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What Not to Say to a Thirty Something Woman from a One Night Stand Website When looking for matches in a one night stand website, you can’t help to come across single women in their thirties. It can be quite challenging for a woman to be in her thirties. They get the feeling of accomplishment somehow, but think it is not yet enough. This feeling of “enough” is kind of hard to explain, but it may be the single most important thing that can define women in their thirties. “Enough” is not measured by the money they earn, the degree they have achieved, the number of shoes they have in their collection, or having babies—it’s something bigger.

For women who hit their thirties, they start to see two clear paths that they can take: one leads to career, and one leads to family. When some women turn thirty, this is the only time they realize the gravity of the situation being presented to them—how do they it to have both?

To give you a guide in hooking up with women in their thirties from a one night stand website, here is a guide of what NOT to say when trying to connect with them.

• “Ah, the big three-o!”

For women turning thirty, it is a milestone with no good reason. It’s just a seemingly random and frivolous occasion that makes you re-evaluate everything that you have, all the things you’ve done, all that you are, and all you wish to be. It may be serious stuff, but frankly annoying.

• “Women are like fine wine, they get better with age.”

Any jokes or statements metaphorically comparing women to fine wine should be declared illegal. Turning thirty is not the same as turning twenty-one, so this isn’t really cool.

• “Is that your biological clock I hear ticking?”

Any mention of the biological clock is a big no-no. Women are going to tell you they don’t really think about it, but in reality they all do. They are either trying to ignore it or are totally obsessing about it—or maybe a combination of both. Since they have babies on their minds during this stage, it’s not a good idea to ask about being married and planning to have a family.

• “You should really start looking after yourself.”

Do not suddenly be condescending about their health like they were eating poorly before they hit thirty. They made it to their thirties, so don’t patronize them.