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Letter from the editor: I was taking an early leisurely walk through my garden one-day, a green plastic watering can in hand. The previous day we had planted some seedlings and I eagerly desired to give them an extra boost. Whilst I was looking for all the places where they had been pressed into the soil, I noted that they hadn’t all ended up in the most suitable places. Some of them might have appreciated just a little more sun, but the sunny places in our garden were in short supply. Suddenly I realized that we as people sometimes face similar challenges. It feels sometimes as though the places we have ended up might not be the most suitable places for us to flourish and grow to completion. Almost as if we, just like these seedlings, could maybe have used a little bit more sun. Maybe this would help us bloom like others do that much easier. If our circumstances were only better… In this edition of HOPE, I will share my journey of wandering. How I ended up in Ladysmith, Kwa-Zulu Natal after my salvation. Ladysmith was just like it was with Moses, my desert season. The place where I was spat out like Jonah after I fled from myself and from God. I didn’t necessarily understand everything then like I do now. It was not always moonshine and roses. I remember countless days where I would seclude myself around a corner where no one could see me where I would cry like a child. The bitterness and suffering of earthly circumstances was just too much for me. The desert where I was exposed to the scorching sun and winds of suffering was too much for this old vulnerable flower. If my circumstances could only be a little bit better… What I know today is that God truly makes everything work together for good. In the desert I may 2


have struggled to bloom as fully as I would have liked to. Today however, I see and experience the strength of the root system that was developed there. The hours alone with Him in His word meant that today I can bloom without circumstances influencing me. Sometimes I may still wilt a bit in the sun of this life but I don’t stay down for long. My roots are deeply driven and anchored in the true vine. The source of my life, Jesus Christ. It does not matter where I am planted. Similarly, it also does not matter what your circumstances are. Simply give every day your best. Don’t compare yourself to the other flowers around you. God knows about you; His eyes are upon you and his voice inclined to your cries. That is truly all that matters. Bloom according to your own uniqueness and remember: Everything will work together for your good when you keep your entire focus on Jesus at all times as your source. If you want to contact us, or if you want to share your testimony with us feel free to contact us: Online Issue – Website – Or email us at –

Hoop Tydskrif

Enjoy! Ferdi Swanepoel




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Dear you...

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I was a young boy of 13 years old when my father suddenly passed away. I still remember it vividly as though it happened yesterday. It was July School holidays with its long lazy days of doing nothing and visiting with friends had just begun. I got the news that I needed to come home immediately and instinctively I knew something was wrong. I ran barefoot all the way home on the hot tar road. When I got at the house, it was a veritable swarm of activity. Cars were parked everywhere. I went in at the back door and the first thing I saw was my mom crying. Heart wrenching sobs echoing through the house. She grabbed me tight and through the tears and sobbing I hear the words, “there was an accident at the mine. Your father is dead.”

God picked his most beautiful flower for His garden…” I stormed out of the same back door I came into minutes before, full of rage. It simply cannot be true. I wait for someone to come and tell me that it wasn’t true and that it was a huge misunderstanding. No one comes but instead they just glance at me every once in a while, and whisper amongst themselves. I kept my eyes on the gate but he never came to push it open like he always did. He never did push it open again. It was true after all and had been all along.

That day something died inside of me. Things happened inside of me that I did not understand at the time. Things that would manifest much later in life and cause the rug to be pulled out How could this be true? He left from underneath me completefor work this morning like he did ly. Without realizing it I withevery morning of his life. He al- drew myself into an internal ways came home but they were cave of pain and rage. I donned telling me he is never coming a mask of “Its ok!” whilst everyhome again. Thoughts and im- thing inside of me screamed “It ages flashed through my little isn’t ok!” But life carries on. boy brain. I remember how he pushed the little garden gate Life does not have time for a open every day and greeted us young boy that was mortally with his broad smile. I would wounded. Now I was the man jump into his arms for a warm of the house. I tried to fill his bear hug, the kind only a father huge shoes but I simply could can give. I remember his smell not manage it. I remember when he hugged me close. This a specific incident where my time he didn’t even greet us. brother-in-law hit my sister The Dominee trying to share and she fell on the side of the words of comfort in a difficult bed where my father used to moment said, “It is God’s will, sleep. I grabbed a hockey stick

to try and help her but I could not do anything as I was too small and too slightly built. I was not big and strong like my father. All I was aware of is that he would not dare to do what he did had my father still been alive. The responsibility of being a father is too much for a small boy but it never stopped me from trying. God had also seemingly moved on; He has beautiful flowers in his garden. There where our most beautiful flower was in now just a gaping hole in our lives. An empty void of hurt that no one can fill. Nothing wants to grow there anymore and God did not seem to care. He seemed to have forgotten that we as people also need beautiful flowers in our lives. He had stomped through our garden roughshod with his gardening boots looking for our beautiful flower and I felt He perhaps didn’t even seem to mind how many other flowers were trampled in the search. Everything changed that day. My whole life I spent missing my father. The longing was an intense pain and an ever-present companion that I never showed to anyone. I spoke to no one about it because they would not understand anyway. They would merely say God could help, and that even though we don’t understand, nothing is happeni ng out of His will. It was not me who didn’t understand it was them… God was the problem! HOOP TYDSKRIF


He suddenly walked into our lives one day uninvited and without consulting us used his will to remove my father and then moved on as though nothing had happened. Years later I went to study in Potchefstroom we were all broad smiled on Graduation day for photographs. Everyone was so proud and excited. The photo taken of me showed that I was also smiling but deep inside in my true self

I missed my father. I could not help wondering what he would say if he was here. I managed it after all. He would always rough up my hair with his broad smile when I would be so talkative and say: “You talk just like an advocate” and here I was qualified and he was not here to see it. Deep in my true self there was still a gaping hole where nothing wanted to grow. I moved on always seeking, but a broken and

confused human being does not know what he is looking for. At university I met my wife and we were married in our third year but he didn’t know about it. Even though I knew I had made the right choice I would still have loved to have seen the approval in his eyes when I brought her home for the first time. We had two beautiful daughters and I did not know that there was this much love left in me.

I thought that this level of love had died with my father all those years ago. Now, finally there were new flowers growing in my life and I no longer only see an empty chasm in my life. Something else began to grow as well, a looming fear! What if God somehow sees these new flowers in my life especially since we know his love for beautiful flowers. Afterall he does not care about those who remain behind. I started making plans and even became a regular church goer. I tried doing everything that would please Him because maybe then he will overlook my garden. I even thought that maybe I should try to live in such a way that He would not see how much I loved them. That proved far too difficult and it seemed the church thing was easier and with this I became a master of many masks believing that no one would see through my masks, not even God. The fear in me grew like weeds however even faster than anything around them. I got to the point where I was controlled by fear, at any time I was expecting a phone call “…your wife or your kids are dead…” Maybe if I do everything that He expects of me he will leave me alone so I tried to push even harder on church related living. On the other side of my life I was still driven by this empty hole. To fill the void I became a workaholic sometimes working more than sixteen hours per day which ironically caused me to hurt the very ones which I loved so. In those days I never knew or understood with the clarity I now have, what I was doing and what drove me. I was stuck in the vortex of life just like a hamster on a wheel I knew only one thing: Work! Work! Work! It was the only way I knew how to flee from the pain and fear inside of me. Then it happened! Actually, so silly. I had the most beautiful little spotless lamb which I loved dearly. One morning I found him dead without warning and with that I cracked! He struck again and this made me realize that if He can take that lamb so easily, He could similarly take my wife or kids. The church

thing obviously didn’t work because I had tried my best. I had had enough of Him and with a balled fist I cried into the skies: “You are a Mickey Mouse God. It is not worthwhile to serve you” He didn’t answer me and I knew why; because He did not exist. He is just a God of losers and people who are too weak and worthless to do their own thing. I was not a loser and I decided I would show everyone. I worked even harder, driven by a new hunger for success. I adjusted my mask and put on my game face making certain no one would know what was really happening behind it all. The rage and frustration were growing in me daily. My wife who believed in Him, would nag me for not being involved in my children’s upbringing. I would not read for them out of the bible and did not pray for them and we would often fight bitterly. To keep the peace, I would go to church with the family. I would however speak to none about the war within me. I just continually worked long hours and became a successful attorney even earning the nickname” Tiger”. I fought for and about everything and would not give an inch because I had to win. If a client would walk in and I saw we would not win I even went so far as to help him change his story. My deepest satisfaction was to walk down the courthouse steps and to overhear someone say that there is no law and righteousness or fairness anymore. Something I had known to be true for a long time. “Get yourself a better lawyer, is something I would say. All the while the emptiness was growing in me. My success and accolades were not satisfying. One morning I got up and something that had happened at the office had upset me greatly and just like that I decided I had had enough. I resigned as a director of the company and no one could understand why. I left everything I had worked so hard to achieve and build and walked away. I became an estate agent.

Me of all people who even to this day cannot sell a thing, started selling houses. I started drinking and would constantly get behind the wheel inebriated. “Kill me now” I would challenge God. He did nothing, just as I had expected. Confirming my suspicion that he did not exist. I eventually landed in Greytown, Kwa-Zulu Natal in a place called Mertheley Lake. I would only come home every two weeks. Even though I loved my wife and children dearly at least now I was free of her fascination with this so-called God. I know that He does not exist. I was alone and would manage on my own. In this time, I started writing which at the time made no sense. I knew nothing about writing. I would write poems about my life and the pain in me and because I did not even know at the time what a poem was, I would just call it an emotional outburst. Some of the poems were blasphemous and others were just raw pain bursting out of me. Others pointed to the confusion in me. Little did I know that it was God’s way to get me to the point of finally opening up. It was His way of breaking down the many walls which I had erected in my pain. Even though I denied His existence He was fully aware of my existence. Even though I had given up on Him He had never given up on His poor broken orphan child. And then it happened. One morning early I was walking to the ablution block it was June 2000 and I was aware of the white frost cracking under my feet. It was a morning like so many others, or so I thought. Little did I know that this day would mark a radical change which would alter my life forever. I turned on the shower and began to wash and the next minute I heard an audible clear voice “Ferdi!, I am calling you and you must come and speak for me.” The whole room filled with the light of His presence, wave after wave of His love washed over me soaking every dark corner of my being, forcing all the hurt and fear out. I was not fully understanding what was happening but I knew it was Him, Jesus that was talking to me now. I answered Him “You know that if I turn around now that I will

never turn my back on you again. Will you give me just one more sign that you are truly calling me? He agreed. Later in the room where I was staying, He gave me the signs I had asked for. I went on my knees and accepted Him into my Life as Lord and Saviour. In the middle of the prayer I stopped and said “Lord I have a problem; I can’t just simply believe. I learnt in my profession as a lawyer that proof is required, not faith. “Just try…” was His answer. I knew I could try so I went and sat at His feet like a Job of old with just one request “Teach me who you are.” All that I know is that He is not the loveless God who killed my father, He also isn’t the God I thought He was. I never received so much unconditional love from anyone in my life as what I have received from Him. “Up until this point I knew you from hearsay Lord now I sit quietly at your feet, teach me who you truly are.” I continually pray. I devour His word with just one goal in mind and that is that I want to know who this God is that appeared that day to a lost and broken young man and set His heart ablaze forever. I want to know why He didn’t blot me off the earth since I certainly deserved this, given the way I had been living. I want to know why He loves me so. Today I am still getting to know Him and at least I can say I know Him well enough to know that He does not kill or hurt. We live in a broken world where our will and decisions still have certain consequences. We and the broken world around us give opportunities for satan to kill steal and destroy. My free will is a sign of God’s love for me and also His trust in me. I cherish this as a precious gift. I don’t doubt His love and acceptance of me anymore. He is after all my Father and I am His son in whom He takes great pleasure. The hunger in me is filled with His presence. There where the gaping hole in my life was Jesus is standing now. He blooms and flowers all year round. The garden of my life has never been so beautiful. His presence in me has never been so tangible and I can really testify that the perfect love of God drives out fear and heals any pain.


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HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU? SOMEONE THAT TRULY LOVES YOU? The bible gives us a good description of what love really is in 1 Corinthians 13. Love is patient, love does not force itself on others, love isn’t always me first, and love looks for the best. Re-read those qualities of love and now replace the word love with your crush’s name. Does he/she wait patiently for you to finish telling your story before trying to get their point across? Does he wait patiently for you to finish getting ready for your date? Does he/she force you to do things that you really don’t want to? Does he or she care about your needs and place your needs first? Remember if he places your needs first ad you place his needs first you are both first, both of you are a priority in the other’s eyes. This is not one sided. ? Does he/she know that whatever you do you tried to do for the right reasons or does he/she doubt everything you do, thinking the worst of you? I suggest that you read through Corinthians and make a list of all the qualities of love. If those are the qualities your partner or crush has then you are on the right track. If not, you deserve better. You deserve someone that truly loves you and you do not have to settle for anything less. This being said, this is how you should also treat your partner. You should love him/ her too. Just as God does not want you to be neglected or abused so He does not want your partner to be neglected or abused. You need to first work on becoming the best YOU that you can be before trying to find someone to be with. Once you work on you, the right person will cross your way. You might be tempted to compromise on your “list” when you get lonely but I promise you it is worth the wait. You can decide: compromise now and be unsatisfied with what you have for the rest of your life or wait a bit longer and find a person that truly treats you well.



Jou Hart In Ink Geskryf deur Dries van Heeerden

Geloof, HOOP en Liefde Paulus se brief aan die Korintiërs pleit juis dié liefdesbede wat oral op plankies of lappies teen mure hang. Hoop, die middelbede, tussen Geloof en Liefde, is daar vir mense-bang. Al is Hoop die middelkind en so dikwels afgeskeep, bly Hoop onlosmaaklik gestring aan Geloof en Liefde. Dis deel van die drielingbede en vorm die knoop van ‘n oorvloedige lewe. Kyk weg van gister, staar soekend boontoe, soos ‘n boer, en sien wolke seën aanrol vir dié wat na uitkoms smag en só lankal wag op uitkoms, en Goddelike reën. Elke woord in hierdie tydskrif van Hoop, word met lig geskryf, Sy Woord, sonder ink. Dit lamp en lig voete en treë, vanuit donker paaie en blaaie die weg na redding ... en Ewige Lewe.

Dear you... Susan van Heerden

I don’t know you by name but I know about you and that is why I picked a beautiful bunch of flowers for you whilst I was walking in the field. Blood red wildflowers the kind only found out in the wilderness and open fields of nature. Give these flowers some water if they begin to wilt and then when the time comes lovingly press the petals buds between the ages of your bible so preserving them forever. Now what is all this writing about? Someone far greater than me is pressing me to do it. It is also no accident that this letter is being delivered to you at such a time as this. And why would you want to read this letter in the first place? Maybe out of pure curiosity? Or maybe like so many others you are sitting with your head in your hands upon plains of despair and hopelessness asking about the point of everything. Maybe you are wrestling with the “Why’s” of life to such an extent that you even struggle to consider the meaning of the word “Victory” Indeed, how does one even find the courage to stand at times in this broken world. If not for Jesus who came to make whole that which is broken. I would understand none of this had I not personally wrestled with the understanding of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, then I would not really have had much to say on

this topic. Or I may have had a lot to say but without the experience of persevering through the brokenness and on the basis of this I already feel a connection between us you know? Read my letter with an open mind and heart since I am going to write many letters to you. Paul also wrote letters and you will similarly hear the beat of my hear through the stories that I tell. Jesus also loved to tell stories and I would be most please if you would share in my small joys and victories and enjoy my humour. But most especially I ask that you read between the lines because you may find yourself tucked away between the lines. I want my “WOW” moments on my journey of faith to be sowed generously and trust that seed will be sown into your heart. Years ago, when I still looked the world with more blinkered eyes, I wrote this song:

Perspective: Where can I purchase it And how much will it cost? A bag full of perspective. If you want perspective in this life You’ll have to know where Your anchor lies… You depart from somewhere But your destination nowhere If you lack perspective in life. But anchored you are in His hand That takes possession of your whole being

And after all this look just what you found A brimming bag of perspective. I discovered that insight in this life is often the first step to healing. Still this only seems to happen when you become genuinely spiritually hungry and then from this place begin to ask questions. This is when you look deeper and the scales begin to fall off your eyes layer by layer. Until one day you can SEE. It is in these moments that a longing for true intimacy with Father always awoke within the deepest part of me and here where my relationship with Him would more and more become a living reality. This is where it began to take on meaning. Our loving Heavenly Father is always so faithful. He began to reveal himself to me so much so that my travel bag which has once been filled with perspective now seems to brimming with revelation. And this dearest seeker is what I cannot but want to share with you. If you therefore have a hungry heart then you will find answers. Still you should ask the Lord for a spirit of discernment because He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. I shut my eyes and ears for the longest time until God personally removed the blinkers in my thinking and opened my spiritual eyes. Only then could I truly see the richness of His inheritance for me.

Just remember each one of us in on their own journey. In this week I met a French lady named Meray. She was a proclaimed atheist and communist that got radically saved in her late forties. For the last 17 years she has been a living testimony of God’s goodness and favour. “I abide with Him, Christ liveth in me and the Holy Spirit is revealing Jesus to me moment by moment. My Father I honour you!” Her mind knows the truth but this truth has descended in her heart such that her whole being shows WHO she believes in. WOW! She says it must be easier for her to believe “Because I don’t need to de-clutter like people who were bound by doctrine.”

Every person’s spiritual journey is different and unique. There are highways and dirt roads as well as tracks in the bush and even detours and being lost, struggling to find the path. There are traffic circles and cul de sacs or end of road signs to contend with. Only you will know on which one of these paths you find yourself in this very season of your spiritual journey. The life choices that you make have an influence on the road you travel and even though you may not choose potholes for the road you on you do however choose your reaction to them. You may think it is easy for me to talk because I don’t know your journey. You know, each person’s road of pain feels the worst to them because for obvious reasons only they feel the pain. Because the discomfort that borders pain and suffering can influence our relationship with our Heavenly Father, I am going to write about it, especially because our reaction to pain depends on our image of God and that of ourselves. Who am I really and where do I fit into the bigger picture? Who is God? Years ago, in writing class the teacher said: “You are not just here to learn to write, you are here to write about God, Right?” Everyone nodded. “All right then, put your pens down. Until you have learnt to spell G-o-d you cannot write about Him! Full stop. The silence was deafening but you could hear God in the silence. Dear seeker it is with holy reverence that I write about Him. Hear my heart because I am going to look back upon my life with childlike eyes and share, that are not just precious to me, but border on Holy. Next time I am going to tell you how the Lord used my Grandpa to awaken a deep desire to know this man called Jesus in my heart. A desire which God Himself had placed in my heart to begin with before the very foundation of the world. My Grandfather just watered the seed which was already there. The Holy Spirit brought the growth. I began to bear fruit early on in my life but I still get pruned regularly. If you are grafted into His vine you will so also be grafted into the hearts of other people and in this way bring Heaven to earth.


With Love Susan

THE PERFECT PRICE Santie Swanepoel What would you do if you received an SMS today with the words: “All your debt has been paid, come and receive your life in abundance?” “All your debt is forgiven.” Some of us, have become so cynical as a result of all the lies of this life, that we probably would not even think twice about summarily erasing the SMS.

“All your debt has been paid” Some of us that still maintain some semblance of hope would maybe give it a second look. Which of us would have the courage to think a little deeper about the SMS and maybe even beyond this to take the trouble to investigate its claims? I was practically born a Christian, grew up in a Christian home, accepted Jesus during a STD 5 School Camp. I tried to remain faithful to everything that was a good church

and biblical rule and regulation. I remember hearing countless messages about the cross and am eternally grateful for the price that Jesus paid by taking my sin upon Himself. Unfortunately, this is as far as my gratitude went because I never took the trouble to investigate the significance and meaning of the completed work of the cross and the full price that had been paid. I was part of the group that received the SMS and who never really gave it much thought beyond the superficial. We may believe that Jesus forgave all our sins when we come to repentance and getting born again. We are even extremely grateful until our first major misstep. We still believe that Jesus has paid the price but we can be led to believe that the sin we commit after our initial repentance, hangs above us like a proverbial sword of Damocle. We therefore

need to bear the consequence as well as the feelings of condemnation. Hebrews 9:12 says very clearly that Jesus paid the perfect price once and for all for all our sins – even for the sins we have not yet committed! Hebrews 10:14 (NIV) For by one sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who are being made Holy. Take note that this is past tense with other words it has already taken place. In Luke 4 We find Jesus in the Synagogue reading from the sacred texts out of the Book of Isaiah from chapter 61. In Luke 4:21 Jesus declares that this prophecy has come to pass. Isaiah 61 explains the role of Jesus upon the earth. We as believers believe that Jesus completed His work fully by paying the perfect [rice and becoming the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

When you read Isaiah 61 it is clear that Jesus no only came to deliver us from our sins. He also paid the perfect price for our sickness and disease. It is said that the medical field comprises 39 mainstream sicknesses. This is also no coincidentally , the number of lashes that Jesus received. “By His wounds we have been healed” 1 Peter 2:24. This means that no sickness exists that He has not already paid the perfect price for. Why then are there still so many sick people? For the same reason as and answer to question of why there are still so many unsaved people. Even though the perfect price has been paid, we need to exercise our free will in choosing Him and receiving our faith and accepting the finished work of the cross. In the same way that it is never Gods will for anyone to be lost it is also not His will for anyone to be sick. If God sent Jesus to heal everyone and He makes people sick then this would mean He is divided against Himself and His kingdom would not be able to stand upon principles like this. There is no evil in God. James 1:17 He cannot give what

He does not have. Jesus said Himself – “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy BUT I come in order that you might have life in abundance. “ Is sickness abundance? Look how it destroys the quality of life of the person as well as that of the rest of His or her family. The only logical conclusion is that it is definitely NOT abundance. Jesus came to destroy the works of satan (1 John 3:8). Which works did He come to destroy? The stealing, killing and destroying of course. “BUT I come that you will have life in abundance.” Feel free to read Isaiah 61 prayerfully and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the deep and unsearchable things that you do not know but need to. Jesus paid the perfect price, not just for our sins and sicknesses but also for our victory over our circumstances and abundance so that we can freely share with others out of this rich bounty, especially to those who have not yet heard the truth. He paid the price to free us from depression, Isaiah 61:1 …” He has sent me to bind up the bro-

ken hearted…” …”to proclaim liberty to the captives…” to release us from captivity and chains which keep us prisoners. Not only to restore and heal us but He also gives back double what was taken from you. He GIVES … A crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. That which the destroyer has stolen from you, your honour, your good name, your sense of self worth He restores to you now with His name, namely child of God. If you are oppressed by circumstances in life to the extent that you can’t even remember how it feels to have joy. Trust the word and take back what belongs to you. Joy instead of sadness, if a loved one is taken away from you and you feel your life is ruined, then He has already paid the price so that you can experience joy again. “They will be called oaks of righteousness a planting of the Lord. The Lord has planted them to spread His fame. When we accept full the salvation that has come for us we will praise God and He will receive the honour and the praise.

We don’t have to feel or think that we have in any way to try and earn this price which was paid for us. Because such a high price was paid, no man can ever do anything to earn and deserve it, not through obedience, works or any of our own efforts, no matter how noble. The only requirement to receive this price as being paid for us is to believe it was paid for us by Him. The Amplified bible describes this very well Hebrews 10:22 “Let us all come forward and draw near with true (Honest and sincere) hearts in unqualified assurance and absolute conviction engendered by faith (By the leaning of the entire human personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness), having our hearts and sprinkled and purified from a guilty (Evil) conscience and our bodies cleansed with pure water” (Own emphasis added) when the sin

offering (Lamb) was brought to the priest in the Old Testament, the priest would check to see whether the lamb was without spot or blemish. He did not check the person who brought the lamb. Just like this God does not look at our dirty rags stained by sin, He looks only at the Lamb which was offered in your place and finds you washed clean without spot or blemish. Hallelujah! Don’t we serve a Great, immeasurable, gracious God. When we think that we also have to suffer for our mistakes and sin and that God is punishing us then we don’t really believe that Jesus paid the perfect finish price tp bring us the finished work of the cross. Isaiah 53:11 “…He will bear their iniquity…” Hebrews 10:17 “…Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more…” One of the side-effects of sin is usually a guilty conscience. When we however realize that Jesus has

taken our sins upon Himself, and that He paid the perfect and finished prize for those sins, we no longer have to bear the guilty conscience or live with the consequences of sin ,provided we repent of those sins and accept his forgiveness. Only you and the devil will still remind you of the past. God will never think about those sins again. (Hebrews 8:2) your conscience is also washed clean by the blood of the Lamb. (Hebrews 9:14 …” How much more then will the blood of Christ who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from the acts that lead to death?” and Hebrews 10:22…” Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings having our hearts cleansed from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water…”

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So now we come FREELY and BOLDY to where LOVE is ENTHRONED, to receive mercy’s kiss and discover the grace we URGENTLY NEED to strengthen us in our time of weakness Heb 4:16 TPT

THE REALITY OF DISSAPOINTMENTS Every one of us has a life journey that is scattered with disappointments. Those times when life does not turn out the way we would have liked it to or the way we may have expected it to be. In most cases not even the way we had faith things would turn out. Often we have probably been found head in hands wondering “… Lord? Why did you allow this? Don’t you care anymore? Where are you? Is it even worthwhile to keep on believing?” I know what I am talking about I have personally reached this point before. I remember one incident particularly well, as if it had happened yesterday. I found myself

in the ICU in Rustenburg standing next to the lifeless body of a young 17-year-old boy. He embodied the son I never had and could just as well have been my own boy. His body was cold and hard to the touch. Everything was so surreal. Surely it cannot be true. My youngest daughter was next to me, her brown and hazel eyes full of concern …” Dad what now?” she asked me. I only knew he cannot die now. I lay my hands on him and prayed with all the faith I could muster. Speaking life into his lifeless body reminding God of every promise. I did everything I had learnt to do but it did not work and with

that they switched the machines off. I remember sitting on the floor in the hospital passage broken, disillusioned and so alone. Back on the farm I went and lay in the dust like an animal. It felt as though a hand grenade had exploded in the core of my being tearing my soul apart. The only part of me that was still whole was the flesh outer casing of my person. “Lord why? What now? What about my child? What if she lets go of your hand because of this Lord? What do I teach other people? I refused to let go of His hand or to deny Him.

men of God were confronted with disappointment, in either God’s actions or lack thereof, in such a way that they all wanted to die rather than live. Still God never left them alone in these critical times. He reveals to them that, just because they don’t understand His plan at the time, does not mean He does not have one. To Jonah He revealed in practical terms the worth and value of each individual soul which was saved in that town. To Elijah, who was bitterly disappointed that he alone had remained faithful in all of Israel, the Lord revealed 7000 other who had not bowed the knee to Baal. Where David felt, there where he had behaved righteously and fairly, God had not been fair towards him, He revealed how blessed his future would be, as long as he keep on trusting in God. The fact remains that we are often disappointed because we don’t understand God’s bigger picture. We don’t spend time with Him to determine what His heart is in In later times I would learn a situation and then we tend to through the scriptures that the project our own desires as His will. bible is full of similar stories. When He does not come through Real life tales of people who on this expectation, we experience faces bitter disappointments all these negative emotions. Ever because things did not turn out since I took the time to try and get the way they expected them to. to know this great and powerful Through a Jonah sitting under God of us a little better, I began a miraculous vine Nineveh was to learn a few things that helped spared and its inhabitants saved. me to avoid so many of these This happened despite everything pitfalls and disappointments. he had to go through to bring I learned some principles that them the message. It was in total helped me get out of these dark contradiction to what he felt holes, if and when I did stumble: and prophesied. Elijah under the • God is a good God. Jesus came terebinth tree remained, despite to make manifest this good God his uncompromising manner, a as a God of life in abundance, fugitive in his own land. Jezebel while the enemy came to steal kill was still on the throne and was and destroy (John 10:10) I have making renewed threats to end learnt to test everything in my life his life. David, the man after God’s according to whether it brings life own heart, fled for his life with a or death. Everything that has a heavy and broken heart, this while purpose to steal, kill and destroy I the wicked prospered as it says do not blame God for but I do then in his psalm. All three of these at that moment approach him in

humility whilst worshiping Him in awe and wonder in the midst of the circumstances. I get my answers and comfort from Him alone. • God has no desire to hurt his children or do anything to their detriment. To tell the truth he has plans of peace and not evil and to give us a hope filled future. Jer 29:11; Luk 11:13 • I don’t have an answer for everything and in the great scheme of things when it comes to the bigger picture of God and humanity and all the complicated balances of this life I can never fully understand. I do however rest secure that I can unequivocally trust God to understand it all fully, and that is enough for me. 1 Cor 13:12 • I make room for the fact that I will make mistakes and then to try again. To me failure is not the focus. Learning through the crucible of life is of far greater value. • I don’t allow disappointments to keep me away from God. I throw myself at His feet every time and tell Him how I may be feeling and ask my loving heavenly Father…” What now?” • I move from a place of intimate fellowship in my prayer closet into my daily life and simply commit to try again. Today His power is available to save, to heal and set free and it seems a stronger conviction in me than ever before. I know that I will still experience many disappointments but I know Him well enough to know that His voice is the only voice I can trust in the midst of my disappointment.

“I simply do not allow disappointment in my life to give way to hopelessness.”

Men That Pray Ferdi Swanepoel

That prayer plays an integral role in our everyday lives, is a given. I read in the bible that it was no different with Jesus. He regularly withdrew from people to go and pray in a secluded place alone. Jesus’ relationship with the Father is one of such intimacy that he said to Philip in Joh 14:9 “He who has seen me, has seen the Father”. Jesus made no important decision before He did not first go and pray and seek His Father’s face. What did Jesus know that we apparently don’t know or understand? If the Son of God prayed so regularly and so earnestly, why is it that we are so prayerless? Could it be the way we pray or how long we pray that is the problem? In other words, do we pray too short?

happens when these two persons begin to converse with each other. When they begin to spend time in each other’s presence. In simple terms for them to just visit together and fellowship together. “Hi Ferdi. Are you sleeping?” “No Lord, give me a second I will be right with you.” “Hello Lord, am I bothering you? Do you have a moment?” “No Ferdi, you do not bother come right over.” I realised much to my surprise that I had not had the slightest idea what effective prayer is for the longest part of my life. I was sincere but sincerely wrong.

Prayer is first and foremost about relationship everything else is secondary to this central truth. I must say I do think that the way

we pray in our prayer time plays a definitive role. I don’t however think that this in and of itself brings the breakthrough. We are prayerless and don’t really pray effectively because we don’t really know what prayer is. We tend to be so focussed on what we are asking for and also on the methods and formulas of praying that we forget the Person of God. Prayers is in reality nothing more than a conversation between heaven and earth. Nothing more than a conversation between people on earth (Me and you) and God our Abba Father that exercises His authority and rulership over the whole earth from his thrown in Heaven. Prayer is the meeting place of heaven and earth and the whole purpose of this meeting Is to facilitate harmony between the two. “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Let Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” For effective prayer to take place two persons are required whose very passion and heart it is to see the same results come to fruition. Prayer

To therefore understand prayer, it would be good to examine Jesus. HE was unequivocally the most powerful man of prayer the earth has ever seen. It is therefore very important to observed His relationship with Heaven. It is abundantly clear that Jesus prayer life flowed spontaneously out of His relationship with the Father. It would be good if you could read the epistles in your own time to have a look for yourself. For successful prayer a successful relationship is necessary. A successful relationship with the Lord always starts with the Word of God. If you do not spend significant time in the word and meditate on the wonderful things you are reading, then your prayers will remain powerless and directionless. The word of God is essentially the first place we should go to learn more about this wonderful God we are trying to get to know. How is one meant to get to know God outside of His Word, while it is an integral part of whom He is?

People don’t seem to spend as much time as they should in the Word of God today. Because of this, God is not real enough to us. It therefore would seem to us that we pray to a God who is not as real as the reality of the circumstances and problems we are facing. The problem lies with our lack of a true intimate relationship with Him. That with which you spend the most time will always end up being the most real to you. Jesus’ secret was His intimacy with His Father. Jesus says in John 5:19 “Verily Verily I say unto you the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do for what things He does the Son does likewise…” Where did He see these things occur? Philippians 2:6-8 Says clearly that Jesus who walked in human likeness on the earth left His divinity behind, taking on the nature of a servant. He was human just like you and me, He was just without sin. It is very clear that He ministered out of this Devine prayer closet, from the very presence of His Father. Those moments of seclusion He would seek out and disappear to be alone. You see, it is in our prayer closet that the Word of God becomes far more than just words on paper. Where the Holy Spirit transforms the words into living, active and dynamic revelation for us, as we read and meditate on the Word. It is in your prayer closet where you become one with the Word. Where the reality of the Word (Jesus) becomes more real to you than the reality of your circumstances. More real than any events in this life which may affect you. It is from this dynamic prayer closet relationship that you will lay hands on the sick and see them healed. From this same place you command the eyes of the blind to see and the ears of the deaf to hear again. It is in your prayer closet where you call the lost in to the kingdom and repentance. What you cannot see and believe for in your prayer closet,

you will not see manifest outside of it. How did Jesus manage it? Hear what He had to say in John 3:1213 “I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe, how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things? No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven – The Son of Man.” In Jesus’ prayer closet where He prayed to God, Heaven and earth met. It is in His prayer closet that Jesus and the Father walked in such unity that Jesus entered Heaven. Just as Jesus did, we can also see what the Father is doing and go and do likewise. We can hear what the Father is saying and go and say to others what he asks us to say. Intimacy with God automatically leads to a unity between heaven and earth. You and I enter into a divine harmony with God where you desire eagerly to do his will accepting His desires as your own. His words become your words. His heart becomes your heart. You become a contact point where heaven and earth collide. Just like Jesus, you spontaneously preach or speak and do what you have heard and seen. Prayer becomes about the person and not the methodology or formula. Prayer becomes more of a lifestyle than a set regime, where you begrudgingly make time available to God. Prayer takes place when you and God begin to communicate. You share your heart with Him and He shares His heart with you. Prayer is not a matter of the head, it is a matter of the heart. It is not just words, it is communication that runs both ways. To tell the truth I discovered that true prayer takes place when words become redundant. Those times where you walk before Him with absolute wonder and awe with the tears running out of your heart and down your cheeks, the only evidence of your conversation.

“Prayer is a lifestyle and not a formula”

Knowing Your Worth Sam-Annique Lowry

I grew up in a good Christian home with strong values and a perfect example of a good working relationship. I knew good guys existed but I thought they were either taken or far out of my league. The guys I met were a mess they were mixed up in drugs and sleeping around was a joke to them. I thought gentlemen were something of the past and that if I didn’t settle I would end up

alone and an outcast. I dated one boy but it ended when he cheated on me with my best friend at the time. I was devastated. I thought I was not good enough. I thought that if I couldn’t even get this poor quality guy to stay with me how could I convince a good guy that I was good enough. I decided that I was better off alone and if that was the quality of guys left that I would

rather die alone surrounded by dogs who would at least truly love me.

When he died in our matric year in a car accident I was lost. I no longer knew who I was because my whole identity was based on him. Without him I was incomplete. I went on a destructive path to find who I was now that I had lost everything. It took a while before I realised that the only one who could tell me who I truly was, was the One who made me. Once I started finding myself and allowing God to fix all my broken pieces, He sent me my husband. I thought God handpicked only one perfect guy for you and that mine had come and gone

but God had other plans for my life.

Eve we can see how he tried this with them and succeeded. God told them that they may eat from any tree except the tree of good and evil. The devil then came to Eve and asked her if it was true that God said that they were not allowed to eat of any of the trees. You see the devil will always start by trying to get you to doubt what you heard God saying to you. She corrected the devil by telling him which tree they were not allowed to eat from. He then told her that God didn’t want them to eat from the tree because it would make them be like God.

I heard something years ago that has always stuck with me, “If you don’t know what you stand for you will fall for anything”. You need to know who you are and what you stand for or you will settle for something less than God’s best for you. The devil tries to steal your identity so that you feel lost and unsure of yourself so that he can pull you away from God and destroy your God given purpose. If we look at the story of Adam and

One day I laid eyes on a boy and just knew I had to have him. It took a while but we finally started dating and I couldn’t be happier. We dated for almost 2 years and became consumed with each other. Our identities and personalities merged and we were inseparable.

If Eve knew who she truly was and who God truly was, the devil would not have been able to make her go against what God had told her to do. You see Genesis 1 vs. 26 says “God spoke and said, let us make human beings in our image, and make them reflecting our nature”. Eve was ALREADY made in Gods image. She did not need to sin and eat of the fruit to become like God because she was already made in His image.

ashamed of who you are and tell you that you are not good enough. Once you start believing this you will feel like you are not good enough for God and you will feel like you are not good enough to achieve His goals for your life. Once you believe this the devil wins.

I grew up not feeling good enough. I was chubby and I heard all the rude remarks about how fat and off putting I was. No guy would ever pay attention to me. If she understood Gods perfect love she would have These are the things the world tries to break us down also known that anything God askes you not to do is with, but one day I realised that the world’s opinion for your own best. God loves us more than anything does not matter. What matters is God’s opinion of me and only wants what is best for us. We are made in and He loves me. He knew me before I was born he his image and are heirs to His thrown. We are daugh- designed me and he thought I was good enough to ters of the one true living king and are therefore prin- be made. After God had made me and you He looked cesses. Once you truly realise that you are royalty you around and said, “It is good so very good” (MSG). will start to act the part. You will know not to settle for anything less than God’s best. God will not want His You need to let go of the world’s hate and condemnaprincess to end up with anything other than His chosen tion. What you have done or what has happened to you prince. If the guy you like does not treat you like the does not matter to God. He is just interested in having princess you are, trust me it’s better to move on and you back. Having you want to talk to him and be in his deal with the pain now than suffer for years to come. presence. When you are filled with guilt, you come into God’s presence and then you feel ashamed and want to A man will not for fill you. The only thing that will is run away and hide so that God can’t see what you have God’s perfect plan for your life and the way to find done. Often after church you are on a spiritual high out what your part is in this life is to firstly find out and feel worthy but then after a few days the devil will who you truly are. Once you know you are a daugh- tell you that you were wrong, that this was not meant ter of the king, no worldly opinions will matter. What for you that you are not good enough and then before the world says you should do or how you should look you know it you are back to old destructive habits. or talk should be none of your concern as a royal princess. The world will always try to make you feel

You forget who you are and you start to believe the world and the devil’s opinion over Gods opinion of you. The devil will try every day to tell you that you are not good enough because he wants to steal Gods purpose for your life. He knows what you are capable of and fears that you reach the potential God has put inside you. If you believe the enemy you will live a life far less than God has planned for you. Psalm 139:13-16 The Message (MSG) 13-16 Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb. I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration—what a creation! You know me inside and out,

you know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something. Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day. God knows you. He made you. He is proud of you. He is there every step of the way. God does not care what you did in the past. He only cares about your future, who you can be. He knows you’ve got this, you can do it!!!

Broken Hearted Santie Bezuidenhout

The children hurriedly enter the schools side gate, some doubled over beneath the weight of heavy school bags, laden with books. Its Monday and every Monday morning begins with assembly at school. On a Monday even the dishevelled individuals make an attempt at combing their hair, tucking in their shirts and polishing their school shoes. On a Monday the school principle always seems to be able to pick out any inconsistencies from the stage and make any student regret their oversight. But today I cannot concentrate on the announcements and I am sure if anyone were to ask me about what was said, I would fail their test. My eyes wander to Dolf, the boy I have been going out with for four months, six hours and twenty-two seconds. From day one I immortalised every moment of ours spent together on Instagram. Everyone needed to see the two of us smile together. He is the hero of the first rugby team, the most eligible boy in school and then he chose me… “What are you daydreaming about? Let’s go. You are going to be late for class.” Melanie my friend piped up from the side. I was so lost in thought I hadn’t even realised assembly had been dismissed. I can’t even remember if we sang the school anthem. The day drags on and Dolf needed to assist with arrangements for the school rugby tour.

He is two years older than me which unfortunately means I cannot be with him in class, much to my disappointment. Then at least I would be able to chat with him. After last week’s party and what happened between us when we were alone in the Wendy house, he is different. Usually he waits for me at the school gate until my mother drops me so that we can walk into school together but not today. After Saturday I did not even get so much as a good morning. My mother who knows me well can tell that I am stressed and even tries to probe for answers and ask what is bothering me. I catch her looking at me with concern in her eyes. I wish I could tell her everything, but what if all I see in her eyes is disappointment. I am not prepared to experience more rejection with everything that has happened. I gave him everything, even the most precious part of me, I thought I was ready. He said that he wanted it from me, because he wanted to know me completely. And now he got what he wanted but why do I feel so empty and alone? It was supposed to be different. Before Saturday I had sketched the perfect picture in my head. My parents are so happy together. Is this how Eve felt when God told her not to eat of the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Did God know this is how she would feel and did He just want to protect her from the pain and shame. Is that why mum always said “Wait for the right guy who will want to wait to marry you…” But today my heart is a maelstrom of burning questions and pain over Dolf. I think if I had waited it would have been better after all. Today I really want to be close to God. I want His comfort the way the Sunday school teacher always tried to explain it. “Lord I know I was naïve and that I gave away my innocence, but I ask Lord that you will comfort me and walk with me along the journey ahead.” My thoughts are rather rudely interrupted by my mom knocking on my door. As I opened the door, I just could no longer contain the flood of emotion. I proceeded to cry my eyes out on my mother’s shoulder. Her love and comfort are so overwhelmingly familiar and also exactly what I needed. I proceeded to tell her everything. She just holds me and says nothing but I can see a wellspring of sympathy and softness, the kind only a mother can possess for her child. Its amazing how much lighter one feels when you talk about the things which burden you. Its like God says in 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your cares upon him for He cares for you.” Mum proceeds to pray for me and I fall asleep with the knowledge that all will be ok at the forefront of my mind. Months go by and the year is almost at an end. Dolf has moved on but it is ok. The road was a painful one but with lots of love from mum and with the knowledge that God loves me so much that He would never abandon me I also was able to move on.

I forgave and learnt that God has washed me clean and made me new. Now I am concentrating on finishing my school year strong. If it is possible, I would like to find a way to study after school and further my education. I no longer allow confusion to have its way with me. My circle of friends has become noticeably smaller and after that weekend with Dolf I no longer have any desire to go to parties. That is where all the trouble starts and I now see it clearly as a breeding ground for rebellion and pain. Even though I made a mistake I know that I have value. I know I don’t need parties or guys to give me value or to be special. The friends that want to motivate and build me up are far better than those who want to encourage me to drink. Now that I know how it feels to give away my innocence and the loneliness it brings; I have chosen to keep myself pure until I am older and wiser. I have decided to wait until Mr Right comes across my path. That Mr Right who will not mind waiting until I am ready to take the road less travelled with him, and live according to Gods principles. To be young and serve the Lord is not boring. It brings an incredible peace to bear upon the life surrendered to the Lord. It brings so much satisfaction into your life and when you do face any danger or challenges, the Holy Spirit helps you to make wise decisions and guides you in your choices. When you do make a mistake it also isn’t the end of the world even though it sometimes feels like it is. God is always there to forgive you and receive you back into His wonderful Fathers heart when you repent.

Help! My Child is Filled With Fear! Esme Schmitt

I heard a story the other day that one of my friends told me concerning her eight-year-old son who had a bad nightmare one night. He dreamt that someone on a bicycle was chasing him and wanted to catch him. He awoke in a panic deathly afraid and did not want to go back to sleep. His mom decided to pray for him and to wait on God for a strategy for her boy. Suddenly she began to think about the Lion of Judah and meditating on this picture. With that she began to explain the concept of the Lion of Judah to her son and told him “Close your eyes and ask God where the Lion of Judah is in your dream.” The son took the advice to heart and after a few minutes he began to relay with a broad smile how he had suddenly seen the Lion of Judah sitting on the bicycle, crushing it to pieces. In that moment my friend told me how she could see the bondage of fear breaking over her son. He got so much peace from the picture he got that he easily got to sleep after that. Even though we live in a society where our children are exposed to all kinds of fear there is no reason why they should live in a prison of fear. Your child does not need to suffer from chronic stomach cramps because of fear. Your child also does not need to be scared every evening when everyone goes to bed. God certainly did not introduce fear into your child’s life as a veritable best friend.

Isaiah 41:10 is one of the many scriptures that says that we should not fear. God has authority over fear and He makes it possible for us to live free from fear. The origin of fear is not our emotions or body (A rapidly beating heart) but fear comes from a demonic spirit (2 Timothy 1:7). No wonder God tells us we don’t have to be afraid. He has power and authority over all evil spirits and gave us that same authority to send these spirits away in the name of Jesus. It is important that our children know: • Fear is demonic • Jesus’ name has power and authority of fear • They can address the fear in the name of Jesus and command it to leave. The spirit of fear MUST leave when commanded to go. A three-year-old child in my children’s church experienced tremendous fear a few years ago during a severe thunderstorm. He went on his own to his room upstairs and went and lay on his carpet. When he was on the floor the stretched out his hands and asked God to help him. After a while his sister found him like this in his room. When she asked him what he is doing he said the following: When he stretched out his hands, he suddenly felt a big hand holding his one hand. While the big hand was holding his suddenly all the fear went away and he felt completely calm.

God is so good! When this little boy reached out to Him in faith He came in a tangible way and revealed his presence. This is exactly why God gave us His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Peace that resides in us. He is our helper and he will never leave or abandon us. Peace is therefore available to your child 24 hours a day. We need to teach out children that: • They are NEVER alone. • The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS with them • They can experience God’s peace daily Here are a few activities that you can do when your child experiences fear or feels afraid: • Study stories in the bible where people overcame fear. Talk about how the people in the bible handled fear. • Write scriptures down about how God sees fear. Paste these scriptures to surfaces around the house as a reminder. A good place is the bathroom mirror! When your child brushes their teeth, they can read the scripture verses. • Adapt the scriptures into faith declarations, for example where the scripture says “do not fear…” the declaration can be: “I am not afraid, because God is with me!” • Talk openly about situations that cause fear in your children’s lives. Teach them strategies around what to do and how to react to each situation practically. • Teach your children to recognise the difference between peace and fear. The moment they experience fear they must recognise it and reach out to God for peace. A good way to apply this is to remember what the truth is and to declare the truth out of the

scripture out loud. They can do this until peace comes. • Teach your children how to visualise what it is like to have the holy Spirit with them every minute of the day and every step of the way. The picture will help your child when they confront fear. God has made provision for our children that even though they live in the world they do not have to be a part of this world. God wants a personal relationship with your child and to teach them how to live from a place of true peace in their hearts. The media brings reports of fear but our kids can begin to read a biblical report and begin to live from this reality. Esme has a passion to lead kids into God’s presence and to teach them about their identity in Christ. She provides courses to parents, children’s churches and any person that works with children. To learn more, you can visit:,

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Grandpa has been busy from the crack of dawn again tinkering in the old shed. All that one hears is the tap tap tap and buzz of tools. Grandpa is very secretive and refuses to tell anyone about what he is busy with. When asked all he says is that as his age he needs to keep busy with odds and sods or his brain will rot. When Boerseun asks however Grandpa only winks and says “Its nearly time for our next adventure.” One morning close to dawn, Boerseun is still lying tucked into his warm bed listening to the speckled rooster in the apricot tree calling the sun to rise, with a cheeky crow. Boerseun wonders what he and grandpa will do today. Yesterday he and Grandpa went fishing in the big farm dam. Grandma fried one of their fish on the fire in a three-legged pot in some oil. She also baked some delicious fresh farm bread which they had with their fish. Grandma is a very good cook and always makes delicious food. Boerseun’s mouth begins to water just thinking about it. Suddenly he hears Grandpa calling softly to him. “Boerseun? Are you awake?” “Yes Grandpa” Boerseun answers jumping excitedly out of bed. ““Come on! Its time for our adventure.” With that Boerseun throws on some clothes and follow Grandpa into the kitchen. “Remember your lunch tin” Grandpa says as he heads out of the door towards the shed. Boerseun quickly grabs his yellow lunch tin and runs after Grandpa. Grandpa pushes open the big shed door with a loud tinny creak. The red time machine comes into view gleaming in the middle of the shed.

To Boerseun it looks as if the sun is tickling the smart little time machine with long sunbeam arms. Boerseun almost cant believe that Grandpa made this time machine with his own hands. “Jump in!” Grandpa shouts “We must not be late; someone is waiting for us.” Grandpa says beginning to flip switches and push buttons brining the machine to life. Boerseun takes a seat next to Grandpa and puts on his safety belt pulling it tight. “Put on your helmet” Grandpa says passing Boerseun his helmet. Boerseun’s helmet is red with yellow stripes on the side. In the middle of the helmet is an antenna with a round little ball at the end. “Ready?” Grandpa asks, winking at Boerseun. Ready!” Says Boerseun and winks back. “Wont you please press that little green button and then pull that little lever down” Grandpa asks Boerseun. Boerseun follow Grandpas instructions perfectly. The Red time machines groans and roars to life and all of a sudden everything is dead quiet. Boerseun looks around him in awe wondering where and when they have landed. He can tell that they are on a mountainside with green grass. In the distance he can see the blue of the sea. Suddenly he hears someone grumbling next to him “I am hungry I haven’t had anything to eat all day.” “Me too” someone else adds. “It feels as though I am going to pass out with hunger.” Boerseun can scarcely believe his eyes, As far as he can see there are people sitting in groups on the mountainside. They are all watching and listening to a man who is standing on a rock addressing them. He is wearing a white cloak with brown hair shining in the sunlight. It looks to Boerseun as if the sun, just as it did with the time machine, is tickling the man’s hair with its sunbeam arms.

A tall, thin man with brown hair and a long beard is standing next to the man. “Jesus” He says “The people are already tired and hungry. Tell them to go home and to go and eat and rest.” “Give them something to eat Philip” Jesus says with a soft voice. “There are too many people, we don’t have enough food” Philip says.

“Look Grandpa! Look! Boerseun cries out excitedly plucking at Grandpa’s sleeve. It seems as though the fish and bread are not depleting but as the pieces of bread and fish get handed out by the men who are with Jesus it gets multiplied. Boerseun tries wiping his eyes out in case he is seeing things. He cannot wait to tell Grandma what happened and what was Boerseun remembers his yellow lunch tin. He won- done with her fish and bread. When all the people ders what Grandma packed for him and Grandpa to had had enough to eat Jesus said “We must not waste eat. Carefully he opens the lunch tin to find some food. Pick up everything that was left over and put fish that he and Grandpa had caught and some of the it into these woven baskets.” Jesus walks up to Boerhomemade bread. He looks again at all the people seun and comes to stand next to him “Thanks again gathered on the mountainside. The food is scarcely for sharing your bread and fish with us…” Jesus says enough for him and Grandpa and is definitely not suf- and gives Boerseun a hug. It is the best hug Boerficient to feed all these people. “What do you have seun has ever had. “It’s a pleasure Jesus” Boerseun there?” someone suddenly asks from beside him. says shyly. “Remember Boerseun, to God just a little is always enough for God” Jesus whispered in His ear. Boerseun looks up and sees that it is Jesus who is standing next to him. “I only have these few fish “Come on, Lets Go! It is late and Grandma will be and some bread” He says “But it is far too little for getting worried” Grandpa said from behind him. all these people.” “Did you know that a little is With this he begins to walk briskly towards the old enough for God?” Jesus asked while gently roughing red time machine with Boerseun hot on his heels. up Boerseun’s hair. “Yes” Boerseun says, “But these are a whole lot of people.” “May I have this fish and bread?” Jesus asks. “Yes, any time” Boerseun says passing the yellow lunch tin to Jesus. He has no idea what Jesus wants to do with any of it but all he knows is that it is far too little to feed all these people. Maybe Jesus is also hungry and He wants to eat it himself. Boerseun knows that the fish and bread will be just as enjoyable and tasty to Jesus as it was for him. Jesus takes the bread and fish, closes His eyes tightly and says: “Father thank you that a little is enough for you!” When he was finished praying He opened His eyes and began to break Grandma’s fish and bread into smaller pieces. He gives the smaller pieces to a few men who had been standing around him. “Go and give to all the people so that they can have something to eat” He says. Boerseun cannot believe his eyes.

Let mommy read you the story in John 6!

Follow Jesus!


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Predictions From The Word 3 June - 9 June This is your week apple of Gods eye. So, straighten your back and puff out your chest. Tap the person next to you on the shoulder and say “Did you know my Father is the King of the universe?” Psalm 33:18 10 June - 16 June Don’t give in to the desire to keep laying down after you have fallen. Remember a kick from behind is always a step forward. 17 June - 23 June Have you ever wondered what you are worth? The creator of something determines its value. The value that He places on you is one of being His own son or daughter. Also, the price that Jesus paid namely His very life. Don’t believe the liar anymore and remember that satan is the father of lies and he will always try to lie to you about your worth and value. Rom 8:16 24 June - 30 June You have fallen again and feel like a failure. You aren’t in the mood to even try again because you don’t believe in yourself. Remember the fact that God’s breath is still in your lungs means that He still trusts you. He knows and believes that you have what it takes and that is surely all that matters. 1 Cor 7:23


1 Julie - 7 Julie Hierdie week is n dieet week. Niks meer gemorskos van tv en koerante nie. n Woord dieet. Sy Woord. Jy sal agterkom dit proe soos heuning in jou mond. n Lafenis vir elke moee reisiger. Mat 4:4

8 July- 14 July Slow down a little. You are running too fast. Take a blanket tonight or wherever you find a quiet moment. Lay on your back and look at the stars. Take some time to think: He knows every star by name. In the same way He also knows you by name, He called you and you are His. Psa 147:4 15 July- 21 July Some days are tougher than others. These are painful days and sometimes just particularly painful. Sometimes they are days which make you curl into a ball. They hurt so much you just want to withdraw. Don’t stay in that place but climb into His lap and curl up in His presence. Stay there until your heart knows again that he knows about you and that He will never forget you. Until you know that you are still cupped in His mighty hand. Nothing can remove you from that place. Joh 10:28-29 22 July- 28 July You are not a discarded orphan. The world has lied to you. What do they know anyway when it comes to you? You belong to Him, He bought you with a great price. All you have to do is to come home, Dad is waiting for you. Luk 15:11-32

29 July- 4 August Get on a chair at work or at home in your kitchen and shout as loudly as you can; “I am made righteous by the blood of the Lamb!” To think that there is nothing that you can do or say to earn or deserve it. Just say thank you and smile from ear to ear with gratitude. Rev 3:24

Deep Footprin Interview with Thomas Collen

In this edition it is our privilege to introduce you to Thomas Collen. Thomas after listening to your story I cannot but introduce you as the “Wild boer of the Kalahari” Tell our readers a little bit more about yourself please. I was born on the 18th August 1964 as one of six children. At 13 I lost my father to cancer and we were very close my father and I. It was a tremendous shock to me. I landed up in Highschool Kalahari where I was bullied by the older boys from the very beginning. I realized quickly that there would be no one to defend me anymore and that I would need to learn to fight my own battles. As a consequence, I spent a lot of time in the gym and I learnt to fight forwards to open the road before me. I left school in standard 8 and started to work at Yskor. This was the season then when you began to drink a lot and abuse alcohol? Yes. I had a lifelong struggle with low self-esteem, the second I would start drinking I would forget all my problems. Only when I was drunk was I acceptable to myself and others in my view. I was however a very violent person that believe you can fix anything with your fists. You left Yskor then and tried your hand at farming? I resigned in 1990 and began to farm full time. Farming is very close to my heart even today. I was already a total alcoholic by this time. Around this

time, I met Eugene Terblanche and decided to join what was then the AWB. I was part of the failed invasion of Bophuthatswana. I never considered myself a racist but I did believe that we as people groups were different and such needed to remain separated and segregated. Today however I know that God loves all people and I reach out to everybody irrespective.

This is then where “Wild Boer Thomas” became “Evangelist Thomas?” I was and am now still completely on fire for the Lord. I became a competent pastor and over time served a few congregations as a pastor. My heart has always gone out to broken and lost people and in bone and marrow I am and always will be an evangelist and as such began to hold revival tent meetings.

Your personal relationships with people weren’t just stormy but almost without exception a failure? Indeed, I was married twice but then also divorced twice. My bad self-image, jealousy and the uncontrolled aggression in me made any successful relationship impossible.

Thomas miracles are part of your everyday life? I believe absolutely in the miracle working power of the holy Spirit Miracles are still for us today and the purpose of signs and wonders is always to establish Gods kingdom and see it spread into the world. I have seen many healings and deliverances in the span of my ministry. The power of the blood of Jesus is a reality in my life. Like I said previously my dad died of cancer, a few years later my mother was also diagnosed with cancer. She was not given much time by the doctors and not long after this I found her in her room having passed away. This time however I was prepared and knew better. I knew it was not God who causes sickness and death, but that it is the devil who steals, kills and destroys. I laid my hands on her and prayed for her. She was raised from the dead and was completely healed and she also alive to this very day.

Then you lost both your farms? I literally drank myself out of owning both these farms. What was the next big event in your life? Farmed out, divorced again and a total alcoholic I found myself in rack and ruin and decided to take my own life. I put the gun to my head and decided to pull the trigger. The next moment I heard an audible voice that asked me “What are you doing?” I looked around to find the source of the voice but saw no one. Again, the same voice spoke “I love you and I want to use you.” That day the Lord radically turned my life around. I accepted the Lord into my life and I was never the same again.

nts Today you head up Ruach Adonai Ministry. Tell us a little bit more about this ministry. Ruach Adonai means the “Breath of God.” As I said before, my heart has always been with the people who no longer have hope. Drug addicts and Alcoholics that because of their chosen lifestyle have been thrown away by society. These types of people began to hear about me and with time they or their parents came to me for help. I simply began to take them, in to help them get free from their addictions. How do you go about this? To begin with I believe in deliverance. Through their addictions these people open doors for demonic activity. These demons need to be driven out so that the person can make informed and free choices free from influence or demonic oppression. Secondly, I would say that after a person is freed they need to be equipped. We make certain that these people are born again and Spirit filled. Thirdly we walk a six-month journey of discipleship and biblical training and instruction in the Word of God. Most people use addiction as an escape from pain and rejection in their lives. They must receive healing and the love of God. In this time, we also do a lot of outreaches where they in turn reach out to others through testimonies or praying for people. In this way we have manage to help countless people.

What about finances? Finances are and always remain a matter of faith. We currently have approximately thirty people that we have taken in. Even though we ask a monthly fee to help cover the tremendous costs, the reality is the fees don’t cover much. We do therefore reply heavily on donations of any type so that we can help as many as possible. The Lord also laid it on your heart to build a “healing lodge”? Indeed, we don’t really have a dedicated place where we can help these people. We currently house these people under poor conditions in tents and temporary shelters. The need is just so great that I cannot get it across my heart to send these people away. These are God’s children who He loves eternally. We try nonetheless to do the best with the limited resources we have. I began to move in faith and trust that God will work in people’s hearts to give the necessary materials and funds to build a decent independent centre that is sustainable. Where do you want to establish this centre? On a plot close to Brakspruit Thomas what can people do to help or get involved? Any form of help will be appreciated

and can make a difference. We are a no profit organisation and as such we are properly registered. There is also a formal board that assists with oversight and corporate governance assisting with transparency and making sure everything is done responsibly. People that want to get involved can contact me at: 082 507 4341 Or Wanda on 083 450 7695 Thomas it has really been a privilege to have a chat with someone who does such unseen yet impactful work for those who are most vulnerable. We admire your and Wanda’s sacrifice, unselfish conduct and tireless work. May God richly bless you and supply your needs abundantly in every area of need.

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