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I've got some issues that nobody can see

And all of these emotions are pouring out of me

I bring them to the light for you It's only right

This is, the soundtrack to my life

The soundtrack to my life

The song “Soundtrack to My Life” is a song written by Kid Cudi and the reason I chose Kid Cudi as my artist is because I think he’s a lyrical genius and because he represents a different tone to a younger generation. I believe that this song has deep emotional meaning. In the song he talks about how deep, deep down, underneath all of the fame there is a man with issues like everyone else and that no one knows about. I tried to portray the sense of deep dark internal clashing by contrasting with black and white. I did this by lowering the saturation of each photo and increasing the lightness of each photo. This allowed for shadow enhancement and a feeling of inner darkness. Another aspect that made this shot sequence really stand out was the deep intensity that is portrayed in each photo. In line one we notice that Cudi is talking about all of the issues that people may not see him having when he is in public. In this photo I wanted to go somewhere where a person expresses themselves, when I was younger and needed to get away from it all I used to go out to my rooftop and just sit and think. This is where I got the idea for this shot. Notice that his face has an overcasting shadow that emulates how dark his thoughts and feelings are. He is thinking about his music and the ways he can express his inner color to the outside world. He is also not looking into the camera but straight down and delving into his thoughts and feelings. In the second line we hear Cudi talking about evoked emotion and the emotions just pouring out of him. I feel like he is emphasizing that his music is coming from within and that’s where he gets all of his verses from, from the inner feelings and thoughts he has. In trying to capture this idea I decided to stick with the same window that was in the previous frame. We see what seems to be a smile or less of a drab stare in this case. This is portraying the happiness in everyone when they get that lyrical line in their head that just pops, it fits who you are and the emotion, however subtle it may appear on the outside makes you feel happy on the inside. I adjusted the lightness in this photograph as to show that there is emotion in this photograph and I think that helps make it clearer. In the third line we notice that Cudi talks about bringing those inner emotions and fears to his fans and listeners. One thing that really, I am proud of is the way I captured the light in this photo. What it really says is that he’s about to enter an area where he is not exactly comfortable. He needs to calm his nerves before he is ready to let the public understand what is bothering him on the inside. We see Matt is smoking a cigarette in this photo, I think this helps him relax, in Cudi’s case it would undoubtedly be a blunt. In the fourth and last line Cudi, states that this is the soundtrack to his life. I think that he is expelling that each and every person has their own song and tone and that no matter what the tone is it needs to come from the inside. In the fourth photograph we see Matt composing one of his songs. This shot honestly was just us messing around; it really worked out well though. One thing that really sticks out is the lighting; which was a nice unexpected addition. It blended well with the concept that he is coming into the big stage and the big lights. We see that the photos are getting brighter now and that emotion is being brought into music. Cudi talks about bringing his emotion to the light which is striking the face of Matt and resonating well in the photo.

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Artist: KiD CuDi Album: Man On The Moon (2009) Song: Soundtrack To My Life

I've got some issues that nobody can see and all of these emotions are pourin' outta me I bring them to the light for you it's only right this is the soundtrack to my life the soundtrack to my life

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T206 Midterm Project