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Red Flags You Should Look Out For on Your First Sex Dating Activity

There are times when guys will forego coming clean and being honest when sex dating just to stretch the truth. Read on to find out how and why. Generally, guys will do anything to wow the pants off or even get into your pants during your first date, which includes lying through their teeth. Sometimes, fibbing is done to avoid undesirable situations. Although it would be quite a feat to discuss all the lies uttered by men when sex dating, here are the more common ones.

“I’m in between jobs right now.”

Do not get a statement like this be lost in translation. When a guy dishes you this line, what he really means is he has no freakin’ idea what he wants to do with his life. This is the only way to sugarcoat a guy’s situation when he’s unemployed. A fair warning: This guy’s mom still does his laundry and it is very likely you’ll be buying dinner.

“I don’t really move this fast on a first date.”

Yeah, right. But the truth is he just can’t believe you’re allowing him to move that fast. When dating, it’s always the woman who dictates how far things go. However, there are some guys who play the prig card so they wouldn’t seem like a player. The

bottom line is if you give a man a piece of ass on a silver platter, he’s definitely going to take it.

“I have never been in a serious relationship.”

It may be possible he’s never had a legitimate better half, but there may be an ulterior motive for saying this. It could be a devious way of saying he can’t commit. Men tend to downplay their ability to commitment so the girls they hookup with won’t get attached, allowing them to play the field. On the other hand, he just might be piquing your interest with a sly challenge. Wouldn’t you want to be the girl a guy can’t resist falling for?

“I’ll be calling you.”

This one might hurt a bit, but this is the most common lie guys say, especially if they had a really horrible sex dating, or dating experience in general. However, there is some good news. A sneaky way to tell if he’s going to call is if he lets you know when he’ll call like when he says “I’ll call you tomorrow at lunch time” or “I’ll call you on Friday after work,” it can almost guarantee he’ll keep his promise

Red Flags You Should Look Out For on Your First Sex Dating Activity