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Your lyrics are so beautiful and raw. What is your main focus when writing? Whenever I write lyrics, I get really into a very simple state of mind. I want to be able to feel every word I write. If I write about my skin buzzing, I want to feel my skin buzz. In turn, I want anyone who takes the time to listen closely to the lyrics to be able to feel their skin buzzing. I know this sounds silly, but I picture my words carving into my veins from the inside. They’re permanent, and every pump of blood grazes over them. I want to make every word I say matter. I don’t want someone listening to my music and wasting their time. By listening, they’ve given me the opportunity to speak. So my words should matter. Do you focus more on getting a message across or telling a story in your music? A lot of my music is an emotional release for me. As I’ve gotten old, I’ve become very passive and completely unable to let out some of my feelings. Through my music, I am able to say all of the words that I was too scared to say. So, I guess I focus on trying to let out a certain cooped up emotion.

How has music impacted you as a person? Music has completely taken over my life. I would not have met half of my friends, come to adore half of my love interests, or been able to travel all over America. It’s just so funny that if I had not picked up a microphone, I would be living a completely different life. I would probably be wearing Ugg boots and North Faces in Madison. Or something way worse. Who knows.

Cold is filled with tons of emotion. Do you think it’s important to have that kind of passion and emotion when writing music? I’m no longer scared of people seeing who I really am. I don’t mind people seeing my scared side, my sad side, my sexy side. I just don’t mind. Showing this emotion, making people be able to see me broken down, was really hard for me but it helped me realize who I am and why I’m playing music. Being passionate is being honest. While writing music or creating any kind of art, we should just speak straight truth, hoping to have someone on the listening end hear it and be like, “Wow, I’ve felt that, too.”

Where does your inspiration come from? I think my biggest inspiration comes from being in silence, bear with me here. I adore the sounds that come along with nothingness. Hearing my brain buzz with the million thoughts that I’ve numbed throughout the day by the noise going on in the world. When I’m in absolute silence, I can focus on small things. Like the peach fuzz on my knuckles, or little freckles on my shoulders, or the way his skin looks when morning light hits him. I take what my brain creates in that silence, and I try to mimic it with my words and songs.

hooligan mag #4  
hooligan mag #4