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The Pros and Cons of Indulging in Adult Sex Promiscuity A friend recently got out of a failed relationship and now says he can’t wait to “sow his wild oats” and have adult sex with as many women as humanly possible. I couldn’t help but wonder how that experience could be as rewarding as being close to someone and eventually falling in love. To help me figure this out, I listed down the pros and cons: CONS • It’s Not Easy to Do I often go home empty handed when I’m looking to hook up as much as I do when looking for a significant other. It’s depressing when I my set goals have adult sex with as many women as I can are not met. It’s like trying to find out how nuclear fission works: It would be fantastic if I could do it, but I can’t. • You Might Miss Out on a Better Opportunity If you’re really set to sow your wild oats, you just might let that special person slip by if they happen to come along at the wrong time. • It’s Feels Empty Sometimes people just want to have fun without having emotions involved. But isn’t having an emotional connection more fulfilling? After sowing enough wild oats, you might want to reflect back and realize that your experiences did not amount to anything more than temporary exhilaration. • It’s Dangerous You all know that there is a high chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease when you try to do this, right? And then there is unintended pregnancy. Do you think it’s worth the risk? • It Makes You Seem Cheap As you shift from one person to the next, the fun and spontaneity may eventually turn into shame. A lot of people who set their sights on sewing their wild oats accept the fact that they will be giving up their traditional morals. But after a certain amount of time, it’s not unusual to feel bad about yourself if you’re amassing a series of flings. PROS • It Makes You Think That You’re “Ready” People are more inclined to get into relationships after they have purged the “bad side” out their systems. • It Takes Out Any Form of Regret One common regret guys have is not being able to play the field before settling down. If this regret sticks with you all the way to marriage, it can be a problem. After weighing the pros and cons, I have come to a conclusion that sowing your wild oats is kind of overrated. Chances are, people who find a need to do it are not relationship oriented.

The Pros and Cons of Indulging in Adult Sex Promiscuity