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Celebrating life's big + small moments with fun, fresh cards, illustrations, and custom designs.

Hoopla Love was founded in 2012 by me, Kacey Munson, and began as a tiny little corner of my NYC apartment, dedicated to designing custom invitations and decor for special occasions. Since then, my growing shop (and family) have moved just outside of the city, where all my designs are created in my home studio. My Etsy shop has expanded to include a variety of products available for retail and wholesale: greeting cards, gift tags, art prints, home decor and custom illustrations. All my designs start on paper; some drawn with pencil & ink, others with watercolor, acrylic or charcoal. The artwork is then edited and digitally printed using high quality inks on a variety of paper. Original paintings are also available for commission. Hoopla Love's designs have been featured in various blogs including Style Me Pretty and Oh So Beautiful Paper, and have been published in the book, The Inspired Wedding. My greeting cards + art prints have sold in select boutique shops in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Kansas, and Maine. Thanks so much for taking the time to look through my wholesale catalog. I hope to be sending some Hoopla goodies your way soon!

Kacey Munson email: shop: Instagram: @hooplaloveco | @hoopla_original_art

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COLLECTIONS Greeting Cards / p. 4-7 #Momtruth Cards / p. 8-9 Gift Tags/ p. 10-11 Wine Tags / p. 11 Holiday Cards/ p. 13-14 Rainbow Watercolors/ p. 15 Art Prints/ p. 17-19 Wholesale Terms/ p. 22

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GREETING CARDS All cards are blank inside, A2 size (5.25 x 5.5 inches), flat printed on 120# thick matte white cover stock, and come with matching envelopes. Some designs available as both single and box sets of 6. Pricing for all cards: SINGLE: wholesale $2.25 | retail $4.50

BOX OF 6: wholesale $9.25 | retail $18.50

Product Name

Jungle Thanks Card SINGLE GCT001 BOX OF 6 GCT001B

Color block Thank You Card SINGLE GCT002 BOX OF 6 GCT002B

Product Name

One in a Melon Card SINGLE GCM004 BOX OF 6 GCM004B

Sorry Bum Card SINGLE GCS007 BOX OF 6 GCS007B

Cotton Candy Card SINGLE GCC003 BOX OF 6 GCC003B

Product Name

Pretend Hug Card SINGLE GCH005 BOX OF 6 GCH005B

Love Your Guts Card SINGLE GCG008 BOX OF 6 GCG008B

No Words Card SINGLE GCN006 BOX OF 6 GCN006B

Love Your Guts Card SINGLE GCL009 BOX OF 6 GCL009B page 4

Olive Juice Card SINGLE GCO010 BOX OF 6 GCO010B

Anchor Always Card SINGLE GCA011 BOX OF 6 GCA011B

Congrats Wedding Card SINGLE GCW012 BOX OF 6 GCW0112

Product Name

All My Love Card SINGLE GCA013 BOX OF 6 GCA013B

You're My Mr. Wonderful Card SINGLE GCY016 BOX OF 6 GCY016B

You're My Sweetheart Card SINGLE GCY019 BOX OF 6 GCY019B

My Heart You're Here Card SINGLE GCH014 BOX OF 6 GCH014B

I'd Shuck You Card SINGLE GCI017 BOX OF 6 GCI017B

Box Chocolates Card SINGLE GCB020

I Love You So Card SINGLE GCI015 BOX OF 6 GCI015B

Hey Buoy Card SINGLE GCH018 BOX OF 6 GCH018B

Vintage Heart SINGLE GCV021 BOX OF 6 GCV021B

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Best Mom Card SINGLE GCB022


Mom Glue Card SINGLE GCM024

Product Name

I'm So Awesome (Thanks, Mom) SINGLE GCI025

Sweet Grandmother Card SINGLE GCS028



Happy Mother's Day Card SINGLE GCH026

Mother in Law Card SINGLE GCM027

Times You Were Right SINGLE GCT029

One Cool Pop SINGLE GCP030

Hot Dad Alert SINGLE GCH032

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Happy Birthday Balloon Card SINGLE GCH033 BOX OF 6 GCH033B

Happy Birthday Cake Card SINGLE GCH034 BOX OF 6 GCH034B

30th Birthday Card SINGLE GCB036

35th Birthday Card SINGLE GCB037

Cheers Cocktails Card SINGLE GCC039 BOX OF 6 GCC039B

I Love You So Card SINGLE GCI040 BOX OF 6 GCI040B

Congrats sprinkles SINGLE GCC042 BOX OF 6 GCC042B

Congrats (baby) SINGLE GCC043 BOX OF 6 GCC043B

Let's Celebrate Card SINGLE GCL035 BOX OF 6 GCL035B

Cheese Card SINGLE GCC038

Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils SINGLE GCB041 BOX OF 6 GCB041B

Welcome to moTHEr HOOD SINGLE GCW044 BOX OF 6 GCW044B page 7

#M O M T R U T H C A R DS A collection of cards featuring eleven bold, sarcastic and honest cards for Real Moms (with a sense of humor). Sold as single cards + matching envelopes. Same pricing and specs as greeting cards: all are blank inside, A2 size (5.25 x 5.5 inches), flat printed on 120# thick matte white cover stock. An ASSORTED BOX SET of the full collection is also available, and contains one of each #momtruth card + matching envelopes.

Product Name

Congrats Pregnancy SINGLE MT001

Pump and Dump Kind of Day SINGLE MT002

Product Name

Fancy Pants SINGLE MT004

Enjoy Every Moment (or just most of them) SINGLE MT007

Chocolate or Poo SINGLE MT003

Product Name

Sorry about your crotch (congrats on new baby) SINGLE MT005

Enjoy Every Moment (of sleep you get) SINGLE MT006

Babies be Cray SINGLE MT008

#Momtruths SINGLE MT009

page 8

Hungry Toddler SINGLE MT010

At Least Our Babies Are Cute SINGLE MT011

Assorted Box of all 11 #Momtruth Cards + Envelopes (One of each card) Wholesale: $15.00 | Retail $30.00 ASST'D BOX SET: MT01AB

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Gift tags are printed on 120# white matte cover, and come in a pack of 10 identical tags + twine. Packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve. Each tag is 2.5" x 3.5" and blank on the back for additional writing. PRICING for each pack of 10: retail $7.50 | wholesale $3.25

Waves Tag PACK OF 10 GTWOO1

Rainbow "Iceberg" Tag PACK OF 10 GTROO4

Thank You Bouquet Tag PACK OF 10 GTTOO2

Jungle Botanical Tag PACK OF 10 GTJOO5

Rainbow "Popsicle" Tag PACK OF 10 GTROO3

Peonies Tag PACK OF 10 GTPOO6 page 10

Winter Berries Tag PACK OF 10 GTWOO7

Tree Tag PACK OF 10 GTTOO8

WINE TAGS Wine Tags slip over on the neck of any wine, champagne or large bottle, and are the perfect touch when bringing these spirits as a housewarming or party gift. Tags printed on 110# white matte cover, and come in assorted packs of 2 different tags. Packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve. Each tag is 3" x 7" and blank on the back. PRICING for each pack of 2: retail $4 | wholesale $2

Celebration/Summer PACK OF 2 WTCOO1

Holiday/Winter PACK OF 2 WTHOO2

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HOLIDAY/SEASONAL CARDS All holiday cards come as singles or box sets of 6. Boxes are kraft with clear lids. Cards are blank inside, A2 size (5.25 x 5.5 inches), flat printed on 120# thick matte white cover stock, and come with matching envelopes. Pricing for all cards: SINGLE: wholesale $2.25 | retail $4.50 BOX OF 6: wholesale $9.25 | retail $18.50

Product Name

Present Stack Card SINGLE HCP001 BOX OF 6 HCP001B

Get Lit Tree Card SINGLE HCG002 BOX OF 6 HCG002B

Product Name

Making Spirits Bright Cocktails Card SINGLE HCM005 BOX OF 6 HCM005B

Santa Suit Card SINGLE HCS008 BOX OF 6 HCS008B

Reindeer Mugshots SINGLE HCR003 BOX OF 6 HCR003B

Product Name

Stay Frosty Card SINGLE HCS006 BOX OF 6 HCS006B

Merry Christmas Card SINGLE HCM009 BOX OF 6 HCM009B

Let it Snow Card SINGLE HCL006 BOX OF 6 HCL006B

Holiday Door Card SINGLE HCD010 BOX OF 6 HCD010B

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Thankful Pie Card SINGLE HCT011 BOX OF 6 GCT011B

BW Christmas Card SINGLE HCB014 BOX OF 6 HCB014B

Ever So Thankful Card SINGLE HCE012 BOX OF 6 HCE012B

Naughty Nice Card SINGLE HCN015 BOX OF 6 HCN015B

Mistletoe Card SINGLE HCM013 BOX OF 6 HCM013B

All is Calm Card SINGLE HCA016 BOX OF 6 HCA016B page 14

RAINBOW WATERCOLORS Each rainbow is an original, made-to-order painting, on 100% archival watercolor paper. These are not art prints; each will be slightly unique! Design has a whimsical, raw, hand painted look. Line thickness and colors will vary slightly. Rainbow will be centered horizontally on the paper taking up most of the page, depending on size selection. Packaged in a protective clear sleeve with cardboard backing. Frame not included. Three size options: 5 x 7in : retail $18.50 | wholesale $9.25 8 x 10in : retail $25 | $12.50 12 x 12in: retail $35 | $17.50

Popsicle 5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

Iceberg RP001s RP001m RP001l

Seashell 5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

RI002s RI002m RI002l

Preppy RS005s RS005m RS005l

Latte 5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12


5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

RT003s RT003m RT003l

Puddle RP006s RP006m RP006l

Jewel RL009s RL009m RL009l

5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12


RJ010s RJ010m RJ010l

5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

RR004s RR004m RR004l

Mulberry RP007s RP007m RP007l

5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12



5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

5x7 8 x 10 12 x 12

RF011s RF011m RF011l

RM008s RM008m RM008l

RG012s RG012m RG012l page 15

page 16

page 17

ART PRINTS All art prints are hand painted, digitally edited and flat printed on 120# white matte cover. Original medium noted under each image. Packaged in a clear sleeve with sturdy cardboard backing. Sizes vary based on design. Please specify upon order if you would like prints signed on the bottom right.

Ice Cream Fist Art Print

Watermelon Art Print

Vintage Heart

8 x 10 in API001 (watercolor + acrylic)

8 x 10 in APW002 (watercolor)

8 x 10 APV003 11 x 14 APV004 (watercolor)

Bowl of Cherries

Grow Wild Art Print

Girl Art Print

8 x 10 in APB005 (watercolor)

8 x 10 APV006 11 x 14 APV007 (watercolor + charcoal)

8 x 10 APV008 11 x 14 APV009 (watercolor)

page 18

Bathing Suit Floral I

(watercolor + acrylic)

11 x 14 in.

Pressed Flowers


You Are Here Heart (watercolor + acrylic)

11 x 14


8 x 10 APP012 (watercolor; frame not included)

page 19

Mussels 8 x 10 APM010 11 x 14 APM011

Mussels + Oysters Abstract 8 x 10 APM012 (watercolor + oil pastel)

(watercolor + oil pastel)

OCEAN SERIES ART PRINTS Three watercolor ocean seascapes size 11 x 14 only; printed on 100% matte white textured linen art cover. Adds to the depth and quality of art print. All prints in ocean series come signed in bottom right with white ink. Price for each print in the Ocean Series: retail $35 | wholesale $17.50

Ocean Bright

Ocean Deep

Ocean Teals

11 x 14 APOCB1

11 x 14 APOCD2

11 x 14 APOCT3

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First order minimums: $100 Re-order minimums: $50 *Quantities of at least 3 per SKU.

Shipping Method is USPS Priority. Expedited shipping and/or UPS/Fedex available upon request


Drop shipping available on request.

New customers interested in placing an order directly through our etsy shop will need to request a wholesale code first. Contact us at or send a message via to receive a wholesale account PRIOR to placing an order. (all prices on etsy shop are set as retail costs without the wholesale code).

Shipping estimates can be provided once the order quantity and ship-to location are specified.



Directly through the website:

Once you receive your wholesale code, select items to purchase through the etsy shop website: and enter the code at checkout to receive wholesale pricing.

ESTIMATED PRODUCTION TIME 3-5 business days. Production time for custom order requests are based on scope of project.

All cancellations or changes to your order must be submitted within 24 hours of placing the order.

Via email or PO:

Damaged orders may be eligible for a full refund within 15 days of receiving the shipment, and not including return shipping. Refunds are processed after we receive the item in its original condition.



Credit Cards, PayPal, Check. Opening orders (new customers) require pre-payment or Net 30. Existing customers may contact me with preferred payment options. COD available for local orders/drop shipping.

To request samples or more product photos/details, shoot Kacey an email:

Send an email to with your detailed order, or fill out a PO and email it to us at

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Profile for hooplaloveco

Hoopla Love 2019 Wholesale Catalog  

Founded by Kacey Munson in 2012, Hoopla Love's shop includes a variety of products available for retail and wholesale: greeting cards, gift...

Hoopla Love 2019 Wholesale Catalog  

Founded by Kacey Munson in 2012, Hoopla Love's shop includes a variety of products available for retail and wholesale: greeting cards, gift...