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The Wheatsheaf House by Jesse Judd

I never thought that a house with red and orange in excess could appeal that much. Outside of Daylesford in Victoria, Australia, the Wheatsheaf House by Jesse Judd draws inspiration from old plywood caravans and bus shelter. With simple lines and an amazing way of using steel, laminated glass and plywood cocoon, the house manages to blend really well with the striking natural scenery by adding to its beauty. Looks like a warm place in the heart of the woods if you ask me, and a great holiday retreat at the same time. Magical! Do you like it? [via DesireToInspire]

Banyan Tree Resort in Corniche Bay

Do you know why La Gaullete in Mauritius is famous for? I’ll tell you. It’s an amazing place, perfect to spend a “one of a kind” vacation. But would it be unique unless matched with awesome accommodation? Check out what Foster+Partners managed to create for Banyan Tree in Corniche Bay. With a discrete and environmentally intelligent architecture, the exquisite location redefines the luxurious exotic island living. It blends amazingly with the pristine collection of coral reefs, the turquoise water and miles of greenery, and looks like the perfect place for a 1 week relaxing vacation. Isn’t it?

Thinnest Buildings in the World or Claustrophobic Structures ? Bouncing Red Ball made a selection of some of thinnest buildings in the world. All these houses are located in Japan, where land is so scarce. Now if you think you live in a tiny place just take a look at these really thin buildings and be thankful you don’t live or work inside one of these claustrophobic structures. I’m pretty sure that after you’ll take a look at these pictures you’ll feel a little better about your home. Personally I can’t even imagine how people could live in those small places. What do you think ? Could you live in a place so small like this ?

House in Wicklow by Odos Architects Located in Wicklow, Ireland this 287 sqm house was completed in 2006 by odos architects, a firm based in Dublin. It is a two storey house with vehicular and pedestrian access from the Bray Road. Accommodation is comprised of a two car garage, boiler room, wc and utility at ground floor level and open plan living, kitchen, dining areas with 3 bedrooms (master en suite), study and family bathroom at first floor level. Set at the foot of a steep escarpment in the wicklow hills, this house, with it’s elevated living accommodation, allows the fluidity of the surrounding landscape remain uninterrupted, whilst also giving the occupant a raised vantage point from which to engage with nature. - Via

Malibu 5: A dazzling home brimming with solar goodness

Designed by a team of architects led by Stephen Kanner, the Malibu 5 home is a beautiful example of blending shapes with sustainable and eco-friendly technology. Facing the beautiful Pacific Coast, the home is designed to reduce energy consumption by using the sea-breeze for natural cooling and solar energy for conventional energy needs. Equipped with solar panels that produce ample energy and natural ventilation options, it sports spacious interiors with contemporary design and relies on a very efficient base for all its insulation and heating needs during nights. It’s a good lesson. It’s simple, stylish and sustainable architecture. - via

Wooden House of the Future, in Australia

We at Freshome, love wooden houses. Less conventional and recreating a “warmer” atmosphere, this wooden house of the future, is located in Sydney, Australia, the modular prefabricated house is the work of Xenian who built it in a workshop and transported later, on site. And more to it, the house seems to be ecofriendly. It features LED lighting, a rainwater collecting system that makes it drinkable, has a structure that enhances natural ventilation and some solar cells embedded in glass. Get’s an A+ from us, for aesthetics and functionality. - via

Maison De La Lumiere in Bologna, Italy

Whole Italy is filled with a stunningly beautiful old Mediterranean architectural style, but not the house you’re about to see. Designed by architect Duilio Damilano, Maison De La Lumiere in Bologna, Italy, is a great example of contemporary design that stays far from any Italian stereotypical styles you’ve seen. With a stunning open space ground floor that leads to the crystal blue swimming pool and featuring modern furnishings, this is an amazing and exquisite tech-savvy job that mixes really well with luxury.

Rooftecture in Japan

Located in an old residential home in Shioya Tarumi-ku Kobe, Japan, the small home you see above is a great example of what innovation can do. Designed Endo Shuhei Architects the house stands out from the crowd thanks to its roof, which certainly is something you ain’t going to see every day. Facing the sea, the thin house was forced to use a triangular roof because of its site, with those steep slopes. And I must say they managed to maximize space with a brilliant idea. It’s like doing something out of what seems like nothing, and the Japanese seem to be doing good on that topic. - via

Loft Apartment in London by Urban Spaces

Urban spaces is London’s original loft expert since 1995 and what you see below is an incredible loft apartment that have been completely renovated following the contemporary trend. With modern furniture blending in with all that white, this fantastic 1118 sq.ft. loft located in Northern end of Wenlock Road, features double height ceilings, a master bedroom with dressing, en-suite and bath suite along with a chill out area and a large decked balcony for those incredible sunsets. Looks impressive don’t you think?

Modern Home in Fitzroy, Melbourne

What you see above is a 4 bedrooms home that packs an intelligent design by combining a living area with a truly amazing backyard garden. Located on the streets of Fitzroy, an inner city suburb of Melbourne, even though it’s not wide it promotes open space to make it look bigger, and packs some modern furniture to get your eyes with. May not be the home of my dreams, but it sure has lots of key elements to charm me with. Like it? - via

The Orcas Residence in Seattle

Seattle as a city is all about simple style and ever-green romance and the Orcas Residence designed by Pb Elemental Architecture is all about translating that same sense of elegance into a multi-family dwelling. Designed for four families in two floors, each home sports a custom open riser stairs, two master suites with private baths and a roof deck with territorial views. The 1,100 square feet homes radiate with simple and stylish interiors while the minimalistic design runs through the entire structure. The interiors seem to have taken inspiration from retro shades, but even they blend in with the contemporary style quite aptly. Stylish and yet subtle, it keeps in touch with Seattle, don’t you think? - via

TrailerWrap: Trailer Transformed into Ravishing Home

Modern architecture lays as much importance to recycling and sustainable design as it does to lavish interiors and stylish ergonomics. TrailerWrap is the brain child of Prof. Hughes and his Design Outreach Initiative which has seen a team of 50 undergraduate and graduate architects work towards transforming a run down, discarded trailer into a fabulous home. With a minimalist but elegant design, with efficient ergonomics and graceful architecture to mask the original structure you’ll never know that this was once a used trailer!

Ocho Casas Housing Complex in Spain

The effervescent structure of Ocho Casas can be found in the neighborhood of Santa Margarita in Spain. Designed by Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos, it looks very special because the it can change its appearance with each passing moment and thanks to a beautiful white-walled facade made of panels that opens in brilliant pops of color. Constantly changing into a multitude of colors makes the housing complex a vibrant architecture at its innovative best. - via

OUTrial House in Poland by KWK PROMES

A house covered with grass? That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, is it? Dubbed the OUTrial House it was built in Poland by KWK PROMES Archtects by carving out on the hillside. The shapes aren’t all that modern but the fact that you have a great scenery to surround it, adds to the Wow factor of this atypical atrium house. Owned by a rock musician, the 1,440 sqm house also features a recording studio on the upper part, so I guess there’s plenty of inspiration … Like it? [via ArchDaily]

Parkfields Residence in UK

When defining my dream home, I do have a some key elements that the building, the exterior and the interior should pack. It definitely has large white open spaces, modern furniture, large windows to allow sunshines inside, a small garden or something similar and lots of small details to make it unique. That’s exactly the way I see this Parkfields residence in UK. It has 4 bedrooms, a 27ft reception room leading on to a raised kitchen with a dining room, a family bathroom and an integral garage, all remodeled some time ago, by Studio MG Architects. Looks lovely! - via Momoy

Lavish Three-storey House in Manhattan Beach

Luxurious living - something that we can’t afford but damn it we dream of it - it’s what this modern, threestorey house in Manhattan Beach, California, is all about. With a stunning view over the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Malibu, the house manages to pack a small but luxurious backyard in the tight space, a lush living space with large floor-to-ceiling windows, numerous skylights, an amazing pool and an elevator that’s a pretty high building out there.. Designed by MAP Development & Aidlin Darling Design, if you were asking, this dream house sells for $5.6 million.

Canyon House by Grunsfeld Shafer Architects

Located in a mountainous scenery south of Salt Lake City, on the inclined hill of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the house you see above is an amazing example of what imagination can do to shapes. Work of Grunsfeld Shafer Architects, the Canyon House consists of three components, the Pavilion, a Parterre, and a Box. It blends really well with the scenery with all its exposed steel, concrete, native rock, cedar, and glass mosaic tiles, making it an amazing place. Pretty amazing and a real solution for those hot summer days we’ve been dealing with, last year. Like it?

Shell House in the Japanese Forests

The Shell House designed by Artechnic, something that you would expect to see on the shore of the ocean, is one of the most amazing architectural designs I’ve seen. Deep in the woods of Karuizawa, in the Nagano prefecture of Japan, this amazing double-elliptical holiday retreat, features lots of space and is made of reinforced concrete and wood to preserve the Japanese “traditions”. Inspired from the conch-shell, the amazing shape really got us drooling, but even though it’s an amazing structure I’m not sure if I’d be able to live with the animals. Would you? - via

Contemporary Belair Residence in California

On a two-acre plateau in Belair, California, the contemporary Belair Residence by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects is a great mix of rounded shapes, amazing lighting and colors. Promoting open spaces, featuring wooden furniture in perfectly chosen places and an inverted cone that creates a contemporary focal point, we’re looking at an exquisite and tranquil home that many of us wouldn’t afford. The ground floor features a kitchen, a breakfast room and a glassed dining room, there are three children’s bedrooms and a games room at the first floor , while the top floor has the “creme de la creme”, a private guest suite and a massage room. Lovely, isn’t it?

Hideaway Island House in Australia

In case you wish to purchase real estate in Australia and have loads of cash in your bag waiting to be freed, then we quite simply cannot suggest you a better way to let go of your fortune other than spend it on this spectacular home. Located on a hideaway island in Noosa region of Australia’s Sunshine Coast and designed by local architect Frank Macchia, this scenic home is up for auctioning on January 10 of 2009. The 4 bedroom-4 bathroom house is located on a beautiful island overlooking gorgeous landscape and is lavish and luxurious in design. The interiors are grand and yet elegant making this home a settlement in paradise. via

Amazing Home in Seattle

Designed masterfully using plenty of glass and wood along with some very sound architectural features, this beautiful home in SW Seattle is a complete visual spectacle. Designed by Replinger Hossner Architects, the home looks as tranquil and romantic as the city itself, with a minimalist design and a futuristic kitchen that catches your eye at the first glance. The home sports floor to ceiling glass windows with an exquisite view of West Seattle Golf Course, Elliot Bay and the Seattle skyline. It stands imperiously with an exquisite exterior that sports a perfect blend of wood and glass. It houses 3 bedrooms a couple of bathrooms and plenty of delightful space. - via

Millbare House in London

Modern architecture and construction works with a philosophy of maximizing resources and yet adding that minimalist design to capture elegance and understated class. The Millbare contemporary house in NorthWest England captures the essence of new-age construction with its spacious and well-lit interiors, lavish swimming pool on the outdoors and an atmosphere that speaks with silent eloquence. The master bedroom and the three children’s bedrooms all have a very tranquil feel while the classy look of both the kitchen and the bathroom make them appealing. Also, add to all these that the interiors are further enhanced by equally graceful wallpapers and decorative pieces that bring the best out of the serene interiors, and then tell us if you like it. - via Momoy

Villa Storingavika in Norway, a Stunning View

Located on the West Coast of the Bergen archipelago in Norway, Villa Storingavika is one of the most strikingly beautiful structure clad in glass, black stained wood and oiled natural wood. The rocky hillside, the green garden and the wonderful view of blue waters makes this home a complete delight. Constructed with an attempt to utilize the available space to a maximum by Saunders Architecture, the two floors of the building are styled to face the rough Norwegian weather. The interiors are shaped to match the exterior design and the shower with a glass view is one feature that you will not really find far too often anywhere else in the world!

Oceanfront Estate: Tranquil Retreat Away From the City Glitz

Living on the coast of Atlantic in a calm, tranquil and serene retreat not too far away from New York City is probably a dream for many. That dream is translated into reality with this early-century styled modern Oceanfront Estate, just fifteen miles away from East Hampton, NY. The ‘English’ interiors mirror the calm and effervescent spirit of the Atlantic as the home merges with its surroundings with effortless ease. Drawing obvious inspirations from Frank Lloyd Wright, the delightful dwelling would cost you $ 5,000,000 but will surely will add a touch of romance to your mundane life. - via StyleCrave

Italian Lake House by Marco Castelletti

This is truly an impressive Lake House set in Como, Italy. Designed by architect Marco Castelletti, the building incorporates a mix between the vertical design and the horizontal structure. The modern home is built on the slope of a hill with stairs leading up to the top, has an entrance hall that leads to the main hall which faces the lake and houses the living areas and bedrooms. The horizontal column contains the service wing of this Lake House. A serene view, a brilliant amalgamation of Italian design and modern furniture, are just a few things that will charm you. Like it?

Denpasar Residence in Bali

Not sure about you, but I’m much more into cozy and intimate properties with some green stuff in the area and maybe a pool, rather than large ones with lots of concrete and stuff. Why am I telling you all these? Check out the Denpasar Residence in Bali. Designed by GFAB Architects, this modest home is actually a mix between an older mansion and a newer building proving once again that old is not always bad. The open space with nicely shaped lines, the trees, the swimming pool, a large bedroom that gets an awesome outside

view, the modern stairs or the beautiful furniture, don’t need any more words, right? And if you consider this is Bali ‌

W Hotel & Residences in New York

What is it that you expect from new residences or from newly built hotels? High class, isn’t it? Well, in Downtown New York on 123 Washington Street, a 57-storey tower designed by Gwathmey Siegel Architects is going to be built and should most likely meet the above criteria. Dubbed the W Hotel & Residences and with the help of interior designers from GRAFT, the hotel rooms and the flats are really astonishing. With Great large windows that offer great views over the city, extremely modern furniture and top notch furnishings. I just can’t choose the best picture of the ones you’ll see below, but that’d definitely be the apartment of my dreams if I were to buy one. Wonder what the prices will be over there. Expensive, huh? - via Contemporist

1967 Modern House For Sale in Tewin Do you remember the 1964 House For Sale in London that we scooped last week? Today we have another one. It’s much cheaper and I can say has a higher dose of both modernism and minimalist design. Designed and built in 1967 by architect Colin Huntley, this beautiful three-bedroom terrace house has been highlighted in the famous Buildings of England series.

The house has been under intensive remodeling by STUDIO Blueboat who had the mission to make the living-room/dining-room larger and to move the kitchen into a specially designed zinc, steel and oak extension. Featuring a small courtyard garden at the front and a larger enclosed garden at the rear, the house makes it easy for those that want to live “close to nature”.

On the inside, everything looks perfect, lined up, with the right colors and large glasses to allow the sun rays inside. The best of them all, I think it’s the open-up living-room, with the large couch and the white walls. What do you like the most? Oh and I forgot. That house is for sale, for £325,000.

Modern White Sea House

No, the Japanese are not only good with Sushi and electronics. Apparently they also have great designers and architects or at least that’s how I jump to conclusions after seeing thie modern white sea house. It was put up by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier in Japan and is a 237 sq m two-floors white buildng with a shape that spreads gently towards the sea. Painted in white, with extremely large windows that allow sun-rays inside and a modern but minimalist interior, it’s a stunning piece of design. If I were to change something, that would be a little bit of contrast … it’s too whitey, don’t you think? How about some black and red shapes? Source

Mind Blowing 19th Century Terrace House in Sydney

Paddington is an ever trendy inner-city, an eastern suburb of Sydney, where this amazing 19th century terrace house was found. We’re not sure if it’s for sale but if you plan on buying a property in Sydney why wouldn’t you check that out. The narrow property combines a modern traditional exterior with a stunning high class interior that values space, the most. Every level has a terrace of its own and if the interior space seems crowded, you can always get a quick fresh air breathe. However, the most stunning thing is the “open-bedroom” that also has its own terrace. That’s another house I’ll put on dream list. - via DesireToInspire

Vivendelstien House in Norway If you were to ask me what my dream home would look like, the answer would be modern, minimalist, with lots of space and with a nice view over the beach or maybe over the woods. I’m not sure if the Vivendelstien house in Norway is close to a beach or a mountain but I do know it’s close to what I would expect when it comes to interior design.

Designed by Norwegian architect Tommie Wilhelmsen this house won’t impress you with its exterior, but will do it as soon as you enter the front door with its interior. A warm “gigantic� living space that puts the white in contrast with little things like the ottomans, the colorful pillows, the couch or the relaxing looking chairs. If you ask me, the guy managed to get the best harmony possible.

Beverly House in Toronto Has a Modern Minimalist Interior For the lat 3-4 years I have become the fan of a minimalist interior design, mostly because I am much more productive in a clean but modern environment and secondly because it’s like I can breathe properly. Take a look at the Beverly House from downtown Toronto, that is exactly what I described above.

Restored by Stanford Downey, from a 100 year old row house it features a green wall, a solar atrium with passive heating and cooling vents, in-floor heating, a beautiful open-spce Scavolini kitchen, acoustical sound wall between neighbors (scream as much as you like) and various green products. The bathroom and the bedroom really blew my mind. Everything is so nicely aligned, and the colors ‌ oh the colors. It’s a dream home. Simply beautiful. - via Momoy

VH R-10 gHouse on Martha’s Vineyard Located in Massachusetts, in Dukes County, Martha’s Vineyard is an island off the US east coast famous for its harsh winters and “tough” local restrictions when it comes to building new home. At least that’s what architect Darren Petrucci had to deal with when he came up with the VH R-10 gHouse design. I thought it’s a plane turned into a house when I first read how they named it, but trust me it’s a vacation guesthouse.

Made for himself and his wife, Darren Petrucci managed to build a compact and spare house with lots of personal touches, using modern materials and furniture. On the first floor there’s a kitchen, a living area, and a master bedroom all featured withing lovely large windows with rain-screen panels (used for privacy). The guy also built a loft/study that is accessible by a ladder from the living room and changes the 600 sq ft living space into a 1,00 sq ft area. - via ArchRecord

Old Barn Transformed into a Stylish New Home

I will have to be honest and say that I never thought a barn could be turned into such a beautiful home. It happened in Belgium where architect Rita Huys from Buro2, got her hands on a an old barn in the rolling hills of Central West Flanders, kept its rustic touch but transformed it into a modern home with an elegant and luxurious living space, at the countryside.

The exterior looks simple with an unique character that blends well with the scenery, while at the interior where artist Wim Delvoye worked his magic, style is king. With large glasses that let the light get in easily, with modern furniture, well defined shapes and high quality materials, the verdict is clear. That’s the most beautiful barn I’ve ever seen, and the one I’d sleep in without thinking. - via Wallpaper

Dupli.Casa in Germany, Modern as Hell What are those things that make a house modern? Is it the furniture or the interior furnishings? Not always. Just take a look at the Dupli.Casa in Ludwigsburg, Germany, where architect Jürgen Mayer H worked on the footprint of a 1984 house to create this beautiful shaped spatial villa. I still can’t decide what looks best. Is it the sophisticated large spaces interior or the stunning contrast at the exterior between the white walls and the black windows? Or the fact that it avoids detailing using homogeneous transitions? Maybe all of them.

I’m not yet sure if these are simple renderings, hybrid renderings (reality enhanced) or just real images but I’d love to live there. Would you? - via Architect

Visually Stunning House in Brisbane, Australia

Living in the suburbs is not what it used to be. There are all sorts of amenities, utilities and such, but more to it, there are stunning examples of modern architecture. Take that cutting-edge modernist style house in Brisbane’s suburbs (83 Hampstead Road Highgate Hill), Australia, that will likely get you a “wow” with its angular forms, fluid curves and flowing lines. But the exterior is just foreplay to what’s inside …

The 4,617-sq.-ft. multi-level residence, combines art and architecture, glass, steel and stone packs close to perfection. The elegant wooden staircase makes the connection between the living space and the four bedrooms. Simple but sophisticated at the same time, the most impressive of them all is the master bedroom that overlooks the entertaining area outside (with a beautiful blue pool) and the breathtaking city skyline. To those that can afford it, the house will be auctioned on October 30.

Luxury Residence in Klosterneuburg, Austria The Austrian fellows from A1 Project, built this spacious terraced luxury residence in Klosterneuburg, close to Vienna, on a slope overlooking the whole valley. For some reason it reminds me of the Walker House in Sydney …

The ground floor has 490 sqm and consists of several levels that changes the whole living space, for more functionality. There’s a fireplace, a lounge and a kitchen with a dining area and a breakfast terrace. All the surfaces are in wood and stone that give it a modern contemporary feeling. Above the ground floor there’s a cantilevered structure where the bedrooms are, while outside there’s a swimming pool. I’m impressed with what these guys came up with, considering the scenery where it’s located. - via besthousedesign

Contemporary California Hacienda by Brett Barrett Apart from looking great, what should a house in California have, in order to be worth millions? How about sea-view? Designer Brett Barrett worked his skills on a contemporary California hacienda, that captures every little detail of a vibrant Los Angeles and at the same time, offering astonishing views from Downtown to the Pacific (especially at night).

Located at the end of the most exclusive ridge in LA’s famed bird streets on Hollywood Hills, the house includes two residential buildings - an intimate execution that will charm you with warm textures and colors that mix great with lights and sound. Add to all these a spectacular infinity spa and entire walls of glass, and the luxury home of your dreams may be complete. It has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and was sold for $22 million. - via Momoy

The Hillclimber House in LA Up until now, I was dead sure houses can’t climb, but the talented people from Kovac Architects made me reconsider my position. In the Pacific Pallisades of Los Angeles, they managed to design a house with a contour that climbs up the steep hillside. They named it (how else?) the Hillclimber House. Using lots of stone accents and wood, they managed to create a refined minimalist but modern design with classic accents. It’s “a simple hierarchy of spaces is reflected in the forms and materials used.” And did you expect to see a “between-walls” pool knowing that this house … climbs? - via Trendir

The Walker House For Sale in Sydney For all the readers that are looking to buy a beautiful home and have $10 million AUD in their bank accounts or can get a loan for that, I advise you to take a look at the Walker House, in Sydeney, Australia. In an exclusive and tranquil neighborhood located at 20 Lentara Rd, Bayview Heights, the $9.7 million USD (or â‚Ź6.1 million) house packs 4 extremely modern bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 garages and one lovely inground pool.

What got my attention? The modern architecture, the vast ceiling spaces and the huge outdoor sliding glass that makes it look like a part of nature, plus the fact that it uses underfloor heating. Oh did I mention the 8 person outdoor spa? Guess not.

If these things aren’t enough for that money, then here comes the cavalry: a championship lawn tennis court, cinema, smart home technology, more than 1 acre of manicured grounds, reverse cycle air conditioning, split-faced travertine and lots of terraces and recreation spaces.

It’s a dream home. I wish it would be mine … Don’t you?

Make your Christmas Magical: Simple ways of draping your house in dazzling decorations It is that magical time of the year again when kids dream about Santa, people have an eternal smile on their face which cannot be wiped out no matter what and the bells start ringing with the sound of some lovely carols in the air. Christmas is one time of the year that somehow manages to turn all the dampness and cold into joy and warmth and while some people are busy buying gifts and making plans, others are still searching for ways to turn their home into a bundle of ‘Christmas joy’. It is really hard to pick what we want with some many options around and while some struggle with the problem of plenty, others are still looking for ideas. Here are some simple, elegant and unique tips to help make your festive season all that merrier… •

Decorate with a special Christmas theme in mind

Everyone has their own dream and this Christmas you can make your own dream come true by having the ‘Christmas Theme’ that you always wanted. This will help you in more ways than just one. For starters, it will keep you focused and give your decoration a specific direction. Then there is the added bonus of living out your fantasy. The themes can vary from Victorian to Star Wars and from Snowman to Santa. You will find enough stuff out there that will be custom crafted to suit both Christmas and your theme. If you want than you can even bring back your childhood by going ‘Retro’! •

Christmas without snow… Not a problem!

What good is Christmas without snow really? Of course, not every part of the world is covered in beautiful snow just because it’s Christmas. So if the heavens do not open up and snow for you, then turn your own home into a snowfield. While having a ‘White Christmas’ is a theme like many others, it really will give you a joy like none other. You can snow up your Christmas tree with artificial snow and you can decide how snowy it should get. You can use clear glowing lights, crystal angels, white doves and much more that hangs on your Christmas tree and around your home and is frosty in look. •

Add some zing to your lighting and safety to your wires

If you want to light up this Christmas then do it with the best and cleanest technology possible in the form of LED lights. The little lights not only save on energy, but also are a lot brighter and far more ‘jolly’ in their mood than traditional ones. Also check your wiring before you put on the lights so that you avoid any disasters. You can always either use them to accentuate the existing building or can chose to create new designs like sledges and Santa. Feel free to express yourself in a bright and glowing fashion. •

Wrap up your home in red holiday ribbon and plenty of gold!

There are many little ways you can bring the holiday theme to your home by adding the Christmas colors to stuff around you. Put the red holiday ribbon around the candles, drape the photos on the walls in gift wrapper and add dangling gold decorations and tiny flying angels wherever you think its appropriate. You can never have enough festive charm around the house. Make sure though that you do this in-sync with the theme you have chosen. Even the star hanging outside could use with a bit of glint as it too is an important part of the decoration. •

Start a Christmas collection and pick the right Christmas tree

Your home will look a lot better few years down the line if you start a Christmas Collection that is unique and make it a tradition each year. Not only do you have something to pass on to the kids in the home, but also an effort that will gradually give your home some great interiors. This is a long-term investment and if you start now, you will see that it will pay off big time soon. The Christmas tree is the heart of your holiday celebrations. Pick something that suits your home and the window best. Remember that big is not always beautiful.

Decorating your home for this Christmas is not as hard as you think and with these tips, you will hopefully shop with a much clearer mind. Remember that at the end of the day there is nothing that matches creativity and originality.

Bedroom Design Ideas from Hulsta

The bedroom is one of those places that takes time to decorate. You can always improve it because you always get bedroom ideas. This time it’s Hulsta to get our inspiration from. The spacious rooms all put a great accent on oak and alder furnishings plus some white and brown lacquered glass, and look amazingly perfect. Clean shapes, amazing eye-friendly colors and designed for those who need their room to be either beautiful and able to store all their stuff. Would you put something like this in your bedroom? Which one do you like the most?

Beautiful Room : Chandelier Creative This picture is a great example of beautiful interior design, not to many words to say about this, just watch and feel inspired. The picture is from Chandelier Creative, a penthouse from New York. Picture found via Aintnodisco.

Purple Cafe Interior Design by Jan Schreiner

Jan Schreiner sent us an email to present us a new interior design concept named The Purple Cafe. The name of the new restaurant The Purple Café will not mislead you! The Purple Café with its true symphony of purple, lavender and violet tones represents real chic and a soulful spot that became one of the renowned resting places with timeless excellency for beautiful, often famous, creative, passionate and friendly people to enjoy cocktails, long conversations and just to feel like you are in the center of a special occasion (at the center of events).

“Basic” light unpretentious furniture, designer chairs “J” and space separating branches painted white being a barometer of light vibration attract attention. The color of the textured walls is another prominent cultural reminiscence adding its accent to the restaurant’s entourage. Because of the considerable infusion of the red fuchsine carries large vitalizing energy. Such colors are considered provocative and groovy, “happy” while other violet tones of the interior like lavender create romantic flare.

Humbleness and prestige of the “translucent” interior, easiness and refined aestheticism, purity and consistency of lines, simplicity of perfection are the qualities transforming The Purple Café into the ideal atmosphere - the atmosphere of extravaganza and emotion compromise. It’s the place for a date, a vintage martini, nice music and beautiful people looking for new acquaintances. Attentive service, a wide menu and awesome cocktails are not going to leave even the most demanding gourmet indifferent. A night spent here will be unforgettable. The Purple Café will leave good memories and you would keep coming back again and again!