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New York Hookup Bars Are you looking for a date or hookup in New York? Or maybe it is just one of the nights where in you are really horny and you need a booty call or a New York hookup. As we all know, dating and hooking up in New York can be a daunting task because the city is just to big and there are many choices (and you can’t tell which ones will let you have a hookup or not). Luckily, as a New Yorker – who always look for sex and hookup – we’ve gather up the top 5 best bars to hookup in New York. Joshua Tree Hookup and sex probability: 100% Address: 513 Third Ave between 34th and 35th Sts It’s Murray Hill, and the loving is easy especially for the prepsters at this neighborhood sports bar. The dance floor, lined with 12 massive flatscreens, offered singles a great place to meet while dancing and grinding to the refrain of “Sunglasses at Night.” Winding bathroom line (bathroom sex), great bar stools and awesome drinks plus a wild crowd are just some of the reasons why we love this bar. The New York hookup potential here is high and whether you bring you’re A-game or not, you’ll definitely end up having sex, Plunge Hookup and sex probability: 75% Address: 18 Ninth Ave between Gansevoort and W 13th Sts, 15th floor Break out your trendiest outfit and hit the Gansevoort Hotel’s rooftop to mingle with downtown scenesters. Once you ascend to the 15th floor, you’ll be treated to panoramic views stunning enough to help you forget the cost of the cocktails (a vodka soda will set you back $15). If you don’t want to push through the crowd to the bar, corral a few other singletons, spring for bottle service (starts at $275) and settle into one of the comfortable couches. You’ll find yourself sneaking away to a room downstairs before you know it. The Cock Hookup and sex probability: 100% Address: 29 Second Ave between 1st and 2nd Sts Gay men who aren’t looking to get married this very second will find like-minded patrons at this dive bar. There’s a nightly cover charge to enter the pitch-black haunt, but patrons get their money’s worth. The signs noting that “by order of the New York Health Department, sex is not allowed” might not jibe with the Cock’s raunchy reputation, but the bar hasn’t discouraged risky behavior entirely. You’ll see go-go boys dancing on bar tops, and there’s some impressively detailed graffiti: Look for giant images of orange male penis. Dorrian’s Red Hand Hookup and sex probability: 75% Address: 1616 Second Ave between 83rd and 84th Sts

If your turn-ons are boat shoes and button-downs, this American tavern has you covered. Keep to the front of the venue for civilized interactions and music (Billy Joel is a favorite). If you prefer dry humping to Top 40 hits with postcollegiate Ivy Leaguers, venture into the small low-lit backroom. On any given night, especially weekends, you’re almost guaranteed to find a group of finance guys tossing down Jager bombs and making out with girls in pearls. Union Pool Hookup and sex probability: 75% Address: 484 Union Ave at Meeker Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Maybe it’s the live bands with hot musicians or the fire pit outside, but something about this former pool-supply store gets bridge-and-tunnel pheromones flowing. Rustle up some liquid courage, courtesy of the $3 cans of PBR, and grab your object of lust for a quick make-out session in the photo booth. If by any chance, you haven’t found your New York hookup at our top 5 favorite hookup places in New York (for any reasons like being picky), then we can say that there is another place that you can surely get a hookup or a date – that is through an online dating site. Check out CitySex today – the best online dating site. Thousands of singles from New York that are available to date and hookup are already waiting for you. So start hooking up now!

New York Hookup Bars