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Naturally Authentic Learning

Hoopla Education is an education company for 3yrs + specialized in nature-inspired, sustainable education taught within a Project Based Learning (PBL) framework. Our projects fully engage even the youngest learners, as we adopt a multi-sensory approach to acquiring knowledge through observation, manipulation and experimentation of the Natural World.

Our Mission Hoopla Education was born out of the need to have a more cohesive and integrated approach to learning, that allows children to combine their understanding of their world through experimentation and manipulation of their senses and the Natural World. Through our unique approach we have perfected the art of science and the science of art, providing the first comprehensive applied S.T.E.A.M. framework, from preschool age!

Pedagogy Hoopla Education applies a S.T.E.A.M. framework with a Project Based Learning (PBL) approach to learning. PBL is a dynamic classroom approach in which children gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging question.

Inspired by leading child-focused pedagogies, kids are placed at the center of the learning process. Our standard-based teacher resources fully support its implementation whilst meeting your curriculum goals.

The Garden Project STEAM Curriculum for 3-7yr olds The Garden Project is a unique Early Childhood Education Curriculum that applies a S.T.E.A.M. framework by using Nature as an authentic purpose of study to facilitate realworld ways for children to learn, problem solve and develop communication skills.

The Garden Project, now running in 16 countries, delivers a unique learning experience by giving educators the hands-on creative best practices to bring learning to life. The Garden Project folds all curriculum needs into one holistic program: • Prepares children for 21st century learning with real world ways • Documents children’s learning progress through a skill-based children journal (available in 3 levels) • Develops creativity through critical thinking across disciplines • Delivers cultural learning through a worldwide community of children and educators






The Garden Project Resources Implementing The Garden Project is easy thanks to our Complete Classroom Pack, available in 3 levels: Sense of Wonder (2-4yr olds) What are nature’s elements? What are a plant’s basic needs? How do vegetables grow? These are some of the questions that children answer as they are taken on an exploration of nature’s wonders. Children are introduced to how to lead simple inquiries whilst using Land Art to guide their aesthetic outputs. Sense of Observation (3-5yr old) Nature teaches important lessons of care, empathy and patience. In this journal, children are guided into observing nature’s clues to better understand the world around them, as well as perceive the variety of plants and their needs. Children will learn that nature can’t be rushed. Sense of Investigation (4-6yr old) As budding scientists, this journal is all about developing measuring, observational and documentation skills as well as inquiry to find tangible ways to document the changes observed in their plants. The last of a series of three journals, children are now graduating as scientists of the natural world!

The Garden Project Complete Classroom Pack includes: • 2 x Online Teacher Training • 2 x A4 (horizontal) 178-page Teacher Manuals printed on beautiful recycled paper – 11”69 x 8”27 • 20 x A4 Student Journals (available in 3 levels) printed on beautiful recycled 170gr paper – 8”27 x 11”69 • 2 x The Vegetable Plot CDs – 13 funky, fresh tracks! • 2 x Implementation Posters Customized Project Ask us about creating a customized Sustainable Project for your organization, using your school/company look & feel!

With lyrics and suggestions of Aspara Gus from

“It’s been a really new and enriching experience for everyone since we’ve never taught using all our languages integrated this way” Gloria Ho Head Teacher Tivoli International Kindergarten Hong Kong

Contemporary Art Curriculum 3-99yrs Naturally Creative is a Contemporary Art curriculum that develops children’s sense of aesthetics by applying innovative art techniques inspired by the masters of Contemporary Art. The curriculum is subdivided into three modules or studies that are loosely tied to major art movements. Children learn how to identify the basic elements of art from form, color, shape, pattern and texture as they complete their own Art Portfolio.

Naturally Creative is the first multi-age art curriculum, starting from age 3yrs+, that focuses on skills, unique techniques and art history education. Every study lasts up to 4 months and concludes with an art show of the children’s work. Teachers are given the tools to acknowledge children’s creative output with confidence, balancing exploration and knowing when to stop the creative process once the work has reached its optimum aesthetic value, turning you from a teacher to an art curator, and your classroom into an art gallery!

Every study is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide, inclusive of 20 detailed lesson plans, that empower the teacher to talk knowledgably about Contemporary Art and engage the children with unique contemporary art techniques. Every child interprets the art movement(s) and builds his/her own body of work with a beautifully designed Children’s Art Portfolio that guides each child through a series of engaging activities! The Classroom Pack includes: • One (1) Teacher’s Guide – 29.7cm x 29.7cm / 11”69 x 11”69 • Ten (10) Children’s Art Portfolios – 29.7cm x 29.7cm / 11”69 x 11”69 • 1hr Online Implementation Training with a Contemporary Artist

The Storyboard My Veggie Diary guides children into creating their own storyboard by using the story from The Vegetable Plot Season 1 CD. Featuring Aspara Gus, the leader of The Vegetable Plot, children are given the basic architectural structure of a story to create their own organically grown vegetable adventures!

Multi-Media Storytelling for 4-9yr olds My Veggie Diary is a multidisciplinary project centered around storytelling with the goal of developing early narrative skills in children ages 4yrs+, using the language, story and characters from The Vegetable Plot. Children learn about the basic architecture in every story bringing their story to life with puppets and multi-media activities! Why Implement My Veggie Diary Project at your School? • My Veggie Diaries combines developing early narrative skills, self-expression and healthy eating in 4yrs+ • Brings your story to life through multimedia exploration of puppetry, music and video • Involves parents in the process through catchy roots music with The Vegetable Plot Season 1 CD

Professional Learning

Residency Programs

A good learning environment starts with a good teacher. This is why at Hoopla Education we put teacher training at the forefront of all resources we develop. Our creative workshops, curated by experts with unique backgrounds, empower teachers with the hands-on strategies needed to make your classrooms truly enriching!

We believe in facilitating the best of both worlds: pairing a Hoopla Education Specialist with a classroom teacher to deliver onsite professional training and extend teachers’ skillsets with unique techniques. Our Specialists are experienced within one or more of the S.T.E.A.M. learning domains to facilitate the implementation of our programs.

A Classroom Residency:

Teaching in a Global Classroom There is nothing more interesting to a child than another child ‘s story. This is why we have developed The Hoopla Global Classroom - a platform for children and educators from different parts of the world to share their stories and investigations with children far and wide, so that learning can occur on a global scale! Visit for inspiring ideas. Enroll your school in The Hoopla Global Classroom Program

Once a teacher, always a student

• minimum duration of 40hrs • comes with the teacher’s manual complete of lesson plans • integrates our programs within the teacher’s daily routine Schedule a conversation with a Residency Expert

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Leaders in sustainable education in the early years. Overview of Hoopla Education's products and services

Hoopla Education Brochure  

Leaders in sustainable education in the early years. Overview of Hoopla Education's products and services