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Science 7th Grade Course 2

Instructor: John Hoopman Phone: 892-4353 ext 2217


Introduction: Seventh grade science covers Earth Science (Earth’s Atmosphere), Physical Science (Motions and Forces), and Life Science (Organisms and Human Biology). All are integrated together to study the underlying science principle of interactions.

Tentative Schedule: Date September October


December January






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Diversity of Living Things: Single-Celled Organisms

Chap. C1

Diversity of Living Things: Multicellular Organisms Diversity of Living Things: Fungus

Chap. C2

Diversity of Living Things: Plants Diversity of Living Things: Invertebrates

Chap. C3 Chap. C4

Diversity of Living Things: Vertebrates

Chap. C5

Human Biology: Systems Human Biology: Absorption, Digestion, Exchange

Chap. B1 Chap. B2

Human Biology: Transport and Protection Human Biology: Reproduction and Control

Chap. B3 Chap. B4

Forces and Motion: Motion Forces and Motion: Forces

Chap. D1 Chap. D2

Forces and Motion: Gravity, Friction, and Pressure

Chap. D3

Earth’s Atmosphere: Earth’s Atmosphere: Earth’s Atmosphere: Earth’s Atmosphere:

Chap. A1 Chap. A2 Chap. A3 Chap. A4

Changing Atmosphere Weather Patterns Weather Fronts and Storms Climate and Change

Required Materials: Students will need notebooks, loose leaf paper, a folder, and one binder to be used as a portfolio for classwork completed.

Attendance: From Riverview's attendance policy: Excused Absence Students excused from school by their parent/guardian or the school shall be given the opportunity to make up all class work, which includes major examinations (term or grading period). Unexcused Absence These are absences that are not excused by the parent/guardian or the school. A student cannot be denied credit based solely on unexcused absences. A student with an unexcused absence will receive consequences in accordance with school board policies. The student is allowed to make up all missing work during the time of the unexcused absence. Students will be allowed to make up major examinations missed (term or grading period) if course credit is at risk. Examination makeup date(s) shall be determined at the discretion of the administrator/teacher. Students in this position should be ready to make up the exam on the day of return. Credit will be officially granted only after the student has fulfilled the consequences administered by the school attendance officer for the unexcused absence. Classwork missed for excused absencescan be made up for full credit at any time during the grading period (trimester). Work missed during an unexcused absence must be complete upon return from that absence or it is considered late. SeeLate Work Policy section below.

Grading Scale: 100-90%-A; 89-80%B; 79-70 – C; 69-60%- D; below 60%- F

Grading and Homework: Each students grade will reflect weekly contracted work (90%)and 3 Unit Exams(10%). Contracts are a unique way for students to choose what grade they receive and how they earn that grade. Each week contracts for the week’s work are posted for the students to choose to earn an A, B, or C. • C contracts involve worksheets from the weeks reading. • B contracts are consist of answering around 6 questions for each section covered. Questions ask students to hypothesize, infer, compare and contrast, and overall think about the weeks readings and research. • A contracts ask students to research specific parts of the weeks concept and to go beyond classwork to research their topic. Students will then present their findings to the class for peer review. This can be done in a number of ways as a presentation to the classor posted for review on the classwiki at

Contracts that are incomplete or late will be graded as a D. If no work is submitted for the week’s contract the grade will remain open and be scored an F at the end of the trimester. In addition, there is an anchoring project and options for extra credit. The anchoring project is the Science News. It can be completed and presented to the class at any time once per trimester. Extra credit can be earned by completing survey projects such as Ornithology Photography and Insect Collection.

Late Work Policy: Contract work can be handed in at anytime during the trimester. If the work is missed becauseof an excused absence the work will be graded fully as if it was turned in during the contracts week. If it is late it will be graded as a D.

Classroom Agreements Classroom agreements are based on the Tribes Learning Community agreements. • • • •

attentive listening appreciation/no put downs mutual respect, and the right to pass

Students come to and honor these agreements during the first days of school where they share the attributes of their ideal classroom. Theseagreements are used to ensure students are comfortable making and sharing their own ideas and to facilitate robust class discussion.

Contact Me: Phone: 892-4353 ext 2217 - Classwiki: contracts and schedule, targets and objectives - ClassWeblog: current topics and discussion with pictures and polls.

Seventh Grade Syllabus  

Scope and Sequence, Agreements, Procedures