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Chapter 1 I, Breanna Kathryn Thompson, was born in San Diego, California on March 22, 1994. My parents are Quentin Louis Thompson, and Latanja Irene Bradley. My dad was born in New Orleans to Hamp Thompson and Emma Smallwood. Both of them were born in Mississippi. My mom was born in Washington D.C. Her parents are Alexander Bradley and Claudette Braxton. Both of them were born in Virginia. My father worked in the Navy for twenty-four years. My mother worked for AT&T. Between my parents, there are three kids. I have one older brother was born in 1988. I also have a twin sister, whom I’m older than by four minutes. My childhood growing was fairly easygoing. Growing up, I remember playing hide and go seek in my neighborhood. I also remember around Christmas time, everyone used to put Christmas lights on their house. Although I was young, I learned many lessons.

Chapter 1