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places on “chill” is integral to the success of websites such as hers and Aboah’s, as well as Refinery29 and Man Repeller. These are places young people can turn to and not be lectured or admonished; they give the facts-- straight-up and with an ere of cool similar to that of your friend’s older sister. This all-accepting approach to consumers and audiences has even been taken on by brands. Glossier adver tises their products as “beauty in real life” and claims to “celebrate real girls, in real life.” Their products are not the heavy foundations that line our mothers’ vanities. Many of their products are skincare related, and the few makeup products sold are of the “barely-there” sor t. Glossier intentionally invokes

a nostalgia to pre-pubescent days, in which makeup was a fun toy. They have built up their social media presence to spread this image and even express it in their simple yet “cool” packaging of products. Glossier even boasts that it “is distilled from years of recommendations from the coolest girls on the planet.” The brand seems to sell you an acceptance of yourself and an appreciation of your f laws. The relationship between social conscious and the fashion industry is like the “chicken or the egg” conundrum. Was this appreciation for real life and involvement brought on by the cries of we millennials begging for realistic representation? Was this a trend that the industry subconsciously created and marketed to us? Regardless, the current culture of consciousness is def initely well-needed and accepted. Young people are more knowledgeable of a range of issues such as sex and international politics. Moreover, we have no tolerance for any thing less than what we think we deser ve. If this is just another trend, social consciousness will once again become something for CNN and textbooks. But if the culture of consciousness continues regardless of fashion trends, our generation will become power ful, wise, and most impor tantly, caring, in a world that may seem devoid of hope.

Hoot Magazine: Fall/Winter 2016  
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