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Dead Larry

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The talent: Mark McGuiness (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Joe Scarpellino (bass and SnuggieSlumberParty

vocals), Ned Barclay (lead guitar), Josh “Shua” Felling (drums) The Sound: Psychadelic/funk/rock The Gigs: April 4 @ The Mill, Iowa City, as part of the Mission Creek Festival The Rest of the Story:

Inspired by a variety of musical tastes ranging from funk pop to Irish ballads, Dead Larry delivers a niche-sound impossible to compare. Born and raised in Iowa City, the four-piece band stimulates the ears with original lyrics and a varied sound fans can identify with. The band combines their individual passion and musical talents into a melting pot of sound and lyrics inspired by their own life lessons learned. “When every song sounds the same, it’s disappointing to listeners,” says bassist and singer Joe Scarpellino. “Songs need to have genuine feel. We’ve gone through both ugly and euphoric experiences that can be expressed in song.” One of the bands proudest accomplishments included a spot at the 10,000 Lakes

Festival in 2008 where an impressive line up of musical guests gave the 5-year-old band a chance to branch out and prove the Iowa City music scene has much to offer outside state lines.

The band won five battle of the band competitions in 2008. One landed Dead Larry four days of free recording time. As a result, their first album, “Story Time,” (working title), is due out in June.


DRAG SHOWS Friday & Saturday


Dena C�ss

“This is our masterpiece. We had only four days to record 13 songs. There is definitely a live feel to it,” Joe says. “Songs such as ‘Mr. Wishing Well,’ ‘Christopher’ and ‘Go’ provide listeners the necessary ingredients for a rousing musical journey through the self-proclaimed psychedelic/funk/rock combination.”


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From 7 til 10


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April 2, 2009

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PA G E 1 9

3916 First Ave. NE Cedar Rapids, IA 319~363-3194

2.00 U-CALL-IT 7pm – 10pm


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