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Name: Hoor Inam Gandapore Student ID: GAN10306927 Course: BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Development Unit: Concept Development - Visual Portfolio 2


Content 3. Material Board..........................18-19

1. Concept Board ..............................6-15 * Idea Development

2. Color Board................................16-17

4. Consumer Board.........................20-23 * Domestic * Asian * Middle-Eastern

5. Design Development ..............24-41 * Print Development * Thermochromic * Fastenings


6. Marketing ..................................42-46 * Packaging * Promotion * Celebrity Endorsement * Sore Layout

7. Logo Development..........................47

bibliography 9. Bibliography...............................50-52


8. Experimental Lineup...................48-49

Concept board

Moving from left to right; the woman’s body is depicted through spiral swirls. This indicates one’s bodylines. Each and every individual possess a unique set of body lines which characterizes their unique existence. The collection would be body hugging as even in plastic surgery excess skin is removed in order to enable perfect fit.


Fig. 1


idea development “I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag. There’s no fun in that” – Scarlett Johansson 8

Fig. 2


It depicts how people who can be completely opposite, can transform into one another. Even though internally they are the same individuals, externally they are opposites.

Fig. 3


Fig. 4

The images here show inspiration and design ideas for the collection.



Fig. 5

Shows the stripe aesthetic. Inspired by one’s unique body lines, stripe placement can me manifested in many unique ways, slanting, vertical or horizontal.


Fig. 6


Fig. 7

From L-R, image shows the precision of plastic surgery technique, also shows that even the most small changes can make a big difference. The costume image shows that externally, any change is possible, whether it suits you or not.


“Hating skin color is contempt for God’s divine creative imagination. Honoring it is appreciation conscious beautiful -love-inspired diversity” – T.F Hodge

Colour board


Fig. 8 17

Fig. 9


Material board 19


Individualistic Socializing


Luxury lifestyle Passionate

Working woman Visits museums

Consumer boards 20

Well educated Loves shopping

domestic Fig. 10 21

asian Respect culture Brand conscious Risk taking Bold

Playful Well paid

Fig. 11


Fig. 12

Appreciates beauty

Family woman

Well educated

Elegant personality


Graceful Well travelled

middle eastern

Brand loyal

Design Development 24

print Fig. 13 25

Stripe aesthetic inspired by Marc Jacobs Spring/ Summer 2013 collection. Stripes inspired by the unique bodylines. Inspired by the way plastic surgeons precisely mark over skin before performing surgery.


Fig. 14


print development

Depicts the most famous of plastic surgery cuts called S cut and used for facelifts. Many similarities exist between techniques of cutting used by plastic surgeons and pattern cutters. The S cut is used one of the collection’s garment. Fig. 15



Fig. 16

Stripes and print placement depicted here. Stripes placed in different areas of garment, different shapes in order to compliment wearer’s body,


Swirls are inspired by arc like cuts that are widely used in plastic surgery.

Fig. 17


thermochromism Depicts thermochromism as a process of slow transition. Colours undergo a gradual transformation, resulting in a completely dramatic effect.


Fig. 18


Different stripe designs were printed onto silk fabric and draped on the stand.

Fig. 19


Right: screen-printing performed to apply inks onto fabric. The temperatures at which color change occurs are 15, 27, 31 and 47 째 C.

Fig. 20


Fig. 21

Shows the gradual color change process. After heat is applied, color gradually changes from red to colorless symbolizing a disappearing effect.


Right- Image on right conceptually depicts that the color change can be stimulated by a process as simple as a person’s touch.


Fig. 22

Dart manipulation over stand is done and is inspired by the cutting technique of Z-plasty also known as a zigzag cut which reduces tension along the scar line.


Image shows the S cut and this is conducted on the garment using clever pattern cutting techniques

Fig. 23 39

Fastenings The minute aesthetic details such as trimmings and fastenings can make a big difference. Hence gold zips are used to symbolize luxury, purity and richness.

Fig. 24



Marketing 42

Fig. 25



Attention given to packaging elements also. Shopping bags laid with stripes to compliment the debut collection. Even tags are taken care of in order to show that quality not compromised upon.


Fig. 26

Depicts the promotion elements of the brand. Advertising done all over London to instill a pride of being British. Promotion on London’s underground system and the famous black London cabs. 44

Celebrity endorsment

Due to innovative and stand of feature of garments, it will also be endorsed by British celebrities.

Fig. 27


store layout

A prototype depicting the flagship store of Gandapore, which will soon make its way on the luxury streets of London.

Fig. 28 46

logo development


Experimental Line-up





1. Concept Board collage- Left to Right * Black and White woman got from paternity * Woman in latex garment got from Christine Ledang collection * Beyond the body by Imme Van Der Haak 2. Collage of faces * All the images taken from Metra Jeanson 3. Body exchange * Got from the book Aesthetic Surgery 4. Facial line collage * Woman’s picture from deviant art 5. Black and White print * Print form Pinterest * Face from Patternity * Lady body from SkinShip * Collage by Hoor Gandapore 6. Plastic surgery inspiration * Women with the eye patch taken from * Lady with red hair from WGSN * Man sitting from Imme Van Der Haak 7. Color board concept collage * Face from Damien Blottiere via 8. Color Board – Left to Right * Abstract image taken from WGSN * Picture depicting the face taken from Patternity


9. Material collage * Taken from various sources

18. Thermochromic concept board by Hoor Gandapore

10. Domestic consumer board collage - Left to Right * Consumer photography from WGSN * Other images got from various sources

19. Stand work by Hoor Gandapore 20. Thermochromic experimentation * Color tags from Good Life Innovations Ltd * Experimentation by Hoor Gandapore

11. Asian consumer collage – Left to Right * Consumer photographs from WGSN and Fash and Fries * Other images got from various sources

21. Thermochromic Concept * Hand print on tiles from WGSN * Fabric swatches by Hoor Gandapore

12. Arab consumer collage – Left to Right * Images got from various sources 13. Screen printing pattern by Hoor Gandapore

22. Concept of darts * Illustration on 2D and 3D by Hoor Gandapore * Dart images from Vogue, UK

14. Print development * Stand work by Hoor Gandapore * Scan from plastic surgery burns treatment * Illustration by Hoor Gandapore * Catwalk from MJ Spring/Summer 13

23. Dart manipulation by Hoor Gandapore 24. Zip placement * 3D work by Hoor Gandapore * Executed by Hoor Gandapore - sketch *Pictures of zip from Albert Zips

15.. S- Cut collage * Illustration by Hoor Gandapore * Face off imagery from aesthetic surgery

25. Packaging by Hoor Gandapore

16. Pattern placement experimentation on stand by Hoor Gandapore

26. Advertisement of Gandapore form various sources

17 . Pattern placement 2 * Illustrations by Hoor Gandapore * Scans from plastic surgery burns treatment book 51

27. Celebrity Endorsement collage * Nicole Schezinger from Cute Circuit * Emma Watson from Net-a-porter and various other sources 28. Store layout by Hoor Gandapore

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