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WORLD CHAMPION DELTA LUCKY LADY World Record Horn at 36 Months. Predicts at 96”!


One of the Best Drag Iron heifers on the planet.


70”+ Horns and Bred to Maximus ST



MARCH 2013





Delta Lucky Lady Horn & Body

One of the premier heifers in longhorn history - this cow has it all.

First Place

2011 Winchester Futurity of the North ~Rifle TLMA Horn Showcase ~3 Bronzes

Place 2012 First Winchester Futurity of the North ~Rifle Southeast Winchester Futurity ~Rifle TLBAA Horn Showcase ~3 Bronzes TLMA Horn Showcase ~3 Bronzes TLMA Horn Showcase ~2 Bronzes

High Points Champion

Co-total high points champion in the 2012 Winchester Futurity of the North with Betty Zane

Betty Zane Lineage and Horn

One of the best drag iron heifers in existence.

Body Correctness

This heifer has great size. Her sire, Drag Iron, is 80”+


Betty Zane is bred to Bolt, a tremendous bull with 17” bases


Betty Zane predicts at 86.77”

High Points Champion

Co-total high points champion in the 2012 Winchester Futurity of the North with Delta Lucky Lady

2012 - First Place

Winchester Futurity of the North ~Rifle

Victory Ahead A Lot of Horn

70”+ of symmetrical horns

Big Bodied

Victory Ahead is extremely well-built with a large, perfectly proportioned body.


This is the very first heifer out of Victory Lap


We challenge you to find a more beautiful brindle coat. Victory Lap is stunning!


Victory Ahead is the 2006 ITLA Champion


With dreams come goals...with maturity of dreams and education come redefining and retooling of goals. Such as it was for the Jones family when years ago a dream to own a Longhorn cow came to be. And who could have predicted that over two decades later a cow such as Delta Lucky Lady would come to such prominence? The first cow was purchased because of one thing - it was a Longhorn. As time went on, one cow named ‘Missy’ turned into a herd in excess of fifteen. Soon after it wasn’t enough just to have Longhorn cattle. The dream started to mature into what has now become Hoosier Longhorns. A strong focus on education began and the direction toward a goal that once seemed straight-forward took a detour. Suddenly the Jones family weren’t satisfied with just raising Longhorn cattle. We wanted to raise Longhorns which would prove to not only contribute superior genetics to the breed but also be game changers. For the last five years, We at Hoosier Longhorns has been improving our herd’s genetics by acquiring the absolute top-of-the-line bloodlines from other respected, innovative Longhorn breeders and by using the best bulls possible. As with any dream or goal, especially when dealing with genetics, you also need to get Lucky. The Hoosier Longhorn genetics will continue to grow stronger in the years to come by building on the genetics that produced Delta Lucky Lady. The dream continues and the goal is ever changing...

Dan Jones

Hoosier Longhorns

Nathan, Dan, Teresa, Tracy & Mark



DELTA LUCKY LADY Delta Lucky Lady possesses all of the traits that serious Texas Longhorn breeders are working hard to create. And while she is the undisputed TTT record holder for any heifer her age currently or those who came before, what really makes her special is that her pedigree is shot through and through, top to bottom with horn predictability. We don’t want a cow or bull due to a jump in genetics grow a ton of horn, but never reproduce themselves let alone out produce themselves. Our goal is to raise animals who contribute to the advancement of quality and desirable traits in the next generation. As history has proven, not all big horned cows can out produce themselves. However, one cow leads the pack in that regard - and that cow is none other then BL Rio Catchit owned by Bob and Pam Loomis. When you look at that great cow’s pedigree, it’s clear that she is genetically engineered to be what she is as well as pass on those superior traits to her offspring and she has...three times in a row!

She is an example of the next level that we are all trying to produce. Mark Hubbell


More than just a couple of the Longhorn breeders, who are held in industry high regard, agree that “Lady” is a cow who also has the pedigree to not only back her industry changing horn growth but also is genetically engineered to reproduce herself and potentially out produce herself. Her sire LLL Lucky (who was sired by Maximus ST 322) at 24 months set a new TTT record and her dam, Delta Dawn is sired by the great bull JR Grand Slam who can also take the credit for siring the bull JP Rio Grande who was a total game changer in the industry. On Delta’s bottom side you’ll find a bull lending his frame and horn producing genetics called 585 Overwhelming Toro.

We are using Delta Dawn as the cornerstone to Hoosier Longhorns breeding program. And while we have never flushed “Lady” we are retaining the same genetic recipe through Delta Dawn and LLL Lucky. With a full sibling to “Lady” on the ground and a few more on the way we decided to allow another serious Longhorn breeder the chance to integrate these powerful, herd improving genetics into their program. And while we realize that lightning may never strike twice in exactly the same spot again, we’re reluctantly willing to take the chance. Only time will tell if any of “Lady’s” full sisters ever equal or surpass her. “Lady” has made a huge impact in our families. She is gentle cow who loves to be hand-fed treats, scratched behind her massive horns and have her back scratched. It’ll leave a hole in our hearts not to be able to look out in the front pasture, call Lady and see the beautiful paint figure with the huge sweeping horns walk toward the fence looking for attention. But we have solace in the fact that any person who is the last person with their hand in the air when the gavel falls will come to love her as much as all of us here at Hoosier Longhorns. We have been blessed to have had such an incredible animal if only for a few brief years...

Could go down as one of the greatest heifers in our history. Bear Davidson

the complete cow A Pedigree of Champions Delta Lucky Lady has a proven lineage of amazing-bodied longhorns with extremely large horns, and proven producers. Now bred to COWBOY TUFF CHEX, this beautiful longhorn has the genetics TO TAKE A PROGRAM to Premier STATUS INSTANTLY. > Consigned to the Hudson-Valentine Sale 6

BRED TO COWBOY TUFF CHEX 80 1/4” at 27 Months!

This opportunity to buy one of the premier cows in the industry is unprecEdented. 79 1/2” at 3 Years

Bob Loomis





70” at 33 Months with 17” Bases

She is bred to Bolt and could calve by sale time or shortly thereafter. Bolt is a big, colorful bull who has a long frame with a lot of leg under him and as a 2 yr old has safely crossed the 70” mark.

betty zane The experts say, if they have it then they more than likely will pass it on. I think most will agree upon personal inspection of Betty Zane once they see this young heifer’s conformation, gentle disposition, heavy sweeping horns, color and pedigree that she has “it”. Her bottom side genetics are full of animals who top out in the upper-end 70’s and on her topside, she not only has a grand sire who is well into the 80’s but her sire is also in club 80! And what’s more, her horns are growing in the same shape and direction as her famous sire Drag Iron’s are! This is a heifer who comes with built-in predictability in her genetics. She is bred to Bolt and could calve by sale time or shortly thereafter. Bolt is a big colorful bull who has a long frame with a lot of leg under him and as a 2 yr old has safely crossed the 70” mark.

If you’re a breeder into a bull with big bases, well lets just say you would be impressed with this young bull. Bolt boasts bases that exceed 17”! And let’s not forget his pedigree. When you look at Bolts pedigree names like Boomerang CP, Coach, Impacts Rear Admiral and Zhivago appear. He’s not one to be over looked just because he’s young. His first calves will be hitting the ground this spring. All the great ones started somewhere as an unknown... The calf out of the planned mating could prove to be special. Here at Hoosier Longhorns both our short and long term goals are to produce animals that no matter where they go can consistently out-produce themselves. We not only want to build successful cattle but successful clients as well. Your success is a Hoosier Longhorns success...

> Consigned to the Hudson-Valentine Sale 10


67 1/4” with 74 3/4” Total Horn

THis cow is perfect to out-cross on bulls with superior horn genetics 70�+ Horns!

victory ahead unique color large frame proven producer amazing genetics 12


Total Production Victory always gets a second and third look when we have visitors to the ranch. Her blonde, tiger striped brindling makes her a stand out cow in any pasture. And she passes unique color on to all of her calves. They’re the type of calves that don’t stay at the ranch long. And isn’t what all serious producers are looking for? She’s a cow who not only produces calves that are extremely marketable, but also can produce daughters that you want to keep to increase the strength of your herd. This cow is perfect to out-cross on bulls with superior horn genetics but need some frame and color added in the genetic mix for a complete calf. She comes bred to Maximus ST. This is a calf you’ll want to retain but everyone will want to buy...

> Consigned to the Red River Sale

Her blonde, tiger striped briNdling makes her a stand out cow in any pasture.



natural feed additive

Promote a healthy rumen environment Support the growth of beneficial bacteria Help combat stress Provide immune system support Aid in nutrient availability & digestion

HOOSier longhorns uses Kent Feeds Bovantage exclusively. We would not raise a longhorn without it. Dan Jones

Hoosier Longhorns

Hoosier Longhorns Consignment Catalog  

Hoosier Longhorns proudly presents our Spring 2013 Consignment Catalog featuring Delta Lucky Lady, Betty Zane and Victory Ahead.

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