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Top New York Hookup Places This Summer It’s almost summer time for the rest of the US. And as we all know, summer loving is what we all been waiting for! And not just because New York doesn’t have beaches doesn’t mean that we don’t have any great places to hookup this summer. That is right. New York has plenty of hookup places you can find a date, flirt, sex or a serious relationship this summer. Check out four of our favorite places below and start your New York hookup. The Bell House Singles In The House: 65%. Casual, creative and stylish music lovers under 35. Address: 149 7th St between Second and Third Aves, Gowanus, Brooklyn Hookup Possibility: Arrive at the beginning of the night if you’re looking to chat someone up once the DJs take center stage, it can be hard to carry on a conversation. But if you want less talk and more action then find men and women who are getting it on the dance floor. This popular funk-fueled shindig recently moved from its longtime home at Southpaw to the Bell House and the bigger digs mean that even more folks are shaking it on the dance floor. DJs Ayres and Eleven spin a pulsing mix of dance hall, disco, funk, house and hip-hop till the wee hours. There is a diverse crowd that’s friendly and unpretentious. If you do catch the eye of another partyer, decamp to the hallway between the main space and the Bell House’s front room there are several couches where revelers hang out to catch their breath, make out and catch their breath again. McCarren Park Singles In The House: 75%. Relaxed and unpretentious twenty somethings. Address: Midpark, enter at North 12th St and Bedford Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Hookup Possibility: The structure of the league compels you to interact and communicate with other people. After games, participants drink beers or margaritas at local dive the Turkey’s Nest Tavern where you can chat up and hookup with that sun-kissed baller sporty hunk you made eyes at across the park. Young Brooklynites crowd this green space on weekend afternoons, and on Sunday evenings, members of the Brooklyn Kickball league take over the field at the northern end of the park. And that’s where you would want to be. It’s very easy to meet and hookup with people who are playing kickball there. Seeing competitive sporty people is kind of turn on especially if they are already sweaty, yet looks and smells good. Buddies Singles In The House: 70%. Thirties, plaid-wearing downtown cubs Address: 322 E 14th St between First and Second Aves Hookup Possibility: If you want friendship first and not totally hooking up but dating and getting to know each other, then this is the place for you.

At first glance, it may seem like everyone knows everyone else at this casual Tuesday night party. But fear not: You’re just one bear hug away from being one of the family. Hosted by DJ Damian Cote, who spins a diverse mix of rock and dance tunes, the low-key event attracts a crowd of furry fellows and their scruff-loving devotees. Plus, the atmosphere fosters a welcoming vibe. Brooklyn Museum Singles In The House: 50%. A mixed group from 20s-30s to dressed-up older folks. Address: 200 Eastern Parkway at Washington Ave, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Hookup Possibility: There are plenty of places to meet people, whether you prefer striking up a conversation in the galleries or chatting up a cute guy or girl out on the dance floor. Brooklyn Museum might be boring for you. But parties at the museum will definitely not. Elevate your search’s sophistication level at the Brooklyn Museum’s monthly free parties. There are a lot of young people here. And people who loves art and music, so it’s easy to find people with common interests.” Art lovers wander throughout the galleries and once night falls, partying people crowd the DJ dance affair out back. No matter what your personality is, you can definitely find New York hookup at the places we recommended above. The best thing about New York is that, There’s just a thing for anyone that it can offer. Whether you are an art nerd, partying crowd, home buddy, nature lover or anything else, New York has it for you. That is why I love dating in New York!

Top New York Hookup Places This Summer