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Hoon Lee The Diary of George It just happened. I was frightened and too week to stop them. I could barely see some Indians on the ship throwing away tons of teas at first. Their costumes were pretty much yellowish, had luxuries which only Indian would wear. I thought they were just a group of Indians who were messing around the ship, but they were not. **8 years ago** 1765

Everything started almost ten years ago. I was harvesting potatoes and it was just like a day before. I went to the port to buy sugar and shocked at there. The price of sugar got almost doubled and I wasn’t even able to buy it with my money that I brought to the port. It was not only sugar. Everything from Britain was extremely expensive and people were complaining for a whole day. One person shouted out, “what are those stamps on boxes!” It was not a joke. Boxes were filled with stamps that I’ve never seen before. A few days later, I realized why and how the price got up. 1770

I found my old journal from the warehouse. This is 1770 now and lots of things have been changed so far. A group of soldiers came into our town and shot their guns to us. I had no idea what was going on, so I hesitated whether to run away or not. Just because my wrong decision, I lost one of my legs and became to fear of British. How could I have a clear mind when people who came from the same country that I was born, tried to kill me? 1773 One day, I saw a group of Indians throwing a bunch of boxes from the ship. I didn’t really know what they were doing on the ship but was pretty sure what they’re doing is not a thing that normal people would do. I hid myself immediately and listened to what they were shouting. “No taxes!”,” freedom!” I did my best to understand what was going on. A group of mad people, shouting out random things like they have metal problems. No one ever will give me the better word than this. Resisting against the British? These people are definitely crazy. No one ever will defeat the British. Are they trying to have a war against those monsters who are going to conquer the whole world? Such a nonsense.

Figure 1 The Boston Massacre (A group of British soldiers killed American citizens.)

Figure 2 American colonists, pretending Indians, throwing away tons of tea.


Everything is going horrible and I, even a legless farmer can feel it. In this morning I saw something on newspaper that said, “The British Parliament and King George The Third are mad and giving out very aggressive acts to force the colonists that they’ve done a terrible job.” I’m not a colonist and have no connection with the terror in Boston. I still wonder why they threw away tons of tea and got nothing. I would rather to steal them and live happily without farming. It’s not a joke. Farming is a hard work especially for a man who has only one leg. 1775

The war started and I’m escaping away from Boston. If someone sees my diary, think about my situation. A wooden-legged farmer, escaping away from the city. To where? I don’t know.

**6 years later** 1781 I predict that the war is going to end soon, like in a month. The American defeated the British in Yorktown yesterday. Our hero, George Washington, led the army like a lion, and surrounded the British and made them to surrender. What a strategy. If I have one more leg, I would have been chopped Cornwallis into two pieces. Anyway, I’ll be able to go back to my hometown, Boston. I’m pretty much old now. I’m be there for rest of my life. It was a long journey. I still wonder what have been changed during the war. It took 8 years to end the war, but nothing has changed so far. The only thing that I certainly realized is that revolution or war never happens by mortified peasants, but by rich people who want to benefit of it. 1783 I guess that today is the turning point of the American history. The war is finally over. I’m about to cry in happiness. The French decided to give up all its lands in America, ending any foreign military threats to the British colony there. King George has granted America all of the land east of Mississippi and is willing to recognize the independence of America. I can’t believe all this started from some stamps appearing on boxes. I’m still worried about if the British attacks us again. 1785

Figure 3 The Treaty of Paris (French decided to give up all its lands in America.)

This will be my last diary. I cannot even work anymore and barely breathe. The war finally ended. Our land got almost doubled and our next generation will live happily forever. This is the end of my diary. Whoever you are, don’t judge me. It’s just a diary of a man who died centuries ago.

The Diary of George (American Revolution)  

George is a farmer who wants to live normally. One day, something happens to George.

The Diary of George (American Revolution)  

George is a farmer who wants to live normally. One day, something happens to George.