


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inspired educated started growing connected

Foreword The Netherlands is poised to develop into a top-level knowledge-driven economy. This position can only be achieved, however, if the country’s knowledge workers adopt an entrepreneurial and creative approach. Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind innovation, competition and economic growth. It is our collective task to encourage the next generation of innovators to turn ideas into high-impact start ups. Over the past three years the Holland Program on Entrepreneurship (HOPE) has developed programs and organized numerous events to stimulate and support entrepreneurship among students, staff, researchers and alumni. The unique combination of universities, each with its own specific profile, is the ideal basis for innovative entrepreneurship. A major step to enhance entrepreneurship was taken in 2010 with the introduction of several programs to support starting and established entrepreneurs. HOPE also received international recognition for the successful organization of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in the Netherlands. The national opening event ‘Meet the Dragons’ was one the few events featured worldwide. In addition, HOPE, as host of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Netherlands, received the ‘Country of the Year Award’ from the international GEW organization. I want to thank HOPE’s partners and those who have been involved with HOPE over the years. Furthermore, while I wish nascent and starting entrepreneurs all the success in the world, just remember that if everything goes right, you’re doing something wrong. So enjoy your failures! Next year, HOPE will continue to inspire, educate, support and connect tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs. I hope you will be part of it!

Pauline van der Meer Mohr President Executive Board Erasmus University Rotterdam

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HOPE general The Holland Program on Entrepreneurship (HOPE) stands for ambitious and high-quality entrepreneurship. We offer various programs that inspire, educate, support and connect tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs. The program is a close collaboration between the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and Leiden University (LU).


HOPE’s mission is to stimulate and foster entrepreneurial behavior and ambitious entrepreneurship amongst students, alumni and staff members of the partner universities. Developing and intensifying collaboration between the three universities and other parties such as entrepreneurs, international partners, the business community, government, and institutes of higher education is of utmost importance in order to achieve this mission. Inspire, educate, support and connect tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs. These programs are embedded in the ‘Get’ centres:

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Factsheet HOPE 2010 Number of participants Get inspired


Number of participants Get educated


Number of participants Get started


Number of participants Get growing


Total number of participants

11,721 10%

Participant overview Business and government Entrepreneurs and investors Students and academics

20% 70%

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    


GEW Netherlands 2010, hosted by HOPE Number of ambassadors


Number of events


Number of participants


Number of partners

175 10%

Participant overview Business and government Entrepreneurs and investors Students and academics

35% 55%

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Organization HOPE Supervisory Board Chairman Pauline van der Meer Mohr

Chairman Executive Board Erasmus University Rotterdam

Members Dirk-Jan van den Berg Willem te Beest

Chairman Executive Board Delft University of Technology Vice-Chairman Executive Board Leiden University

Advisors Ton van der Pijl Roy Thurik Marco Waas

Director President’s Office Erasmus University Rotterdam Professor Entrepreneurship and Economics Erasmus University Rotterdam Dean Delft University of Technology

HOPE Management Board Hendrik Halbe Marc Bosma Harmen Jousma

Director of Holland Entrepreneurship, Erasmus University Rotterdam Director Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship Program Director Science Based Business Leiden University

HOPE Advisory Board Chairman Peter Bakker

Former CEO TNT

Members Benno van Dongen Michiel Muller Coen van Oostrom Wietze Reehoorn Walter de Zeeuw

Member of the Management Team Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Netherlands Co-founder Tango, Route Mobiel and Bieden & Wonen Founder & CEO OVG Member Board of Management ABN AMRO Bank Member Board of Management PWC Netherlands

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inspired Inspiring tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs

“We have to significantly rethink the way we run our economies” Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Nick Cleg g Deputy Pr im

e Minister

röm nst pe Zen f Sky s o la Nik nder Fou

of the Unite

d Kingdom

Victor Muller Co-Founder and CEO Spyker Cars

Get inspired General

Get inspired is aimed at students, alumni and staff of the partner universities. The first goal of HOPE is to make these groups aware of the relevance and importance of entrepreneurship, and to inspire as many of them as possible to pursue ambitious entrepreneurship, either by themselves or in cooperation with others. Number of events

Number of participants

44 8,100

Participant overview Business and government Entrepreneurs and investors Students and academics

Key fa



20% 70%

HOPE stimulates entrepreneurial behaviour and ambitious entrepreneurship. HOPE brings attention to entrepreneurship through both existing events and by setting up new and novel events. HOPE embeds entrepreneurship into basic courses of many disciplines. Some of the events are organized by our awareness partners with support of HOPE:

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Get inspired Impression

Winners EUREOS Studentchallenge

Niklas Zennstrรถm speaking at Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Get inspired Impression

Inspirational Lecture by Niklas Zennström Date

15 September 2010


Erasmus University Rotterdam


250 visitors



Niklas Zennström, founder of Skype, gave an inspirational lecture to a captivated audience at the Erasmus University. Mr Zennström was invited by HOPE Entrepreneurship to speak to a select audience about entrepreneurship in Europe. With his investment company Atomico, Zennström is looking for new and disruptive start-ups to invest in. Before Zennström’s lecture, serial entrepreneur Michiel Muller (Tango, Route Mobiel) had a discussion with three starting entrepreneurs: Marijn Berk of Soolpower (winner Kaufmann Scholarship) Robbert Geldrop of Backupagent Richard Straver of Tiny PayMe (winner of Sprout under 25) Richard Straver of Tiny PayMe was selected by the audience as the winner of a personal Skype-call with Niklas Zennström.

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Get inspired Impression

EUREOS 24hour Business Game Date

January 2010


Westermeijer Toren, Rotterdam


25 selected students (nascent entrepreneurs)



The EUREOS 24HourBusinessGame challenges potential entrepreneurs to write a business plan in 24 hours. In 2010, players also participated in interactive sessions by companies like Rebel Group, Rabobank, Halbe&Koenraads, the Chamber of Commerce and Synovate, and received a pitch training by Keith Wallace from the Investeerders Club. After a demanding 24 hours, Steven Lammertink of RePublish, was announced as the winner of the EUREOS 24HourBusinessGame 2010. Of the 10 participating teams, 2 were picked by the jury based on their pitch and went to the final round. In this final round both Republish and Evolumis were asked to answer additional questions from the jury. In the end the decisive factor for the jury was the fact that RePublish could start their business right away. RePublish won a â‚Ź20.000 euro credit offered by Rabobank.

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Get inspired

    

GEW Impression

GEW Netherlands 2010 – Hosted by HOPE GEW Netherlands 2010: The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Netherlands is an initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. This week is a worldwide movement of entrepreneurial people, unleashing their enterprising talents and turning their ideas into reality. Number of ambassadors Number of events Number of participants Number of partners

Participant overview

18 160 17,000 175 Business and government Entrepreneurs and investors Students and academics

Key fa





The third annual GEW Netherlands took place from the 15th of November until the 21st of November 2010. The highlight of the week was the grand opening event, Meet the Dragons, on the 15th of November at Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. Over 1,100 people attended. During the week, more than 160 events were organized by various cooperating partners. HOPE, host of the week in the Netherlands, received the ‘Country of the Year Award’. Its program was voted the best out of programs in more than 100 countries. The Dutch Global Entrepreneurship Week was praised for its high quality and nationwide coverage of its organized activities.

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Get inspired GEW Impression

Pitching for the dragons

Phillip Ross (Aesthetic interactions) and Henk Keilman

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Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, UK, addresses the ‘Meet the Dragons’ launch event at The Hague Airport, the Netherlands.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 Meet the Dragons event

Get inspired GEW Impression

Meet the Dragons, opening of the GEW Netherlands Date

15 November 2010


Rotterdam - The Hague Airport


1100 visitors



The kickoff event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 was a big success: a captivated audience of 1100 people watched as Nick Clegg opened the GEW, and the latest edition of Meet the Dragons, in which 4 pitchers tried to get investments from influential investors. The four starting entrepreneurs were: Aesthetic Interactions: Kamiel de Leur, Philip Ross and Hans Filippini Aquaculture Benin City: Cornelis Steyn and Eghe Saliu-Lawal City Hub Hotels: Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburg Richard Straver, Melvin Tercan, Valentin Smirnoff and Victor van Rijn Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Nick Clegg opened the week with a speech on how entrepreneurship and international co-operation are needed in order to climb out of the economic crisis together. After his speech, the pitching event ‘Meet the Dragons’ began, where four starting entrepreneurs tried to secure an investment of up to €1,000,000 from famous business dragons. Willem Sijthoff, Henk Keilman, Arjen de Koning and Rachel Elnaugh, all known from the television program Dragons’ Den, formed the jury of critical dragons, while a captivated audience of 1100 students, entrepreneurs and investors learned more about investment decisions.

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Get inspired

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GEW Impression

Great Challenge, final of the GEW Netherlands Date

19 November 2010


Strijp, Eindhoven


190 visitors



During the closing event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 in Eindhoven, the winners of the Great Challenge Competition were announced. More than 190 young people participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 competition ‘Get Started for a Great Challenge’. In this competition, children as well as starting entrepreneurs (630 years old) tried to convince the jury and the public that they have ‘the best idea for a better world.’ The four best ideas per category pitched before a professional jury in Eindhoven on November 19. All finalists were present at the event. Also present was the mayor of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel, who announced the host of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011: Brainport Eindhoven.

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HOPE event overview 2010







De Delftse Bedrijvendagen


YES!Delft Do It Game


Introduction Week EUR: Eurekaweek



March Speed Dating with investors


EUREOS Student Challenge


Intro Days Master E-ship, Strategy & Organization Economics (ESE)


Inspirational Lecture Naeem Zaafar


Intro Days Master Science & Research Based Business (SBB)


Inspirational Lecture Niklas Zennstrรถm


Symposium Individual and Organizational Creativity


Science Career Event


Week van de Technostarter


Get growing & Student Challenge Closure


April YES!Delft Network Event


Entrepreneurship Annotation Week (EAW)


Philips Innovation Awards


May EBN Launch Day


YES!Delft Students Studytrip: Shanghai (China)


EUREOS 24h Business Game


Intro Days Master Annotation Entrepreneurship (DCE)


Intro Days Master E-ship & New Business Venturing (RSM)


October STAR Management Week: Entrepreneurial Seminar Meet the Dragons Selection Day November Delft Entrepreneurial Scientist Award 2010

Local International Local

BNR Event: 'Worldclass entrepreneur looks for investor'


Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities




Great Challenge


Inspirational Lecture Ken Morse


Inspirational Lecture Victor Muller


Clean Tech Open Ideas Contest San Francisco

Cleantech Open Selection Day


Global Innovation Game


Meet the Dragons 2010


Meet the Dragons Pitch training


June HOPE Studytrip: Boston (United States)


July So you wanna be your own boss ABN Amro Summerschool

Local National

New Venture

Other Recurring Events Network Drinks YES!Delft Business Breakfasts MBA Events

National International

Local Local International

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educated Improving knowledge and skills

“At the end of the day entrepreneurship is more about relationships than anything else� Pauline van der Meer Mohr, Chairman Executive Board Erasmus University Rotterdam

Study t Shang rip Shangh a hai (C hina) i 2010 Learnin g Silicon from Silicon V all Valley (U nited S ey 2010 tates)

gers r Mana ands) logy fo ity (Netherl o n h c e rs T e iv n U s u Erasm

Get educated General

Get educated is aimed at students of the partner universities. HOPE’s second goal is to offer top-level electives and specialized courses on entrepreneurship to all students, in order to improve entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

Number of educational programs

Number of participants

Number of guest speakers

76 3,839 509

Key fa


HOPE educates and encourages students to become ambitious entrepreneurs. HOPE improves access by opening up courses within and between educational programs and universities. HOPE broadens and deepens the available education on entrepreneurship, and HOPE increases the coherence and structure of education. HOPE creates more opportunities for students and staff to develop or expand their skills in entrepreneurship. HOPE’s Educational programs are organized by:

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Get educated Impression

Visiting Stanford University

Roy Thurik (Professor Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University

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Get educated Research

Entrepreneurship Research Portal

The Entrepreneurship Research Portal is an online and offline community for students, researchers and practitioners interested in entrepreneurship research and education. Research seminars


Online news items


Linkedin discussions


Key fa


Monthly newsletter with the latest articles

Research on entrepreneurship is scattered all over the world, but we bring all relevant information concerning the topic of entrepreneurship together on one platform. By doing so, we aim to create partnerships between international and local researchers in order to cultivate further research and education in the field of entrepreneurship. During the Entrepreneurship Lecture Series, guest speakers from universities all over the world share their latest research with HOPE’s partner universities. Students can aslo use the portal to read summaries of these seminars, get contact information from visiting professors, find the latest publications on entrepreneurship and obtain case studies (coming in 2011).

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Get educated Impression

Technology for Managers Type

Bachelor course


March - June 2010


Rotterdam and Delft


860 Bachelor students



For centuries, technology has been one of the most important pillars of the economy. Both in production-oriented sectors and in service companies, technology plays an important role. Without technological progress, companies will lose their competitive advantage. Managers have to face the question of how to make the most of technology. Technology management was the central theme of the course, with a focus on High-Tech Systems. The aim was to write a strategic plan for a real company that could apply a sub-technology of High-Tech Systems. Students worked together in multidisciplinary teams consisting of students from Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology. The Rotterdam students mainly contributed their business knowledge and approach, whereas the Delft mainly contributed their technological knowledge and method. The students were guided by coaches from both universities. The objective of the course was to give the students insight into a sub-technology of HighTech Systems, and into the possibilities that this sub-technology can offer a company. Students learned to analyze a sub technology of High-Tech Systems and discover how this technology can be exploited by a company.

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Get educated Impression

Learning from Silicon Valley Type

Master course


January - March 2010


Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and Silicon Valley


25 carefully selected Master students



The course Learning from Silicon Valley was based on an intensive introductory program with 14 sessions at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. Each session consisted of a mix of lectures, case discussions, literature, assignments and presentations. After the introductory sessions, the course was concluded with a study trip to Silicon Valley and the Bay area in the United States. The study trip aligned with a central business case/research assignment given during the introductory sessions. In this master elective, methods of science and technology commercialization and different approaches to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from research labs to both new ventures and established companies in Silicon Valley were explored. The course is taught by teaching staff from the three universities, among others: Luca Berchicci and Wim Hulsink (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Dap Hartman and Victor Scholten (Delft University of Technology) and Harmen Jousma (Leiden University).

inspired educated started growing connected 24

Get educated Impression

Starting New Ventures Type

Master honors course


October - December 2010


Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden


20 carefully selected Master students



Starting New Ventures is an honors course organized by the Delft University of Technology in close cooperation with Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University. Entrepreneurial professors from these universities, including Kenneth P. Morse, a co-founder of 3Com Corporation, Aspen Technology, Inc., and four other start-ups, as well as professor at the TU Delft, gave lectures based on real-life cases to teach the most motivated and entrepreneurial students of these three universities more about how to successfully start a new company. The course finished with a final day in Delft, organized by the YES!Delft Student Board, in which all teams had to present their final business plans to a jury consisting of Dap Hartman, Kenneth P. Morse and Paul Trott (Delft University of Technology).

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Education overview 2010


Erasmus University Rotterdam China’s Business System: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RSM)

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Effective Application of Law (ESL)

Corporate Entrepreneurship & Strategic Renewal (RSM)

Essentials of Entrepreneurship (ESE)

Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ESE)

Interim Project (RSM)

Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing (RSM)

Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture (ESE)

Entrepreneurship in the Modern Economy (ESE & RSM)

Minor Ondernemen & Belastingen (ESE) Technology for Managers (RSM)

Delft University of Technology Business Finance & Marketing (IED) Business Marketing for Engineers (TBE) Case Study 1 (IED) Case Study 2 (IED) Case study in technopreneurship (TBE) Collaborative Business Design 1 (IED) Collaborative Business Design 2 (IED) Communication & Cultural Diversity (IED) Essentials of technology-based business (TBE) Finance for entrepreneurs (TBE)

Health Innovation & Entrepreneurship (DCE) History of Technology (IED) International Entrepreneurship & Development (DCE) Introduction to entrepreneurship and writing a business plan (TBE) Managing start-ups (TBE) Product Development and Innovation (TBE) Social Entrepreneurship (IED) Sustainable Development (IED) Technology & Global Development (IED) Technology Based Entrepreneurship (DCE)

Leiden University Business and Entrepreneurship (FL) Discovering Life Sciences Companies (LUMC) Principals of Research Based Business (FS)

Science & Research Based Business (FS) Science Based Business Fundamentals (FS)

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Get educated

Education overview 2010

Erasmus University Rotterdam International Entrepreneurship (RSM)

Commercialising Science and Technology (RSM) Diverse Approaches to Entrepreneurship: the Role of Female, Ethnic and Family Entrepreneurs (RSM) Entrepreneurial Challenge (RSM)

New Business Development (RSM) New Venture Creation (RSM) New Venture Planning (RSM)

Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity (RSM)

Researching Entrepreneurship I (RSM)

Entrepreneurial Growth (RSM)

Researching Entrepreneurship II (RSM)

Entrepreneurial Start-up (RSM)

Seminar Dynamics and Entrepreneurship (ESE)

Entrepreneurship and Space Technology (RSM)

Seminar Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ESE)

European Entrepreneurship Lab (RSM)

Service Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge (RSM)

Field project start-up and growth (RSM)

The Psychology and Decision-making Behavior of Entrepreneurs: Traits, ticks and tricks of entrepreneurs (RSM) Titans in Venturing (RSM)

Foundations of Entrepreneurship (RSM) Innovative Entrepreneurship (RSM) Delft University of Technology Sustainable Business Game (DCE) Patent Law (TBM) Entrepreneurship Annotation Week (DCE) Turning Technology into Business (TBM) Writing a Business Plan (YDS)

Starting New Ventures (DCE) Short Entrepreneursial International Internship (TBM) Long Entrepreneurial International Internship (TBM) Design Challenge (TBM)

Leiden University Principles of Research Based Business (FS) Orienation on Technopreneurship, Business Planning (FS) Orientation on Technopreneurship, Entrepreneurial Management (FS) Research Based Business Opportunities (FS)

Science Based Business Essays (FS) Science Based Business Fundamentals (FS) Science Based Business Internship (FS)

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology, Leiden University Learning from Silicon Valley: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Successful Cluster Development (RSM, DCE & FS)

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Get educated

Education overview 2010



Held by



Frank Janssen, Sophie Bacq

Balancing Social Entrepreneurial Ventures' Double Bottom Line: Corporate Governance, Nonprofit Governance, or Both?


Bart Clarysse

Creating Value in Young High Growth Technology Based Firms: The Impact of Environmental Contingencies on Building Resource Portfolios


Roy Thurik

Entrepreneurship and the Crisis: Lessons for Entrepreneurship Research


Andrew Burke

How Entrepreneurs Manage Risk and Finance in High Performance New Ventures


Marta Berent

Does Ownership Matter? Ownership Dynamics, Ownership Social Capital and Responsible Ownership in Private Firms


David Storey, Ingrid Verheul, Jolanda Hessels, Peter van der Zwan, Mirjam van Praag

Institutions and Entrepreneurship (SCALES Seminar)


Stuart Read, Jan Lepoutre, Luca Berchicci

Sustainability and Effectuation


José Millán, Jolanda Hessels

Determinants of Job Satisfaction across the EU-15: A Comparison of Self-Employed and Paid Employees


Jonathan Beauchamp

An Overview of Several Genoeconomics Projects


Matthijs van der Loos

Genome-Wide Association Studies and the Genetics of Entrepreneurship


Haibo Zhou

Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Performance: Evidence from country-level and firm-level studies


Paul Reynolds

Understanding Business Creation: Advances with the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics


Mirjam van Praag

Entrepreneurship and Role Models


Lisette Breukink

Ethical Issues of Enterpreneurship in Russia


Hiroyuki Okamuro, André van Stel, Nardo de Vries

Entrepreneurship: National and International Trends (SCALES Seminar)


Masatoshi Kato

Heterogeneous Exits: Evidence from New Firms


Dan Kai Hsu

Toward a Theory of Serial Entrepreneurship: Decomposing Entrepreneurial Experience

inspired educated started growing connected 28

started Supporting the start of tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs

“My participation in the HOPE Get started program made me realize that sharing your idea is of great value for its development” Charlotte Goos, Slope 46

nd GET

Final d

ay sec

ond ro

u y first ro Final da o m a n D t a

und G

ET Sta

rted P





e Goos,

at YES



ant Ge

t Starte

d Progra


Get started General

Get started is aimed at students, recent alumni and employees of the partner universities who are currently engaged in entrepreneurship. HOPE offers workshops, coaching and investor matchmaking sessions to ambitious nascent entrepreneurs, in order to make the hurdle to success lower. Lowering the barriers to entrepreneurial success for current starters is the third goal of HOPE. Programs

Number of participants

Get Started Feedback Get Started Program

Key fa


Get Started Feedback 103 Get Started 32 25%

Participant overview

Business and government Students and academics Entrepreneurs and investors

50% 25%

The Get Started Program is organized in cooperation with:

inspired educated started growing connected 30

Get started Impression

Get Started Feedback HOPE aims to reach starters in the beginning ‘first idea’ phase who still need to do a feasibility study through Get Feedback. Through Get Feedback potential starters receive relevant feedback on their ideas. Nascent entrepreneurs can easily register themselves for a feedback/ brainstorm session. Get feedback is an accessible, low-barrier way for nascent entrepreneurs to get the support they need. After the Get Feedback program, participants may join the Get Started program.

Get Started Program The Get Started program is meant to support starting entrepreneurs still in the ‘idea’ phase or business plan phase, and not ready for incubation or market launch. The Get Started program aims to recognize pitfalls in the starters’ ideas and helps participants develop the right strategy to launch and sustain their enterprises. The program contains: • Weekly workshops • Personal coaching • Flexible workspaces • Networking with starters from multiple backgrounds and disciplines so entrepreneurs can learn from each other • Sparring opportunities with experienced entrepreneurs and business angels

inspired educated started growing connected 31

Get started Impression

Entrepreneur Charlotte Goos Company

Slope 46


Get Started Program

Charlotte Goos participated in the Get Started program last year. With her business Slope46, Goos is developing a product which can measure (among other things) speed, distance, average speed, height and distance traveled while skiing. The measurements will be shown on your smartphone by using a smart application. What do you remember most from the Get Started program? What I remember the most is what was most valuable to Slope46 and our development as entrepreneurs. Sjoerd Roset (PwC) coached us through the 100 days. He was greatly important for our product development as we switched from a basic model to a more luxurious model with more options. By participating in the Get Started program we were also introduced to a good network of entrepreneurs and investors. We found our main investor via the program, so you can imagine how happy we are to have been able to participate. How do you feel about the workshops in the program? The main benefit of the workshops is that you work together with people from three different universities. Therefore the workshops consist of very different people. Ideas and plans come to life when you work in a diverse atmosphere with creative people.

inspired educated started growing connected 32

Get started Impression

Entrepreneur Steven Lammertink Company



Get Started Program

Steven Lammertink, currently residing in the United States for his Kauffman internship, owns and runs the business Republish together with his business partner Osric Caton. After winning EUREOS 24HourBusinessGame 2010 (followed by several other awards), Lammertink participated in the Get Started pre-incubation program last year. What lessons learned would you consider most valuable? The Get Started program taught me how to think in a more businesslike fashion. Our idea for Republish evolved from a plan to a business plan, to put it one way. During Get Started we began to think seriously about questions like: What does the market need? What problems can we solve? What can we offer our clients? The good part was that besides thinking about these questions, we were also offered concrete and specific help and advice from several partners like Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Would you recommend the Get Started program to other starting entrepreneurs? Absolutely, the Get Started program kick-started our business, and I am convinced it will help launch many more promising starters. It will provide any starting entrepreneurs with a good basis to start their business on.

inspired educated started growing connected 33

Get started Impression

Entrepreneur Rick Kraaijeveld Company

IMS Technology


Get Started Program

Rick Kraaijeveld participated in the Get Started program in 2010, together with his business partner John van den Heuvel. They own and run IMS Technology, which is researching the potential of a sensor system called BlackBird. BlackBird will be an advanced sensor system that will be used to discover buried explosives such as land mines and IEDs. Using various sophisticated methods and innovative technology BlackBird will greatly reduce the time necessary to find explosives, and ultimately save many lives. Has the Get Started program been useful in developing your business idea? For me the key feature of the Get Started program has been the personal coach. The workshops were very instructive but the coaches were most valuable. Their network gave us the opportunity to meet people and companies that are greatly helpful in developing our product. We started the Get Started program with ten possible business ideas. At the end BlackBird was the idea that satisfied us most, and with which we realised the biggest (fictive) investment in the last workshop of the program. How did you find the Get Started program? We found the Get Started program through YES!Delft. They also had a flex-office for us throughout the program. The flex-office at YES!Delft gave us extra support. At the office we worked among other entrepreneurs. They know, like no other, how important the startup period really is. In the end, this experience led us to win the EUREOS 24 Hour Business Game in 2011 just a month after completing the Get Started program.

inspired educated started growing connected 34

Get started Impression

Entrepreneurs Sem Schuurkes & Pieter van Tilburg Company



Get Started Program

Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburg run a business called Cityhub. Cityhub is a concept for hotels which uses compact ‘prefab’ sleeping-cabins and intelligent information technology. With their innovative concept they are able to deliver comfortable and low-priced hotel services for any visitor or tourist right in the centre of a city. The two starting entrepreneurs pitched their idea at Meet the Dragons during the 2010 Global Entrepreneurship Week and were recently interviewed in the Dutch national newspaper Financieel Dagblad. Together they participated in the HOPE Get Started program. Why did you participate in the Get Started Program? We wanted to turn our ideas into reality. When we just finished the first version of our business plan, HOPE contacted us and asked us to participate in the Get Started program. The program proved to be a good kick-start. During the program we realized we had to think about every little aspect that comes to mind when realizing your idea and while setting up your business. The workshops were fruitful because they gave us the opportunity to get in contact with fellow starting entrepreneurs, investors and other business people. What’s your opinion on HOPE? In general, we feel HOPE is at the forefront of their area of business and service. The team working at HOPE is very devoted in stimulating entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. With their efforts, for example the Get Started program, they are able to reach young people with innovative concepts and good business ideas. We are sure that many more people will be inspired by HOPE to start their own business.

inspired educated started growing connected 35

Get started

Get Started Program Overview 2010 Company


Started Yes

Airplay Kitesailing

John van den Heuvel and Rick Kraaijeveld


Richard Holleman



Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburg



Frank Apotheker


Future Focus Sustainability

Koen van Hees


Elvira de Rooij



Peter Quaak


Heerlijk Vers

Maarten Bouten


Intelligent Streetlights

Chintan Shah and Haibo Zhou



Daan Groen and Jan Peter Heetebrij


Light Product development

Martin Lemmen


Mvavd Design

Marcel Vroom



Jean Seraphin



Bas Goris and Patrick Heuts


PR Sys Design

Carmen Lai


Presence Displays BV

Robbert Jan Smit



Winston Lieveld and Richard van Cleeff



Patrick Berkhout



Osric Caton and Steven Lammertink



Joppe Buntsma and Bart Fugers


Savage Rivale

Justin de Boer



Simon de Boer



Charlotte Goos



Beatriz Gonzales


Spyke Solar Cells

Hans 't Spijker


Jonathan Friedman


Sustainable Packaging

Wim Groemans and Richard Klatten

Yes Yes


Alexandre van der Moezel

Cloudcomputing MKB

Maarten Bitter



Sebastiaan van Dijk


Linda Boerman and Daisy Boogaard


Richardson Building Dynamics

Anthony Richardson


inspired educated started growing connected 36

growing Empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to grow their business

“Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown� George Shinn, American entrepreneur and writer

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Get growing General

Get growing is aimed at ambitious (alumni) entrepreneurs. The fourth goal of HOPE is to cultivate entrepreneurial growth, by providing sparring partners and specialized master classes to develop entrepreneurial excellence in all areas: personal, managerial, financial as well as operational.

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Participants ‘Ondernemerstafels’

Participants Accelerator Program

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Participant overview Students and academics Business and government Entrepreneurs and investors


HOPE helps strengthen ambitious entrepreneurs in developing their knowledge and skills. HOPE offers sparring partners, master classes and facilitates the relationship between entrepreneurs and the university. HOPE offers investor matchmaking and brokering services. The accelerator program is organized in cooperation with:

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Get growing Impression

Get growing event 2010

Get growing event in Zaal Staal had over 300 visitors

Dinko Valerio talks about what is important for a growth company

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Ondernemers Netwerk Erasmus Universiteit (ONE) Date

Recurring events throughout the year


Erasmus University Rotterdam


20-30 participants per session



The Ondernemers Netwerk Erasmus Universiteit (ONE) combines the knowledge of a top European university with the experience of entrepreneurs. This combination gives entrepreneurs access to knowledge and opportunities valuable for their own businesses. The Erasmus Ondernemerstafels are practical sessions in which current themes within entrepreneurship are discussed using the most up-to-date insights. Furthermore, important general topics, such as strategy, marketing and internationalization are discussed. The sessions are focused on knowledge sharing, therefore enabling entrepreneurs to acquire new, refreshing and valuable insights.

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Accelerator Program Date

Recurring events throughout the year


Varying locations throughout the Netherlands


19 participants per year



Powered by Entrepreneurs’ Organization & HOPE Entrepreneurship

Many brilliant ideas fail to come to life because the entrepreneur is unable to facilitate and manage the growth of his company. Growth is crucial for any organization, but particularly for the phase between concept and a real, profitable company. The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) brought the Accelerator Program to the Netherlands to assist starting entrepreneurs in the crucial stage between earning 250,000 euro annual revenue to 1,000,000 euro annual revenue. Together with HOPE, the Entrepreneurs Organization will build a strong network of starting, growing and experienced entrepreneurs. Throughout the year various theme days are organized as part of the Accelerator Program to get more in-depth knowledge on a specific business related topic. Some of the theme days in 2010: • People Day • Strategy Day • Money Day • Marketing & Sales Day

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Accelerator Program Overview 2010

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connected Connecting tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs

“Kinda cool this Meet the Dragons 2010. Great speech by Deputy PM UK!” Vinita Salome on Twitter


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Get connected

@evast My personal highlights of this years’ Meet the Dragons speeches by Nick Clegg and @RachelElnaugh #GEW


Get connected is aimed at students, entrepreneurs and academic staff The fifth goal of HOPE is to nurture an inspiring entrepreneurial community, by hosting platforms and meeting places where knowledge exchange takes place. The synergy from getting connected involves collaboration among students, among entrepreneurs, among scholars, and also between these distinct groups.






Social Media


















Key fa blogs


Covers the Twitter accounts @hopegetstarted and @gewnederland. Covers the LinkedIn groups Holland Program on Entrepreneurship (HOPE), Global Entrepreneurship Week Nederland and Erasmus Entrepreneurs.

HOPE strives to achieve synergy, professionalism and as many benefits of scale as possible. HOPE aims to pool the strengths of partners and to make maximum use of relevant qualities and experience.



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@Charlottegoos Meet the Dragons was great! #hopegs

Get connected General is the main website and the online platform of HOPE. On this website, HOPE blogs about its activities, interesting news on entrepreneurship, research reports and all other interesting entrepreneurial bits worthy knowing of for the visitors of the website. is not only filled by updates coming from HOPE and its partners. One of the most important features is the ‘Give Content’ option on the website. Through a fast and smart application, anyone is able to post interesting events, news and updates on, making the website a true online platform for and by entrepreneurial-minded people.

Promotional Campaigns The success of events and programs organized by HOPE is highly dependable upon the effort that is put into its online and offline promotional campaigns. These campaigns are used to raise awareness among the various target groups. Besides regular communication through prints, flyers and posters, HOPE has its own video channel with inspiring, promotional and educational videos..

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Get connected Impression

@vinitasalome Kinda cool this Meet the Dragons 2010. Great speech by Deputy PM UK!

Promotional Campaigns

HOPE general promotion 2010

! Get Started al Glob preneurship Entre Week

15-21 er novemb




GEW Netherlands promotion 2010

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@RachelElnaugh Wow! More than 1000 people registered for Meet the Dragons. Excited to meet you @hopegetstarted @GEWNederland

Get connected Impression

Social Media appearance




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Get connected Impression

@LucaBerchicci In a nutshell, the sentence of the ‘meet the dragons’ event: ‘never say die’ by Rachel Elnaugh

Media appearance

HOPE general media appearance 2010

GEW Netherlands media appearance 2010

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started Preview 2011

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, HOPE for tomorrow� Albert Einstein, German theoretical physicist

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Preview 2011 2011 will be an exciting and interesting year for HOPE. A new phase in which it will be of utmost importance to further streamline the goal towards inspiring, educating, supporting and connecting tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs. This will be done by means of a balanced portfolio of programs, events and other activities in each of the five Get Centers. A short overview of the most important and new activities in 2011:

HOPE Inspirational Lecture Cycle HOPE Premium Track Meet the Dragons goes international

Get Challenged Entrepreneurial Traineeship Guesss Project Learning from Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs

Get Feedback Get Started

Accelerator Program Erasmus Business Angel Network Ondernemers Netwerk Erasmus

In 2011 you will be able to stay up to date on everything we do by means of following us on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter.



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Preview 2011 Meet the Dragons goes international Meet the Dragons, based on the TV program the Dragons Den, is a national competition in which starting entrepreneurs get the opportunity to pitch their business idea in front of an expert panel of dragons. In 2010 this event was the spectacular opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Netherlands. Due to the overwhelming success of past years edition there are currently plans to expand this event to an international level. In this perspective the competition would be open to starting entrepreneurs throughout the world. Only the best ones will make it to the international final in November 2011 in the Netherlands.

Entrepreneurial Talent Program Once graduated, students often opt for a traineeship offered by various companies, mostly multinationals. Entrepreneurship is considered a bridge too far. HOPE tries to make this gap smaller by offering the Entrepreneurial Talent Program. In cooperation with Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), HOPE will set up a program for those who have a sincere interest in becoming an entrepreneur. Only those with real entrepreneurial qualities can apply for this traineeship. The program gives the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship in practice. The trainee works for two years in different SME companies taking on various projects, personal coaching, learning by doing and the opportunity to either continue at the company or build an own company. Personal and managerial skills are covered by specially designed course material with a focus on: self-knowledge, the customer, cooperation, networking and presentations.

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Special thanks to


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HOPE Year Impression 2010  

HOPE Year Impression 2010

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