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You’ve heard their music. Now know their story.

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1pm - 5 pm

Live music! 501 7th Ave. SE / CR

Mr. B and the Cronnies

Chuck Hallberg likes to call Mr. B and the Cronnies the new band in town. The new kids on the block, if you will. Except they do classic rock covers instead of choreographed dance bits and earnest ballads. That’s because, as Chuck, who plays bass and drums, puts it, “Mr. B and the Cronnies have been circling the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area for about four years now.” They aren’t new to the stage, though, either as a group or as individuals. Mr. B and the Cronnies have been performing together for 9 years. The members, Bruce Bearinger (lead vocals), Chuck and his twin brother Clay Hallberg (bass), have been playing on their own even longer, for more than two decades. These Cedar Rapids boys are looking forward to finally be playing with some home court advantage, with upcoming gigs at Cedar River Landing this summer and a recent show at Checkers in Cedar Rapids. For years they’ve been building up a fan base in smaller towns around the area. Now they hope to do the same in Cedar Rapids.

The group covers everyone from Garth

Brooks to the Rolling Stones and Neil Young. “It’s not every day you hear Crosby Stills Nash, Boston and Alabama in one set, from one band,” says Bruce. “It’s a unique experience for a variety of ages.”

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The Talent: Bruce Bearinger (lead vocals), Clay Hallberg (bass) and Chuck Hallberg (bass and drums) The Sound: Classic rock covers The Gigs: June 13 and July 25 @ Cedar River Landing, 301 F Ave. NW, Cedar Rapids

In the Heart of Czech Village 95 16th Ave S.W. 319-363-1813

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Mr . B and t he cr onnies

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Thursday, April 23

Profits go to the CR Downtown District

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Friday, April 24

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Saturday, April 25

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“We play amazingly familiar renditions of songs you thought you knew,” says Chuck. Each member of the band brings something different to the stage. The result is a concoction of lively showmanship and a show that’s never the same twice.

John Beltramea

Frontman Bruce tells a story with each set, while Chuck and Clay like to read the audience and tailor their performance accordingly.


1853 51ST St. N.E. Cedar Rapids

Expect to be seeing more of them in and around Cedar Rapids this summer.


The group can’t go too long between performances before “the music bug” bites, says Chuck.

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