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Ways to Initiate Physical Contact When Hookup Dating One cannot overlook the significance of making your first physical contact with a woman when hookup dating. Whether you are still in the early stages of hookup dating or a first meeting with a girl, physical contact is a good indication of progress. And once you’ve crossed that line, you can work on increasing the frequency, length and level of intensity of such contact. There are a variety of ways to break the touch barrier. So if you are wondering how to initiate such a move when out hookup dating, here is a short list of the best ways to do that.

• If she’s feeling cold, take her hands and rub with yours – This may be a bit cheesy, but when executed properly with a little irony, it can make for good laughs and help establish a connection. It can also send a message saying you can offer a warm and safe place for them when they feel cold. • Brush an eyelash off her face – This is something reminiscent of those annoying romcoms, but when done properly, taking out a tiny piece of hair from her face can have a surprising effect on a woman. It can also say you’re looking out for them and even the smallest thing can’t get by you. She may laugh it off, but she will surely enjoy the skin contact.

• Hold her hand to lead her someplace – This is one of the best displays of alpha male behavior, which is also a relatively low-risk way to initiate physical contact and can be quite easy to pull off. It exhibits leadership, being protective and confidence. • Read her palm – One of the oldest in the book, this move is full of possibilities for bold wit. When she’s looking at you while you focus on reading her palm, you can say a variety of flirtatious lines to make her laugh. • Make contact when dancing – The beauty of this is since you are dancing, you are practically licensed to pretty much put your hands all over her. Well, almost but that shouldn’t stop you from putting your hands on her hips and get closer. • Offer a massage – If she looks tired or stressed, position yourself to offer a back rub or a shoulder massage. She’ll be thankful for the idea and it’s the perfect time to introduce your hands and make physical contact. Just make sure you know what you are doing, because nothing spells disaster than like applying the wrong pressure on a pain-sensitive part of her body.